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    I graduated school with a great job and I have loving BF and now my brother is living with us as he is now in school. I'm undetectable now and limit the people I play with now.

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    I would like to do some porn but so far not found the right people to work with.
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    People who are not scared to push limits.

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  1. Thad Jess and I are at Dark Odyssey Winter Fire in a pan sexual group have bunch of kinky Gay fun and being  exhibitionist in out play. 

  2. boy4you

    Matt gets Owned

    I don't think so as he is locked up in chastity since September and we may let him out when school lets out in May.
  3. boy4you

    Matt gets Owned

    They have a remote butt plug and you tell the bottom who has the remote switch as the switch is being passed around hitting the button and cranking up the power and the bottom is getting jolted from the plug in his ass. We do this with my brother all the time when a group he never finds the one with the remote switch.
  4. boy4you

    Matt gets Owned

    It's just like a butt plug
  5. boy4you

    Matt gets Owned

    What's nice about a tens unit are the insertables they have as you can do the ass or the pee hole.
  6. boy4you

    Matt gets Owned

    The wand is only surface deep and can be used any place on the body. A tens unit is used from the waist down and never across the arms as it will effect the heart.
  7. boy4you

    Matt gets Owned

    Just one thing it's a mess when the needles come out. Just plenty of shower curtains.
  8. boy4you

    Matt gets Owned

    I do a lot of BDSM and hope you do use needles as when you have someone in chastity for a long time. You lay them down on the ground, sit on their face remove the device stick 2 18 x1 1/2 needles in the head of their dick and have them jack off and when they are cumins you remove the needy fast.
  9. boy4you

    Public knows

    It the jewelry is 316 L stainless steel it won’t get picked up going through the metal detector. As that is one of the metals they put in people.
  10. My brother comes home at 5 am from a date. I just look at his pants and there is Cum on them and his underwear. Since he is in chastity I know he was getting fucked by his date. 

    1. boy4you


      I think as my brother is in chastity for his dick maybe anal chastity also as that should keep him from him chasing around. 

  11. boy4you

    From Zero to 100

    The three of us arrived at MAL, and we get into the room Thad, and I go after Jess having him suck our dicks and ask you sure you want to be a PIG. He says YES, as we go after his hole and rim it before we fuck him. He asks if we can remove his chastity cage off and Thad says NO. We met some friends at the host hotel and asked them if they want to bang my brother. LOL, they said SURE as we head over to our hotel. Jess is in his jock as I text him we have some friends coming over that will be fucking you. One of them says he already has a few loads in him Thad says look at it as he is pre-lubed. With 5 in the room, Jess has what he wants as has a dick in his mouth and one in his ass he became even a real pig when the dicks are coming from his hole after taking a load Jess takes the cum covered dick into his mouth and does a job of cleaning them off. Jess wants a pig, so we take him into the shower and have him drink our piss and piss all over him. When he comes out of the shower, he is leaking cum, so we put the plug back in him. Over four days Jess took 30 loads almost took a fist. When Fred was fisting me, we gave Jess a lesson on how to fist someone. Fred's hand is large, and now I can take his hand easy. We show Jess how to collapse his hand and enter the ass hole and me binging already fisted, as Jess has a small hand it goes in easy and Fred tells him about to keep lubing his hand and arm the deeper he goes on. Jess has the look of amazement on his face as his arm past the elbow is in me, Jess asks me if I'm ok and I say yes. Fred wants me to show Jess what punch fisting is about and with his hand being so small it was easy. Fred is telling Jess to punch it like you are in a fight of your life. Ok back to what happened to me. Thad also tests POZ, and I'm glad he was there for me as it took me a week to get over becoming POZ and how to deal with it. I look in the full-length mirror, and I see how much weight I had lost with my ribs showing how sickly I am. I make a few announcements on social media, and the roof falls in with people showing support, and so many want me to knock them up. We have this one who is begging us to make him POZ, so we get a hotel and tell him where to go. He enters the room I'm in a jock strap, and when he sees me, he says to me I look like I have full blown AIDS and walks out. The second one we are interested in never shows up. Thad and I are ready to give up, but we want to help out the real ones who are willing to become POZ. They must deposit $1,000 that you will get back the money minus the cost of the hotel room. You must clean out your system this way. 8oz. of Magnesium Citrate with 64oz. Of water 8-hours later you take another 8oz of Magnesium Citrate and 64oz of water. 4-hours before you come to see us, you use a sure shot till nothing is coming out. After everything is out of your system, you put a large butt plug in your ass using a water-based lube; the butt plug will remain in till you arrive at the hotel. Once you are in the room, there will be a bottle of Gator Aid that's laced with GHB, and you will drink it all. After you drink the Gator Aid, we will talk. We want to make sure you know you are here to take POZ loads for the reason of becoming POZ and that you understand you will be sick in a few weeks with the fuck flu and once you are POZ it's for life. You will know your hole will get cut up from my special P.A. That has cuts on it and you will be bleeding. After he agrees to everything Thad pulls out a slam, and he says he has never done Meth before so I say to him you will enjoy it. This will keep him hungry for more POZ loads. Thad slams him, and he is coughing, and I'm laughing as I flip him on his stomach Thad pulls out the butt plug and drives his dick right in. Thads P.A. is smooth, and for the next 20 minutes, Thad is fucking him. I here with a raging hardon and have not cum in 4 weeks, since becoming POZ I have a rock hard dick all the time, and it's hard to hide. Thad pulls out, and with my cut up P.A., I know this is going to be painful. So Thad ties him to the bed and puts poppers under his nose and tell him to take five hits. On the fifth hit of poppers, I ram my dick right in as he tries to buck away but can not as Thad stuffs a rag in his mouth to keep him silent. We keep asking him you are our pig bitch and will soon be pregnant with our DNA for the rest of your life. I can't believe after of 5 minutes of my P.A ripping his hole up he is begging for my cum and is enjoying a brutal fucking. more to this
  12. boy4you

    From Zero to 100

    As I write this, I see my BF Thad deep in thought of work, while my brother is sleeping with a face of contentment after spending four days at MAL. My brother Jess took maybe 30 loads and almost took Fred's fist, but Fred did not want to push it anymore. Fred told my brother to stay in the sling as Fred cleaned up. At 70 years old Fred is in great shape as he comes out of the bathroom with a raging hardon with a P.A. he goes right up to Jess lays his dick on Jess hole and smiles and pushes in balls deep. Jess is smiling, and if Jess were not in chastity, Jess would have been exploding. After the puppy mosh pit Jess ask for my credit card as he wanted to do a little shopping, that was a big mistake on my part. When Fred was fisting me, Jess was on the bed next to me, and a few friends were fucking him. I was so proud when after taking a load Jess turned around and offered his ass to the one he was sucking their dick and cleaned the dick that just came out of his ass. That weekend I saw Jess become what he said he wanted to become a PIG, I saw him in the bathroom being used as a urinal as any PIG would do. Back to how I think I was POZZED. Fred was right about my hole soon being filled up as I was introduced to 2 Nigerians. They are both skinny, maybe 6feet but it what between their legs has me drooling. They are flaccid but WOW just hanging has to be a beer can in diameter and 11 inches long, I wonder what they will get if I inject them with Caverject. The country of Nigeria is the worst place to live if you are Gay. If you live in the North, they kill you. If you live in the South, they put you in jail. Nigeria has one of the highest levels of people who are HIV. In Africa the HIV-2 strain most have as in North & South America and Europe HIV-1 is seen more. We talk for a few minutes, and at the age 15 their family moved them to Germany and being Gay there is like being heaven. They want to party, and so do I, so I get so Molly, Tina points and shards and Caverject for them. Looking at there dicks it's like a PIG going to heaven knowing that they will soon be in my holes. The first one I ask if I can inject the Caverject into his dick. I wipe the area off with alcohol stick the needle in and push the plunge in when I withdraw the needle there is a little blood, so I lick it clean, as the other Nigerian has slammed himself. I now have 2 Nigerians with monster dicks loaded with Caverject, slammed and the fun begins as they take my arm and slam me heavy. If I had not been with Fred before they would have split me open as it feels like I feel like I'm being fisted again. The fullness of their dicks in my holes and the amount of cum they are producing is putting me in another world. As I'm face to face with the one on his back and his dick in my ass the other Nigerian is behind me starting to put his dick in my ass, and it feels just like being fisted and since they both have P.A.s it one of the few times I feel them in my hole. For the next two days, I was their fuck toy, and the loads they shoot are massive. I like licking the cum up and I see blood in it sometimes but the only thing I have on my mind is getting slammed and fucked by them. Like me, Thad had been missing his PrEP and parting like a rock star and taking every raw dick he could find. Around Chrismas, Thad was not feeling great running a fever for two days, and it was over for him. We were planning to go to a New Years Eve party, but I started to feel funny, and by New Years Day I was sick running a fever, body aching and just like total shit. By the fourth day of this and the fever over 101 degrees, Thad called a cab and took me to the Hospital. In the emergency room, the nurse starts to ask me questions. Do I do drugs? Yes What drugs do I take? When I say Meth, Molly, GHB, Ketamine, she was thinking like blood pressure meds. Then she changed the questions. Have taken any of the drugs IV? Yes Do you practice safe sex? NO When was the last time I had unprotected sex? 10 days ago The nurse takes blood from me, and I put into a room that I was in for five days till they had the fever under control, and I started to feel better. One of the things I was not aware of is my boys as they put me on the scale and my weight was 100 LBS. In the mirror, I was nothing but skin and bones with ribs showing. I know I was over 120 LBS. months ago so I lost close to 20% of my body weight. The doctor came in and informed me I was POZ and gave me the name of a Doctor to see who treats people with HIV. I told Thad I was POZ, so he went out and got tested, and he is also POZ now.
  13. I did one thing wrong at MAL was let my brother go shopping with MY CREDIT CARD. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OwenAhDark


      lol, whats the damage and the sexy profits?

    3. littleK


      Good to hear. Glad you were there to help him with it. 

    4. Read1


      Perhaps one day your brother will return the favor! 

  14. boy4you

    From Zero to 100

    January 18, 2019 Thad, my brother and I arrive at M.A.L. for this weekend activities. Yesterday after we unpacked Thad and I took turns fucking my brother who turned 18 in September. we gave him four loads. As this will be his first M.A.L. As I write this we have few friends who have my brother on the bed, and he is sucking dick and getting his hole fucked, and the moans coming from his is a sound of joy as we get a knock on the door. Its a few more good friends and see my brother on the bed and say. So this is your brother and can we take turn fucking him. Do we see he is still in chastity? Sure you can as long he likes getting fuck. I see so much in my brother in and how I got to where I am today. 2014 In 2014 PrEP came out and I went from getting fucked raw by only a few people to anything goes when I was selling my ass. When I posted as a bottom on Rent Boy from going safely only to anything goes the phone was ringing off the hook. People who had Bio-Hazard, POZ or Scorpion tattoos did not scare me anymore ever fisted with a bare hand. I also started doing more PNP with meth and GHB. I was taking PrPE religiously. I would spend the summer on the farm being a gimp slave boy. 2015 With school, I will graduate this May and with no student loans as I fucked my way through school. That summer I started down the rabbit hole at I.M.L as that whole weekend I was partied up on something, and I don't think I was taking PrEP the way I should as the only thing I wanted was a dick in my ass or mouth shooting loads. Labor Day weekend at the farm was another time. I was so high and tweaked out begging for dick and cum. There is a big party at the farm right after Thanksgiving weekend, and I don't think I had taken PrEP for weeks. Maybe deep down maybe I wanted to become POZ. They slammed me hard and enjoying being in the sling was getting my hole fisted by Fred. Fred pulled out and said that is one wreck hole you have and it's not bleeding much. Fred helps me out of the sling and takes me to the shower to clean off the Crisco J-Lube off and out of my hole and hands me a Molly pill and says your ass hole will soon be filled very soon with cum.
  15. Washington DC I'm in you for MAL but my BF is in me 😜

    1. mikeinjersey


      I'd love to be in you, any time ny/nj

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