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  1. Going to the under 25 party later but most use condoms and a few don't.

    1. boy4you


      You were brought up right to take raw dick and cum. 

  2. Since Brad told his father he is going away for 2 weeks his family will not be looking for him. Brad is now in the sling and everyone is trying to get their Poz loads into Brad former virgin hole and give them their strain of Poz cum. Since I already Poz I'm getting the left overs but any dick in my hole is better than none. After I get a few loads in me I go over to see how Brad is doing, walking over I feel the cum running down my leg which is a wonder feeling. They are filming Brad so you can see everything as his hole is a mess of pink cum. Brad starts screaming again so they give him another slam and that quiets him down. Brad is now willing to clean off a dick with pink cum on it as he does not want to be whipped again. I start to walk away and someone say, WHERE ARE YOU GOING BOY? I say to take piss, he says don't waste that chem piss give to to Brad. I get in position to piss and Brad protest, someone pulls out a cattle prod as everyone steps backs, then you hear it being tested and that ZAP noise you will never forget. They stick the 2 points right at Bras balls and ZAP Brad jumps, NOW are you to drink the chem piss, Brad says NO, ZAP,ZAP,ZAP, then Brad is begging to drink my chem piss so I piss in his mouth. Someone comes behind me, I feel a dick go in my hole as I tricking my chem piss into Brad mouth what feel and when I'm finished the familiar feeling of the prink of a needle in your arm and the rush os a slam. I wish I could fuck Brad but I'm suffering from a bad case of tins dick, but my hole feels go great as these people know how to fuck. Over the next 2 weeks Brad spends 22 hours per day getting fuck, he is not given any food, no liquids but piss or chem piss, they started with small slams and by the end Brad is getting big slams as he has become addicted to Tina and needs it. They only use one arm to slam him so it is showing plenty of needle marks so when he leaves people will think he is a junkie. Brad came in here a virgin who never took drugs and in 2 weeks he became a meth whore, piss drinker and soon POZ. At 2 am in the morning we took Brad to his home stood him up against the door as he could barley stand naked with cum running down he leg and rang the door bell, we ran away as fast as we could. A few weeks later Brad was seen walking the streets begging for drugs. He look very sick and had lost a lot of weight, so we took Brad in and gave him a slam. He said his parents threw him out of the house and he became very sick and was living on the streets selling his body. Mr. Benson took one of those 20 minute Poz test kits and sure enough Brad was Poz, then a blood test was done, when the results came back Brad has a very high VL with a CD4 number very low. Brad looks skinny but he says his dick is very hard so MR. Benson breaks out the camera and makes some calls of negative chasers who are looking to be filmed by Brad.
  3. I’m 19 and get hit on all the time by older men, some I would nothing to do with and some I can’t wait till they are fucking me. The one who fisted for the first time is over 70 and when he is around I can get into the sling fast enough. It’s not about the age but how you act.
  4. Mr. Benson is into wrecking people lives, their hopes , their health and their careers for his own twisted mind. Some it's for revenge others it's for money and some it's because he wants to. Brad is 19 and a freshman in college with high hopes from his father. Brad father is one of those who has planned Brads life even the girl he is too marry and have children with. Mr. Benson has seen Brad going into Mens book stores not doing anything but looking, so Mr. Benson see Brad as a prospect to show his what he really is. I'm to find away to get close to Brad but I'm not to have sex with him but can suck his dick or he can suck mine as his virgin hole he has other plans for. Mr. Benson gave me Brads schedule and he is like clock work get up at this time, go to this place for a coffee and he is always on time like clock work. Friday nights when everyone is trying to get laid Brad takes a bus to the mens book store and looks around but never does anything. This Friday night is different as its the start of spring break so for the next 2 weeks there is no classes. I see Brad leave the book store around 9pm and go to the juice bar, it's packed and Brad is sitting by him self, so I ask if I can sit-down and he says sure. We do some small talk and I see Brad is eyeing me as the tee shirt I'm wearing is very tight and my nipples are rock hard and sticking out, my jeans are low riders so the crack on my ass is showing when I get up to get Brad a new drink. What Brad does not know is yes, I buying him a drink but what I'm putting inside the drink will set the wheels in motion to wreck his life for ever and make Mr. Benson very happy. After a few minutes this new drug Mr. Benson gave me to put in his drink starts to work. This new drug is like GHB but with out the metallic taste. As he gets up I say to his Brad you need some air, so I take him out side and around the corner where the van with Mr. Benson two assistants are waiting. Brad does not put up a fight but goes in willing. We ride for one hour before we get to this bathhouse. The easiest way to describe this place it's a biker bar bathhouse as the men here would scare the hell out of Hell Angels. Its just Brad and me that are not covered in Tattoos, body piercings or leather. At the door I help Brad in as he is very easy to control, the manager looks at me then says is this the virgin, I say yes as I'm a slut whore. The manager ask if I'm POZ and say yes are you on meds I say NO, and he ask if I want to be recharged and say why not. Brad is taken into the back as I watch they them cut off his clothes put cuffs on his wrist and ankles. I see one taking a syringe as putting into his ass, as they are doing that Brad says that hurts they laugh and say my pinky is bigger than this. They take magic marker and write on his chest and back NEGATIVE VIRGIN I follow them around as Brad is paraded around the bathhouse, they put on me POZ wants to be recharged. OK I have seen a few things but this place has to be the one for the books as the floor is sticky with cum and old lube there are crosses on the wall fuck benches and slings, used syringes all over the place with a few private rooms. They are putting up for bid for his virginity with the money going to buy more drugs. The bidding is going fast and the one who had the winning big is the local drug dealer, his has to be over 6ft, 6 over 300 lbs. with a dick like my forearm. As soon as he is declared the winner he takes Brad into one of the private's rooms and before he enters Brad is given a slam. The drug dealer yells out. THE BRIDE WON'T BE A VIRGIN LONG AND YOU CAN ALL HAVE BLOODY SECONDS. The room is dead quiet as everyone is waiting for the second Brad starts screaming for his life and when we hear him screaming we are all cheering. The dealer fuck Brad for close to one hour and towards the end Brad is not screaming but is moaning. The dealer comes out sweating and you can see the blood on his dick and says the bitch won't clean my dick off, right then about 6 of us we fight to clean his dick off as it's virgin blood and POZ cum. Brad is taken to the cross and they tie him up and tell his he has to be punished for not cleaning off the dick that just gave him his first Toxic load. They warm him up with floggers before they start to whip him I can see these Men really know how to work as Brad back has many welts and red stripes. My arm is grab and with a rope only upper arm I feel a prick and that familiar feeling of a nice slam of high quality Tina running through my body. He pushes my on to a fuck bench and the feeling of his PA rubbing up and down my hole is like heaven, his dick pushes in as he says I have a real man cunt here and starts to fuck me as hard as he can. To be continue
  5. As this will be the first time I'm old enough to vote in a Presidential election and I will vote. My brother and I come from a small farming town in Western Nebraska where Trump is well like. Living in NYC Trump is hatted but then so is the Mayor and Gov. Trump said he will help the farmers and from what I'm hearing back home they are not doing well but are going broke. I keep and open mind about the issue.
  6. As I write this with a 2 inch butt plug in my hole trying to figure out how this story goes it makes you thing. Every time I get up it feels like the plug is going to fall out so I have clinch my sphincter tight, have I've become that much of a slut? Mr. Benson is a very powerful person as does some shady things to keep his power and gain more power. In the time I have been here I have learn never to cross Mr. Benson as he loves to torture his boys. Do you know what's to be chastity for months and getting fuck with no way to releases your load, to watch hot porn 12 hours a day. There is this politician who wants to pass laws against people who are Gay and one of Mr. Benson friends is asking for help. Mr. Benson does an investigation into this person and finds that when he is out of town he cruses some clubs that cater to the rough crowd. Mr. Benson sends me on a missing to get him to come to my hotel room that will be set up with cameras. I get to this place and it is rough as they floor is slippery with cum and lube, the men are in leather the slings are full with asses getting fisted and cans of Crisco are on the shelves. I see the one who I to lure to the hotel and his eyes hit me as he likes them like me. Fem, skinny and hung, I'm in a tight jock strap and getting hit on as I make my way over to him, he is dressed in full leather. He grabs my nipple as twist it and says what's a young faggot like you doing in a place like this. I say looking for a daddy you fuck my brains out, he laughs as I say to him I have some parTy supplies back at my place. He winks and ask how hard do I party, as I say just T & G, he says let's go. I grab my overcoat as that is all I brought he wants to go in the back way so he can't be seen, that's not a problem as the room has plenty of cameras in the room. Once inside in the room I break out the supplies and I take a slam and some G as he is undressing and I see his 6 inch dick and I say to my self this is nothing to take. I start to suck his dick and he is rock hard and wants to slap me around, so he pulls out some rope and ties me up and uses his hand on my ass checks. He starts to fuck me and I say to him how big he is, please don't hurt me. Little does he know I'm so bored from this and as he blows his load in me he collapse on top of me, he is breathing heavy so I tell him there is water in the refrigerator, little does he know they are all spiked and after a few hits he is on the ground. Mr. Benson comes in with his 2 assistants as they have been watching in the room next door. Mr. Benson says now it time for the real show as he unties me and gives me a big hug. They wake his up but he is still in a haze, as they give him a syringe then say this will straighten you right out. Some how he finds a vein when the rush hits he is coughing his brains out. Over the next 2 days the 4 of us who are all POZ left him in the hotel with his ass full of Grade A Toxic Cum. After we left Mr. Benson called the police as they found him with T & G in the room so he was arrested. We look at the film as we see he was begging for our toxic cum and for us to wreck his hole as Mr. Benson fisted his a few times, I even put my fist in him and you have no idea how warm a hole feels. With his political career over and in a few weeks becoming POZ I think Mr. Benson did the right thing.
  7. Mr. Benson says how did I like watching them work over this person who was beating up Gay men. As one who has been beaten up a few times I thought it was right as all we are trying to do. I'm taken into what looks like a operating room and lay me on the table face up. Mr. Benson says you will become a member of his family as I have to be marked. He pierces my tongue, then a nose ring, both of my nipples and did that hurt and then a Prince Albert piercing in the head of my dick. Mr. Benson when I get older and I have proven my self he ask one of his assistants to remove his shirt. I see the POZ tattoos and then I see the brand of the letters of MB on his ass cheek. Mr. Benson grabs my face and says that can't be removed even as I not only have his body but his sole. As I'm already POZ Mr.Benson does not have to convert me but he does my hole, so he and his assistants are fucking me and have turned me into a real cum loving pig who is willing to drink their piss and cum. They put me in the sling one day and I see plenty of parTy supplies and toys on the table next to me. Mr.Benson comes in with the 2 assistants dress like a butcher with rubber aprons on. I can't keep my eyes off the needles as I have not been slammed in a long time and just the thought of have they needle in my arm and seeing my blood into the syringe is getting me hard.Mr. Benson is laughing and says I wonder if he knows why he is in the sling for as he grabs my dick then takes a syringe and inject it into me and its not Tina but a caverject, that will keep the bitch hard and make a good film. I see my dick grow and its as hard as it has ever been and wish I have a hole to put it in, but its not to be as I feel the sharp prick in my arm and the warm rush as I cough my brains and realize this was a very heavy slam. I'm not in this sling to get fuck but to get fisted and I'm scared to death as Mr.Benson dick is the biggest thing I have ever taken as I say they to Mr.Benson. Then one of Mr. Benson assistants turns around grabs a little lube and shoves his own hand up his hole like its nothing. I'm told with proper training I will soon be the same way as Mr. Benson has 4 fingers in my ass, then a toy and the lube he is using burns at first but it makes my hole so hungry for more. He is so gentle as he knows when its to much and when its feels great he pushes harder. I see in the mirror above me his hand is gone as my dick is so hard as he is working my prostrate like the bitch I am I'm trying to push my self deeper on to his hand. When Mr.Benson gets tired his assistants take over as they keep me well slammed and that lube is to die for as my hole is so hungry after they pull out as I beg for something in it. They bring over this machine that has a large dildo on it and shove it into my hole and start it up and leave the room. I can see there is a drip of lube but its not that special lube that I like but found out later its cum they have acquire from local bathhouses. The machine goes from very slow which is enjoyable to very fast and when its very fast it hurts. Any ideas where you want to go from here? Thank You
  8. I know the one thing you should do is that after they fuck you and deposit the load in your hold and pull out is to turn around and clean their dick with your mouth. As a way to thank them and get them ready for the next one, they might fuck.
  9. After reading Mr. Benson letter and thinking for a few I take him up on his offer. I'm to get rid of everything I own which is not much and his car will pick me up. The only thing I have when the car picks me up is the clothes on my back.Once in the car a blind food is put on and I'm placed inside the trunk, so I have no idea where they are taking me. Once we arrive its like a where house underground basement, I taken out of the car and told to remove my clothes as I'm to always be naked unless otherwise. I meet mr. Benson and takes to a room and tells me to sit. He says 3 things can happen to you here as you have no family and no one cares about but me. #1 You become one of my assistance. #2 You are given to another Master and he can do anything he wants with you. #3 You are incorrigible so we will either just remove your balls or your dick & balls and through you on the streets. #4 You are sent to Tijuana Mexico so the gamblers can use you as they take bets on how big of a dildo in length and diameter you can take. It's said you get your hole wrecked really good . I could not say the real thing as it would treat the rules here. Today we are going to show some of the good work we do as this one who we have been watching for some time goes around and beats up people who are Gay and leaves some with permeant injuries, so now it's our turn to get revenge. I'm sitting in a chair in this room with mirrors all around so I will be able. to see everything. The boy looks to be about 20 with a really hot mussel built body and is screaming like they are going to take his life. He is brought to a bench by two of Mr. Benson assistance and strap down tight and his legs are spread wide. Mr. Benson cones in the room in a robe and when he take it off you can see all his body piercings and tattoos. He knees down to the boy and says You have done a lot of damage to people that all they want to do is live in peace, so today we are going to give you something that will live with you till the day you die. Mr.Benson dick is like a rock it's bigger than a beer can is round and as long as my forearm and I took it balls deep. I can see Mr. Benson is rubbing his P.A. on the boys hole as he is screaming he is not a faggot, as Mr. Benson just laughs and in one sudden motion shoves his dick all the way in. The noise coming the boy is like he is being killed and it is as in a few weeks he will be carrying Mr. Benson POZ load for the rest of his life. Mr. Benson is fucking him as hard as he can and I can see some dark blood coming from his hole. When Mr. Benson explodes after 30 minutes of the hordes fucking I have ever seen he tells the boy to clean his dick and refuses to so Mr. Benson looks at me with a smile and I go over right in front of the boys face get on my knees and start to clean Mr. Benson dick with my mouth as the two assistance start to fuck the boy. After they were finished they gave the boy a heavy slam and a plug up his ass then took him to his cell. This went on every day and by the third week not only did he get the fuck flu but was begging to get fuck and slammed. Once he tested POZ he was released and the Police we waiting for him as he had arrest warrants on him for many charges. Mr. Benson knew some in the prison he went to and ask them if they could make him the prison bitch. It was said that that boy was the best bitch they ever had and left with full blown AIDS.
  10. I'm still working Craigslist mostly as a TOP, if hey ask my status I say Negative as it's 50-50 fucking them raw. the ones who ask for a condom I use mine as I knew they break 90% of the time so my POZ loads don't go to waist. I go over to the bathhouse when I want to get fuck raw loads and get slammed or a booty bump as the daddies really like to parTy me up before they take there turns dumping their toxic loads in me. At the restaurant I'm doing very well nothing crazy but a finger in my ass, sucking a dick or someone playing with my dick. Then Mr. Aristotle Benson walks in with his 2 friends , the Maitre d tell me we are short handed so I'm to work Mr.Benson table as water and bus boy. Mr. Benson is dark skin with piercing blue eyes that look right into your sole with a grey beard, his suite must cost many thousand with the large ring on his middle finger. His two friends are dressed as well and look to be late 20s but dressed as well. They order drinks and one for me also as mine will be a special one. After I serve them drinks Mr. Benson tells me in a stern voice to stand and look straight ahead as his friend grabs my ass cheeks then squeezes them and slowly moves his finger on hole then two as Mr. Benson sticks his Hans into my jock strap then is stroking my dick. He ask when was the last time I had cum, I say yesterday, he ask was it jerking off? No it was in someone hole as the condom broke as I also sell my body, He and his friends are laughing. Mr. Benson is working the head of my dick with his thumb and I have four fingers in my ass. I can't take it and say to Mr. Benson I'm going to cum, he picks up a bowl as I explode into it. Mr. Benson puts his finger in as do his two friends and take taste, then tell me to lick the bowl clean. After diner Mr. Benson and his friends are smoking cigars as he signals me to get under the table and service his two friends. Both have 8-9 inch dicks with Prince Alberts piercing. It takes me a while but they both cum in my mouth so as I getting off the floor Mr. Benson tells me to bend over the table and as I do his two friends garb my arms tight. Mr. Benson gets up kicks my legs apart tells his two friends hold him tight as we are going what kind of faggot we have here. I have had a P.A. in my hole so I know the feeling as Mr. Benson is rubbing up and down my hole, as he puts the head of his dick I have the sense Mr. Benson has a very large dick as all of a sudden it feels like I'm being split in half as he drives balls deep with no lube and right through my second spinkter and that very few have ever done. His two friends are smiling and say to Mr. Benson you have a real slutty faggot here. Mr. Benson is rabbit fucking me for over 20 minutes as I know he is have a great time as he is balls deep and just stays there as I feel his dick pulsing and giving me his cum, I don't if its POZ or Neg as it cum from someone who knows how to fuck. When Mr. Benson pulls out I drop to my knees and clean off the cum and other juices from his dick. When I stand up he gives me a kiss and I see he put a envelope in my jock strap. I did not open it until I arrived home. There was a LOT of money and a letter and the letter said. Dear Faggot It was fun fucking you but you could become a better person like my two friends and you too could own faggots. if you are interested call they number in the next 24 hours or we will find another faggot for this once in a life time deal. Mr. Benson
  11. No he does not as he wants me to stay on PrEP. I keep thinking of going off but I won’t for now.
  12. My brother came from a place where sex was only between a Man and a woman after they were married. We were lucky as our parents unstop we are both Gay. I moved to NYC and moved in with my brother and we do have sex between each other, we don't look at it as incest but taking care of each others needs.
  13. A few days later one of the bus boys tells me about a sex party that is for 18-21 only as he is too old and I'm 18. I get the address it's a big home and this old guy opens the door and invites me in.They have some drinks on the counter so I get one and it's spiked with GHB. Everyone here seams new or inexperience , so I'm in heaven and with me being off meds maybe I can stealth a few. Everyone wants a condom on but these are the very cheap ones so they are easy to break. I see this one in the corner really nervous so I bring him a drink that I hope will loused him up and it does. I take him by the hand to a quiet area and kiss him as he says I have never done anything like this. So why are you here , because I like looking at men having sex with each other. I see his dick is rock hard so I go down on him and in 30 seconds he blows a massive load. I that some of his load and start to work on his virgin hole stinking one finger, two, then my tongue while he is moaning. I lay him face down climb up to his ear as say to him , the first time it very painful but in time you will be begging to get your hole wrecked. I have two way to go be a scumbag and just ram my dick in or go as slow as I can and let him enjoy it. I go slow and let him get used to it as its taking time and in other rooms you hear boys screaming this one is moaning in pleasure. He is used to me now so I go in and out in small strokes, then a little longer strokes. What he does not realize is I never put a condom on as my POZ dick will soon be flooding his negative virgin hole with toxic cum. He is having a great time as he is backing up on me when I stop and I can't hold back and more so I drive balls deep while rope after rope of certified POZ cum floods his hole. We roll over and he see some blood on my dick and is scared shit, I say that happens to all virgins the first few times, little does he know he is pregnant with my POZ load and in a few weeks he will be giving birth to my babies. I keep going back as Its a lot of fun fucking virgins and POZZING them, but like anything fun the place gets shut down as the old man had the place set up with cameras all over the place filming everyone. I heard later that there was a lot of people diagnosed with HIV at the local high school. Washing dishes is work but it helps as sex work is work also, but it's not steady. You can go a few days without work in the sex industry, then everyone wants you but your dick can only fuck so many holes per day. At the restaurant there are many jobs waiters, bus boys, servers and dishwashers. The owner ask me if I want to be bus boy at his other restaurant, as he knows I'm gay and this place caters to gay men. He say you don't get paid as you work off tips only but you will do great just as long the customers are happy. I take the job and hope I do better than washing dishes. At the new restaurant the waiter is dressed in a black jock strap and sandals, the bus boy is in a white jock strap. The customers can do anything they want as long as they tip you, so you bring over water and fill there glass then squeeze your butt cheeks you might get $5, or grab your dick, some customers ask for a can of Crisco and take a waiter or bus boy a into the bathroom that has a sling in it. All the of us are about 18-21 and must be willing to suck dick of get fuck raw only. Most of the time it's just getting my dick rub, having my cheeks squeezed, a finger or two in my ass or going under the table and sucking a dick. The money is ten times what I was making and it's a lot easier than washing dishes.
  14. #6 Been on PrEP since I turned 15. Not a fan of condoms but love raw loads.

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