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  1. Thanks for your patience, guys. Here's the final chapter. Chapter 3. I guided Jason’s raw cock into my boy’s cummy hole, wet with Tom’s load. My boy rested his head against my chest and grasped my shoulders as Jason jackhammered inside him. He was so turned on that he didn’t last long. It was so hot feeling his hips rock forward as he drained his load deep into my boy’s guts. My boy kissed me as Jason pulled back. I felt a glop of cum seep out of his ass and land on my shoe. Tom tapped me on the shoulder and held up two fresh glasses of beer with a grin. Jason pulled all the way out with a loud ‘plop’ that I could hear over the booming music. My boy rearranged his pants under the shirt around his waist. I had thought the beers were for him and me, but he handed them to our boyfriends who made their way back to our table. My dick was so hard it strained my own pants. Tom started dancing with me, with his hands around my neck. He asked if me and my boy had been open to him getting railed by other guys for long, and I replied, ‘well, barely.’ He made some dumb pun about ‘bare,’ and I said we needed to talk about that further. I was surprisingly turned on to see my boy getting fucked, especially up close, but nervous about their loads mixing inside him. I knew the risks of playing bareback. Tom kept talking dirty about how much fun raw play with a lot of guys can be. He told me that he loved sharing his twinky boyfriend, Jason, with pals, always bareback. He gestured over to the bar where our sweaty shirtless boyfriends were openly flirting with Charlie, the muscled bouncer, and Mike, the hunky bartender. Tom stood behind me, grinding his crotch against my butt, and whispered to me that it looked like they’d like to breed my boy too. As I watched these sexy men openly seducing my boy, who was presently dripping now three loads of fresh cum, I leaned back against Tom’s broad chest. I could feel him getting hard behind me. He licked my ear as he told me that he tried to get Mike and Charlie’s loads into my boy before he went off to school, but he was too much of a prude then. That made me moan. ‘Thanks for getting him used to taking cum.’ He continued, ‘I got my pals’ raw cocks into Jason as soon as your boy went off to school. We’ve been sharing and breeding him ever since.’ I just moaned as I felt myself leaking precum. I watched as Charlie spun my boy around and stuck his hand down his pants, clearly playing with my boy’s cummy hole. The four of them made their way to the dance floor where Tom was now playing with my nipples as I leaned into his chest for support. Charlie looked at Tom with mock anger and said, ‘We can’t have guys fucking on the dance floor. We might get shut down. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you all to leave. My boy and Jason protested, but Tom just winked. ‘How about we take this party outside?’ Jason grinned as Charlie led my boy out of the back door. We followed into a filthy alley. Within seconds, Mike and Charlie had my boy pushed over a trashcan and his pants pulled down to his ankles. These two built men fished their impressive cocks out. Jason got on his knees and swallowed Mike’s respectable six-inch uncut tool. Charlie slapped his longer but thinner cock against my boy’s asscrack and demanded that he ‘push some out.’ Charlie used the loads seeping out of him to lube up his raw cock and then sank it balls deep into my boy. I look on as Tom eased my pants down and lined up his cummy dick with my hole. I knew he was leaking precum right onto my hole, and I couldn’t help but push back on it. His bare cockhead simply slipped into me. I rocked back and forth on it as Charlie picked up his pace then pulled out to give Mike a turn. They switched places and Jason eagerly sucked Charlie’s shiny dick, slick with juices. As Jason pulled Charlie’s cock out of his mouth to admire it, I saw the biohazard tattoo right in his groin. I had missed it earlier and, to be honest, I knew what it meant, and it freaked me out. I didn’t know if my boy had seen it. Tom felt my hole clamp down onto his raw cock and he wrapped his arm around my chest. It felt like he was comforting me, but also like he wasn’t going to let me get away, not that I was sure I wanted to. Mike and Charlie took turns railing my boy’s raw hole, and they both emptied their balls deep inside him. Jason ate my boy’s ass, slobbering fresh seed all over his chin. Tom’s hips rocked into my ass and he came deep inside me. I couldn’t feel him cum, but I did sense how much wetter he’d left my hole. He pulled out and placed me face down on the trashcan next to my boy. We made out as Jason cleaned out our cummy holes as best as his tongue allowed. Mike and Charlie said their thanks and that they’d hope to see us the next time we were in town. We were exhausted and both filled with cum. Tom and Jason scooped us up and walked us to his car. On the ride home, my boy and Jason cuddled in the back seat. I sat in front, with Tom’s big hand on my thigh. He told me that he, Mike, and Charlie regularly shared their boys with one another, and with some other raw pals. He’d offered my boy to them and it freaked him out. They’d kept up the conversation all semester. While my boy might not have planned it, he was into it when it happened. I was thinking the night ended there, but when we got back to my boy’s house, Tom and Jason invited themselves in for a nightcap. We tiptoed and whispered our way the living room. My boy went to get some beer from the kitchen. Tom and Jason sat on the sofa and asked me to join them. They were both groping my crotch and thighs when my boy came back, naked, with a tray with several cans of beer. I noticed he’d brought five cans instead of four. Just as I was going to ask why, my boy sat down on Tom’s lap and gestured for me to climb onto Jason’s lap. We did and the four of us made out, undressing as quietly as possible as my boy eased his hole along Tom’s raw cock. I paused to grab a beer and catch a breath just as I saw my boy’s dad, clad only in an open bathrobe, stepping into the room from the shadowed hall. I saw my future father-in-law’s cock at full attention peeking out of his robe. He winked at Tom and sat in a chair. Jason went right over and sat on his lap grinding his bare hole on his exposed dick. Tom grinned at me and simply said, ‘see, I told you I like sharing my boys.’ THE END.
  2. Nice work. Believe me that I know not all stories are worthy of multiple chapters, but. This. One. Is.
  3. yummy cover picture 

  4. Chapter II. Tom was driving, and there was a handsome young man in the front seat. Tom warmly greeted my guy, reaching back to clasp his leg. He introduced us to his new boyfriend, Jason. As he drove, Jason told us about his community college classes and reached around to stroke my guy’s leg, telling me how lucky I was to have such a sexy boyfriend. Tom nodded in agreement, taking one hand off the steering wheel and reaching back to stroke my leg, adding that I was pretty sexy myself. I could feel myself blush. We chuckled and flirted with one another until we pulled into the bar’s parking lot. Tom introduced us to Charlie, the bouncer, an older guy with a buzz cut and muscular chest poured into a tight tank top. Charlie smiled at my boy saying he’d always hoped he be seeing him again. My boy sheepishly grinned as we headed inside. Tom and I went to the bar to order some drinks as Jason and my guy headed right to the dance floor. We chatted as Jason and my boy grinded on each other. Tom told me that he couldn’t help but get turned on watching them dance together. I agreed, feeling my cock stiffen. Tom stood right behind me, and I could feel his growing dick through his jeans as he pressed into my ass. Tom asked me if we had an open relationship, and I replied, ‘Barely. We just started talking about him taking another guy’s cock.’ Tom smirked and told me my boy was likely to be ‘barely’ taking cock very soon and nodded to our boyfriends practically groping each other in full view of the entire bar. The bartender, Mike, clearly knew Tom well, and they caught up as he took his time pouring the beers. He even pointed out the Charlie, the bouncer, must be happy to see them again. Tom gave both the bartender and Charlie a knowing nod. Jason and my guy danced for another song and they were both warm and sweaty enough that they took off their shirts. Jason tucked his into the back of his jeans and my boy tied his around his waist. They were clearly feeling each other up but eased off when they saw Tom and I headed to a table with our drinks. They were clearly into each other. I wondered if my boy was excited about getting his dick that night? The thought of sharing him with this handsome twink really got me stiff. After quickly downing the first round, I headed back to the bar for four more beers. Mike, the bartender winked at me as he pulled the tabs saying we were in for a fun night. When I brought the first two beers back the table, I walked up just as the three of them were talking quietly and my boy was eagerly nodding. I dropped off the drinks and went back to the bar to pick up the last two glasses. When I got back, Tom and my boy were making their way back to the dance floor, now more crowded with sweaty guys. Jason moved to the stool next to me and stroked my thigh telling me he thought I was cute. His flirtations were turning me on, but I was trying to focus on my guy and Tom. I’d lose them in the crowd for a moment, then see them again. I saw Tom and my guy dancing with their chests pressed up to one another. Then I caught a glimpse of Tom spinning my boy around and grinding his ass against his full crotch. I lost sight of them for a moment but saw them again with Tom’s arms wrapped around my boy’s waist, his hands fumbling at my boy’s crotch around his knotted shirtsleeves. Jason moved in front of me and kissed me. I liked it, but he was blocking my view, almost on purpose. I kissed him and pulled my head back to see my boy bouncing off Tom’s crotch. I realized Tom was trying to fuck my boy right there on the dance floor. I stood up and tried to make my way to them. Over the music and chatter, I could hear my guy moan. I saw him leaning back into Tom’s chest as he rocked his hips back and forth. Just as I made it to them, Tom’s grin turned to a grimace, and I knew he was cumming. My boy saw me and tore his arms from around Tom’s neck and reached out to me. He embraced me and kissed me hard as Tom finished growling and grunting. My guy brought my hands to his ass and I felt Tom’s furry belly pressed hard against my boy’s back. I eased my hand between them until my fingers found my boy’s sweaty crack, impaled on Tom’s cock. I squeezed Tom’s dick around the base looking for sign of a condom but found only sticky wet hairy flesh. Tom backed up and his big dick just kept easing out. He must have been huge, but I couldn’t see as my boy madly kissed me deeply, shoving his tongue passionately down my throat as I fingered his freshly-bred sloppy pussy, right there on the dance floor. My boy pulled off from my mouth and smiled at me, ‘I finally did. I finally took his load!’ Tom moved around to my side as Jason stepped behind my boy and pressed against his ass. My hands found Jason’s raw cock and I guided it to my boy’s stretched-out hole. Jason’s glans entered my boy as I spread his cheeks wide, ready for another raw cock. To be continued…
  5. Chapter I. When I was in college, I dated this great guy. He was out on campus and at home. Over that fall semester, he told me he’d never brought a guy home and would love to show me around his hometown. He was from a decent-sized town with like three gay bars. We’d had some raunchy times together, and he’d just started letting me top him bareback. He’d dated guys his senior year, but never played raw and told me he’d had a reputation for being a bit of a prude. Now that we were off-campus and had our own apartments, it was easier to fool around, but we both had roommates. Our fuck sessions were limited to nights when his or my roommate had an evening class. We’d gotten good at scheduling dates, but forcing sex to happen on a schedule was a bit of a drag. When we had planned evenings together, I always carried a ‘fuck bag’ with lube and condoms, until one night, unscheduled, we met up crossing campus. He’d been flirting with a guy from home that he’d met on one of the apps. My guy was super horny. He basically pushed me into the bushes behind the library and bent over grabbing his ankles. He begged me to fuck him raw, so I obliged, lubing him up with spit and slid right in. It felt so very good. My guy was usually kind of passive, but the outdoors, the risk of being caught, and whatever he’d been texting with this other man really got him going. He was pushing back on my raw cock and riding me hard. I had no trouble staying hard, as sometimes happened with rubbers, and had to pull out and slap my dick on his slippery hole a few times to keep from cumming too soon. After three times trying to delay the inevitable, he moaned and begged for my seed. I rewarded his efforts by pumping my load deep into his hole and rocking my hips forcing my cum deep inside him. We were both sweaty, but pulled our clothes on and went our separate ways. We kept fucking raw like rabbits, in alleys, behind bushes, in mensrooms, darkened lecture halls, and even back at our own apartments. Now, headed off out of town for our first road trip together, we even fucked in the station as we waited for the bus to take us back to his hometown for Thanksgiving break. When we got to our stop, a guy my dad’s age met us at the station and gave my guy a big bear hug, and me a sincere handshake and pat on the shoulder. My guy introduced him as Tom, and we hopped in. Tom drove us to my guy’s parents’ house and told us he’d see us around. Turns out, they’d dated, and had broken up when he wanted to fuck my boy raw, but my boy wasn’t ready. Turns out too, that he was the guy he’d been sexting with that first night I’d bred him in the bushes. As he was driving away, Tom stopped and reversed, winking at us and saying we should go out with him to one of the gay bars tonight, sort of a homecoming, adding that he had someone special he wanted us to meet. We headed inside and were greeted warmly by my guy’s parents. We unpacked a bit and got ready to change into something for dancing and started making out in his bedroom. He pulled his jeans down as we kissed and brought my hand to his bare ass, still wet with my load from the bus station men’s room, and had me spread his ass cheeks wide. He asked me to get his hole more wet with spit. I started to spin him around to rim his ass, totally ready to eat my load out of him, but he shook his head and spit into my palm, bringing it back to his hole. I stood there spitting on my cupped hand and forcing it into his sloppy hole. He laid his head against my chest as I stood there, spreading his cheeks and fingering his ass. He kissed me as I worked to wet fingers in and whispered, ‘remember this position. We’ll need it later.’ He winked at me, pulled on his clothes, and headed downstairs. I was rock hard and horny for whatever was going to happen that night. I tucked my dick into my pants, put on a fresh shirt and headed downstairs. We waved goodbye to his parents and went back to the curb, where Tom was going to pick us up and head to the bar. Just as Tom’s car approached, my guy asked me if I would be ok with him getting fucked by another guy, like tonight. I thought for a moment, and my erection told us both I’d be totally ok with that. I grinned, but told him only if I were there and only if it was safe. My boy nodded, and we hopped into Tom’s backseat. To be continued…
  6. Chapter 4 of 4. Jack slammed his big sheathed POZ cock into my boy’s hole. This time, he was fucking to cum. My boy panted and moaned, savoring that big cock sliding in and out of him. Jack was really pounding hard and started cursing and grunting as he fired his seed deep inside the latex reservoir lodged in my boy’s chute. I prayed that the condom had withheld that assault. He pulled out carefully and I was glad to see the tip of the condom full of creamy cum. I knew that that cum held a detectable viral load and I was glad none had seeped into my boy’s pussy. The cab driver eased Jack out of the way and slammed, raw, back inside. Even with my spit, it was a dry rough fuck. My boy winced again and asked the man to stop. He pulled out and I went back to my knees to provide a bit more lube. It still wasn’t enough. The cab driver carefully put his cock inside my boy and a look of relief came over his face. I saw droplets of golden piss leaking out around his deeply-planted cock and realized he was pissing inside my boy. All of that wetness still wasn’t enough and I spit on the guy’s raw cock every time he pulled out far enough for me to do so. My boy was still crying out that it hurt. Jack brought my hand back to his cock, still sheathed in the full condom. ‘Help your boy out…’ I knew what he was suggesting and didn’t know what to do. ‘I need more lube, now,’ my boy exclaimed. Without further thought, I carefully pulled that full condom off of Jack’s POZ cock. I poured a dribble onto the cab driver’s cock and my boy moaned, ‘more! Give me more!’ I gave my boy more of Jack’s cum and the cab driver gave my boy more of his dick. After a few minutes of intense ass-pounding, I’d fully drained Jack’s POZ seed into my boy’s vulnerable hole. Seeing the stranger driving in and out of my boy, lubed with Jack’s cum got me totally hard again. The man came inside my boy and pulled out leaving a dollop of white froth oozing out of his well-fucked pussy. I smeared their combined juices on my cock and slid right in. Knowing that I was forcing their cum deeper and deeper inside my boy got me so hot I shot off again. With four loads leaking out, my boy lowered his legs down and we all saw that he’d shot at least once all over his shirt and face. The three of us took turns kissing and lapping his cum up. We got back in the cab and my boy quickly fell asleep. His hair mussed and shirt streaked with cum, he hadn’t even managed to pull his pants up properly. A puddle of cum leaked from his cored-out hole and onto the car seat. Jack tenderly stroked my boy’s hair as he leaned against him. We made it back to Jack’s house and I tried to pay the cab driver. He refused payment and told me he’d already gotten his tip where he wanted it. Jack and I eased my boy inside and onto Jack’s bed. We had another beer and talked quietly as my boy snored from the bedroom. Jack thanked me for a lovely evening and asked if I would mind him taking my boy out on a date sometime. All I could do was nod in agreement knowing he’d be getting much more of his POZ seed into my boy’s guts. We wound up spending the night. Jack and I undressed my boy and we slept in the same position as in the cab, my boy in the middle and us on either side. Early in the morning, I woke to see Jack grasping my boy’s chest as he worked his cock against my boy’s tender leaking hole. He smiled at me, ‘Glad you’re up. You want to get my cock into your boy again?’ I nodded asking if we needed to bother with a rubber this time. He shook his head saying, ‘I promised you I’d start with a condom, but it seems a little late for that!’ I agreed and guided his bare POZ dick into my boy’s hole. We both filled him up and my boy loved every minute of it. That afternoon, my boy and I got to the clinic and both of us went on PEP. My boy told the doctor, honestly, that he was prepared to take POZ cock raw, but wasn’t ready to convert. That was a few weeks ago. We’re now both on PrEP. Jack and I love sharing his hole. He regularly gets six or seven loads a week now. As his hole gets used to so much cock, my boy says he’s ready for more. So, next week, Jack is going to invite a few POZ buddies over, with the understanding that I’ll guide their cocks inside him raw and leave him filled to overflowing. THE END.
  7. Chapter 3 of 4. Jack reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom. He got down on his knees and lapped at my boy’s eager hole. My boy moaned in delight as Jack worked his tongue deeper and his hole loosened up, ready for the fucking that was about to come. Jack looked and me and the cab driver and told us to get our dicks out. We did and in a flash there were three precummy dicks at my boy’s ass. Jack pulled the rubber over his big cock and guided my hand to his crotch for the second time that night. ‘Put it in him. Put my cock in your boy’s hole,’ and I did. I led his huge tool right up to my boy’s winking pussy and it slid right in. My boy squealed with delight and Jack slid his sheathed cock balls deep, lubed just with spit. He held it there for my boy to adjust to his girth and then started rocking his hips back and forth. I kept one hand holding my boy’s leg up and the other milking my drooling dick. The cab driver did the same. Jack pulled out, careful to keep the rubber sheath in place. He nodded to me and I took his place. He held my boy’s legs high as I slammed raw into my boy’s hole, loosened up by Jack’s massive cock. It felt so good feeling his stretched-out pussy sliding back and forth that I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I leaked precum into his guts, hoping it would make taking that big rubbered-up cock easier. I pulled out and shot ropes of fresh cum all over my boy’s hole and caught my breath as the cab driver shoved me out of the way. He mopped up my seed with his raw cock and slammed himself balls deep into my boy’s unprotected cunt. I didn’t know his name or his status, but I knew he was making my boy feel good. The guy pounded my boy for a few minutes then pulled out. I knew he was close and wanted to make it last longer. Jack took his place and shoved that sheathed cock back into my boy. I heard him gasp and looked over his knees to see him wincing in pain. Jack’s cock was bigger than me or the cab driver and the latex was scraping his guts. Jack suggested he take it off saying, ‘he’s already been filled up once tonight. What harm is one or two loads going to make?’ For the first time, I shook my head, ‘no,’ and he just grinned and pulled out. I knelt down and lapped at my boy’s puffy hole. As I was lapping the remnants of my frothy cum, mixed with the driver’s juices seeping, out of my boy’s used hole, I couldn’t help but think how perverse it was for me to be complacently and enthusiastically lubing up my boy’s hole for another man, or men, to fuck. With my boy’s hole wet and sloppy, I stood up and helped the cab driver hold my boy’s legs aloft. Jack smiled at me, again leading my hand to the base of his cock to slip it inside my boy. To be continued…
  8. Chapter 2 of 4. I’d been in the bathroom for like five minutes and wasn’t surprised to see Jack chatting up my boy at the bar. As I approached he waved and held up a freshly opened beer for me. ‘This round’s on me,’ he grinned. My boy patted Jack’s furry shoulder and he responded by wrapping his big paw around my boy’s left buttcheek. And he kept it there. We downed two rounds of beer pretty quickly, and I was hard the whole time. After a bit of small talk, Jack suggested we go back to his place for a nightcap. My boy eagerly nodded and demanded to leave a tip for the bartender. Jack whispered something in his ear about ‘more than just a tip,’ and then licked his neck and earlobe. My boy leaned forward over the bar to hand a wad of sweaty cash to the bartender, and Jack pressed his crotch right into my boy’s ass. Jack headed out to the street to hail a cab. My boy pushed me against the wall and kissed me, grinding his crotch into mine. ‘I want to do this. Let’s do this.’ I nodded and we headed out to see a cab pulling over. We all piled in. Jack went first, and my boy leapt in front of me so he’d be in the middle. I sat on the other side and felt my boy’s legs spread wide. Jack had his hands cupping my boy’s crotch, his fingertips teasing my boy’s taint over the fabric. The cab driver cleared his throat and I could see him watching Jack seduce my boy in the rearview mirror. He licked his lips, and asked, ‘Where to?’ Jack gave him the address saying, ‘but take the long way. I want you to enjoy the view.’ The cab driver nodded and away we went. My boy turned his face towards mine and kissed me hard. Jack kept massaging my boy’s groin and eventually undid his belt and unbuttoned his fly. Jack leaned forward and looked at me saying, ‘Help raise him up. We got to get his pants down.’ I couldn’t help but follow his command and helped my boy shimmy his jeans and jockstrap down past his knees. Jack held his palm out to me ordering me, ‘Spit!’ I did and he smeared the wetness under my boy’s balls. He repeated this with the cab driver and was rewarded with a palmful of spit which went straight into my boy’s hole. My boy writhed on Jack’s meaty fingers and kept kissing me hard. ‘Ya know what, this is fine. Stop here,’ Jack ordered. We had stopped in the warehouse district on a dark street right under a single lamppost. Jack opened his door and stepped out into the cool night air. My boy looked at me. I couldn’t tell if he was excited or terrified, but he nodded at me and followed Jack out of the cab. Jack picked him up and laid my boy on his back on the hood of the cab, his pants still bunched up on his legs. The driver and I got out and walked to the front of the car. Jack waved us over and the driver and I each took a leg and kept it hoisted high, my boy’s jeans and jock keeping his knees together. In the street light, I could see my boy’s hole, slick with spit, winking in anticipation. To be continued…
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