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    Los Angeles
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    BB sex, breeding, older daddies, POZ breeding
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Just personal videos. Love to get POV style videos of me getting fucked BB.
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    A HVL POZ or AIDS Daddy to take me in. I want to live with Daddy and be his full time cumslut. All I think about is hot much is love to drop everything and become Daddy’s property.

    If you’re a Daddy with HVL POZ or AIDS and you want a live in cumslut to make yours...PM me.

    I’m very serious and would love so much for this to happen to me.

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.nastykinkpigs.com/m/Bbbtmslut84

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  1. Sitting here wishing I could find an older AIDS daddy / top and get married. The idea of getting married is becoming something I want. But to be married to  a full blown AIDS man...to have a husbund...I could only be so lucky. 

  2. High... Chris 303-921-6658 Let's make a plan..



  3. All I want for Christmas is to be owned by an AIDS master. 

  4. I need to belong to a POZ daddy like you...

  5. I wish you owned me...so hot 

  6. All I want for Christmas...


    I want to submit to a full blown wasting top master and beg to be his. Becoming the bottom I’m supposed to be...owned and collared, telling my master just how much I love him and how I’ll always belong to him. Begging him to make me marry him, taking his last name or changing my name to anything he wants...signing a power of attorney over to him so he can make all the decisions for me and I can’t stop it. 

    I’m ready for something I’ve wanted for so long...Please tell me to relocate to you and prepare for ownership. 

    If you’re out there..I’m here, ready and waiting. 

  7. If a wasting top told me I was his I’d happily obey. How could I say no to that? 

  8. I need to belong to a full blown Dad/Master. I can’t stop thinking about being owned and how good it would feel. 

    if you’re a wasting full blown top who would train me to be yours...plz message me. Train me and make me yours. 

  9. Looking for a wasting med resistant top dad/master to make me his. 

  10. I wish it was easy to find a full blown daddy to make me his boy...I’d relocate ASAP if the chance came up 

  11. So hot...I would love feeing you breed me full of toxic cum. 

  12. Can I be your bottom sometime. I so want to know I’m being fucked and breed by a full blown top. 

  13. Any AIDS top breeders in SF Bay looking for a BB bottom to use or keep? 

    I’ve been wanting to feel a full blown top breed me but haven’t had any luck finding one. 

  14. Ever think about  keeping a masc bottom you own? 

  15. If you happen to be in the Bay Area still...would you mind making me your AIDS cumdump slut? 


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