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    Move to NYC at 16 to escape like my brother did to live in a place where being Gay is OK.
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    To get fucked and get my hole wrecked

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  1. I’m 20 with small nipples, and I would love to start to stretch them out and help would be appreciate
  2. You know it was a great time as my hole & jaw are sore, and I'm still leaking cum. 

    1. cintarius


      Where was this  great time?

    2. boybottom4use
    3. mikeinjersey


      Such  a lil Slut..... #inlove 

  3. I’m 20 I still don’t shave as never having much hair and being skinny I had what ever hair I had permanently removed, so now I’m as hairy as the day I was born.
  4. I just received my newest test results back, and I'm still negative 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 6Demon6Seed6


      Very pleased to hear your news sexy boy.

      Sounds like you caught some other pathogen lurking about which made you temporarily sick.

    3. 6Demon6Seed6


      Oh, and keep taking the PrEP if you wish to remain Neg, so you can take as many loads as you like when you like. Hopefully my load will be deep in your guts one day! 🐽💦💦

    4. DutchBBfucker


      pozzed by your brother?! wow that's hot!

  5. You have the hotel across the street or the Washington Court Down the street. It
  6. Is something wrong with me as I’m getting fuck by a good size dick the Top says. Not only does your hole looks like a woman’s cunt it fucks The same way. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mjkuhl


      Enjoy it, Jessyboy.  

    3. Close2MyBro


      I'd take that as a compliment!

    4. boybottom4use


      Yes, take it as a compliment Jessy!

  7. When I wake up the next morning I feel a large butt plug in my ass and the beg is soaking wet. I removed the plug with some bloody cum dripping out and my body is one ball on hurt . When Dad walks in he looks at me then the bed, he feels my forehead and say boy you are burning up. Dad tells me to put on some cloths which is nothing more than shorts spandex shirt with sandals. I get on the bitch seat of Dad's motorcycle and grab on for dear life as Dad never drives slow but as FAST as he can weaving in between cars and missing them by inches. We get to the Hospital then Dad tells me what
  8. You can not give your consent away in the US even with a contract as the legal system will throw it out of court. There is always buyers remorse when things go sideways. This has always been a big problem in the BDSM community.
  9. I'm getting very little sleep and my hunger for food has gone away as the more I get fuck either by Dad or Alex and the fuck machine the more I want. Tina has become my new friend as I like smoking it, I love getting a booty bump but a slam I'm in heaven. My day consists of getting my nipples suck so one day they will look like my fathers and get mine pierced. When I'm riding the fuck machine I get a slam and the lube has some Tina in it as I feel the slit burn. Then there is the daily breeding from Dad & Alex and the HIV talk as they fuck me telling me what a slut I am and how they
  10. Dad is holding this and says this will soon be in your hole and you will enjoy it as it rips your hole up
  11. Open your mouth and clean the POZ cum off my dick, that's it lick it real good. Your nipples need some work let me put these suction cups on them so one day they will look like mine, as I see you always looking at mine. Hey Alex get a big shard and shove up his hole then fuck the bitch as hard & fast as you can. I like the feeling of the cups on my nipples until I start to feel what ever was put in my ass by Alex as it getting warmer and warmer until it started to burn, then Alex drives his dick in and I'm glad it not as big as my fathers dick, the burning is going away but I don't
  12. As Alex and I lay on the ground sucking each other dick then hit the pipe and suck more dick. The warm sun fees so good on my naked body as back home its freezing. My father Dave show up, He is about 40 6 ft tall with a rip body, I can see in his tight shorts his large dick as he lays next to me. He spreads my ass cheeks and rubs my hole with his finger. Boy has that hole ever been fuck yet, I turn around and say no, boy you are so white we better get you inside before you get that ass burnt. We get inside and Dad ask I'm glad to see you as he hugs me then ask why I have no hair
  13. As I lay here in this wet bed with a severe case of diarrhea, every joint in my body hurting, with a fever. I see a nurse coming towards me with a syringe and I hope it is a good slam as I need it. She wraps a strap around my arm inserts the needle. I see the blood go into the syringe then she pulls it away. Was she trying to tease me? A while later a doctor comes, and he is hot looking he tells me to get on my side and he pulls my ass cheeks apart. He is taking a good look then he looks at my arms. Bob, you have been using IV drugs and been having unprotected sex with men, as your ass
  14. This is my first Christmas not celebrating Christmas with my family back home in Nebraska with my parents and brothers. At least I’m here in NYC with my brother Robert. I hope next year it’s safe to travel back home. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jessyboy


      I’ve been tested twice and both negative and will keep getting tested. I’m back on PrEP and will stay on it but it’s always in the back of my head about being POZ. 

    3. mikeinjersey


      Jessy, Merry Christmas to you.   🎅

    4. alwaysready


      prep works unless one of your fuckers has a med resistant strain.




  15. Well, I now have been a member of the site for one year and it’s a lot of fun. 

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    2. mikeinjersey


      You have only made it better. Glad that you are here. 

    3. boybottom4use


      Awesome Jessy, keep on being slutty and offering that hot ass up!!

    4. backpackguy


      Jessy, both you and your brother are a welcum addition to this sight...luv ya both...sooooooo sexy and fun!

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