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  1. Hey guys, anyone recommend good places for action in either Wilmington, DE or Philly?
  2. 2. The Glorious Descent Once I had been fucked and bred, there was no going back. It was all I could think about. I had transferred to a different college after the summer arts camp. My buddy had fucked me in every way and location imaginable, but after two weeks' worth of his seed buried in my guts, it was now time for us to head back to our respective homes. First week back at school, though, I was hungry for dick, and not just any dick, the kind that could fill me up the way my buddy had all summer. I logged on to this "cruising for sex" site, when I stumbled on an ad about a very popular "gloryhole" in the bathroom of one of the buildings on my campus. I had zero idea about what that was, but I figured it was something I had to check out for myself. I wasted no time walking across campus to a building I'd never been to. This college wasn't putting any of their money into fixing their buildings, and this one seemed a little worse for wear. But down the steps I went into the basement to locate what was soon to become my second home. I pushed the door open, and then the second, inner door. I walked over to the stalls, nervous as hell, and went in. There it was. A big, wide open hole had been carved into the stall wall, big enough to put your whole arm through. I hurriedly pushed down my pants and sat, pretending to just be there to use the facilities. Someone was in the next stall, and I could tell there was movement. I leaned forward a bit and there it was. I had never seen black dick before, but this was impossible to miss. There, wrapped in this thick, dark brown hand was a huge dick. The head, glistening with pre-cum, was being wrapped and unwrapped by the tugging on his foreskin as he stroked it. And then he stood up, and pushed it right through the hole to me. The smell was overwhelming... a man's smell... and while it stood there in front of me, twitching up and down, I did what came naturally. I dropped to my knees and took as much of it as I could into my mouth. "Damn, boy, you know how to handle uncut dick" he moaned. I was moaning, too, from the taste of all that pre-cum, and the way he kept sliding it in and out while I worked it from the other side. "Show me your ass". I whispered "I didn't bring any condoms". "Who the fuck cares, boy? I said show me your ass". The aggressiveness in his tone was sexy as fuck, so I stood up, pulled my cheeks apart, and pressed my hairy hole up against the partition. Nothing happened at first, then I felt his tongue lapping away "mmmmm, nice pink hairy hole" he kept saying. An amazing feeling, and I knew this man knew what he was doing. After about 3 minutes of wetting up my ass, I felt the head of his dick press against me. "Hold still, you're gonna love this... all the white boys do" he said. But once he started to slide into me, I felt like I was going to split open. As I started to pull away, he said "where the hell you think you're going?". In a moment he pulled his dick out of the hole and said "get your ass over here now" and unlocked the door to his stall. I stumbled out of my stall over to his, and he pushed it shut behind me, locking it. This man was amazing... about 6'3", solidly built, beautiful brown eyes and a killer smile. "Turn around" he said as he pushed me up against the stall door. He slammed his cock into me, but there was no place to move to this time. He held me there, pinned with his 10'' deep inside me. He put his face next to mine and whispered "now tell me how good this poz cock feels". My heart sank. What the fuck was I doing? But then he started to slowly move his hips, gyrating his dick into my guts, and the feeling was just too good. I knew I should have tried to get away, but I didn't want to. All I wanted to do was please this man, give him all the ass he wanted. I pushed my ass back into his hips, and he laughed. "Yeah, I thought so. This ass is goooood" as he pounded into me. He pulled me back into him and kept drilling my hold so hard my own cock was bouncing up and down on my stomach. I couldn't help myself, I was so hard and the fuck was so good that I came without warning, and it dripped down my dick, onto the floor. He laughed. "Now it's my turn, bitch". And with that he shoved me up against the stall door again and in one huge thrust buried himself deep inside me "fuuuuck, I'm breeding your ass good, boy!" My ass burned with the sensation, but I had never felt so good in my life. As it throbbed inside me, he leaned in again and whispered "since you're good and open, I'm gonna share you with some friends." I heard him grab his phone and take a picture of his still massive dick in my ass, and then send it. "Hold still, they'll be here in a few minutes."
  3. Hey guys, making a trip to Denver at the end of February, and I'm looking to finally get pozzed and gang bred… any recommendations on where to go? I'm so fucking ready for my conversion, especially after reading all of the stories in the bug chasing forum. So, anyone got an idea of how I should proceed?
  4. 1. The Initiation At 19 I was desperate to make sure I didn't hit the age of 20 still a virgin. I was a good-looking young man, average height, slim, ice blue eyes, and a nice tight ass that I was sure I could put to good use. A dirty blond (in more ways than one), I wasn't super hairy, but I wasn't a smooth, hairless twink either. I kept thinking what I wanted more than anything else in the world was an aggressive, older brother type boyfriend who would satisfy my needs to be fucked like the pig I knew I was, and then love and protect me in between fucks. Little did I know what was coming my way. I was performing with a summer arts camp when I met him. About ten years older than me, tall, dark hair, lean, muscular body, killer smile, but great hairy chest and legs. On top of that I could tell from his shorts that he was packing a major piece of meat. We were rehearsing in a church, and I kept thinking to myself I'd get struck down at any moment for the incredibly impure thoughts I kept having about this guy. I'd catch myself staring, and he'd just flash me that smile that made my ass twitch. This went on for about a week, when one afternoon we took a break and I made my way to the basement bathroom to jerk off that load that was churning in my nuts. As I entered the bathroom, I felt someone behind me. I turned to see that HE had followed me in. I tried desperately to act like I hadn't noticed and head to the urinal to try and take a piss, but he stopped me, putting his big hand on my neck and turning me back around towards him. I couldn't believe what was happening, and as if in slow motion, he pulled me towards his face, and quietly said "I know you want this. You've been watching me all week, and now you're gonna get it". Was this what I dreamt of? He then kissed me, roughly, passionately, and with his other hand on my ass pulled me in to feel his enormous hard cock pressing through his shorts. I melted into him. To me it felt like falling in love, but in reality I was surrendering to my desire to be taken, and used. We made out for what seemed like an eternity, and then suddenly he whipped me around, pushing me up against the sink. He pressed into me, breathing into my neck and whispering how he was going to make my ass his, right then and there. He slowly lowered my shorts, enough to work one of his fingers into my aching hole. "Hairy... nice." he said. "I'm gonna love flooding this sweet hole. You ready to get fucked, boy?" I instinctively arched my back into his crotch "Yes, I want you so bad." He pushed me down, and I could hear him spit into his other hand, and then suddenly I felt it. The head of my first dick pressing against my hairy hole. "This is probably gonna hurt a little bit, but just breathe and relax." What I didn't realize was just how thick and long his cock really was. Tapered at the head, but when he started to push into me it seemed like it took forever to finally reach its destination: my guts. Once he had his big, hairy balls pressed up against my ass, he started to pump. "Damn, boy, your ass was made to be fucked. You're wet already and taking this dick like it was meant for you." This made my heart skip a beat. Was this the one? He bucked in pleasure, and I could feel his muscular thighs bump into me as he ground his dick deep inside me. "We're gonna be together all summer, so you better get used to this on a daily basis, cause my nuts will need to be drained, and your ass is soooo fucking good..." I could feel him pushing harder into me, and I was trapped against the sink, steadying myself against the mirror with my hands. And now the real pounding started. Romance over, he let loose on my ass, holding onto my hips with his big hands as he destroyed my hole. Now THIS was what I had been wanting, a real man to just take over and use me for his pleasure. "This ass is too good, boy... I'm gonna cum..." and just like that he planted his dick as far into me as he could and let loose with his nut. I squeezed my ass around his dick, letting him know just how much I loved his gift of seed. In one quick motion he yanked his dick out of my ass and said, "now, clean off the rest." I dropped to my knees and finally got a look at this monster that had been in my ass. 9.5 veiny inches, big bushy pubes and low hanging nuts, now empty of their load. I couldn't help myself. I took as much of it into my mouth as I could and savored the taste of his nut, and my ass. It was rough concentrating for the rest of that rehearsal, and we did fuck like crazy for the next two weeks. But when I realized he was in an open relationship, my heart sank. I was just a hole to him. I retreated into myself, and vowed to never let myself get so close to anyone again. That was when I discovered the gloryholes.

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