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  1. @TexasTwink is hot as fuck. Amazing ass, great head, and a super nice smart guy to boot. I'd breed him again in a minute. And write about it.
  2. My Blindfolded Boy Tricks Me My boy and I both get off on sharing his hole with new guys. I had been travelling a lot for work lately, leaving him to hunt for his own fresh cock. We were both on PrEP and rarely missed a dose. I was home for the week and got a text saying that his meds had been delivered, I went to the mailbox, but it was open and empty. We ordered a replacement, but they said it would take some time to arrive, so I split my pills with him so he wouldn’t miss a dose, then I was off to the airport again. About two weeks later, the replacement pills were due to show up, but, again, he told me, they were stolen from the mailbox before he could grab them. Now, we were both going to start missing doses. Added to that, he’d been going out night after night and I knew he was getting barebacked regularly by a few NEG friends and some strangers. He called me very late one night to let me know he was bringing a new buddy home to fuck him, a sexy dark-skinned guy named Chris. They hadn’t discussed his status, but assumed he was POZ. I asked that he take pics. Within twenty minutes, I had about five pics of a musceled guy slapping his impressive cock in my boy’s face and then it resting against his furry ass crack. He sent me one of the guy’s dick straining against a condom, then one of that wrapped dick forced into his hole. Then one of a ripped condom on his ass cheeks with a fresh load squirted all over his crack, possibly even some leaking out of his puffy red hole. I replied with some horny words of encouragement, but didn’t hear back from him that night. I wondered if they went for another round. The next morning, we texted and he told me that he’d told the guy he was missing PrEP doses, so the guy thought it would be safer to wrap up, but that he was pretty sure he got bred at least a little before he pulled out and accounced that the condom had broken. I was getting hard just hearing about it, and my boy knew it. He told me that the guy was interested in meeting up sometime to play again, maybe raw. I was home a few days later and made it home late to find my boy gone. I texted him saying that I was back and after a while, he replied that he was heading home; he’d been out with some buddies, likely taking loads. When he walked in, I tore his clothes off and bent him over the sofa. I spread his cheeks and dove my tongue into his ass, only a little surprised to see it used and slick. I lapped at his hole and out seeped gobs of fresh cum. I gladly ate it from his cumdump ass and slurped it down. I slammed my dick into him and pulled out a few times to see rivers of seed drooling onto my cock. I knew he’d been raw-fucked at least a few times. I bred him and we made out out on the couch as he told me about his evening. He’d gone to the bar with some guys, and was about to head home with them when Chris appeared. The guys invited them both, and all took turns fucking my boy at their place. We both knew the guys, and they were on PrEP. They all bred him raw except Chris who started with a rubber on, but, again, it broke, and he pulled out to cum on his ass rather than in it. We cuddled as I fingered his cunt, and he said we should really meet up together with Chris soon. He told me that Chris had a fantasy about fucking a guy blindfolded, and that he’d love to try that out sometime. The next day, on the way home from work, I stopped by a bookstore and bought a new leather blindfold for my boy. I gave it to him after dinner and his eye twinkled. I asked if he wanted to break it in, but he said he’d rather wait for Chris’ massive likely-POZ cock. That Friday night, my boy arranged for Chris to meet us at the bar. The guys who had bred my boy the last weekend were there, but he told them he was spoken for for the night. Chris was hot, maybe half-black, half-latin, but all sexy. Big furry pecs and well-developed arms. It looked like his shorts were about to burst with his hefty package too. My boy introduced us and then went to the bar to grab some beers. Chris and I chatted about my boy’s hot ass and willingness to get fucked by big dicks, especially raw. He told me that he’d recently converted and hadn’t gotten to an undetectible place yet, hence his hesitation to breed my boy, especially after hearing out both of us missing PrEP doses lately. The chat was getting me hard when my boy came back and we clinked beer bottles. We leaned against the bar, me and Chris reaching our hands down to grab and eventually finger my boy’s ass. I left Chris’ fingers to play with my boy’s hole as I went to get another round of beers. When I came back, my boy was writhing as Chris jammed three fingers up his hole. We quickly downed the beers and headed to a cab back to our place. When we got back, my boy stripped Chris naked, and out plopped a sizeable eight inch uncut tool. I undressed myself as Chris egged him on. I stood next to Chris and my boy dove onto my own impressivly thick six inch dick. Chris noticed the leather blindfold and put it over my boy’s eyes. He then grabbed a cockring out of his jeans and motioned for me to put it on. Chris led my boy to our bed, on his belly and face fucked him. When he needed a break, I took over. We switched back and forth until my boy turned over on his back and grabbed his ankles revealing his hole ready for fucking. Chris knelt down and licked his ass. We took turns, making out into my boy’s ass. I slapped my dick against my boy’s ass and he did the same. Chris went back to his clothes and pulled out a condom. He held it up as if to ask if he should put it on. I begrudingly nodded, ‘yeah…’ and he dutifully put it on. He slapped it on my boy’s hole and slid halfway in. He pulled out and I slid in halfway… My boy reached down to my cock and said, ‘no fair… If one of you is raw and the other isn’t, I can tell you apart… Sort of makes the blindfold pointless, right?’ I told him he had a point… Chris shook his head, ‘no,’ like he wasn’t going to fuck my boy bareback with his POZ cock. I shrugged and got a condom out of the bedside table and put it on. Chris dove back in, liberally lubing up his sheathed condom. He pummeled my boy’s ass until he needed a breather, I fucked my boy as hard as Chris hard, noticing how his cockring plumped up my cock. We took turns back and forth for a while. ‘I need cum!’ my boy groaned. Chris was fucking him and started to pull out. My boy wrapped his hands around Chris’ hips, ‘no baby… I know it’s you. You can breed me…’ Chris tried to pull back but my boy’s fingers had grabbed the rubber and were pulling it off his cock. I tore my own condom off as Chris backed away. I fucked a minute or two until I was so close. I wanted to go a few more seconds, so I pulled out. Chris slapped his raw POZ cock on my boy’s ass, and he scooted forward until he mounted that dick. Chris began spurting immediately. He shot ropes of hot cum into my boy’s slack pussy and backed away in horror. I lunged forward and pushed that POZ cum deep into my boy before adding my own. My boy curled up into a ball, still blindfolded and played with his cummy hole. ‘Wow, baby, ‘You came a lot… We should let Chris cum in the condom now…’ Chris was still rockhard and grabbed a fresh condom and rolled it on. My boy lay on his side while Chris slid into my boy’s slick hole and hammered hard. My boy groaned in pleasure. Chris’ pace slowed and I knew he was cumming. When he pulled out, the now-shredded condom was around the base of his cock. He’d bred my boy twice with his newly-toxic seed. My boy curled up and fell asleep. Chris and I shared a beer, with him quietly apologizing for cumming twice in my boy’s ass. I told him it was okay, and hot… He pulled himself together and got dressed and left. I went back to our room. My boy still had the blindfold on, and I was still hard. ‘Hey baby,’ he murmered. ‘Thanks for letting him fuck me…’ I told him, honestly, that it was hot. He told me he was glad we’d both rubbered up for the fucking but he was so glad he took my load at the end… I wanted to come clean about Chris breeding him first, so I told him. He took the blindfold off and nodded. ‘Yeah. About that… That was the plan the whole time. That cockring made you bigger, but I could tell it was him I took the condom off of… Thank you for not stopping it’ My dick was fully hard again. ‘He bred you twice, you know…’ He nodded. I put the blidfold back on him. ‘And now, you’ll get my second load too!’
  3. Again... Thanks to TexasTwink for inspiring this story... Seriously, guys. Follow him. Chapter 2. We entered Sam’s basement playroom to see the twink already in position, with his curvy butt cheeks beautifully framed by his jockstrap right at the edge of the sling, ready to get fucked, raw or otherwise. He huffed his poppers as I knelt down and dove into his beautiful ass. I lapped at his hole, with Ron’s big hands spreading his cheeks as wide as they’d go. Mike and Bill started fingering his ass as I spit onto the twink’s loosening hole. Sam told the boy he was going to go first. The twink nodded and took another big huff of poppers. I stepped aside as Sam opened the fresh condom and unrolled it onto his meaty cock. Sam is very well hung and that condom barely rolled halfway down his dick. He slapped it against the twink’s crack and jabbed it into him. The twink winced but knew better than to ask Sam to enter him slowly. Sam hammered his hips into the twink as I knelt down and sucked Pedro’s cock. Sam asked the twink, ‘Do you want me to fill up this condom or let another guy have a go?’ The twink moaned, ‘Use me… Please use me…’ He reminded the twink that they hadn’t discussed the status of any of the guys about to fuck and eventually breed him. The twink just moaned realizing he was likely to take raw POZ cock. Sam pulled out and his meaty cock drooped down. The rubber had rolled down and his cock was far from fully hard. He shrugged and said, ‘I hate condoms…’ Pedro grabbed Sam’s balls and pulled his hand back taking the condom with it. He rolled it inside out over his uncut cock. Of course, it was smeared with Sam’s copious precum, which now oozed into the twink’s guts as Pedro slid forward. I knelt down to get Sam fully hard again with my throat. The twink groaned as Pedro opened him up. Pedro leaned forward so his face was right over the twink’s. ‘Take a hit, slut….’ And he did. Pedro rocked his hips slowly but forcefully. ‘Feel that rush, slut.’ The twink exhaled and allowed the rocking of the sling to let Pedro go as deeply as he could. Pedro pulled out, his cock only at half mast, spongy from the condom dulling his sensation. Pedro yanked the condom off. I was surprised it had lasted through two aggressive dominant tops. He rolled the used rubber down onto Ron’s stubby thick toxic tool. Ron stabbed into the twink’s ass and fucked hard for a few minutes. He pulled out, and I suckled his softened dick. I tasted the fuck juices on the condom and handed it to Mike who reluctantly put it on. Mike almost instantly lost his hard on but managed to get his cock into the twink for a few thrusts before shaking his head and pulling out. Bill turned the condom inside out so his partner’s POZ precum was slick on the outside. Bill sneered at the twink as he slid in, hissing, ‘Your guts are being lubed with toxic precum? You like that, slut?’ The twink just moaned and took another hit of poppers. ‘This rubber won’t last much longer, pig. Then, you’ll get a full dose…’ The twink took another deep hit. ‘You like that,’ he egged the twink on… ‘You do. Pig…’ Pedro had snuck up right behind Bill and asked Sam over his shoulder, ‘I have an idea. He into piss?’ The twink’s eyes opened wide. Sam shrugged and said to ask him. The twink nodded vigorously. Here was this beautiful twink already fucked by multiple strangers more-or-less safely but lined with POZ precum, and naturally he was a piss pig too. Pedro tapped on Bill’s shoulder and nodded that it was his turn. He yanked the battered condom off of Bill’s hard cock and pulled it down hard onto his own dick. Pedro grinned and pushed his hips forward. The twink squirmed on his cock. Pedro held his position and I realized that he was pissing into the condom on his cock. I swear I heard a pop and then piss started to slosh out of the twink’s hole. Pedro ripped that rubber apart with a big load of piss. Pedro pulled out and the shredded condom was on the base of his cock, looking more like a cockring than any kind of protection. Ron pulled it off of Pedro’s glistening dick and pulled it down around his balls. I suckled Pedro and Sam back and forth as Ron stepped up to the twink’s ass. He entered him, the first fully bare cock of the night. He groaned loudly enjoying the twink’s silky wet hole without any latex in the way. He grabbed the chains and wrapped his arm so the twink could see the biohazard tattoo. He licked his tattoo and spit in the twink’s face. The twink was overwhelmed with pleasure he’d never before allowed himself. Mike and Bill oinked and held the poppers under the twink’s nose. He was really flying. Ron would pound a few strokes, then pull out, allowing Pedro’s piss to drool out of his loosened ass. Sam stood behind Ron and let his cock brush against his POZ hole. Sam held his cock straight out and it slid easily into Ron’s well-used well-fucked seasoned ass. Ron loved having a bare cock in him as he raw-pummeled the twink. He began to quiver and came deep in the twink’s ass. Without a pause, Sam pulled Ron aside and slid into the twink. Ron’s fresh load, ass juice, and Pedro’s piss made for a wet fuck and Sam bred the twink as he moaned loudly. Mike laid down on a mattress and Bill and I hoisted the twink out of the sling and onto Mike’s thick POZ cock. Bill forced the twink’s sweaty body down and slid his own dick into the twink alongside his partner. This twink was full of two raw POZ cocks opening him up wider than ever before. Mike was mostly still with Bill plowing into the twink doing the hard fucking. Mike looked into the twink’s face and told him he was about to take two more POZ loads. He came inside the twink as Bill kept fucking, sending a stream of runny cum sloshing out of the twink’s used-up ass. Bill came too and pulled out. I dove in and lapped at the twink’s hole. I filled my mouth with seed and spit it down onto my own cock. Pedro handed me the shredded rubber and I sucked the goo off of it and let it drool into the twink’s open mouth. I got on my back and aimed my dick straight up. The twink lowered his ass down onto me and I slid inside him. He threw his head back and whimpered. He bounced up and down on my cock as globs of cum poured out of him and onto my balls. He pulled off and lapped up the spilled seed. He climbed back on and rode for a few minutes. The guys circled us as they jerked off into the twink’s face. Sam and Ron came again bathing the twink in cum. He guzzled as fast as he could and Mike and Bill came again too, shooting their loads all over his chest. Pedro mopped up the cum with his hands and fingered it into the twink alongside my cock. That sticky wetness sent me over the edge and I bred the twink deeply. He finally reached down to his jockstrap pouch and pulled out his own beautiful cock. Sam aimed his hand at the twin’s used fuckhole, and forced at least a few fingers inside him. The twink jerked frantically and shot perhaps his last NEG load all over my chest. He rolled forward and collapsed onto me in a sweaty heap. He closed his eyes saying over and over, ‘Thank you. Thanks guys. I really needed this. Thank you…’ I got up and Ron covered the twink with a cummy towel. We headed back upstairs to give him a few minutes to nap. Upstairs, we clinked a few beer bottles. Sam asked if we’d had fun, and of course we had. The guys left one by one and in pairs until it was just me and Sam. We opened another bottle of beer as the twink came meekly up the stairs. In just his jockstrap, he bent over a counter and showed us his red juicy ass. I couldn’t help but dive back in and lap at all of the cum running out of his hole and down his thighs. He had to head to the airport for an early flight, but promised he’d let Sam know the next time he was passing through. Now that he’d felt raw cocks inside of him, he’d never go back to asking tops to ‘please… use a condom…’
  4. Hey guys. This story is inspired by my new SEXY buddy, TexasTwink . He's cute, and you should all write to him to thank him for this story idea. Thank you, TexasTwink. 😉 Please Use a Condom - Chapter 1. A buddy of mine, Sam, has a penchant for corrupting young ‘safe sex only’ guys. Over a few beers, he told me about this one guy he was planning on bringing over to the dark side. A sexy twink from Texas met him in an airport bar and confided that he wanted to be used by several guys at the same time. He fantasized about being taken raw by multiple men, but wasn’t quite ready. He asked my buddy if he’d be willing to help him. He told him he’d come up with something. They exchanged numbers and boarded their flights. They had kept in touch and the twink was going to be traveling back through town for work in a while. My buddy told me that the twink was passing through in a few days and wanted to invite me to join in the festivities. We were going to meet in a bar on Friday night and get the twink some liquid courage before heading back to my buddy’s playroom to have some piggy fun. I could tell from the pics that Sam shared with me that the twink was beautiful, mid-20s, blond hair hanging in his face and over his ears, great smile, and a nice slim body. His jeans showed off his curvy meaty butt. I arrived at the bar first and was pretty sure the cute guy at the bar was the guy we were to meet. A few guys from around showed up before my buddy, and we were all eyeing this tasty-looking twink. I saw Mike and Bill, two POZ guys I’d swapped loads with in the past. There was an older bald heavy-set guy with a beer gut and a massive barrel chest who Mike introduced me to as Ron. When I shook Ron’s paw, I saw a biohazard tattoo on his furry forearm. A sexy Latin guy greeted Ron, who, in turn, introduced the two of us. The Latin guy's name was Pedro. No word or sign if Pedro was POZ or not. The twink was clearly nervous as he downed two beers. My buddy showed up and sat down next to him giving him a big bear hug before introducing us all to ‘tonight’s entertainment.’ We shared a few beers as the twink loosened up. My buddy had his hands down the back of his jeans and was clearly fingering his hole. The twink was squirming and cooing, clearly loving his fantasy coming true. Sam took care of the tab, and we all headed outside to walk the short distance back to his place, arm in arm. The twink was a little drunk, but still very much in control of what he wanted. When we got to Sam’s place, he let us in and led us down to the basement playroom, complete with a leather sling, and a wall of toys. We all helped the twink undress down to his jockstrap. Just as Sam was about to help him into the sling, his eyes flashed wide. He held up his hands as asked if he could have a moment alone with Sam. The four of us went back upstairs to get undressed and get ready for some serious fucking. Sam came upstairs to find me on my knees switching between the cock of my old and new friend. "Bad news, guys. Our twink friend is scared to take so much raw cock. Now, he’s gonna let us fuck him, but there’s a condition: we've gotta use a condom." Mike reached into his pants, puddled on the floor, and pulled out a wrapped condom and commented with a sly smile "I've been saving this for someone special." Sam looked concerned and countered saying "Come on, guys. If he wants us to use a condom, we should honor that, right?’" Sam took Mike’s condom and made sure it wasn't stale, and that the wrapper was intact, asking "You sick fuck didn’t stab this with a pin or anything did you?" Mike shook his head no. My sense was he was being honest. Sam’s concern devolved into a sneer. He asked us to wait right there for a moment. I went back to sucking cock as Sam headed back downstairs. H e reappeared a few moments later with a big grin saying "We’re in luck, pigs. Our twink is into kink. He gave me permission to try something raunchy. We’re going to all fuck him. With a condom. This condom. We all have to wear the same one. And when it breaks, it breaks." The guys helped me to my feet and we headed down the dark steps to find the twink in the sling, blindfolded and holding a bottle of poppers to his nose. To be continued…
  5. Chapter III. The guy who had just bred me backed off and I headed towards the sauna area at the back of the building. There was an open glass block gang shower across the hallway from a sauna. I sat in the sauna where I had a good view of the shower. The guy from the front desk opened the sauna door, grinned at me and closed the door. He stripped, hanging his clothes on a towel rod and came back into the sauna. He sat next to me, our thighs touching. He brought his hand to his crotch and I jerked off a meaty fat cock, toying with his hairy balls and stroking his furry chest. I was so into jerking him off, I hadn't noticed the daddy from the urinal leading a sexy shorter furry guy into the shower area. He had the guy pinned against the wall and I recognized his hairy bubble butt. It was the hot bottom from the fuck bench. His body blocked the guy's face, but I knew it must be the same guy with the hottest ass in the place. The daddy fucked him hard under the running water as I jerked the desk clerk. The daddy bred the guy with the amazing ass and walked away to a steam room down the hall. The desk clerk stood me up against the glass sauna door and told me to arch my back. He easily slid into my well-fucked hole, which by now was more full of strangers' seed than it ever had been, and I was totally okay with him adding another load. As he fucked me, a well-built black guy came into the shower across the hall. I wondered if he was the guy who had fucked me through the gloryhole in my booth. The bottom was still standing, ass out, in the running water. The black guy knelt down and ate the bottom's gorgeous ass. He jerked himself to fully hard and spun the bottom around. The glass bricks obscured everything from chest down, but I saw the bottom's face. Of course, it was my boy. I figured he had booked a flight and headed here to surprise me. His eyes were clenched tightly closed as the black guy railed him. I was moaning as the clerk pounded me from behind and filled me up. Load #5 in my hole. I shot my load all over the glass door watching my boy take raw cock. I stepped out of the sauna as the black guy shot his load into my boy's ass. The clerk was on his knees licking my cum off of the glass door. My boy opened his eyes and smiled at me, almost drunkenly, like he was high on cock. The black guy backed up and slapped his cummy cock on my boy's ass. He disappeared looking for the next thing. My boy and I stood under the shower head and made out, fingering each other's ruined holes. We headed back to the locker room and pulled our clothes on. He had a small backpack with him with his overnight stuff. We called a cab and rode back to the hotel, blissed out and leaking cum. To be continued…
  6. Chapter II. A gorgeous brown cock slid through the gloryhole and the other guy gave me an evil grin. He stood me up and lined my leaky hole up to the wall. The unseen man on the other side of the wall groaned as I was forced back onto his raw cock. Then, the guy backed onto mine. His hole was loose and wet, clearly fucked often, and already at least a few times this night. I remained still, moaning into the stranger's neck as the guy on the other side of the wall did all of the work. When he lunged forward, his cock plunged into me and rocked my hips into the guy on my dick. 'Gonna cum! Gonna breed you,' I heard, muffled, through the wall. I felt my ass get slick with his fresh cum and that made me shoot my load into the guy I was fucking. Load #3 in my hole / Load #1 in another guy's hole. The stranger pulled off my cock and kissed me, saying, 'thank you,' into my open mouth. The guy behind the wall backed out of me with a wet juicy plop. I wanted to explore the place a bit and wandered the halls a bit, seeing another gloryhole in a wall. I peeked in to see that it looked into a dim room. There was a fuck bench with a few guys around it, all enjoying a bottom slut in one way or another. I couldn't see the bottom's face, but I saw his beautiful bubble butt, pale and covered with a matt of black hair. It reminded me of my own boy's ass and it made me smile. I wished he were here with me to enjoy this slutty hole-in-the-wall. Literally. Two sexy guys were alternating raw-fucking this lucky slut, with one guy gripping his head and skull-fucking his face. I watched a bit then moved onward to the outdoor pool. It was already dark outside, but the patio area was decently lit. I circled the pool, watching two guys fucking in the shallow end. There was a stand of tall reeds or grass with a trail in a narrow opening. I heard some action going on and stepped through the plants to discover a wooden gazebo with a leather sling in it. (I'm seriously not making this up. If you know the place, vouch for me…) There were two piggy men standing next to the sling, currently occupied by a slim lanky guy, maybe a college freshman. His feet were in stirrups and his ass was hanging off the edge of the sling and one of the guys was sliding his fist into his hungry loose ass. I mean, this freshman's ass was seriously gaping. His ass lips looked meaty as they swallowed the older man's wrist. The other guy was miking the freshman's hard cock, wiping up pearls of precum. He brought one to his lips and savored it. He brought the next one to the fister's mouth, then extended one to me. I lapped it up. These two pigs looked pozitively wasted, with jowly faces, fleshy soft asses, and hard beer-bellies. The freshman in the sling moaned, 'I need a break,' and they helped him out of the sling. He tottered away, bowlegged. One of the guys hopped into the sling and spread his cheeks. He clearly had been taking loads. I stepped forward to slapped my cock against his puffy gash. The other guy grasped my cock and slid in inside the bottom. I eased all the way in. The Guy kept his hand on my cock and I realized his hand was inside the bottom's ass too, gripping my dick. Fuck, it felt good. He eased his hand out and scooped my balls up and plopped them inside the bottom too. What a pig! The man lined up behind me and slid into right me. His cock wasn't big, but it felt so good sloshing around inside me. He grabbed the chains of the sling and rocked his buddy onto my cock and balls. He stayed planted in me but didn't move much. I felt my ass get suddenly warm and wet. I looked down and saw a yellow stream of piss pouring out of my ass. The guy was pissing into me! I'd never been so raunchy, especially not with strangers. Knowing that a stranger was actively pissing into me made me loose my load. I bred the bottom in the sling. Load #2 in another guy's hole. My piss-top jackrabbited into me, splashing his piss everywhere and forcing my still-hard cock out of the sling bottom. He filled me up with grunts as his hard belly rubbed against my back. Load #4 in my hole. To be continued..
  7. Midwestern Bathhouse Prologue. I was out of town for two weeks of job training in a medium-sized midwestern city. On Thursday afternoon, I realized that I had the whole weekend off. I was super horny, sexting with my boy back home, suggesting that he fly out so I could fuck him all weekend. We're open and play bare with other guys, and are getting better and taking loads from strangers. He had done some piggy searching online and suggested I go to a shady part of town to a 'men's club.' He gave me the name of it, and I searched online for it and came up with a really crappy website that looked ten years old. There were some reviews saying it was hit and miss, but Friday nights could be fun. I told my boy I'd go and see what naughty fun I could get into. The next day after work, I took a long shower and cleaned out my ass, not sure what might be in store for me that night. The place was in a white cinderblock building just off the interstate not far from a major college campus, but definitely on the wrong side of the tracks. There was a tall wooden fence off the back of the place that enclosed an outdoor heated pool and hot tub. I texted my boy saying I had arrived and needed to turn off and check my phone. He texted me back saying 'OINK. HAVE FUN!' I replied with a pig emoji and said, 'I WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE PICS, SO I'LL DESCRIBE IT ALL LATER.' He wrote back, 'MAYBE I'LL SEE IT FOR MYSELF!' I sent him a smiley face and clicked my phone off. Chapter I. The club was 'member's only,' so I had to pay for a one-time membership plus admission. The guy behind the check-in glass was a short stocky Italian-looking guy, with chest fur peeking out of his shirt collar. He winked at me and told me it was going to be a busy night, some alumni weekend on campus. I paid for my membership, a towel, and a locker. The guy told me he'd give me a free upgrade since it was my first time there and gave me a key to a private room. He mentioned that there were a few new faces around sure to be popular. I went to the locker room, stripped down, and wrapped a small towel around my waist, barely enough to knot into itself. There were a few guys milling around. I went to take a piss and walked up to a trough urinal. There was a twinky athletic guy in his early 20s sitting on the edge suckling a stubby uncut cock on a furry guy old enough to be his dad. The daddy smirked at me as if to say the twink was all his. I lifted my towel to piss and the twink leaned over and took my dick in his mouth. The daddy got pissed and backed away. The twink looked up and me with my cock in his mouth and said, 'PISS!' So, I did. He swallowed it all down, gulping and slobbering on my cock growing in his mouth. The daddy was standing behind me and cleared his throat when I was done pissing and now the guy was just sucking my dick. I took a step backwards and the daddy took my place. I headed to the maze of dimly lit hallways and found the door to my 'room'. The walls were maybe eight-feet high in a taller room and had chicken wire across the top to keep people from peering over or climbing into another room. It was really more of a booth than a room, with a narrow mattress and a small side table with a bowl of lube packets, not a condom in sight. The floor was tiled and cold. The whole place reeked of bleach, cum, and sex. I could hear a few different fuck sounds in adjacent booths. I saw a hole drilled in the wall at the perfect height for a gloryhole. I peeked through but the room was empty. I made a point to check it out later. I stood in my doorway for a few minutes and saw a few guys slinking up and down the hall. One guy, heavyset and stooped over with a bit of a belly and meaty pecs with pierced well-developed nipples walked past me, then took a few steps backwards. He reached under my towel and fished out my dick. He used one hand to jerk me off a bit and the other to stroke my balls. He reached to my furry taint and rubbed his finger against my hole. I rarely bottom, but this guy was turning me on. He was so… nasty. The guy stuck his fat finger in my mouth then swirled his wet finger against my ass. He gently pushed my shoulders so I took a step back into the room. I made to close the door, anxious for whatever raunchy fun was about to get started. He held up his hand to stop me, leaving the door open. He spun me around, ass up and dove into my crack, sticking his tongue into me. He dropped his towel and I looked over my shoulder to see a 5” thick cock slick with lube or assjuice. 'You're my third bottom today, man. The other guys couldn't take my dick long enough for me to get my nut. You want to try?' I nodded as he slid his meat against my crack. 'Push back on it, pig,' he grunted. I inhaled deeply and let him force his way inside me, raw, and without lube. It burned like hell but he kept pushing. I think his cock may have been as thick as it was long. I was biting my lip and started sweating. He started rocking his hips and in a matter of seconds it went from searing pain to absolute pleasure. I saw stars. I also saw an eye peeking at me through the gloryhole and two guys leering at me taking raw dick through the open door. The guy fucking me waved them in with his paw and the guys stood on either side of him, tweaking his nipples. 'Harder!,' he shouted. They were really twisting his nipples. I could feel my hole getting more and more wet as his cock was leaking precum into my guts. My top pulled out and flipped me over onto my back. He slid right back in and pistoned away at my hole. He looked down at me and said, 'I'm gonna breed you now.' He didn't ask me, he told me. His pace quickened and he bred me. Load #1 in my hole. From a stranger. He pulled out and one of the guys watching dropped to his knees to clean my ass juice from his cock. The other guy lined up his cock with my cummy hole and slid right in. He was scrawny, almost gaunt, and slipped his dick balls deep in me. His cock was thinner but longer than my first top, who slinked out of the room into the darkness. The guy inside me came, shooting his seed deep into me. He also disappeared quickly. Load #2 in my hole. To be continued…
  8. Chapter II. I fucked my boy twice a day for the next three weeks. Every time I entered his bare hole, I remembered the sensation of that extra cum sloshing around. I was worried about him taking cum from strangers, but knew it turned us both on. Since my boy was volunteering to get railed by these strangers, we were in line to host. I took the day off work to get things set up. My boy came home from his job early to soak in the tub, clean out, and get lubed up. We’d been firing our loads into a jar in the fridge and bought a lube shooter online just for the occasion. After he was cleaned inside and out and the house was ready for a raw breeding party, he lay on the bed, legs up, and I shot a week’s worth of our cum into him. He was good and ready for what was about to happen. His hole was still tight, but leaking seed. Patrick and Alex arrived together. They'd been flip-fucking in the office after work a few days a week. Patrick had brought his casual fuckbuddy Matt and they all took turns bottoming for each other, swapping loads. Patrick invited me to join one evening and I would have, but I was still hesitant about fucking raw without PrEP. Both Patrick and Alex were getting over a pretty serious cold, but they both rallied to join the fun. Two of the guys from the last meeting couldn’t make it, so Alex invited his ex and a his ex's new boyfriend to join in the fun. That made maybe five guys including the three of us. As they arrived, my boy handed out a few beers, naked, letting the guys fondle his dick and finger his already-cummy furry hole. Alex asked if I wanted to go first before he was good and sloppy. I confessed that that a messy used hole was exactly what I wanted, so I'd go after the five guys had all had a turn. Alex suggested that Patrick go first so my boy would be good and open for the rest of the guys. We all followed my boy upstairs where he bent over the foot of our bed. When Patrick was sharing his man's ass with us, it somehow felt less intimate. We weren't in their bedroom, and they were only casually dating, not two guys in a relationship inviting strangers into their bedroom to get one of them bred. That though got me super hard. Patrick slapped his drooling cock on my boy's ass. Alex grabbed my boy's ass cheeks and spread them wide. Alex's ex slid his long cock down my boy's throat while his boyfriend put his cock in my boy's hand to slowly jerk. I put my cock in my boy's other hand. Patrick took his time easing his raw cock balls deep into my boy as we all egged him on. My boy groaned the big dick in his mouth. Patrick gave him a few seconds to get used to being so full. When he started fucking, globs of cum lube trickled out and matted his sweaty pubes. Patrick hammered him harder than I ever fuck my boy. He shouted that he was about to cum and grabbed my hand, bringing it to his big nuts. I squeezed them and felt them pulse as he filled my boy with his seed. Alex slid in after him and my boy had to release the dicks in his hands and mouth so he could fuck himself back on Alex's cock. Alex had a low-hanging sack and big balls. I rolled them around in my palm as he let my boy use his cock. Alex's ex stood over my boy's hips and slid his cock down Alex's throat. Alex grunted on that fat dick and slurped away. Alex's ex pulled his cock out Alex's mouth and winked at me. He climbed down and stood behind me, easing his spit-slick cock up and down my ass crack. He whispered in my ear as Alex came closer to shooting, 'Had to pull out. I have a better place to put my dirty load…' I was confused as to why his load would be more dirty than anyone else's. Alex bred my boy sloshing even more cum into his ass. Alex's ex laid down next to my boy and hoisted his limp body onto his cock. The ex's new boyfriend slid a finger in. He wagged his thin long cock at me and pointed to my boy's stuffed hole. He pulled his gloopy finger out and slid right into my boy's ass alongside his boyfriend. I was loving watching my boy take two strangers' raw cocks at the same time, only a little sad that I wasn't inside him when he took his first double penetration. The guys fucking my boy had their heads close to my boy's ears, and whatever they were whispering was really sexy. My boy just moaned over and over. As Alex's ex was about to cum, he shouted, 'Beg for my load boy. Take it. Take what you want!' My boy groaned as both cocks inside him erupted. They pulled out slowly and I knelt behind his stretched-out ass. My boy's hole gaped as I traced his puffy red ass lips with my fingers, smearing them with fresh cum. I lined up my dripping cock and slid inside him. My cock was so wet in his slack hole. Alex pressed my boy's cheeks together to get it to feel tighter. I was so turned on that I shot pretty quickly, adding my cum to the mess leaking out of my boy's ass. My boy was all but passed out as Alex knelt and cleaned off all of the guy's cocks, savoring mine last. We left my boy collapsed in the bed and went downstairs for a beer. The guys were all in a great mood after loosing their loads inside my boy. Alex promised to host next time, even if he had to offer up his own ass to share. Patrick bent over the sofa and sucked Alex's cock while his ex's new boyfriend ate his ass. Alex's ex wrapped his rugged arms around me and kissed me hard. 'Thanks for sharing your boy's ass, man. So glad he's open to playing with guys like us…' 'Like us?,' I asked. 'Yeah. POZ guys. Like us…' His words hit me like a brick. With the other guys busy, I prodded further, 'Does Alex know you're POZ?' 'No,' he answered, 'but, I'm pretty sure I pozzed him before we split. So, if he's been fucking around, he probably already pozzed a few guys…' It dawned on me that Alex and Patrick might not have been getting over a regular cold. The guys on the sofa all came again. Alex's ex could see that I was a bit shaken up and he and his boyfriend got dressed quickly and headed out. Patrick and Alex followed a few minutes later, noticing that I was quiet. They wanted to make sure that I was okay, and I told them they may want to go to a clinic and get checked out. They seemed confused, but thanked me for a great night. After seeing Patrick and Alex out, I went back upstairs. My boy was right where we had left him, cum still oozing out of his opened hole. I slid into bed next to him and smoothed his sweaty hair. He kissed me and thanked me, 'This is the kind of raunchy rough risky sex I wish we'd been having for a long time…' I kissed him gently and told him that this kind of sex was more than a little risky. He just grinned at me, then started licking my ear. He whispered to me, 'I'm pretty sure I just got DP'ed by two raw POZ cocks…' I exhaled, 'yes, very likely…' He kept whispering and reached for my cock, already hardening again at this filthy talk, 'I'm pretty sure he converted Alex and I'm pretty sure Alex converted Patrick… ' I moaned, 'yes…' He positioned himself over me in a sixty-nine, with his cummy ass right over my mouth. He gobbled my cock as I tongued his hole. 'Fuck yeah! Eat that ass! Eat that ass leaking POZ cum!' I did just that, fingering globs of cum into him then swallowing everything pouring out of his hole. I came down his throat and he shot his load all over my chest before licking up and swallowing his own seed. After catching our breath and making out for a few minutes, he grinned at me saying, 'If I get a bad cold in the next month, can I join the party? I'd love to try topping more. You know, spread my seed around…' I kissed him knowing these fuck parties had already changed our lives forever.
  9. Hey @RaunchFilthPup , I thought the same thing. Until a hot couple came onto us both. Then, we talked about it, watched some 4-way bareback porn with a guy clearly getting off watching his boy take a new cock. It got us both hot as hell. Then, we took the plunge. Threeways, fourways. Only the first guy wore a condom. Once. Accidentally leave a browser window open for him to find. He won't bring it up, but it'll plant the seed.
  10. Thanks, fuckers. A few more fun chapters cumming soon. Missed you.
  11. Breeding Boyfriends Club I was out for some beers after work with one of my colleagues and my new assistant. My boss, Patrick, is older, early 50s, and smoking hot, recently divorced, newly out, and playing the field with a few casual dates here and there. My new assistant, Alex, is late 20s, latin, short, and adorably ripped. We were chatting out about dating and I told them things were fine if not just a touch stale with my boy. My assistant winked suggesting he knew a way to liven things up. He mentioned that he and his ex had gone on PrEP and went to a club where every week a circle of guys offered up his boyfriend to get fucked by the guys in the club, preferably raw. I dropped my jaw not at the idea of Alex sharing his boyfriend raw, but that he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Meanwhile, I was getting hard under the table. He explained that the move for the new job, and not having health insurance for the next three months until our plan kicked in, he’d gone off PrEP and was hornier than ever. My boss hadn’t said anything since Alex had told us about the club. He cleared his throat, and said he and one of the guys he was casually seeing would love to start something like that. Patrick confessed to us that he really got off on sharing his boyfriend too. They'd talked and fantasized about it but never followed through. Patrick told me that he got hard thinking about it and stood up to show us his massive cock stretching out his pants. He winked at me and suggested it would be a fun way to spice up my relationship. Alex’s eyes twinkled. He suggested we put an ad online and see if we could get a group started as soon as possible. I promised to discuss it with my boy to see if he'd consider having some fun like that. Alex had said he’d round up a willing bottom to take on the group, so my boy was off the hook for at least a meeting. That night over dinner, I mentioned it to my boy, and he eagerly nodded that it would be a fun way to get some spark back. I’d go to the first meeting, see how it went, and report back. He said that he'd seriously considering getting barebacked by a few strangers. That got me so hard and wet. I bent him right over the kitchen table and started eating his ass. He told me he'd love for me to eat a guy's load out of his hole. I lined up my cock and slid all the way in. It was as if he loosened up just thinking about taking fresh raw cock. My boy and I had a serious talk about opening things up and starting PrEP. I called our doctor's office the next morning, and, of course, we couldn’t get an appointment until after the first meeting, so I agreed to play safe while fucking the willing victim. When the day of the first breeding session came around, Alex’s friend bailed. Alex, Patrick, and I spoke in hushed tones in the office kitchen. Alex wasn't sure he hadn't recently caught something and had maybe passed it to his boyfriend. Patrick was glad to offer up one of the guys he was seeing, and again, showed us his massive hardon straining his pants. I nearly dropped to my knees and swallowed my boss's hard cock right there. With a few hurried text messages to the guy he was seeing, he offered to host the party at his place. After work, I went home to shower, change, and put a few condoms in my pocket. I kissed my boy and headed directly to Patrick’s to safely fuck a stranger with a few colleagues and new friends. Patrick had a swanky big house. He let me in, greeting me naked at the door, with his massive cock swinging, already half-hard and drooling precum. He’d had mattresses placed in the living room and there were already a few strangers standing around naked. Alex wrapped his arms around me and gave me a deep kiss. He started fingering my ass and I reminded him that I was doing the fucking tonight. He jovially frowned and ran to answer the doorbell. Alex led in Patrick’s date, Matt, a sweet-looking skinny twink with bangs over his eyes. He was clearly nervous. About six guys in all were there to top Matt, all strangers to him except his casual boyfriend, Patrick. I admired this dude for being willing to take on so many new cocks. Patrick went first, even though he was very well hung. Matt got on all fours and Patrick slid his big dick into Matt with one easy go. Alex cradled his head and asked if he’d done anything to prepare for our loads. He explained that he’d lubed up with two of his roommate’s loads freshly fucked into him. Alex oinked approval as Patrick came deep inside. Alex went next. His caramel ass looked so good flexing as he hammed his cum into Matt’s loosening hole. I went next, with a condom and sloshed around in his stretched-out ass and cummy messiness. I came in the condom and the next guy assumed his position. I rolled my filled condom off. The guy raw inside Matt took the condom from me and squirted my load all over his dick and fucked it right inside. After a another guy, Matt collapsed, exhausted, not ready to take on that last cock. Matt excused himself to the bathroom and Patrick followed him to make sure he was alright. Alex bravely assumed the position so the last guy could get his nut. Alex asked me to hold him up. I held his head against my chest and spread his cheeks for the last man, a sexy tall blond guy neither of us knew. Naturally, the stranger went raw and filled him with cum. Patrick had come back after seeing Matt out and was jerking off when the final stranger came. He slid right in and bred Alex. I jerked my cock until I came and shot my second load all over Alex's open asshole. As Alex fingered my load into his guts, he looked up to me and told me it was a thrill taking raw cum, especially after quitting PrEP. So hot. I was still hard and slid my cock into his ass, coating my dick with cum. Alex offered to clean me up, but I had a raunchier idea. I got dressed as the party was breaking up and headed home after texting my boy telling him to be naked, lubed, and ready to get bred as soon as I walked in the door. I walked into our place and directly to the bedroom, where my boy’s ass was moist and shiny with lube and ready to get fucked. I pulled my pants down to my knees and slid right in, still rock hard even after shooting two loads. Some of that globby cum leaked off from my cock seeped into my boy’s guts. As I told him about the party, he was out of his mind with lust, begging me to share all that cum. I came deep inside him and stayed there until I was soft. My cock plopped out and he squatted down capturing my third load of the night and remnants of strangers’ seed from my cock, and dripped it into his mouth. He grabbed the back of my neck and fed it to me. Three weeks later it was time for my boy’s turn in the spotlight. He was ready to take cum from strangers, my boss, and my assistant without protection of any kind. He was ready, but was I? To be continued...
  12. Hey guy- Over the weekend, this site started displaying oddly on Chrome. Like it had lost its formatting. See pic below. Works on Safari. I tried updating, restarting, etc.
  13. Chapter IV. Tom, Ray, and Will had split up to tell everyone there that some new guys were here taking loads. Tom led us to a florescent-lit garage with two benches in the middle of the room. There were maybe six guys there, mostly naked and mostly hard. Tom led us to the benches and positioned me and my boy facing each other on our bellies, with our asses up and ready for the men's use. He tossed us both a bottle of poppers and we took a few deep hits. Tom led a stranger up to my boy's ass and the guy slipped right in. I watched my boy seethe with lust. Someone came up to me from behind and entered me. I somehow resisted the urge to see what he looked like. He fucked me for a few minutes and came in me. The guy fucking my boy finished too. One after another, every person in the room fucked one or both of us. We were both out of breath and dripping with sweat and seed. Tom scooped up my boy and Will and Ray helped me to a steam room. There were a few guys playing in the steam, but it was too thick to see the action. The sound of fucking reverberated off of the walls. The fat old man from the locker room was there and he pulled me to him. He placed me on his lap but I was too worn out to ride him. I slumped over his fat chest and held on while he pumped me. Tom got my boy to his knees and worked his fingers into his ass. I watched as the old man pumped at my ass as Tom got four fingers and his thumb in my boy's ruined cunt. My boy moaned as he went farther. I watched him take Tom's whole hand to the wrist. His eyes were glazed over and he moaned as he was fisted for the first time. The fat man under me jiggled his hips signaling that he was cumming in me. I thanked him for his load and eased off of him. Tom took my hand and pulled his fist out of my boy. He smeared the cum and ass juice all over mine and formed my fingers into the right shape. I was shocked at how easily my whole hand slipped inside my boy's cummy hole. It felt so silky and so hot. Tom got behind me and stood me, leaning back into his sexy furry chest. He eased my hand in and out of my boy who laid there nearly passed out. Tom told me to grab my cock. I did and he shook his head saying, 'No with your other hand…' I pulled my hand out of my boy's slackened hole and grabbed my dick. 'Fuck him…' I didn't so much as slide into my boy's ass as I scooped it in. There was no friction. 'No. Fuck him with your hand on your dick.' I pulled out and grasped my cock and inserted my whole hand and my cock into him. My boy groaned into the tile bench. I would never have though my boy's hole could be so open. Tom slid into my own loose hole and pounded my body into my boy. He was fucking both of us. Will and Ray appeared out of the mist and jerked each other off watching the three of us rutting. Tom told me he was going to cum in me, and I begged him to fill me up with his POZ seed. When he started firing inside me, I could only feel wetness sloshing around. That filthy sensation made me cum, I jerked myself off with my hand and dick planted inside my boy. Tom backed out of me and I backed out of my boy. It felt like his ass was turning inside out as I withdrew. Ray and Will approached his gaping rosebud and shot their loads into my boy. We went to a heated pool area and I saw a creamy puddle rise to the top of the water oozing out of our asses. My boy and I were so exhausted. The guys helped us pull ourselves together and poured us into the car. We both fell asleep as Tom drove us home. The guys got us tucked into bed and cleaned up the living room. The next morning, my boy and I took turns fucking each other before we got out of bed. On the coffee table in the living room was a note from Tom: Hey guys. Welcome to the brotherhood. Between the two of you, you took over twenty loads last night. Take some time to process the world you've joined. Take care of each other. See you again soon. -Tom Clipped to the note were two annual membership cards to the fuck club. We knew we'd be back soon.
  14. Chapter III. Tom drove, with me in the front seat. My boy got in the middle between Ray and Will. As soon as we got on the road, my boy fished Ray's cock out of his pants and Will's out of his shorts. He swallowed Ray's dick as Will slid into his freshly-fucked ass. My boy switched directions back and forth as they both took their turns. I kept my hand on Tom's cock, slowly stroking it as his eyes darted from the road to the rearview mirror. Tom drove us to a bad part of town, an industrial area with a bunch of abandoned warehouses. My boy was oblivious to our surroundings as he was stuffed with raw POZ cock from both ends. We pulled into a dark parking lot, lit with one flickering streetlamp. There were a few others cars there. Ray opened his car door and pulled my boy halfway out so he was standing on the asphalt with his ass over the carseat. Will grabbed me and placed me in a similar position. Ray plowed into my boy as Tom turned around in his seat to watch. Will jabbed his dick into me and fucked me for a moment. He pulled out and started lapping at my ass. Tom told him to stop. 'Leave him full of seed. You know the guys love a pre-lubed hole here.' Will nodded and pulled my shorts back up. Ray pulled out. I could hear splashing as he slapped my boy's ass with his wet cock. Tom tossed my boy's jock and shorts at him and he pulled himself together. Tom knocked on a dented rusty door. A few moments later, it buzzed opened and we followed Tom into a long dark musty hallway. Tom showed a card from his wallet to an attendant behind a cracked glass panel. The attendant was a heavyset black guy with a shaved head. He smiled at Tom and buzzed him in. Will and Ray flashed their cards too. In our haste to leave the house, I realized that we hadn't brought our wallets. Will and Ray were buzzed through and closed the door behind them. The attendant looked me and my boy up and down and grinned. 'It's fifty bucks each for non-members.' I told him that we forgot our wallets. My boy, growing sluttier by the minute said, 'I can think of another way to pay.' The attendant smiled and buzzed us in. My boy leaned over a counter and shook his ass at the guy. I gasped when I saw the dark puddle of cum seeping out of his once-tight hole and through his shorts. The attendant stood up and pulled down his sweatpants. Out flopped a huge uncut dick. He pointed to it and looked at me saying, 'Get to work…' I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock into my throat. My boy pulled his shorts down and played with his leaking hole. When the guy was satisfied, he pushed me aside and slid right into my boy. I was painfully hard realizing that it was his fifth raw cock of the day. We didn't even know his name. I knew at least that he was POZ when I saw the biohazard tattoo peeking out from his shirttail. 'Damn! This hole is wet! How many loads in you, so far?' My boy answered as the man kept pounding him. 'Lost count. At least four, I think…' 'Well, here's one more!' And the guy bred my boy. He pulled out and smeared his cummy cock on my boy's ass. He gave us each a towel and a key and pointed us to the locker room, all while his cummy cock was hanging out. He tucked it back into his sweatpants and went back to his stool. The locker room was damp and grungy. My boy slid out of his shorts and yanked his shirt off. I followed suit, but we both kept our jocks on. They were pretty rank from the dirty laundry and fresh accumulations of sweat and cum. My boy threw his arms around me and kissed me hard, whispering, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you…' I hadn't realized how piggy he wanted to be, or how much I loved being piggy with him. I fingered his loose cunt runny with seed. I was so wrapped up in the moment, I didn't notice a guy come into the locker room and walk up behind my boy. He was older, mid-60s, with a bald head and scraggly white chest hair on his man boobs and protruding belly. He put his fingers next to mine in my boys ass. 'This slut is ready to go. May I?,' he asked me? I nodded approval. My boy hadn't even see what this guy looked like. And neither of us had seen his cock. He hefted his belly up and I saw a glistening seven-inch-long dick. I knew he'd had that long cock in at least one other hole. My boy leaned forward, arching his back, and kept his arms around me. I supported him as the hung fat man entered my boy. He grunted as the guy bottomed out. He had low hanging balls slapping back and forth as he fucked my boy. The guy bred him quickly, pulled out muttering a quick thanks and headed to the showers. Tom had walked in while my boy was getting pounded and whispered, 'That troll is always here. I bet he's already fucked ten guys today and probably taken just as many loads. He's a walking infection…' He grinned as he said it, with respect. Tom fingered my boy's ass a bit and told us to follow him. To be continued…

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