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  1. I have been booking up with less than attractive men since I was a beginner slut back in my early 20s. I cannot count the number of men that I have let fuck me or suck my cock that I would never admit public that I have had sex with them. Some of the best sex I had had is with these men, they are often repressed and married; unhappy with their life. But they love to fuck and appreciate it when. Are allowed to do so. The first time I did poppers was with one of these men. He got me high and poppered me up as he gave me head for hours. Another would stop my my house on the way to work to breed
  2. The first cock I ever sucked was when I was 13-14ish. It was the Mormon boy, Ben, down the street from me. We were the same age, and had been jerking each other off for a few years. One night in a sleepover he went down on me, the we did a 69z he rewarded me with his thick load which I swallowed down. Then he freaked out and stated to read the Book of Mormon and pray. The first time I fucked was a few years later. The town mattress had picked me up at my job at a coffee shop. He also was my same age, but dispute being 17 he had his own apartment. We went back to his place and played
  3. Back in my early 20s, when I was just starting to become a slut i was at a house party with a bunch of gays, I was the youngest there. We started to play strip poker and I lost quickly. Even though I was out of clothes they let me continue to play; but I had to give blowjobs if I lost anymore hands. I ended up swallowing all five of their loads.
  4. Yes! I was thinking I love the smell of a filthy place that is trying to pretend to be clean. bleach, with dried cum, and poppers. They always gets my dick hard.
  5. I love being an anon cum dump. Nothing compares to the rush you get when you are on all fours and you hear the click of the hotel door open. You are so exsposed and vulnerable, the only thing left to do it hit the poppers and hold of for the ride you are about to get. as as too I love having a hole that is willing to submit to me and my cock. They are there only to serve and get filled.
  6. I was on a business trip in early February before covid. On my last night there i went to Flex to take as much cum as possible. I showed up after collecting cum from four different tops in my hotel room. I spent most my time in a public play area being a cumdump for all to see. One top I could not get enough of his cock. I think most the men there fucked me that night. I have no idea how many loads I took.
  7. Not fireside. It was a mountain mud kiosk. It would have been spring of 2000. Once I stopped by your apartment unannounced, hoping to get my dick inside of you. You already had company, your straight stoner friends, who you leave in your apartment and jump into my car. You direct me to drive up Davis Gulch, where we pull over and fuck in the backseat.
  8. The first time we meet was years ago you picked up an application at the coffee shop 8 worked at, and your painfully straight friend was with you. Returning alone you asked for my phone number, since I was still a high school closet case I said box. But the next day I snuck into the office at work and got your number, you were pleased I called. I came over to your apartment on 5th and we played oral, you tried to top me but I was too tight. Later I realized you prefer to be getting fucked anyways. I got my dick and cum into your willing hole. This started a long relationship of casual sex.
  9. This morning in the user galleries on BZ I saw pics that were posted by a slut I used to fuck all the time back home in Helena. Seeing his face and ass made my dick stir; thinking about all the times I gave him my cock and load, how this slut would always be down to fuck, and always raw.
  10. I have taken condoms off of tops so many times I can’t count. Here are a few of the occasions. When I was 23 I ran into my ex at a bar, we had always fucked raw when we were together. We got drunk talking about old times and I went back to his apartment. For some reason he wanted to fuck with a rubber. I on my back in his bed; my ass is having off the bed with my legs on his shoulders. He’s fucking be deep with a sheathed cock. I pause him for a second and while making eye contact I reach down rip off the condom and guide him back into my hole. He tucked me harder and deeper until I was rew
  11. I was 13, so was he. We have been jerking each other off for a few years. He was from a large Mormon family. We were having a sleepover, and did our usual jerk session. Then he started to blow me. We moved into a 69 position. After a few minutes he came in my mouth; which I swallowed. Thrn he freaked out and started to depend and read the Book of Mormon. I was left with the salty taste of his nut in my mouth, and a raging hardon.
  12. We have had a pretty decent time too. We are both working from home, have plenty of food, booze, and poppers at home. And my hole is always available to take his load.
  13. I would start the night out on my knees with a cock down my throat 2, then transition to a bossy bottom and ride cock like 5, then finish the night in total cumdump mode 1.
  14. I usually say bareback when we are chatting on the apps, it it doesn’t come up then I just assume they will go raw. There have been a few times that I just put my cloths on and leave when they insist on a condom, but they are usually fine with fucking me bare. Once at a bathhouse when I was bent over the fuck bench I could tell a top had a rubber on; I just paused the fuck reached back and took it off, then guided his hard dick back into me. Fucked harder and faster and rewarded me with his cum, it also got all the other raw tops lined up for their turn in my hole.
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