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    Fisting , Fucking , Sucking , WS, BDSM, PNP
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    I graduated school with a great job and I have loving BF and now my brother is living with us as he is now in school. I'm undetectable now and limit the people I play with now.

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    I would like to do some porn but so far not found the right people to work with.
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    People who are not scared to push limits.

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  1. Back from the hospital and this boy is POZ and he is really scared but when I told I'm POZ and have been so for almost 3 years now. I told him his sex life is not over and now he will have to decide if he will go on meds. AS he has no one to take care of him so I told him he can stay he can live with us until he feels better.

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    2. boy4you


      My brother will be bring him to our place later today as my BF is out of town and he will be staying with us for a few days. 

    3. TonyG

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