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  1. Friday night ,Texan, 30 years old at least 6' 3" and wide shoulders. He's a total bottom so I poppered him up good. Gave a wet sloppy rim job to open him up and fucked a 4 day load into him.
  2. thkpc

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    Both. 69 rim action. The wetter the better.
  3. Read1. Sorry to hear about last night.  I've had similar experiences.  It can be hit or miss.  If I were there you'd be telling a different story. 😎


    1. Read1



      I'd be honored if we ever had a chance of meeting to start the story!! OINK!

  4. Thanks for the follow (and that party you attended sounded smokin' hot).

    1. thkpc


      It was.  These things don't always go as planned but this one did.  The guys were awesome. 

  5. Spent the weekend at a private sex party. Each night for the first 2 hours bottoms were positioned, blindfolded, through the basement play space. Us tops took turns rotating through the heard, fucking at will. The bottoms were pretty vocal begging for loads and to be fucked harder. I kept going back to this one bottom who's hole was soft has hell. No sure what it was but it felt damn good. I finally dumped a two day load which only made his hole feel better. After two hours the bottoms were released and a free for all started. I was in my first tag team as the bottom. A hung twink showed me no mercy and was relentless in ducking me. He alternated with this hipster guy who had a really thick dic. At the end my hole was gapped and leaking cum. Good times!
  6. Banged this bearish 29 year old last night. He was a major horn dog. Took it all with no complaints just a lot of moans. After has said he felt a sense of accomplishment. I guess so. After 2 hours and three loads. Lol.
  7. thkpc

    Newly on PREP

    Been on Prep for 2 years. As mentioned above keep track of your meds. There is an app to remind you.... get tested every 90 days for the other crud (I've gotten it.) Have fun...but as noted above be a responsible slut. 😊
  8. Monday night another bbrt. hook up. A cub on the cusp of becoming a bear hit me up. I was reluctant at first as I was getting over jet lag from an overseas business trip. After a couple beers and surfing on line I knew there was only one way to get a good nights sleep. Prior to going over to his hotel room he asked if I was into kink. That being jock straps, blind folds; pump dump and go. (like getting a Christmas present in July). I pushed his hotel room open and as promised he was blindfolded, face down and ass up. He had a nice full ass, with a deep hairy crack. I felt up his hole, it was warm and slick; I couldn't help myself and went down on him. He panted like a bitch in heat, I rimmed him for a good ten minutes getting his hole open and wet. I slide passed the rig pretty easily but had to work at pushing into his cannel. It felt great and in no time I was balls deep. Mean while the cub is loosing his mind, moaning, pushing back, and begging me to keep fucking him. His ass felt great! With a couple of breaks I fucked him for a good 40 minutes. I left my load deep in him and we may have round two later this week.
  9. I will say my experiences have made me a better bottom. (I really am vers). I never lead a well hung guy on.
  10. Banged this bearish 29 year old last night. He was a major horn dog. Took it all with no complaints just a lot of moans. After has said he felt a sense of accomplishment. I guess so. After 2 hours and three loads. Lol.
  11. I took the job in the rural northeast for the money and to feed my 401K. Guys my age, (mid 50’s) often don’t get these kinds of opportunities after being laid off. Up to now I lived in medium to large cities where access to sex was relatively easy. However, over the years my shelf life became apparent and the opportunities less frequent. I was determined to act out my slut lust with scheduled trips to Berlin, Palm Springs, or long weekends in the nearby city. I’m just a regular guy. I work out, keep myself groomed and can hold a decent conversation. I have refused to lose the weight around the middle and see it as a right of passage for guys my age, I’ve earned it. My life experiences as similar to guys my age, a couple of LTRs that took their normal course and friends that came and went. I settled into my new town, bought a house with some land and established a routine. I updated my profiles, not sure why and for the first several months as expected not much action. Then a notice appeared in my in-box. The guy was on line and we chatted back and forth for a while. We had similar interest but difference reasons for living in our respective locations. We decided to meet. Randy got to my house as scheduled, his appearance matched his profile and pic. Randy is 5’10”, square build. He had enough scruff on his face to let you know he’s not following a trend. Tuffs of hair; gray, brown and red; jutted out of his open shirt and his thighs were thick like tree trunks ….all a good signs. We sat on the back porch chatting. Our conversation flow was natural and easy. In no time half a case of beer was gone and the conversation turned to sex. We were both aligned on the basics, both fans of Felcher Pisser. Neither of us had bought a condom in 20 years, loads were intended to be consumed and shared. The best way to open a hole is rimming the bottom until he begs. Were both into piss and group piss is the ultimate. I laughed telling Randy good luck with that one. He didn’t respond. Randy needed to piss and asked for the bathroom. To this point neither of us had moved from our chairs. I joked about breaking the seal. The silence was awkward for a couple of seconds. I got out of my chair, boy I was buzzed, and knelt in front of Randy pointing to my mouth. Right here I said. Randy growled “fuck”, stood up and unzipped. I nice semi hard cock flopped out, full bush, bull balls and a PA. He let it go, his stream was force full and the PA scattered the stream a bit. He soaked my chest and head and I moved forward to drink from the “tap”. The warm stream filled my mouth, I swallowed and gulped; the taste was awesome. Randy kept the head of his cock in the front of my mouth and I drank until he was finished. I was gasping for air when Randy reached down and pulled me to my feed. We kissed, Randy sucking and tasting his own piss. Your turn he said. Randy went to his knees. I was going commando and started pissing through my jeans. Randy sucked on the fabric while undoing my pants and quickly got his mouth around my cock. This guy was a pro. He took his fill and wet down his shirt and chest with the rest. I pulled him off his knees, we made out a bit and then started laughing. It was pretty hot. We spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub doing shots and drinking each other piss. We also got into some hot rimming sessions, prying each other’s holes open with our tong’s but the focus of the night was piss play. The next morning while nursing strong coffee and popping Advil Randy motioned he had to take off, before he left he told me I was not alone out here and to check my email in a week.
  12. I have a couple: Fucking a married guy in front of his wife. To be strapped to a fuck bench outside in the woods and take any and every cock.
  13. It is frustrating. A lot of bottoms over estimate their abilities, especially the young ones. About 60% of my prospects head for the exit once they grab ahold. It's not so much about the length by the girth.
  14. Classic pump and dump. I was on a business trip last week. Got back to my hotel late and opened grinder for the hell of it. Guy in the same hotel three floors above was looking for loads. In our chat he stressed no eye contact, chit chat ect. just cum and go. I went up and as promised he was face down ass up; ball cap obscuring his head and face.. The room was dark except for the straight porn playing on his tablet. Nice body, just enough belly to be sexy, guy was maybe 50, (my target age), great meaty ass. He said he hadn't got any loads, slow night. I fingered hole and it was ready to go. I slid in with some resistance, I slapped his ass hard and grunted "open it up bitch" and bottomed out. I shot the first load in about 10 min, 3 days worth. Gave him a good pounding and second load 20 min, after that. I broke the rule and told him he should clean my dic off. Without hesitation he spun around and did just that. I zipped up and went back to my room.
  15. thkpc

    Total tops who start bottoming

    4 or 5 years ago I was exclusively top. I now consider myself verse. Why the switch? I don't know. I started experimenting with toys and found "that" spot and experienced my first hands free orgasim. It opened up a whole new level of sensation. After I let the first guy fuck me I knew. I was kinda pissed I had waited so long but why second guess. Also bottoming helps me release certain types of stress that topping doesn't.

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