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  1. I don't consider it being molested but I was 12 and he was 40. I found his number on a bathroom wall at the mall and well the rest is history
  2. I’m personally good with a top taking his time anything less than 30 minutes is a rip off and anything over two hours is a tad long. Not that I’m going to complain
  3. Democrat all day long. Republicans can lick my boots they won't get anything else except maybe kicked in the balls (if they had any that is)
  4. President Elect Biden sure does have a nice ring to it!! OH and the trumist heads explode at this.. Get over it trump is a loser and so are you if you are supporting him
  5. I'm not opposed to him hurting himself. just as long as he no longer harms this country with his bullshit
  6. Absolutely love when a guy kisses me when being a slut
  7. i was 25 he was 40, and we were fucking around in his hotel room and he just climbed on top of me and started pissing all over me. I fell in love ( obsessed actually ) from then on
  8. Anytime anyplace, just gimme that load or loads
  9. i haven't had cock through a gloryhole for a few years actually miss it. The bookstores and mall bathrooms I cruised are all gone
  10. Definitely swallow just depends on the color
  11. totally hot!! Sounds like a good time
  12. Love to drink from the tap and give as well
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