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    sports gear, leather rubber, bondage, sub/dom, slave master, group sex, outdoor, public, bb only, try pretty much anything at least a few times, anon fucking, anon breedin, bathhouse, twinks, older, pig, pnp, chem, slam, rigs, cum play and lots lots more
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    horny tops/vers men who need holes to use, order me around, perv cam, play well with other bttm sluts

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  1. Back in the day I owned two Dirty Fukker jockstraps - which were awesome for collecting loads at the baths and everywhere else! TIM Gear jocks, Addicted, and Dick Wadd also let guys know you want it raw. But in my experience Nasty Pig jocks say it best.
  2. Fuck I would love to spend a day or two with you to seriously wreck our cunts , watching each other getting pounded hard by your fuck machine. Maybe go on cam and shoot some vids too if you are into it. OInk
  3. Joe Manganiello Alex O'Loughlin Jeff Stryker Chris Evans Chris Pine
  4. love taking anon loads in a darkroom or getting bred through a glory hole, such a turn on imaging who might have unloaded inside me, and always leaves me feeling like a proper cumdump whore
  5. I was 26 when I got bred for the first time. Was addicted to taking loads up my hole right away. Probably got my 1000 breeder before I turned 30. I estimate I have had over 4000 and won't ever stop. Love to be filled up with warm seed.
  6. slam c2c twisted whore

  7. That instance when his PA first touches my hole is pretty awesome.
  8. I do the same, always special when a guy decides to drop his load inside me
  9. Anton is one of my favourite porn stars, would absolutely love to take his big cock up my ass and down my throat someday!
  10. I've been wanting to go to one of these parties for a while. Any one out there into going with me? want to help push limits be as filthy as possible oink
  11. fuck I have always wanted to take anon loads like this
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