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    Groups, anon, bareback, bath houses, arcades.
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    Former top, turned into a cum dump bottom
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    I generally look for groups who are willing to go bare. No drugs ever, poppers and 420 are cool. I like to get used by top verbal tops who make it known how much they love my hole. I hardly ever refuse any loads

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  1. I think this is basic normal behavior, the act of putting a condom on is sort of like telling you that is what he prefers while still keeping talking to a minimum and trying to stay somewhat anonymous. You can then reply by gentle pushing his hand away while he tries to wrap you. Message should be received. I have tops try to fuck me with a rubber all the time and this is how it goes down, I don’t yell at them or get offended, some people may have a latex allegedly but unlikely and whose to say it’s a latex condom. No need to get offended, so long as the message is received on both ends. Some will always wanna go bare and others won’t. Non verbal communication is in fact a thing as gay men we do it all the time and it’s for sure gonna happen in those settings more so than actual talking.
  2. Weird, I’ve gotten tons of loads in seattle, I was there last year and I probably got fucked by every single guest there. I went multiple days and def got fucked a lot. I just had to be the one initiating, which as a bottom is kind of annoying, I took two loads through a glory hole, three in my room anon, one on the sling and two on the bench. I got fucked by like almost everyone though. But it felt like a lot of cat and mouse. Idk maybe tops are shy in Seattle. I’ve had a good amount of sex in club San Diego too. In LA, I was recently there and took about three loads but got fucked by about 8 guys. But again it’s a lot of cat and mouse. I think I’d def prefer a sex party where my ass is just on constant rotation
  3. So I pay for Grindr extra, I love that I have no ads and I can send expiring photos, meaning photos that the receiver cannot screen shot or keep. They can basically only view it for 10 seconds or however long I choose. I really love this feature because while I am a cum dump, it’s only one part of my life. When it comes to sex I am a hole that anyone can use. That doesn’t mean I want nudes floating around. recently a guy on Grindr was infuriated that I only sent expiring photos, he kept demanding I send regular photos. I refused because otherwise what’s the point of paying for the service?? I get we all love nudes but shouldn’t he have respected my boundaries? I mean he got some graphic shots and could fuck me in person but got so annoyed with me that I wouldn’t send normal photos. what do you guys think? Am I the ass hole? dude still randomly messages me btw, I just ignore him.
  4. I’ve tried 1. San Francisco 2. Los Angeles 3. Phoenix 4. Seattle 5. San Diego 6. San Jose I have no trouble finding sex and usually at most bath house visits I’ll get a minimum of 1-12 cocks in me and about 5 loads. Wish it was more but still. I think guys do feel weird about just fucking someone and is afraid of rejection or something or afraid of making a scene. Who know. The sling is a great option though and I wish it was better. What I’ve never tried is booking a room with a sling in it, maybe that will help.
  5. I agree completely, tops are weird like that. They will eye me on the sling but never approach but if I’m on the bench or in my room with the door open. All of a sudden they start to line out the door. It’s very annoying. My fantasy is just to let anyone who enters the bath house fuck me on their way in while I wait in the sling. Obviously like I said this doesn’t happen
  6. Yeah I started this thread actually before I was curious to see how these clubs and resorts compare.
  7. Yeah it’s so disappointing, I’ve had luck with some guys when I start to mess around with them on elsewhere and eventually move to the sling but if I start on the sling I don’t get much action. The bench I get tons but like I said the sling is way more comfortable. I wonder if blind folding myself will help. Leaving my door open in my room is the most successful but guys always come in and close the door, I like being fucked in public
  8. Do you feel blindfolding yourself gets you more action? When I climb in the sling I feel like guys are scared to approach me or something. Whenever I am face down ass up on the bench though they start to form lines to fuck me. I have way more stamina on the sling so I’d prefer that, does the blindfold help?
  9. I mean not seriously no, but I love a big belly red neck breeding my smooth Latin twunk pussy. But if they start taking about maga it will probably be a turn off.
  10. Howd you get it this used? Cock alone? Or did you work at it with toys and what not?
  11. This hole is gorgeous nice bubble butt with a smooth teeny tiny hole! Perfection!!
  12. Yeah I lasered my hair off because it felt so great to feel silky all day. How long did it take to achieve the “pussy” like look? 😉
  13. Love a leaking hole! I need a pic like this of myself!
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