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  1. Hey man fellow western pa guy here ;)

    1. wjosr


      Where r u in western pa.

  2. Hey sexy, Pittsburgh area pig boy would love taking your seed!

  3. In Pitt here ;)

    1. Hottightass4u


      Ok, but where do. You go to get seeded in Pgh?  

  4. Fuck that first vid is amazing! Love a sexy farm boy
  5. Please keep going! Truly huge fantasy of mine to have loving guiding pigs like this in my life
  6. Another great part has me on edge loving each chapter!!
  7. Another great installment! Keep it up! I'm loving this story
  8. Hey sexy! How are you :) shoot me a private message

  9. Knock me up stud I'd spread my neg hole for ya

  10. Hey man, what's going on?

  11. More more more I love this!!
  12. Fuck me anytime stud!

  13. More please!! Love this story!

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