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    love being a bad influence of nice masculine submissive men
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  1. I know guys only into really femme guys i know guys into really masc guys. This whole thing is as varied as gender identity and sexuallity. There are no rules. And don't attack guys who don't conform to what you want from them. Because a guy is sexually turned on with one or the other is out of his control. I am sick of being attacted when i explain that i am only into masc guys sexually. Its not in my control any more than being gay, or identifying as Cis.
  2. Like to get close to you.  You just may be what I am looking for

  3. wish you were closer.   Id enjoy abusing you.  taking you down a path you wont turn back from.

  4. Would love to have abuse me....

  5. Excellent 

    1. DomAbuser


      wish you were closer.  You sound just like the type i like to use.

  6. too bad all u great men are in other continent 😞 born wrong place i guess..

  7. Seriously I need a Sir.

    ill relocate!!

    1. DomAbuser


      nice i like your attitude.  strong need to be used, abused and please others


  8. hell yeah, love to see some pics of you slutting out. video too.
  9. Ever think about  keeping a masc bottom you own? 

  10. I'm in Atlanta and would love to be your sub for a few days and have you POZ my hole up Daddy .... willing to travel to any man who will help me earn my BioHaz Tat

  11. I have used lots of married guys who have dealt with the same issues. They are wired to crave cock and cum, but not the guy attached to it. You are not alone . From my experience with these guys. you will go through cycles of shame and then indulgence. Most guys keep going further and further each time they come back from trying to stop taking cock. Eventually turning into total sissy cum sluts. If you are a single guy. you are better off since you have more control over your choices. If you dont want to date, but want to be used by a regular guy. That hardest part will be just owni
  12. Would so love you to abuse me! If only we were closer 😄 Could chat on IM service if you want to msg me on here? 😄

  13. breeding and using a cheater is much hotter for me,
  14. I would love to sub for you Sir

  15. i hope you are still getting used from time to time like a real whore.  A man like you needed used

    1. KOKO


       I would love you to use And abuse me. Negative Sub bottom here. Fort Lauderdale area. I am negative and looking for someone who can help me change it.

       I love to be abused physically and mentally. Dominate me and I will do anything you want me to do 

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