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    Big time sex pig.
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    Looking for groups. Flip fucks. Water sports. Attitude is everything, relax and enjoy.

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  1. 1. Face down ass up 2. In a sling on my back. 3. On my side.
  2. Sexually incompatible relationships

    This is an important topic. I've been in 2 ltr. Still in the 2nd one and like travelingbi above my partner and I don't click sexually. We are committed to each other emotionally and financially and we've been through alot over the past 10 years. It is frustrating for me not get what I need sexually from him but relationship 101 says u can't change people, they may evolve but not change. NLBear. Here is my biggest mistake in each of my relationships. I was neither honest nor secure in myself. I hid my needs for fear of rejection and I couldn't accept what I needed for a fulfilling sex life. The odds that you and the person you are attracted to are compatible on all elements is nearly impossible. Have two or three must haves and screw the rest.
  3. hi thkpc: how are you? very cute ass pic and very beautiful profile



    1. thkpc


      Thanks for checking me out and following.

    2. cardoc49


      you are welcome, please is mine - surely Atlanta is huge in bareback?

  4. Great read. Thanks for posting.
  5. What do you wear out cruising?

    Depends on the season and location. For the bars, covering pair of 511's ajaxx t shirt. Bathhouse I prefer naked, fuck the towel. Sex club, gym shorts, t work boots, no underwear.
  6. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Topics include. Rawv (obviously), groups, chem and groups, older with older, piggy sex.
  7. Go for it. Life has no garrenttee. 😉
  8. I've been at this a while. Hooking up, orgies, comfortable with my needs and desires. I arranged for a guy to come over for a pump and dump. Met on line set the time.....he showed and matched his profile. I invited him in and during the initial checkout over drinks noticed a tan line on his ring finger....i never mentioned it. Small talk continued....something about him being a civil engineer etc. I sensed he was new to this.....he finished his drinks quickly and there was little eye contact. I thought about when I started this I was the same. I was in a sexless relationship and needed physical contact and in some way validation. I didn't ask my guest any questions about his relationship status..didnt care. I wanted to set him at ease. He was a short fire plug. 5'8", natural muscle, thick legs. Maybe 35. I verified what we discussed on line. I'm a top, negative on prep.....I went my bathroom and returned with the script....i tossed it at him...good catch. I told him he'd get two loads maybe three. We were standing in the kitchen on our third vodka tonics. He slid along the counter until we were face to face and lip locked. We slammed the last of our drinks and went into my bedroom. Clothes came off and I buried my face in his ass burrowing my tounge into his hole. For a newbie he opened up nicely. I slide up to where I could whisper in his ear. I whispered "I'm gonna fuck you and wreck your hole". He only whimpered please. I lubbed my dic and fed my fuck some poppers. He was tight....but I kept pushing in until bottom. Up to this point he'd been pretty quiet. I must have hit a switch cause now he was panting fuck me, breed me, I want your load. I fucked easy and rough before dumping my first load. We relaxed a bit before I went back into that seasoned hole for the next cum dump. I only got two out that night before sending him on his way. Hope he enjoyed without worrying about the what if's.
  9. How is having sex with a guy you are attracted to regardless of race taboo?
  10. Favorite bath house for raw sex

    PDX in Portland OR. It's a no brainer.
  11. Damn. I shouldn't read theses at work. Very hot.
  12. Poppers?

    Poppers are awesome. Taken many a big dic thanks to them.
  13. After a stressful week headed to the sauna to relax. Once in the sauna good looking slim guy sat next to me and without warning buried his face in my crouch. I reached for his cock, I swear 10 percent of is body weight was made up of dic. We swapped blow jobs for a bit then a third guy entered the steam room. Nice dad bod.....average length dic but really thick. He stood against the wall for a bit before we motioned for him to join us. The three of us played for a bit, giving and getting wet sloppy blow jobs , sucking nips and fingering each other's holes. We decided to head to my room. After a quick shower the three of us back at it. We added rim jobs to the mix and I knew fucking wasn't to far off. Each of us got a load. I gave mine to dad bod, dad bod unloaded in the thin guy and thin guy plant his deep inside me. Good way to end a week.
  14. Attended hot n wet. Great time. Pretty much a free for all.

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