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    I graduated school with a great job and I have loving BF and we also play with others and work together at some parties.

    I'm on meds but after 8 months my VL has changed to 600,000 09/06/16. I will kept you posted when I'm undectable.
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    I would like to do some porn but so far not found the right people to work with.
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    People who are not scared to push limits.

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  1. Had a great time at the Black Party with my brother. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BlindRawFucker1


      Which is more hot for you?


      Fucking with your brother, or watching him be fucked?

    3. boy4you


      My BF and I took turns fucking him on the dance floor. A very good friend did us a big favor by getting my brother into the party. 

    4. BlindRawFucker1


      You have a very good friend.


      Sounds as if a fun time was had by all.

  2. As I have many friends who are being hurt by the recent shutdowns of places where they would post adds. A new site has started PM me and I will give it to you.

    1. Bobby4poz


      what is the site

    2. slavemtl


      please reply me in pv with this site 

    3. boy4you



  3. With Backpage down a new site is up now called bedpage for SWers

  4. ESCORTING Do's and Don'ts

    As of now the Craigslist personals in the USA is down but in the EU it’s still up as it is with many other sites. This law will put many on the streets looking for work.
  5. ESCORTING Do's and Don'ts

    I have few friends who are scared to death if sites are shut down like craigslist has done.
  6. Down the slippery slope

    As one who has been on that slippery slope and enjoyed the ride to the very bottom
  7. Last night I caught someone trying to put GHB into my brothers drink I wanted to kill him as I know what he was trying to do. 

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    2. Read1


      It was your sharp eye that saved your brother’s life! Awesome work!

    3. chill4thrill


      In a willing controlled environment, knock your socks off...but against the will or knowledge of the participant.  Hell no.  I would have flipped my lid.

    4. boy4you


      I did hit the guy and busted his lip open and maybe took out a tooth. He did leave bleeding. 

  8. Guy at work had B.B. sex for the first time and said he will never use a condom again. 

    1. 4BareCocks


      Sex is so much better Bareback for the top and the bottom!

    2. mikeinjersey


      love to with you b4y :grin:

  9. With the Craigslist personal being taken down I know many who used the personal to make a living with or used it’s services. I hope the same does not happen to this site. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. boy4you


      This law was supported by both parties to stop illegal sex trafficking. 

    3. seaguy


      Trump could have vetoed it but they would have probably overrode his veto.  Holding website liable for human trafficking is stupid how is it their fault?  The3 ones we should be going after are the parents who let their daughters run wild and then they end up getting caught up in these sex trafficking gangs.

    4. bareall77


      I agree that this is not the right way to go about this!

  10. Being on PrEP will keep you somewhat safe but you are taking meds. Being Poz and undetectable you also are taking meds also so what's the difference? 

    1. Read1


      It's two parts of the same coin really! As long as you make the right decision for yourself -- that's what counts!

    2. Rillion


      I think the main difference is that you can stop taking PrEP and not have HIV (assuming it worked) as compared to having HIV and treating it. I've been on and off PrEP for two years now. As part of a triad, I often don't have time to have sex outside our relationship, so I can take breaks from PrEP. It might be different if I weren't a top. I'm not really concerned about getting HIV from fucking my boy, as I figure I'd know if he got the fuck flu and even then the odds of me getting HIV from fucking him is low. But in situations like when we went on a gay cruise and I knew I had the potential to fuck a lot of anonymous bottoms, I started back on PrEP, just to be extra safe. 

  11. Sex Roulette RP game

    T is Tina or Meth you can smoke it do a booty bump or slam it G is GHB you take it orally and you mask the tast in other liquids
  12. Stealthing Weapon

    If you have Prince Albert piercing get a curved double barbell from Painful Pleasure take file or a hammer with a center punch to make the sharp edges.
  13. My brother and his BF broth up as I knew it would, I guess they could not be decided who was getting was getting their hole fuck. My brother is very venerable right now so I will have to keep a closer eye on him now.

    1. alwaysready


      that is being a good brother.

  14. Stealthing Weapon

    This is the double curved PA I have used to tear up a hole or to make a condom fail, the ball on the right is very sharp and wish I could have taken a better picture.

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