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    I graduated school with a great job and I have loving BF and we also play with others and work together at some parties.

    I'm on meds but after 8 months my VL has changed to 600,000 09/06/16. I will kept you posted when I'm undectable.
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  1. My brother ask why just my right ear is pierced , why so many men at Folsom Street were wearing Leather harness and why some had red or black arm bands either on the right or left side. ūüôĄ

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. boy4you


      He has seen my body piercing as I have 5 and so does my BF. 

    3. mjkuhl


      Read will never steer you wrong.  He needs to understand the language of colors and piercings.

    4. BlindRawFucker1


      Being blind, I miss out on a lot of the symbolism.


      In some respects, it sounds as if it could be extremely confusing.


      There are times when I think it is better not to be able to see all of the visual pollution.

  2. Sunday is the Pride Parade in NYC and it will be my younger Brother first one. He will see that he is not alone. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BlindRawFucker1


      I'm sure he'll have a blast.


      Big brother just needs to keep an eye on him.


      And, I'm positive you will.


      Have fun!

    3. torath69


      How did he like Pride?

    4. boy4you


      He really love the parade and the people in it.

  3. I want your body!

  4. Little brother is ready for his first event. We shaved off the 3 hairs on his chests, he will be wearing one of my jock straps my leather boots and a leather collar with a dog leash on him. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BlindRawFucker1


      Instead of shaving those few hairs, you should have plucked them


      He sounds so cute.


      I wish I had had a brother--gay, of course.

    3. mikeinjersey


      sounds hot.  love a pic of him wearing the collar and leash. Maybe a butt plug with a sign hanging from it "Taken"

    4. TagBoy87


      things are getting interesting hehe

  5. How impolite it is that you give a guys hole a great fucking and a good load in his hole that he does not have the common  decency to clean your dick with his mouth. 

    1. Read1


      Getting my daddy cock cleaned off or me cleaning off a cock (I know most guys are pretty sensitive after unloading) is the icing on the cake! Sweet! A very polite action and follow-up! It should always be done!

    2. seaguy


      Some guys  are only out for themselves and what they want so as soon as they get it they are out the door. with not thought given to anyone elses needs but their own.  I just take note of that fact and who they are so I know not to bother hooking up with them again unless it's for a quick pump and dump.

    3. GeorgiaBoy


      I always clean the cock that just unloaded in my bottom. I agree, it should just be done!

  6. Taking my brother to Folsom Street East as I have a way he can get in. Now what to do to him wile he is on 27th st.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. boy4you


      That is why he will have lock collar on to let others know he is someone's PROPERTY

    3. mjkuhl



    4. boy4you


      Anyone fucks with him our M/s family will take care of it FAST.

  7. Enjoy Folsom East, rawboyz! 

  8. I always go but this year will be very special as I'm bring my brother to Folsom East.
  9. Thanks for the rep Boy ... would also like you on the rosta for cock-cleaning duties!!

  10. Thanks for the rep Boy. xxx:P:*xxx

  11. How impolite it is that you give a guys hole a great fucking and a good load in his hole that he does not have the common  decency to clean your dick with his mouth. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Fistulike666


      Just clean me off Hungry ... get me throbbing ... roll over... let me in again ...

    3. HungryHole22


      its what my slut ass was made for!

    4. SIReast


      get cleaned and give another load down his throat.


  12. It was a little cold and wet at the Queens Pride parade but we had a great time and my brother really enjoyed see so many people having a good time.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. boy4you


      Yes he will march in the Parade and he is going to Folsom Street East , as that I know he will really like after seeing what he likes to read.

    3. spoogeboy


      He should check out this site. I'm sure he'd get a warm reception.

    4. boy4you


      Not for a wile if you know what I mean.

  13. In Jackson Hights Queens they are having a Pride parade so I'm taking my brother to see it. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. boy4you


      Not going to take pics but we will be with some friends around my age.

    3. BlindRawFucker1


      Didn't mean for you to take pics for public viewing.  It could have been funny to look back at his reaction years from now.

    4. PissPigBrooklyn


      Good for him to see and good for you to enjoy too!

  14. Helping my brother get rid of his farmer tan by putting a thing on and taking up on the roof of our building as the sun is very strong. 

    1. BlindRawFucker1


      How did your talk with him work out?


      Wish I could see him tanning.

    2. boy4you


      It work out very well and I understand what he is going through coming from a very restricted life style to a very open and friendly gay life style. He is going to take it slow but I understand he has to do something to  relieve  the emotion that is inside of him. 

    3. Read1


      See! He's working it out by himself with the guidance of his older brother. Would some good ol' bb sex 'relieve the emotion that is inside of him' ? Hehe! LOL!

  15. Hi Boy ... how you getting on with your brotherly love? xx:P;):drool:xx

    1. boy4you


      Just had a long talk with him and he understands now what is going on. He knows in time his life will change but for now he has to get an education. 

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