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  1. This story makes me wet... Here's hoping there's more to cum...
  2. Chapter II. We played the next couple of days more than we had in a while, and each time, I bagged up and lasted longer. It was like our former passionate fuckfests were back again. It felt like his hole was looser than it had been in a while too. We fucked daily, and I shot big loads nightly into those condoms. I even got a dildo, a good three inches longer than my cock, and I worked it in his hole before fucking him. He was steadily getting looser. Towards the end of the week, I asked if he was going to see about getting some hung dick to open him up more than the dil
  3. My Boy’s Tight Hole Made Me Cum Too Soon When we first started dating, my boy and I played safe with each other, me almost always topping his amazing ass. We were casually seeing a few other guys, sometimes together in hot threeways and fourways. We somehow got less sexually adventurous as we got more serious. We stopped seeing other people and started playing bareback exclusively with each other. Initially, I’d pull out to cum, but after a while, he begged for my load. He really has an incredible ass, plump and round, with a hairy hole hidden deep between the clefts of his cheeks.
  4. Chapter 6. On the drive to the sex club, Sam kept working my boy’s cummy hole with his buttplug. We parked and pulled his shorts up, an obscene stain of wet seed oozing out around the plug. We went in the backdoor of a bar and down a steep flight of steps. Sam said to me, ‘I figured he’d like it anonymous, knowing how he feels about blindfolds and strangers’ cum.’ There was an attendant there checking names off a list. Sam confirmed that the cops had reserved a spot for my boy to take ten loads. They’d set up an ad with pics and told multiple men that they should save their loads f
  5. Chapter 5. Friday night, Sam and I got my boy blindfolded and onto his knees, face in the floor, and slid our fingers deep, lubed with so much seed, until we both managed to get out knuckles into him at the same time. He was primed to get double-fisted. We took turns going deeper as my boy moaned and sighed as we went deeper and deeper until his ass lining was stretched over both our hands. As if that wasn’t hot enough, a frothy ring of anonymous cum glided our entry. While our hands were buried in my boy’s gaping cunt, I heard the backdoor open. The two POZ cops were s
  6. Chapter 4. The following day, my boy thanked me for setting everything up. He told me he’d never have been brave enough to take POZ cum without my help. I told him I looked forward to seeing how piggy he wanted to be. I asked him if he really wanted to push his limits. He nodded and I asked him if he’d rather have ten new raw cocks in his hole or ten loads from strangers in his hole, squelching two raw cocks. He thought for a few seconds and said, ‘loads. Loads from ten strangers.’ ‘POZ loads?’ ‘If they’re POZ, then, yeah.’ He confessed that it had long been a fantasy to get fucked
  7. Chapter 3. Over breakfast, I asked my boy if he was serious about taking two real raw cocks at once, lubed up with a bunch of fresh cum. He eagerly agreed that that would be a fun idea. The rest of the week, I’d use some cum from the fridge and double fuck him with my dick and that cummy dildo. He loved it, exclaiming how excited he was to try to the real thing. I prodded him to admit that he’d prefer to be filled fresh cum rather than feeling it cool from the fridge. Each time we finished fucking, we’d scoop as much cum as we could into the jar. Once, after filling him up and stre
  8. Thanks @MTLneg . Keep up the filthy work. xxx
  9. Chapter 2. The next morning over breakfast, I asked my boy if he wanted me to stretch him out some more and try out some more cum play. He smiled across the table with that same shy mischievous grin, and then asked what I had in mind. I told him we’d be taking a few days off from rawfucking to get his hole relatively tight again, but we’d jerk off daily. Each time we came for the next few days, we shot our loads into a jar and kept it in the fridge. I know I added a load more than once a day and I’m sure he did too. By the weekend, the jar was obscenely splattered with a good half
  10. Thanks for the kind words. It's encouraging to know that my stories get you guys off. Another chapter will be posted soon.
  11. Gloryhole Loads for My Boy Chapter 1. When we first met, we fucked safe. Even with a condom on, my boy would make me pull out to cum, in the rubber, just in case. He was downright prudish. I asked him what he was so afraid of, and he confessed that he fantasized about taking raw cock, even from POZ men. His fantasies scared him, but as he told me more, I kept getting more and more hard. After his confession didn’t scare me off, he started talking while I fucked him, begging for me to cum in him. He’d go so far to plead for me to breed his pussy. During a particularly
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