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    Big time sex pig.
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    Looking for groups. Flip fucks. Water sports. Attitude is everything, relax and enjoy.

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  1. thkpc

    Wet N Hot in Palm Springs in July

    You'll be fine. I went a couple of years ago. Great crowd.
  2. thkpc


    Saturday stopped by the local bath house after my workout. Early afternoon. Checked in and hit the sauna. My time was limited so I ditched my towel and hit the sauna naked. Quiet as expected given the time. Nice looking guy entered the sauna and sat down. I was stroking and turned in his direction, he did the same. I walked over and pushed my cock in his face and he started sucking. I kneeled down to reciprocate and felt up his hole and knew I was going to nail it. He asked if I wanted to fuck. I stood up pulling him up and spun him around. Lubbed up, the head of my dic popped in and I slowly sunk in. The sound of the steam jets muffled his moans but he was tight and my dic could feel the vibration. I fucked him for at least 3 steam cycles before I unloaded two days worth. Classic pump and dump. We chatted in the shower and went our sperate ways.
  3. thkpc

    Experiences at CumUnion

    I look forward to reading all about it.
  4. thkpc

    Manifest4U fort troff

    Very cool. Thanks for the reply. I'm gonna attend the next one.
  5. thkpc

    Manifest4U fort troff

    I wasn't able to attend. How was it?
  6. Thanks for following.  Nice pic.


  7. I wish an ex or my current cared enough to do that.
  8. 1. Face down ass up 2. In a sling on my back. 3. On my side.
  9. thkpc

    Sexually incompatible relationships

    This is an important topic. I've been in 2 ltr. Still in the 2nd one and like travelingbi above my partner and I don't click sexually. We are committed to each other emotionally and financially and we've been through alot over the past 10 years. It is frustrating for me not get what I need sexually from him but relationship 101 says u can't change people, they may evolve but not change. NLBear. Here is my biggest mistake in each of my relationships. I was neither honest nor secure in myself. I hid my needs for fear of rejection and I couldn't accept what I needed for a fulfilling sex life. The odds that you and the person you are attracted to are compatible on all elements is nearly impossible. Have two or three must haves and screw the rest.
  10. hi thkpc: how are you? very cute ass pic and very beautiful profile



    1. thkpc


      Thanks for checking me out and following.

    2. cardoc49


      you are welcome, please is mine - surely Atlanta is huge in bareback?

  11. Great read. Thanks for posting.
  12. thkpc

    What do you wear out cruising?

    Depends on the season and location. For the bars, covering pair of 511's ajaxx t shirt. Bathhouse I prefer naked, fuck the towel. Sex club, gym shorts, t work boots, no underwear.
  13. thkpc

    What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Topics include. Rawv (obviously), groups, chem and groups, older with older, piggy sex.
  14. Go for it. Life has no garrenttee. 😉

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