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  1. BBbtmSLUT

    Midtown Spa 5/26/18

    Spent a while with the door open and didn’t get a top. Would love to just find one here
  2. Visiting San Jose this weekend. Would love to hook up with a POZ top in the area. I can host off 280 and Race. 415-634-8052
  3. Partying in SJ....would love to feel a POZ load fill me up.
  4. BBbtmSLUT

    Midtown Spa 5/26/18

    Got a room and would love for some POZ tops to breed my hole. Room 222 415-634-8052
  5. BBbtmSLUT

    Chasing in LA

    Chasing today but not getting anywhere. Any POZ tops in LA wanna breed me today? 415-634-8052
  6. Finding guys on here from my area has been a challenge so I’m reaching out here to see if any POZ top guys travel to LA. Looking for tonight but also anytime
  7. BBbtmSLUT

    Woman in Sacramento

    Know of any POZ breeders in Sac? I'm in town and I'd love to get bread 408-320-9501
  8. BBbtmSLUT

    Weekend of 12/31

    It's been about a year since I bottomed for someone and since it's been so long, I really want to offer my ass up this weekend. I'm looking for a POZ, no meds, top for me to bend over for. I love older men 50-65 and big guys 220lb or bigger. Nothing makes me happier than having my ass used as a cumdump for a nice cock. i can travel anywhere in the LA area. lancecoreman@gmail.com
  9. ISO POZ not on meds breeding tops in LA and SFV. 

    Looking to hook up this weekend 12/31 

  10. BBbtmSLUT

    Nasty Kink Pig Parties - San Bernardino

    Merry Xmas. I haven't been to one of these parties but I have wanted to check one out. Im always ISO breeding POZ tops in the Calabassas area if you or any of your friends need to get off.
  11. BBbtmSLUT

    La Bookstores

    I've done this a few times up in San Jose but not yet in LA. Would love to get a few gloryhole loads.
  12. Any poz tops in LA wanna give me a load today. 5/30/16 I'm in town and would love to feel some poz loads insde me. Lancecoreman@gmail.com
  13. BBbtmSLUT

    Breeders in LA

    Anyone willing to breed me this weekend? I'm in the LA area.

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