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  1. At our seminary, we have to go out into the community and help people, but all don't go into the poor neighborhoods, but the well off one's as the neighborhoods I will be going to at the orders of DR. Jeff are dangerous. There I will meet Big Bill, and when I do meet him, I know why. Bill is over 6ft8 300 lbs of mean mussel, and when I enter the room, he has three of his friends. Bill explains that he has plenty of products, but none of his boys can go into the upscale neighborhoods and sell as being Black. They get caught by the police fast. With me being part of the seminary dress in the school uniform of the black pants black tie with a white shirt and short hair, we will never get bothered. He shows me the stuff he has of GHB, Tins in all different strengths, Molly, and E. He tells me there is a big market and if I bring back a boy to be there, fuck meat they will give me supplies. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES FAGGOT as they pick me up like rage doll and shove their dicks first in my mouth as someone is giving me a bump in my hole that is WOW. They spend fucking the shit out of me as my appreciation of a BBC grew exponentially as they took turns fucking my brain out and the taste of their sweat dripping on me as my hole loaded with their cum and my mouth filled with their piss. I left there with some supplies and was sore walking back to the dorms. My roommate Peter is asking me questions about what happen and is hinting he would like to do it again as he says he never felt so alive. I let Dr. Jeff how Peter feels, and he says he has not converted yet, so bring him around tonight as he is having a party. I have to make some deliveries for Big Bill, so I go to the addresses Big Bill gave me. The first one is in the industrial section, and the door just has a number on and nothing else. I rang the buzzer and met with this large man in leather the place is dark except to the two men under the lights as he tells me to be silent as they are filming. One is in leather with his fist in the other man's ass, telling him to take it deeper. The one who let me in takes the package see the look of excitement and says Boy one day that will be you in the sling getting fisted NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES and take care of business. I suck his dick as his hands go behind my head, and he starts to skull fuck me and cums down my throat, then give me a card then says you ever want to come to one of the parties I will be his guest. The rest of the deliveries are just for people's homes or apartments. The last one as it's out of town with the house set back from the road with a gate on it. I hit the buzzer tell who I am; I get to the front, and the most beautiful boy greats me and tells me to come. This place is so big like a castle as we walk to the back I see the pool. There are men & boy's naked fucking and sucking, he asks me if I want to join in, but with my dick so hard straining against the chastity cage I cant as I leave he says come back any time as we would love to have you here to party with us anytime. The ride home was torture after seeing what they were doing and wish I could be unlocked. As I'm driving back, I see someone crash their motorcycle; I stop to see if they need help. He says his name is Peter and his bike is wrecked. I ask if he needs medical he said yes, but he does not have any health insurance, I tell him that I have a friend that could help him. I call Dr. Jeff after sending a picture of Peter, and Dr. Jeff says, send him over ASAP. Peter is happy as he is sore, little does know how sore he will be after Dr. Jeff gets finished with him.
  2. I know the slam I took was a heavy one as the rush was off the charts, and the AIDs infected dick in my hole feels fantastic, but the P.A. is doing damage inside of me. The other one comes and is looking in my eyes as he is squeezing my nipples then says he is well tweaked out and ready for what's coming. After 20 minuter of fucking my self on this beautiful dick as the others watch with them pictures, he is cums in me as the swelling of his dick is shooting his toxic load into my boy hole. He pushes me off, then I turn around and see his cum covered dick and drop to my knees to clean that dick and lick up the cum that is not in my body. As I'm cleaning his dick off, someone is saying SATIN has a new member and will do us proud tonight, and in the future, like the rest of the night, as I was nothing more a cumdump for their cum and piss. I'm in a dorm room at school with a roommate Peter he is like my as to our bodies as he also was on the swim team. I see Peter is on his phone a lot and in the bathroom and as I listen, you can hear him jerking off, which at school you can get in trouble. I have to find what he is jerking off to, so I get a small camera to find out, and when I see he is jerking off to gay male porn, I hit the jackpot. I start to walk around the room naked, and I can see his eyes following me as I have the chastity cage on, Peter asks what is that for, so I tell him as I know you jerk off to gay male porn. I tell him he has to go with me as wearing a chastity cage is not the school rules, but jerking off to gay male porn will get you thrown out banned with your parents disowning you, then you will be on the streets. Peter goes with me to Dr. Jeff's office, and like me, he is given a thorough examination. I will take him to this week's party for his deflowering and his possible pozzing as Peter is a virgin so that he will bleed, but you never know if the toxic loads will enter his bloodstream. When we get there, I'm all over Peter kissing him, sucking the last of his negative load out of him as the Men who are here to bring Peter into the brotherhood are here now. They pull me off and give me two points as one is for me, and the other is for Peter. When Peter sees the needle, he is panicky, so I kiss him and say this will make it so much better for you as I tie off his arm see the flash of blood when the plunger pushes it magical Tina into Peter I see gasping for air as he is coughing so much I take his arm above his head and lick the blood where the needle gave Peter the slam. I can see in his eyes he is ready. They push me away as they are going after Peter as hungry wolfs at a fresh kill as Peter screams are music to my ears, so I slam my self and enjoy the show and get the chance to clean off the dick that comes from Peter former negative virgin hole. I give Peter a booty bump as that makes him more hungry. The only problem is I'm still in chastity but one down two to go before I let out. I get Peter back to the dorm and give him plenty of water and a good shower and inspect his hole to see how much damage was done, They did some damage, but after a few more times he will be what he dreams of but in reality, be the real thing a POZ cumdump faggot. next Big Bill
  3. I have never felt so sick in my life as I'm tankful Dr. Johnson left these two men to help me get through this. As one takes me to the shower to cool off, the other changes the sheets as they are wet from me, sweating and does the laundry. I would hate to have my family too come and ask why there is so much laundry and start to ask questions that their son has been taking drugs sucking and getting fuck by men who have HIV and not I am pregnant from their POZ loads. For the next ten days, these men took care of me, keeping me hydrated as I could not eat and thing as I would throw it up. When the fever broke, Dr. Johnson came over examed me, and we had a long talk. He took me to a mirror and showed the effects of becoming POZ did to me as I was shocked in horror on how skinny and sickly I look, but Mr. Johnson that I will be ok as we can't have my parents come home and see me like this. So since in a few weeks, I was going away to school, why not leave now. I ask Dr. Johnson if this chastity could be taken off as my dick hurts so bad; he is laughing then says your dick wants to fuck negative holes, but for right now, it's staying on as when you get to school, I have put in touch with Dr. Jeff, and I will inform your parents when they come home. My parents are pleased that I want to get a jump on school, but little do they know why I'm going. When I arrive, I get my room, and I will be with Peter in my dorm room. He is 18 skinny fem looking, but I can see he has a nice dick, maybe 8 inches. I will hide me being in chastity as I don't want anyone to know what is going, so I ware baggy pants. At school, there are no females, and all the boys ware the same looking clothes, black pants, white shirt with a black tie. It's funny as we all look the same walking around. The day after I arrive, I see Dr.Jeff as I enter in a very stern voice STRIP. I do as he rubes his hands over my body and pinches my nipples hard when he unzips his pants I drop yo my knees and start to suck his dick when he is hard he picks me up puts his face in my hole as I moan in the pleasure he is giving me. When he gets up, he says just the way I like them a bitch in heat as his dick goes into me. As I have not been fuck in a few weeks, it takes a little while before I'm back to moaning like the faggot I am. Dr. Jeff is dumping his load and is balls deep as I feel the pumping actions of his dick, giving me his load. When he pulls out, I stand up. He turns me around and looks me in the eyes, not saying a word for a few seconds, so I squat down, then take his cum covered dick and suck it clean. He pushes me away and gives me the details of what I have to do. #1 Find three negative boys and bring them to him as they will become members of the brotherhood like me. #2 As your school does community outreach of helping people out, your school never goes to the P.O.C. side of town, but you will. #3 You will help Big Bill and do what he says as he is helping the brotherhood in many ways. #4 Tonight I'm having a few friends for a party so show up. I show up at Dr.Jeff's home, and the sign on the door says the door is up locked, as I enter Dr.Jeff is naked with all types of tattoos on his body. Without saying a word, I take off my clothes as I know what I'm here for, as I enter the living room there are two naked men in their 50s with nice size dicks and like DrJeff are covered in POZ tattoos and a P.A. on their dick. On the floor in the living room, I see a strap and a syringe as One says have some fun boy as we sure will. I knee down rap the strap around my arm tight, I see a vein I insert the needle, then I see the flash of blood then push the plunger down, I'm in heaven as the strap comes off as this was a heavy slam. One of the men is pointing at his dick, so I crawl over and start to suck it as the other is putting something in my hole then start to tongue it., I'm in pig heaven. The one tonguing my hole says pretty hole not wrecked yet as the other one is laughing says sit on it. I get up and impale my self on his dick as whatever he put in my hole wants me to get fuck hard. I hear Dr.Jeff is on the phone say the boy is here he slammed himself and is now ridding Tommy dick AIDS-infected dick. Let me know how you like it and what direction it should go Thank You
  4. The more I get fuck and suck dick, the more I like as where before I did it, so the pictures of me sucking dick they not be shown to my parents and friends. Now I love doing getting fuck and them telling me what slut I am, that their babies will live in me forever, that they are making me pregnant. When I get home, I'm not showering or washup but to stay with the cum & piss on me, and I'm starting to love the smell also. I put my finger by and in my hole and feel the cum they gave me and then suck my finger clean. The 8th day the place is packed as it looks like a biker gang is here, and I'm the only faggot to service them. For some reason, I'm going to like this as from the very beginning pull out a pipe and show me to blow clouds; the rush sends me over the edge as a dick goes in me with not even spit and the pain I can deal with as seeing so many hungry wanting me. The more they fuck me, the more I want, even when they have to piss, I drink it, or they use their piss to wash off my face. After every load, I'm treated to the pipe, and it makes me want more loads. What I can't believe is the power of me over them as I beg for more of the pipe and their loads. When they are all finished, I realize the park has been closed for 2 hours and its dark. So I make my way through the woods with cum running down my leg as I know my shorts are soaked in cum and piss I get to the roadway and start to walk home when lights from the Police car and they tell me to stop. I do, and both officers are not happy as they tell me they are going to arrest me for being in the park after hours being, being naked, having drugs as they left me with a pipe and a baggie of tina, and performing sex acts in a public park as they have been watching. My heart is beating as I can't get arrested as my parents would throw me out of the house, I would no be going to Seminary school in a few weeks. The officer put me in handcuffs and then into the back of the car, I notice we are not going to the police station but an abandoned factory, they pull me out and say if those diseases HIV homeless men and biker gang can fuck you so can we. The first one to fuck me asks how many loads I have taken today I say I lost count after 20, Well a few more Toxic loads won't matter to you, and they fuck me hard and just for their pleasure as this is a rough fuck. When they are finished with me, they leave me on the ground like garbage. I walk home and bend over in a mirror to see what my hole looks like, and the lips are a dark pink and puffy. The next day it's raining and not feeling great, so I call Dr. Johnson and ask if I have to go to the park today and he says yes even in the rain. The more I walk to the park, the worse I feel and glad to see only three men that I have service, and I know them as good fucks. As soon the first one puts his hand on me, he says, boy, you are running a fever and look sick. I kind of in a panic as I'm never sick. The three agree I should go home, so I call Dr. Johnson and tell him whats going on as he says he will be right over. Dr. Johnson comes over with two men in their 50s he takes my temperature, and it's 103, he asks how I feel, well my joints are hurting I feel very sick, the two men are smiling as Dr. Johnson says your body is submitting to the seed of SATIN as all three yell HAIL SATIN and for the next week your body will try to fight it off but won't as you will soon join the brotherhood of SATIN.
  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. The day after my parents left, Doctor Johnson comes over to where I live with his assistant, we talk and asks if I had any strange dreams. At first, I said no, but he gives me a funny look and tells me to get naked he's a Doctor, so I see nothing strange he says to me I don't have a concussion as I'm perfectly healthy and for me to get on my knees as he pulls out his dick with the metal ring on the head. His assistant gets naked, says hail Satin, and then it all comes back it was NOT a dream, but it was real. I take turns sucking both of their dicks before they bend me over the couch and take turns fucking me. They each gave me four loads, and before they left, they put a butt plug in me and for me to keep it in. They also brought these metal devices to go over my dick, so I don't have an orgasm they said keeping me in chastity will keep me horny and looking to suck fuck dick. They left behind a box with instructions and in the box were cloths, baseball hat with this symbol - I have no idea what - means but it's on both sides of the cap. The shorts are small even for me and hide nothing as they are ripped in the back my the crack of my ass, the tee shirt is also tight. They have nipple suckers like for a snake bite, and they are to be on my nipples eight hours per day. I'm only allowed to have this drink and not food to keep my system inside clean. There is a map of the park that always told never to go there. I'm to look for men in this one area at dusk and have my baseball cap on backward; it was to let others know I was there to get fuck and take loads. I get to the area and see three men standing around talking so I turn my baseball cap backward and one says get on your knees faggott, I do, and I can smell this guy has not taken a bath in a long time as the other two have their dicks as I service them also. One takes my tee shirt off then sees my nipples are extended and squeeze then until it hurt. They pick me then tell me to drop my shorts. They are laughing as one says we have a real sissy faggot all lock up and taking raw toxic loads, they put my arms against the tree as one spreads my ass cheeks and see my hole. It's a puffy hole as he just spits, he gets up and shoves his dick in as it's not very painful as I just grunt and take it as the other two are stroking their dicks as they will be getting sloppy seconds. After the first one dumps his load and I'm bent over cleaning off his dick, the others take their turn fucking my ass. By the time they are all finished, I'm moaning like a bitch in heat as I like getting fuck sucking dick. They push me on the ground and start to piss on me and say to me you better come back, or we will make these pictures go around the town of you begging to get fucked raw. When I get home, Dr. Johnson gives me a call and ask if I had fun, and to be truthful, I did have fun, but I have to take a shower. Dr. Johnson screams DON'T take a shower as you are now the town cumdump and will be at the park EVERY DAY rain or shine at 14:00 hours; you will not refuse any load or their piss if you do your parents will know of all the videos of you begging for toxic cum. I did like Dr. Johnson said and not take a shower, so I was smelling of cum & piss the next day. The first day there were three men today five shower up. I jump out of my clothes fast as I can dropped to my knees and started sucking dicks as someone put something in my ass. I turned to them and said THANK YOU. For the next two hours, I had a dick in my ass or mouth and one pissed in my ass at the end as another one had me drink his piss. When I get home, I call Dr. Johnson and give that day's report of what happen as he says you are on the hookup sites now as very good willing to take any loads. Every day more men show up, so I tell Dr. Johnson it's getting harder to satisfy so many men like this being the seventh and there were twelve men and I did not leave the park till 9 pm and was almost caught by the police as the park closes at 7 pm. Dr. Johnson says it will only last a few more days.
  7. I been stretching my nipples for weeks a few hours each day and now I’m seeing big results as I need bigger suckers as they grew in diameter and some in length. I want utters for nipples 

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      Post some pics please...😉

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      OMG i want to suck on them all night long

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      Maybe ball-stretching next?

  8. This storm is getting a lot worse as I ride my bicycle faster on this quiet road. I now think it was a mistake to help these people so far out of town today as I heard a big storm is coming. In the distance, I hear a vehicle coming, so I get as far right as I can on this narrow road. I think they hit me as I lose control of the bike and go down this embankment and crash. A little about myself self I'm 18 5ft 9 140 LBS. Just finished high school, at school, I was on the swim team, so I was hairless and in the fall will be going to the same faith-based Ministry school as my Father and Mother graduated. Next week we all are going away to South America with my 16-year-old brother for 3 months to help people in the backcountry. When I wake up from the crash, I'm on a bench tied down, and these men in long robes around me are chanting HAIL SATIN, and my mind goes racing that I had died from the crash and I'm in hell. I have never done anything wrong as I never jerk off after my mother caught me and told me never to do it again. Sex is only between a man & a woman to have children only, not for pleasure. One of these men kneels and says drink some of Satin juice as it will make it easier on you in excepting Satin's gift. I refuse, so he holds my nose, and I drink it tastes very bitter, but I was very thirsty. I feel someone spreading my ass cheeks then says SATIN will be very happy with this virgin as he is fingering the outside of my hole then starts to stick his finger, and I scream that it hurts they all yell HAIL SATIN. Another one comes over, and ties off my right arm with a rope looks into my eyes then says its a big honor to give you this slam as you enter your new life of the Brotherhood of SATIN. As the needle empties into my arm and the rope comes off, I thought they killed me as I'm coughing uncontrollably as they all yell HAIL SATIN as their robes come off. I see they are all naked with this big metal ring on the head of their dick and the look of a hungry tiger on their face. The one who's finger is in my ass now puts something else in and whisper into my ear in a few minutes this will burn but will make you so hungry for more and more. With their white robes on the floor a man comes in a bright red robe and ask what do you have for me, one says a fresh virgin who will soon become a member of the brotherhood. He keeps his maks on as he drops his robe and has an enormous size dick with a metal ring. He comes behind me and buries his face into my ass cheeks and uses his saliva and tongue, and it feels good. He then stands up, and I can sense the metal ring on my hole as he says we before you welcome a new member into the Brotherhood of Satin and then the most painful thing that ever happened to me so far in my life as I let out the most bloodcurdling scream as the all yell HAIL. SATIN. For the next 20 minutes, his dick is going in and out of my ass as fast as he can. Then for the first time I can feel his dick grow inside me as he grunts with the sweat running down from his body, he pauses then slaps me hard on my ass then his dick falls out from my sore hole then comes around in front and puts his dick by my lips and tells me to suck it and clean it. I see blood-red cum on his dick, so I open my mouth and taste my own blood with his toxic cum. The other members of this brotherhood now take their turn depositing their seed of SATIN into me, but the pain is getting less and less the more they fuck me, the more they fuck me, and the taste of the cum varies from man to man. I don't know how long I was there, but I was never allowed to sleep from the drugs they gave me and by the end, I did not see any blood on their dicks, and I was starting to enjoy it as for the first time I was cumming my self, and that feeling is what I want more of this. When I do wake up, I'm next to my bicycle in this ditch, and the firemen ars say be careful as they lay me on the backboard as they carry me up the slope. One tells me they have been looking for me for four days, and you are lucky to be alive. When we get to the hospital, my parents and my brother are waiting after the cat scan and other tests they the Doctor says I have a severe concussion and should be kept in the dark rooms and no traveling. My parents say they are leaving for a once in a lifetime trip the Doctor tells my parents to go on the trip as he can look after me as he is new in town and wants to get to know the community better. As my parents leave on their three-month journey, I will be home recovering at home, but was that all true or a dream of now being a member Satin brotherhood?
  9. After a few weeks of having nipple suckers on I’m starting to see them grow out. They have become more sensitive and fun to play with.  

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      I would be much more interested to play with what is between your legs and ass cheeks, than I would be with your nipples.

  10. I get home with my busted ass hole as the bleeding stop, and so is the feeling of the stuff he put in my ass & arm is gone as I hit the bed. Sal is over trying to wake me up, ao as I get out of bed and go to work, I feel like shit. Sal says you have a phone call, so who calls me? I answer, and its MBI is asking how I'm feeling, like shit, he tells me to drink a lot of water and I will feel better and so will your ass hole. After I do he was right, I feel better, and when I get a chance, I go to the library and get a dildo then head back to my room find one of the cellophane bags I have and put one of the large pieces in my ass with my finger then use the dildo to shove that shard up more. I feel it starting to burn and want my hole fuck with more than a dildo. At the Spa, it's Daddie and boys night, so I head over, and since I work, I just walk in like I own the place. I take my clothes off, and soon a Daddie grabs my hand then forces me down on my knees to suck his dick. Then, once he is hard, he looks me in the face then says, boy, have you been spun up already? I have no idea what he is talking about as he bends me over a bench and shoves his dick in me; this is just what I need as I say to him, thank you, Daddie. He pulls out then drives back in, a few of his friends come by as one says this is the cleaning boy so who knew he was such cumdump faggot. I hear someone says to keep him fuckup as I feel the inside of my ass burning again, and all I want is a dick in me as Daddie after Daddie fucks me, I hear someone say let's hope he is on PrEP, if not in a few weeks his life will be changed forever. I'm lying on the floor naked like a piece of garbage as MBI comes over, then looks me in the face then says boy let me take you home. We get to his home, and I see three of his boys help me out. I say to my self where did this other boy come from as two of the boys are still locked up in chastity, and the other boy is not. I crash, and when I wake up, the boy that is not in chastity is giving me some Gatoraid to drink. I see he has a small dick, and his scrotum and balls have been remover, he tells me MBI removed them as he wanted a eunuch, so he was castrated. I lay down, and he puts his arms around me, and we cuddle for a few hours, which felt great. MBI asks if I want to stay here with him or go back to my life with no hope but to live in a back room. He tells in a month or less I will become very sick from his toxic load; I ask him it might be from others as he is laughing then says, how do you think they became infected? It was me that POZ them. I look around then say OK so that I will become one of his boys. So he tells me what things will go when I get sick. Your body will try to reject the virus. You will have a high fever. Your joints will ache. You will be sweating profusely. My boys will help you through this. Once your body has excepted the virus, you will be horny all the time looking to fuck others. I will use you to spread the family virus here at home. You will be naked, and since you have a big dick, you will not be locked up like my other boys as they have small dicks but are great to dump loads into with their wreck holes. In the meantime, you will be kept high on meth, and I will be using your hole either my dick or putting you on fuck machine, so you know whats it's like to be used like the slut you are and stretch out your hole for future use. My day starts with water that spiked with a small dose GHB then a .02 slam. The boys tell me to go to MBI bedroom, and its the first time I see him naked, with his body is covered in Scorpion, Bio Hazard, and other body piercings. I'm in kind of shock as he says boy one day you will get yours, now get your ass over here as he throws me face down on the bad and drives his dick in me and fucks me as hard and fast as he can, then dumps his toxic load in me then just lays on top of me and says to my ear you are doing well then leads me over to this bench straps me down puts a dildo in me then turns on the machine pours some lube that burns inside of me. I must spend 20 hours a day as I never sleep with a dick, either MBI dick on the fuck machine. The dildos keep getting bigger as when MBI fucks me now, it's not painful at all but very pleasurable now. When I lay down, the eunuch is with me, and I love the feel of his body next to me with his arms around me, caressing my body. I'm not feeling well, so the eunuch calls MBI. He takes my temperature then smiles as it's over 102 and gives me fluids. I feel weak as I just lay in bed sweating as the drugs I was taking also are wearing-off. The only good thing is I have a naked body next to me that is giving me comford.
  11. We walk to where his two boys are, and he takes their hoods off, I see their eyes are so dilated and bug out. I also see the cage on their dick; their dick has shrunken next to nothing; they are so skinny with their skin is so pale like they have not been out in the sun for ages. The man in black now know as MBI says to me, I bet they look hot to you, so I admit it yes they do. MBI single one to come over then says to him service me, so he gets on his knees and undo my pants then starts to suck my dick as MBI says don't' let me cum. I'm in heaven as this is the best blow job I have ever had so far in my life as no one has ever taken my dick so far in their mouth. With me being hard as a rock, MBI says to him, get up and bend over and for me to fuck him. I ask MBI for the lube, and he is laughing, all you will need is spit; I don't want to hurt them MBI says, just drive your dick and fuck him. MBI goes back to his chair with the other boy and is whispering into his ear. OK, with a raging hard-on, I spit on my dick line up my dick, grab his hips, then push in with no resistance till I balls deep, and I'm shocked how great it is not to hear someone screaming like I'm killing them when I fuck them. The other boy is now behind me and starts to squeeze my nipples with one hand and a finger in my ass hole. MBI is sitting in the chair lighting up a pipe with a lighter under it and is blowing clouds, then I feel a burn in my ass but it's my dick in the warm ass hole is all I'm thinking about and as I cum I grab his hips even tighter as I feel my dick pushing rope after rope of cum. He pulls away and is on his knees back, sucking my dick and cleaning the cum off as I don't see any blood, which I usually see. The burning in my ass wants something in it as both boys drag me over to the couch put on my knees as MBI comes over now faggot you will feel like to have big shoved up your hole. When MBI leaves his chair comes over, he is naked. With a dick just like mine but with a steel ring on the tip. I feel the steel ring on my anus then he pushes in, and the pain is blinding, and his two boys are holding me down as he is splitting me in half, the pain is not subsiding, but increasing, MBI says to get the point as he has stopped fucking me. The boy ties my arm off I see the flash of blood with a rush that my breath away as I'm coughing then MBI goes back to fucking me this time slapping my ass cheeks until they were bright red. MBI pulls out; his two boys are there to clean off his bloody dick as he is standing there then says one day you might be like my boys if everything goes right. I ask what do you mean MBI says time will tell as he takes me to a car that will get me home.
  12. LOL I know someone who is about that big and many walk away but those who are size queens go nuts for him
  13. What I can't get out of my mind is how good it felt to have my dick in an ass hole and cum in it, then having a finger put me over the edge. Then seeing the damage my dick did to his hole and how. I do not understand this slam thing, as he did not protest it much, but he likes it but wanted more. I go back to Sal's making deliveries, cleaning at the Spa & library in the early morning, and striping on Sunday night. The only scary part is the one who gives out the black business card is always there dress in a black suit with his beady eyes, which is weird. The others just want to go to a back room and suck my dick as they say if I fuck then I would rip them up. The one who runs the neg to Poz night asks me if I would like to go. I say I'm not looking to become Poz; he says we don't you to become Poz unless you want it, we want you to bust them up so when we fuck them our Poz loads enter their system faster. So all I have to do is fuck them as they are neg. He says that me fucking them would be so much better than the toothbrush. I show up for the Neg to Poz night, and as I remember how much fun sticking my dick in an ass hole was fucking was. Tonight they have six who are looking to become Poz lined up; They make them drink this Gatoraid, so I ask if I can have some as I'm thirsty and they say NO as this Gatoraid has been spiked. So they give me some water as I watch them put the first one in the sling and tie them in so they can't move. They spread his legs wide and take something out of cellophane bag and put in his ass hole. One get on his knees and sucks my dick until its hard; once it's hard, they tell me to drive my dick stright in as hard as I can. As I do he is screaming like I'm killing as one of the Poz Tops says to me he wants its keep going. Once I'm balls deep, I stop, but they say to me fuck him as fast as you can, but DON'T cum as that is the Poz Tops to cum in his wrecked hole. Been fucking him for three minutes, then they pull me away, and one of the Poz Tops drives his dick right in and says to him. Faggot, you are taking my Poz load. Faggot you want my Poz load, he says YES. I look down at my dick, and I see blood, so I ask should I clean it off, they say NO as it does not matter. After this Poz Top shoots his load in, they put a butt plug in his hole then strap a leather harness around his waist then to the butt plug so it cant be removed, then lock it up. The next one is in the sling shove a rock up to his hole, and it's the same thing fuck him for three minutes, then the Poz Top takes over. That night, I fucked six and did not cum once kind of frustrating. When I get home, I take one of the cellophane bags and find a large rock and put in in my ass to find out what it feels like, Well, it does not take long as it is burning I can control as my fingers go right to my hole as I shove them in like I'm fucking my self. I go to the kitchen and find in the fruit bin a cucumber and shove it in hard and fast. I did it with no lube, so I was hurting for a few days, but I want to do it again. One day Sal tell me there is a big delivery and if I can fit on my bike, I say yes. The address is not one I have delivered to before, but it's a big order, so the tip should be beautiful. I get to the door of a big home, and there is a note of the door saying the door is open bring it straight into the kitchen. As I walk to the kitchen, I see two boys naked about my age in the living room with hoods on their heads a chain around their neck and a cage around their dick on their knees. I get to the kitchen and stop right in my tracks, the one with the business cards when I strip it's him. He is dressed all in black with a riding crop in his hand then tells me to put the food down and to come with him.
  14. I came into the world with not much going for me. My mother was a prostitute, so I never knew who my father was. She was also a lesbian, so her bull dike lovers were always around; I was not treated well as a family member but just a thing, as the best part of the day for me was school lunch, as I was always hungry. It did have a long term effect on me as my height 5ft. 3 105 lbs. But life did give me something that would define me for the rest of my life, that's is 14 X 8 dick. At School, always being the smallest male in my class, the bigger boys would beat me up and call me a fag when I get home. My mother, bull dike lover at the time, would do the same. Since no one cared about me and when I turned 16, I ran away from home. I hitchhiked out of town, and after 500 miles and coming to a big city, I stop as I found a place that would give me a job. Sal's restaurant was looking for a dishwasher, and they had a place in the back where I could live. The room was 4X8, with a bathroom next door. The work was hard as I also did deliveries on the bike they had and made some good money with tips. I always wore long pants as with shorts; my dick could come out as I never wore underwear. The next two years were uneventful as I turned 18. Some in the kitchen would talk about they fuck over the weekend, but I had no interest in their sex stories. With Sal's being in an industrial part of town, there were plenty of empty buildings around. WE see across the street some construction going on two of the buildings. I ask one of the workers, and he says one is going to be a Men's Library and the other a Men's Spa. I tell Sal, and his reaction is good as they will have to eat and you will have more deliveries. When with Sal's restaurant being 24/7, we see the library and Spa are very busy at night, which seems queer, but they are asking for a lot of deliveries, so I'm doing well with tips. When I go to the Spa, I see men with just towels on walking around, and on the walls pictures on men naked, as I get excited as all I ever do is a jerkoff. When the manager is not around, I have to show my state-issued I.D. to prove I'm 18, and the looks I get are exciting to me. I also see a sign in the window one day that they are looking for an early morning cleaner. So I ask Randy what does the job involve, so he shows me what to do in the library. Just mop the floors clean the small rooms which can fit two men, I think, pick up the condoms and wipe the holes in the walls. Over at the spa, the small rooms have a bed with rubber sheets on them, again mop the floor but watch out for the syringes and put them in the sharps box and be careful with them if you see small brown bottles you can keep along with the little cellophane. I ask what is in them, well the brown bottle is poppers get you high, and the powder in the cellophane sends you the heaven with a rush. I take the job as the cleaner, and most nights, no one is there, and I'm collecting a lot of the poppers bottle and a few of the cellophane bags. The Spa is into sections. The Little rooms have a bed or sling and a small table. A large room that has crosse, benches, OBGYN tables, Chaines are hanging from the ceiling, and cages with wheels on them. Then you have the darkroom. The walls are black, so is the floor, and cleaning that room is a pain in the ass, and cum is all over the place; I even found cum on the ceiling a few times. At the Spa, they have special nights that I see on their handouts. Leather Men's night Daddy boy night Anything Goes night Bear night I say to my self WTF they have bears here? -TO+ I wonder whats night is about? TNG night Stripper night At the library they sell tokens, poppers and sex toys are on the walls. Since I only go to the front desk, I have no idea what's going in the back, but I do hear some people talking in the back rooms. Take if bitch I'm cumming Where do you want my load With screams of some getting hurt and some are moaning in pleasure. One night Sal's gets big order from the Spa, but it's raining heavily; by the last trip, I'm soaking wet to my skin. The manager said it has stopped raining and for me to come with him as he can put my clothes in the dryer they have here. He takes me to the locker room, and as I'm getting out of my clothes, everyone is looking at me, and the manager's mouth is open in shock as I stand there naked. I look down, and my dick is sticking out. For the first time, I see other men and how their big dick is. I wrap a towel around myself and warm up as the other men are smiling at me and giving me thumbs up. The manager hands me back my dried off clothes then asks for my ID. He says if I want to make some extra money next Sunday on the stripper night. I say yes, but what do I have to do, so he takes me to his office and plays some movies of what the strippers do. I don't look like these hot looking men; I'm skinny no hair as he is laughing then says you have some they will go nuts for is your big dick. I see how the strippers work string and men put money inside the G string you ware, you come out in street clothes or a business suit, you do a 10 minutes session. Some will give you a business card for a date, and if you are a dud on stage, they throw pennies as an insult instead of paper money. They tell me the business cards are where the real money is not from stripping. One night as I was cleaning at the Spa, I find this 20-year-old like half dead. I ask Randy. I think this guy is in trouble. Randy takes one look and says O him he was brought here tonight to get pregnant, I say to my self he is a male, so how could he become pregnant. We help him off the bed, and cum starts to leak out of his ass hole, Randy says put him down as they forgot to put a plug in him we then dress him Randy calls a friend. We put him in a car, and they take him away, I ask what's going to happen to him, so he is laughing then says in a few weeks if everything goes right, he will get the fuck flu and be POZ for the rest of his life. The Sunday strip show I show up to the dressing room, I see what the other men look like an,d I see how beautiful they are with their rip muscles bodies, with me this skinny boy with a feminine body. They all want to help, and once I'm naked, one says I will be a star as he points to my dick. Everything they have is too big, and with some safety pins, it helps. The G string my dick keeps flopping out as they laugh. As soon I get on stage, they start to throw pennies on stage as a way to embarrass me, with catcalls of getting the faggot off the stage and get a real male up on stage as the clothes come off they are getting louder with more insults. Then the room goes dead silence when I'm down to the G string with my dick flopping out; I just stop with my dick as it grows to full erection, then the cheering with them waving dollars bills for me to come over to put in the G string and a few with business cards. When my 10- minutes is up, they are giving me a standing ovation and asking me back on stage to take a bow. I got back with the money, even the pennies and started to go through the business cards, and one of the strippers see the black card then say don't ever see this guy as he is crazy and will mess you up. He says this other guy is nice with great blow jobs. He has a room number on it, so I take a quick shower and walk to the room; all he wants to do is give me a blow job. I lay down on the bed, and he goes right to sucking my dick little does he know this will be the first blow job I'm getting. After 10 minutes, he is driving me crazy as I'm fighting back as hard as I can not to cum. I can't hold back anymore, and I did not tell me I' a big cummer and always make a mess. When I cum, his mouth is still on my dick as he is swallowing every drop of it and is licking every drop from my body. The strippers are right; you will make a lot more money from the business cards than from dancing. One early morning in the dungeon area, these three men who were still going at it as they had this 40-year-old tied to the bench, so I went in really quite as not to disturb them. Then one of them said HAY BOY, are you the one with that giant dick, I nod yes and go over to them. He asks with a big smile on his face as I drop my pants, and my dick falls out. Do you want to make a few bucks? I say sure as the other one takes a rope and picks up a syringe and bends down to him and says just one more dick in you, but you are going to need it as he is going to split you in half. I have seen enough Male porn, so I know what I have to do, but it will be the first time I will be fucking someone. They gave him a big slam as he is coughing his brains out, the one behind me says stick it is slow as we want him to feel the pain as it goes in. The one behind me who is directing me I feel his dick rubbing the crack of my ass, one behind me is kissing my neck and squeezing my nipples as it feels so good then his finger goes in my ass hole as I'm balls deep into the bottom as his screams are driving me nuts as I start to fuck him faster with fingers in my hole hitting my prostate I will be cumming soon when I do between my nipples played with, my hole being fingered. The kissing on my neck, these feelings I never knew it would feel this way when you cum. When I pull out my dick, Now I know why he was screaming so much as I see dark blood on my dick and in my cum, and I panic for a second. Then the two men are laughing as they bring me around and for me to put my dick in his mouth. The other two are laughing and say to me he is already a member of the brotherhood and in good standing.
  15. I'm 19 and I have small nipples so how do you expand you nipples so they stick out like I see on so many older males. Thank You

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