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  1. Part 4 I lay trembling on the fat man, feeling his hairy gut and chest sweat all over my small framed hairless chest. I felt the unknown man's cock slapping against the large cock inside me, feeling the thuds and slaps and wondering how I was going to accommodate that extremely large cock in my hole, which was already plugged. The man behind me, slapping his cock on my body said "Damn, kid, I really don't think this is gonna fit. I can barely fit in most boy when I'm the only top." Then he addressed my master asking "You really sure I won't split this boy open?" "Nah he will be fine, he needs to learn to take it like the cunt slave he is" my master replied across the room. "Okay, fine by me. I don't mind making it fit," he replied with a devilish laugh, and then addressing me saying "Sorry, boy, but what your master says goes. What you want doesn't matter." With that explanation the man behind me slapped my ass really hard with his hand as he re-positioned himself behind me so the very bulbous head started to make an entrance into my ass. I whined and yelled in pain through the gag in my mouth as I simultaneously made a last ditch effort to wiggle my ass out of the way of the large dick intruder. I was met with another hard smack to my ass as his iron grip on my ass (and his thick thumb in my hole), gave him purchase to keep me in position. "Fuck kid, hold still or I am just gonna shove it in and hard fuck you." I felt the futility of protest, so I did my best to relax and ready myself for the agony of his entrance. Again his large cock head began breaching my hole. The pain was beyond what I expected, although I found myself glad the earlier top had opened my ass up, effectively smoothing the way for subsequent cocks. Even so, even having been somewhat opened-up, I still felt the intense pressure building inside my hole. Quite involuntarily, an impressively loud loud scream emanated through my gag. Frankly, it seemed as if his cock head was splitting my ass open. Laughter from the two men above and below me only added to scene as one of the men snidely commented "I think he likes it, don't you think?" The man fucking my ass, however, was in charge and put me in my place advising "Relax kid, you're feeling only my cock head. You have a long ways to go." I felt like I just wanted to pass out, and wondered how I had not. I felt like I was being double-fisted in my once very tight hole. I felt the large mushroom head cock worm his way into my insides, stretching more than I've ever thought I could even be stretched. I reeled in misery as the man below me sighed a moan of relief as he felt tightness once again around his cock. I just kept screaming into the gag and biting down hard, tears soaking thru my blindfold onto the chest of the sweaty man. "Damn there's a lot of cum in here," the man behind me commented. The other man replied with a chuckle "Okay, well, that's enough of that. I'm half-way in. Time to start the fucking." I felt the incredible pressure as the man put all his weight on the my ass and the small of my back as I felt his gut land with a hard thud. Using his immense weight he tunneled deep and hard all in one go. the man must have been 10 inches long and about 8 inches thick cause I felt like my insides were ripped open. The man didnt even hesitate through my screams of bloody murder, he just moaned and started to rail my ass. I felt his large hips buck hard into my ass. sloshing cum all over my hole and leg. I felt this balls slap the cock below me and reverb into my ass. The smacks getting muffled by the cum coating his balls. Both men were moaning in pure pleasure. "Damn I aint gonna last much longer in this kid" I heard the man below me state Both men then started to pump furiously into my ass. The wet squelches of suction and cum filled the room as both men rutted hard into my ass like animals. Not caring one bit that I was in pure agony once again. Was this really my purpose, Am I really just a cum sleeve for bigger stronger men. The men went on for what felt like forever untill to my joy I heard the man below me scream "FUUUUUUCK" With that I felt a torrent of cum splash my insides, soothing my aching bowels. The man behind me stopped momentarily to let the man enjoy his cum, then started fucking again, squeching around the softening cock. The cock below me was still acting like a cork keeping most of the cum inside but the mans furious pounding behind me started to plunge some of the cum out and felt like my ass was covered in either sweat or cum. By this time I guess it was more cum. My thoughts reassured by the man behind me commenting "damn you came fucking hard, good thing cause about to ream this boy till I add to your load" The man was not joking. he started to fully go in and out of my ass hard. At some point I felt less pressure in me as I assumed the cock below my flopped out. I let out a sigh of releif as now it was just one massive cock reaming my hole. That didnt stop the man from fucking even harder and deeper. His cum covered cock drove deep into my insides. His bulbous head pushing trying to spread my inner rings in my ass, but his dick wasn't quite long enough to reach that last ring. That didn't stop him from trying his hardest. "fucking slut I m gonna breed that hole of yours till its leaking for weeks you god damn slut cunt" the man put all his weight on my back and I felt most of the air escape me as it felt like someone thru a large sack of flour on my back. The man stopped going fully in and out instead just made short strokes deep into my insides swirling his massive dick in my cum coated insides. I didn't need him shouting this time to know what was about to happen. he let out a roar of pleasure as I felt the flood gates open and my insides were drenched with the mighty mans baby batter. "Take it bitch, take all my fucking cum you fucking slut" He might be right, I may be leaking for weeks after that cum. The man must have had as big balls as I thought. he just kept pumping wave after wave of cum into me. With a dick like that and the amount he came there's no way this guy isn't a porn star. The only thing I would think keeping from more fandom was his weight. But I know I'm not the only one that loves a good gut on a sexy bear. I felt the dick soften inside me but the man still just laid on top of me panting trying to catch his breath as was I. He must have laid on top of for at least 5 minuets moaning and swirling his soften cock in my hole rubbing and swishing all the cum around in my bowls while letting out pleasurable moans "Damn kid I am sure you felt that cum" he said with a chuckle "You are gonna have one hell of a clean up" the man below me moaned in agreement "You think he can clean both of our cocks off at the same time?" master replied "Ill ask him" I heard foot steps get closer than I felt him grab my hair and state colding "you mind shoving both of these nice mens cocks in your mouth and cleaning them off for them, its least you could do after they were so nice as to give you so much cum" I just moaned into my gag "I didnt hear him say no" he said with a slight chuckle "That's good enough for me" the man behind me said with same slight chuckle I felt the belt fastening the ball gag to me being fiddled with by master then being clicked open and removed. My soar jaws felt the relief of finally being able to close. I rolled my jaw to offset the pain. Master then spoke again "Well don't you have something to say to these nice gentlemen" I wanted to scream and curse in their faces but found that to be a very bad idea as I was still sandwiched between the two men "thank you sirs for breeding me" I said reluctantly "good. now flip him around so his other end if facing your cocks and you can suck both of your cocks clean" I felt the man behind me adjust and get off of me. I was grabbed by a few hands and spun around so now my head was facing the cock that just reamed my poor little ass hole open. I could smell the cum and even some blood. I felt the tip of the head against my chin along with sweat, musk and cum soaking into my skin. "start sucking, there's a lot of cum to clean off" I felt a hand guide my head forward onto the very slimy cum covered cock. It slipped into my mouth and I tried to gag on the foul stench of the cum and musk of the odorous mans crotch. Before I though it couldn't get worse I felt the bed dip in again and the man slap his cock against my cheek, even half flaccid the man was enormous and put most men to shame. The cock was soaked as it left a slimy residue on my check, and now I also found out he was uncut. "hey kid by now you should no better to open wider to let us both in" I tried stretching my aching jaw more open to accommodate the giant head hitting my lips and nose. The man didn't think I was opening far enough so he took it into his own hands and grabbed my hair hard and pulled up. "listen you little shit, If I feel one tooth on my cock Im gonna fucking pull your teeth out so your a permanent cock slut you little bitch" He then shoved his very wet cummy cock into my mouth till I felt it worm half way down my throat, again feeling the panic of not having time to breath. I groaned but the man just shoved me more into his pudgy stomach and crotch. I felt the sweat and cum that accumulated on his pubes rubbing against my face "yah boi suck both of our cocks, nice and clean" "We make a good team here, we should defiantly double team more bitches like this" the man behind me stated "I agree, well this is just round one for this little bitch, I plan on doing this all weekend, hell I think we have enough Viagra to sustain a whole porn industry" the man above me laughed My brain was swimming in a thought on the horrifying thoughts of how long am I going to be here and what other terrible things are in store for me. That is even if I live cause these two men have shoved there cocks in and they seem to have to intention of leaving my mouth till I pass out. I gagged on both cocks as saliva ran down my mouth onto the balls of the large cocked men. I felt the man above me re adjust again and push my head down farther onto his cock till my nose was smashed on the base of his cock. I let out very guttural screams of help but were just met with pleasurable moans. "damn I think I m getting hard again" the man above me stated followed by the man behind me stating "me too" The man above me loosened his grip just in time and pulled me off the cocks just enough for me to breath some, but that was short lived. He one again pushed me down hard plunging the cocks into my mouth. I felt both of the cocks hardening and opening my jaw past soreness into sheer pain once again. I thought to my self there is no way they can possibly double fuck my mouth, course that's what I said about my ass I felt the man below me start to buck his hips into my mouth with unison of the man above me also. Both cocks full hard now it was getting difficult not just to swallow but not scrape my death for the sheer volume in my mouth. I made damn sure I didn't pull my lips over my teeth after his punishment if I did. I gagged as salvia caked my chin and felt splattering against the balls that would occasionally slap against. They both would either alternate shoving balls deep down my throat or both would try going down my throat at the same time, though didn't always work out cause even with all the force they were just both simply too big to fit down my throat at the same time. That didn't stop them from battering there dicks down my throat trying though. "Fuck this is a tight throat. and I thought the ass was tight and wouldn't fit us both. I aint gonna last much longer, and judging by the way this bitch is gagging I don't think he will either." the man above me started with a moan of please and laughter, followed by the man behind me stating "yah same here. the fucking bitch is drooling all over my balls" "You like this don't you little cunt" the man above me stated slapping my very puffed out cheeks full of cock I tried to retort by my throat was literally full of cock and couldn't say a word, plus speaking wasn't on mind, for I was trying to focus on my breathing and not pass out. But that didn't matter to them and wasn't what the response the man wanted. He slapped me hard again on my puffy red cheeks. "Boi you really don't listen do you. I said you like this dont you little cunt!" I gave out a guttural moan and shot saliva out of my nose in a hope to appease the man with a response. "That's good enough I guess. Told you guys he liked this" a hearty laugh burst out in the room "Ok boi get ready to drink some cum. And I don't want you spilling any of it. This is your meal for the night, plus I put my dick in your mouth to get it clean" I then heard another voice in the room state "hey you mind if I tap that ass while the bitch is gagging on you guys cocks, I mean I my ass will be pretty close to your face man, is that ok" I heard the man behind me state "sure man I don't mind, bout to cum here soon anyways, will be a nice view of you fucking him too" I heard foot steps then a dip in the bed and some adjusting behind me, followed by a pair of hand placed on my ass and being spread open. I could feel some wind on my hole and knew it must be gapping pretty wide "Damn you really fucked this cunt open guys, its really flooded wtih cum too jesus christ" the new man behind me stated I felt a finger go in my ass and scoop out some cum then followed by cupping my ass cheeks with his large masculine hands. The man just simply rammed his cock into me in one go. By this time I could barely even feel him in me except for the dull soreness around my hole. It almost felt nice just to have one big cock in there at a time. The new man behind me fucking let out a moan of pleasure as he started fucking my cum soaked cock sleeve with no disregard to my feelings on the matter. This was made more apparent when the man decided to change positions on me. He took his hands off my ass and grabbed my waist pulling me up while he stood with his cock still inside me. I could barely get my toes to touch the bed as the large, strong man hoisted me up. But my head was still held in place by the two men furiously fucking my mouth. My arms still tied behind me I was completely helpless and totally in these sadistic men's control. The man fucking my ass really started reaming my hole just using me like a toy, cum was being flung out my ass as I felt him smash my insides with his big bare cock. The men stuffing my mouth were just getting as brutal as I could tell they were both about to cum. The mans grip on my hair was brutal and his fucking of my face the same, not caring one bit if I was breathing at several points. Just fucking my face hole hard trying to cum was his only purpose at the moment, stuffing my face hard into his body and onto the cocks lodged in my tAhroat. "fuck this is a nice position for this little fuck slut, don't you think men, there's nothing he can do" the men laughed and let out guttural moans followed by a very loud "Fuuuuuuck yah" I felt the man above me cum deep into my throat as the balls resting on my chin started to deep there powerful seed down my very oxygen deprived throat. "Drink up bitch" Then I heard another guttural moan and felt a second wave of cum splash down my throat. I began to scream and really panic cause the men just held me in place as they both dumped there loads down my throat as I was desperate for air. This time I for sure thought this was the end cause I blackout for I don't know how long but the man fucking my ass must have noticed as he awoke me with a very hard slap to my ass, admonishing "Wake up cunt! Don't go passing out on us. You still need to drink down their loads." The mans slap wasn't to revive me and help me survive but to merely fulfill my duty as the cum dumpster. Both men pulled out of my moth just enough for me to breath and gulp down some cum with my air. "Thats it boi drink it up and clean off those cocks" the man above me stated I felt the cocks start to soften in my mouth once again as I tried to suck them clean of cum. The man behind me fucking me made it difficult as he was just pounding my ass down on the cocks in my mouth. The man must have been pent up from seeing me being fucked all night cause he didn't last much longer either. The man fucking my ass let out a loud moan to resonate the room like so many others have before releasing they're seed deep inside me. I felt the soothing relief of the hot cum splash my insides and the cummy balls jumping and pumping against my ass. "Ahhh, still not a bad ass, even after all the double fucking, still tight enough to make me cum. You found a good kid here man" With a loud slurp the cock slipped out of my cum chute feeling the cum strands attached to his cock fall against my leg and spill out of my taint. The men below me and above me re adjusted and the cocks fell out of my mouth clean and slick with saliva. I fell onto the bed and laid there spent for a second before I heard more foot steps coming towards me, then I heard masters voice. "That was round one boi. we are going to be doing this all weekend long, even more tonight, there's still a few hard cocks including mine. so you want me to keep you here on the bed to be spit roasted, double fucked and what ever else we want or you want me to put you back on the breeding bench?" To be continued...
  2. Part 3 I began to wonder how I got in this predicament as the man behind me started to grip my shoulders hard and change tempo from flat out brutal fucking to short grunted jabs into my insides with his long thick shaft. All the while I suckled on the cum covered cock that had just recently released its load into my ass. I tried not to think about all the previous men's loads I was sucking off as I tried to clean the half hard cock as the man encouraged my suckling my holding down my head into his sweaty gut. "Fuck Im getting close" the anonymous man behind me grunted into my ear Did I really give permission to my master to do this to me. Was he punishing me for something I did wrong. More importantly was I actually enjoying this.... The throbbing dick between my legs told me I was, but the men ravaging my ass and mouth didn't know or care about my neglected hard cock. None of them were there to help me get off. I was there to get them off whether I liked it or not was not there concern The man with his throbbing dick in my ass started to breath heavily into my ear and give into primal lust as he just drove his dick hard into my aching insides. The hard wet slaps of his belly slapping the small of my tiny upturned framed back turned into just his balls slapping my jock strap. I felt one last drive to get his dick as far and deep as possible then the throb of his hard cock jump inside me "FUUUUUCK. Take that load boy. Fucking filling you up with hot seed" I didn't care at this point. I welcoming the warmth and splash to soothe my aching insides. It was short lived as it didn't take the man long for him to pull out of my cummy chute with a loud wet squelch, while my brutalized hole attempted to close and keep some of the cum in. "Damn boy, if you were a bitch you would be so knocked up by now." He said with a hard slap to my ass followed by a resounding laugh from the room "Well by now you know what's coming next" I lifted my head and opened my mouth for the inevitable wet slimy cock to be shoved into my mouth. I felt the stench of his crotch near my face and slippery head touch my lips, but the wet cock head barely went past my lips before stopping. "We have been taking it too easy on you kid. You need to know how to really please a man and do what a real man asks of you" the man above me with his half hard dick head pressed against my lips said I screamed in my mind, EASY!!!. You have been taking it easy on me! My frustration was short lived as a very foul pungent liquid hit my tongue and throat. Before I could close my mouth the cock slid into my mouth and down my throat. Having no time to breath my mind was reeling as the man dumped his pungent piss down my throat. I gagged and chocked as all I could taste was the awful piss and the cum of everyone that had been in my ass that night. "Drink it all up kid. Don't want any of that nasty piss or ass left on my cock when I pull out" I tried to drink as much as possible but the torrents of piss streaming down my throat was making my stomach ache and my mouth tried to gasp for air but was just met with more shoving into the sweaty cum covered pubes of the man. Finally after seconds from passing out once again the piss turned into a trickle and the man let go of the back of me head and I gasped for air around the still semi hard cock in my mouth "Fuck kid your mouth isn't just good for sucking, also makes a good urinal" he said with a cruel laugh "Ok let me get out first before you get in him" With that his soft dick fell out of my mouth with a wet slurp and a hard dick slapped at my sore hole behind me. I thought how many fucking cocks must be in this room. I tried to count the cocks that have already been in my hole but was side tracked by yet another hard cock being jammed balls deep into my hole with out mercy. This time wasn't as bad as the first three..... or was it four. I couldn't remember nor did it matter. Either I was getting looser or the cocks were getting smaller, but judging by each person cock slapping me before entering I knew that was true. So I knew I was just getting looser "Fuck you guys, glad you made his hole nice and wet but damn he's so hollowed out" I tried to tight my ass to maybe appease my next rapist but my hole was so sore it felt useless. I didn't want this man taking longer to get off just because this new man liked things very tight. I figured with his girth he's still sliding wetly against my insides and I sure as hell was still feeling him inside me. My efforts of trying to squeeze around his cock went unnoticed then I heard him state "fuck it. It'll take me all night at this rate and we still got a lot of dicks needing to unload in the fucking slut. Get him on the bed. We need to teach the bitch not to get too loose" Before I could grasp what he meant I heard some guttural appeasement around the room and many hands on my body. I started to ask "what are you goin...." was all I got out before the ball gag was wrapped around my head again and stuffed my aching mouth. I groaned as my assailants began to untie my bindings wondering what horrible thing they have in store for me. They unfastened me from the fuck bench still leaving my hands cuffed though. I was hoisted into the air then shortly flung onto not a bed but a man. I landed on his soft, wet and very large belly. This man I was laying onto top of must have been massive because my knees barely could touch the bed around his belly. I tried to get off the man but before my I could fulfill my futile escape plan the man wrapped his burley arms around me pushing my head into his chest and my small framed stomach into his hairy extended belly. He slowly slid me down so my jock covered cock slid over his massive girth "you feel that boy. That's going inside your hole, but that's not all.... well you will find out soon enough" the monstrous man whispered in my ear My heart sake at the prospect of what they might be thinking they were going to do, but I tried to think that's not possible. The man then unlocked one of his arms around my body and slid his large hands down my body all the way down to my ass, giving it a hard smack "Damn this is gonna be fun. I mean for us. not you" he said with a very sinister chuckle I could feel him reach down to his massive girth and pull it from underneath me and it fall hardly on my inviting ass. I felt the massive head resting against my wet gapping hole. He gripped the bottom of his shaft and began to push me down onto his cock unceremoniously. I groaned thru my ball gag as he pushed me down onto his massive shaft. He began tunneling deep into my cum covered guts feeling him fill me up completely. He actually began to feel good. he just rocked me gently in his arms slowly thrusting up into my hole. My groans of dismay and torture actually began to turn into pleasure. But then I was suddenly thrown from my thoughts of ecstasy when I felt the bed dip in and a devious snigger from behind me. The man underneath me with his cock deep inside me once again locked me hard into place with his strong arms around my back. I started to bring my legs up to kick in protest, but they were sudden locked in place by a large man slamming his shins onto the back of my knees. My legs were unmovable as I felt a gut on my back and another hard cock pressed again my ass "We will have none of that. Those legs almost hit me bitch" the man behind me said coldly "hope you are ready kid, really open that ass up for us" the man below me stated I began to scream and wriggle between the two behemoths who were about to have both of their cocks in me at the same time. I panicked but to no avail for the ball gag prevented my from screaming and the large men made it impossible to move. I felt the man ontop of me sit up and the hard cock slap against my hole and the already hard cock encompassed inside it. Had I been able to see this man I knew he was grinning ear to ear. I felt a very intense pressure on my hole as the head was trying to slid in past the massive shaft already in my tight hole. I could hear the man behind me grunting in exhaustion as he tried shoving his massive cock into my filled hole "fuck I dont know how this is going to fit" I felt a bit of relief when I heard the man behind me utter those words frustratingly, maybe they cant DP me. I felt a very hard slap on my ass by a very commanding voice saying "Open that ass up cunt or ill make sure that that ass never fucking closes again!" I groaned thru my gag as I tried to plead with the man that I was opening my ass. The man behind me again started to procced to shove his cock in me again, just barely getting his head in again but was pushed out to no avail. "god damn it I need more lube" I heard master retort from across the room " No lube, he has plenty of cum inside him, just push harder" "If I push any harder the kid will split wide open" master stated coldly "so" "Ok, well I was thinking more for the next guy in line so he wouldn't have to fuck a useless cunt, but ill be more than happy to make this thing fit, you heard him kid, now is the time to really open up that cunt of yours" Tears began to soak thru my blindfold at the cruelty of my master and the men ravaging my body. Once again I felt a hard slap then a hard head begin to push onto my filled hole. "awww look the bitch is crying" the man below me laughed followed by all the other men in the room laughing The man behind me grunted and started to really shove his cock into my already sore and over extended hole. I gave one last ditch effort to really open my hole and relax. I was also hoping I could squirt some of the cum in me around the cock already in me to lube my tight passage. And to my surprise and dismay it worked. With a loud guttural moan of pure pleasure the large cock behind me slide in past my ring and slide slowly in along side the cum covered massive shaft already inside me. My screams of pure torture and pain were drowned out by the moans of pleasure coming from both men and the excited cheering from the room. I passed out only for a moment before being slapped on the ass hard and the man behind me exclaiming "Told you I would get in that ass" It felt like someone shoved two baseball bats in me, hell it felt like a literal horse was inside me. I tried to relax as much as possible but the man behind me wasted no time for me to adjust and started sliding his cock in and out along side the cock in me already. the man moaned in joy below me saying "Damn that feels fucking amazing, keep pumping that cock in and out of this cock sleeve" the man behind just grunted laid his belly on my back and pushed deep inside of me hilting balls deep "that sounds fine to me, the bitch is fucking tight" both giving no regard to the excruciating pain they were causing. I just laid there sandwiched between these two fat hairy men. Feeling every inch of there cocks explore the deepest parts of my bowels while there sweaty bodies held me tight so as to make sure I cant escape and stay, like a good cock sleeve. both men started humping in unison then alternating trying to find the right rhythm. They only gave indication of pleasurable moans when the other was doing something right. I could feel the friction and heat as they both slid there cocks against each other using the other mens cum to give ease to glide in and out of my hole. I then felt the weight on my back lessen the man put more pressure onto the back of my aching knees. He slammed both hands down on my ass to bring it down to a level comfortable for both of them but excruciating for me. He started to really fuck my hole. Sliding in and out almost fully while the man bellow me hilted himself in me as to get the full effect of the cock stroking his cock while in a warm wet tube. I could feel the drops of sweat hit my back as the fat man started to grunt and moan under his breath obscenities "gonna fuck this useless hole, fucking cocksucking cunt bitch. gonna destroy it with both cocks and flood your fucking cock sleeve hole with manly seed...." he went on and on for what felt like forever while I just tried to slowly accommodate the cocks raping my poor little hole. At this point I didn't know if my face was wet from cum and saliva or from my tears. I lay there lifeless and biting down hard on the oversized ball in my mouth just waiting for either one to just fucking cum. "FUCK I aint gonna last much longer.... FUCK FUCK FUCK!" the man behind me yelled much to my relief And much to my surprise, figuring I couldn't feel anymore full, I felt the cum splash around on my insides around the cocks balls deep in my hole. Both cocks as deep as they could get as the man behind me came buckets into my colon. "damn that fucking was awesome, phew. now if you dont mind cock sleeve ill stay in here for a while till I'am soft enough to pull out. you cum there buddy?" the man below me stated "hehe no" The man below me's cock began to slide in and out once again getting ready to fuck again "ok cool then, well whos next then? Nice and broken in and lubed up for the next guy. I need my dick cleaned first though" I felt the pressure on the back of my knees subside and the man stumbled off behind me. I waited patiently for the ball to be removed and the cum covered cock to be shoved into my mouth. A quite pang from behind my head as the big strong hands reached for the leather strap to unfasten and remove the ball gag. The salvia covered ball feel unceremoniously onto the chest on the fat man below me "Hey dont get that nasty thing on me, and dont get that cock to close to my face, cause I sure as hell aint touching that thing" the man below me stated "Sorry. And buddy.... this was touching you" he said with a joyful tone and both men laughed "Ok slut open your mouth here comes your snack" He placed the cum covered cock head on my lips and shoved my face forward as to take him all the way. I suckled on the cock till I felt most of the cum on it was gone, there was more than the usual guy and judging by the balls resting against my chin I could see why he could cum buckets. He began to shove hard into my mouth as to get me to choke and gag on it so there was more to clean up and keep him in my mouth. Each time he thrust I felt his plum sized balls slapping my neck. "Feel those nuts hitting your throat, those are real man balls" I groaned in what he took as agreement. I then felt the bed creek and another monster of a man stumble onto the bed behind me "fuck, let me get my cock out this whores mouth and put the ball gag in before you get in him with that monster of a thing. I don't want him to scream too loud" I wanted to panic but this time I just gave an inner sigh and thought here comes yet another cock to rape my poor little hole. Though now it was not quite little, well at least tight anymore, so I thought. I then felt my head being yanked up by my hair and the man who had just had his cummy cock in my whisper in my ear "sorry kid but I know its hard to believe but this next guy is even bigger than me, and I don't say that very often. I almost feel bad for you kid...... almost" I felt the monstrous beast of a man position himself behind me just like the man whispering in my ears the horrors of the cock about to fuck me did. I felt the hard slap of what I thought was a hand on my still filled boy hole, only to realize it was a cock.... a very, very large cock Then did I truly begin to panic TO BE CONTINUED hope you all are enjoying the story. let me know in the comments, thanks
  3. Moderator's Note: I appreciate you connecting the two parts with a link, but please just post the chapters in one thread. ______________ I start to tremble as I hear master talk to this anonymous man. "You have fun with the boi, dave" master said "yah the bitch was a good fuck, a bit too lipy at times and actually tried to resist my cock going in his hole at first. I got it in him though with a good scolding and some force" dave responded "good. but the boi will have to be punished for trying to resist you tho" my heart sank even lower as I tried to decipher where master was in the room thru my blindfold and beg with him that I was sorry but all I got out was "master I'm so...." Then my head was shoved abruptly into the mattress by dave where my muffled apologies went un noticed. "see told you he's a cheeky little slut" dave said forcedly Then I heard master walking over to me, the creeks in the wood floor sending shivers down my spin till the foot steps stopped in front of me and then I felt his hot breath in my ear "we are all going to fuck your holes till you are nothing but a cum dumpster.... then start fucking you all over again" As I heard these words being whispered into my ears I could also hear the sound of foot steps along with dark sinister chuckling piercing the darkness "I searched far and wide and only got the biggest fattest cocks to go inside your tight little holes. They are here to use you how every they like. I how ever tell them there are only three rules.... no lube, no condoms..... and no pulling out." I started to weep thru my blindfold as I heard a multitude of men come striding into the room. all with very heavy footsteps. Dave began to laugh above me and greet the people coming in. I tried to count the voices of all the men but was having a hard time cause I was starting to lose air as my face was buried in the mattress. I heard comments from several people saying: "nice ass" "damn I cant wait to fuck that thing" "hope his mouth as good as his ass looks" "so who's going first" after a few more comments I got light headed and started to slip into unconsciousness but was pulled suddenly from it when dave let go and lifted my head up sharply and declaring: "don't want you unconscious for the fucking" followed by group sadistic laughter. from what little I could tell there must have been at least 8 men in the room, and I mean men. they all sounded over 40 and big. "so how do wanna start this" dave asked the room master answered with "put him on the breeding bench" that seemed to appease everyone cause all I could hear were remarks of glee and guttural satisfaction. I tried to plead again but was roughly picked up after I felt some men untie my legs from the bed. I was dragged over on the floor for quite a distance. Dave thru me on a hard, cold metal device. I got goosebumps as my hairless chest pressed against the cold metal. I tried struggling but more men came over to maneuver me into position on the device. I felt my legs and knees being pulled down onto some knee holders where they were promptly fastened into place with some what felt like leather straps. the leather felt much better on my skin than the metal did. I could feel my ass hanging off the edge of the bench device with my knees locking me a tight doggy position. After some adjusting I felt my legs being spread apart and my ass being trust back making me feel very exposed and vulnerable. but that was far from the most freighting part of being made to be on display and forced into a very compromising position. for then I felt something being wrapped around my neck holding me in place with my jaw resting on an angled pad keeping my head straight forward. my mind raced on how I was going to make thru this alive. What if someone took this too far and I chocked on a cock and my rapist didn't even notice me squirming. there was literally nothing I could do to stop the upcoming raping. only thing left to do was scream "NO PLEASE DONT DO TH...." that was all I could get up before someone shoved the ball back in my mouth and my words turned into groans and moans. a man chuckled "Jesus this bitch is a mouthy little cunt isn't he" resounding laughter from all my assailants squashed the last remaining hope that this was not going to be a long painful night for me I let the despair wash over me as my blindfold became soaked from the tears. Feeling hands start to grope and man handle every part of my body I just gave up and let them do what ever sick thing they had in store for me this night "I call his ass" a man spoke up followed by another man shouting: "I call his pretty little whore mouth" both of them deep domineering voices that boomed in what seemed like a pretty large room. Then came some arguing from some of the voices but I didn't really care, I figured they all are going to have there turns so why does it matter to me really. "your too big to go first you will rip him in half and make it too loose for the rest of us" one man commented followed by sounds of agreement from the room and a huff from the man wanting to go first. The man came back with a retort of "so what if I loosen him up, you all can just go in him two at time after I'm done with him" Further arguing surrounded the room while my mind reeled at the fact that I was going to reamed by all these cocks two at time now "no, just let.... " a long pause filled the room as I heard master contemplate "let Jack go first. after all he is the smallest, want to make sure he enjoys it while its still reasonably tight" I then heard from what I could only assume was Shane: "well I wouldn't call my self small, I'm over 8 inches and just about as thick as you.... but never the less if it lets me go first then I am all for that" I heard some shuffling behind me and could only contemplate for a second on what was going to happen to me before I felt some warm hands grope my ass checks and spread them apart. feeling the cool air blow onto my gaping hole I knew now that my first rapist before really did a number on my hole because it was still gaping and trickling cum down my covered scrotum "damn dave you really opened this kid up, hes still leaking. good thing cause I, like everyone else here, hate lube. And it looks like you already opened him up for me to go straight into fucking. I love going balls deep fucking after the fist pump" with that he gave my ass a nice big slap with his cock on my wet puckered hole At that point I was almost grateful that I was opened up and the previous rapist had dumped a big load into me my gratitude subsided when I heard the booming voice of the giant cocked man speak "well since I cant have his ass ill get his mouth" I heard some booming footsteps coming to the front of my body then I felt the heat of his groin and smell of his cock in front of me. I was grabbed my hair and was cock slapped in the face by a VERY large cock. at this point it wasn't even hard and it felt like I was getting hit in the face by a big soft meaty log. I heard everyone in the room laugh at his display on dominance. I felt large hands unfasten the gag ring in my mouth and it fall to the floor with a lifeless clatter. Then I heard him say "open up wide kid and if I feel any teeth on my cock I swear to god you will regret it becuase I will pull out your teeth so you can be a permanent cock sucker" heading the words from the man that from his voice I knew he was very serious. I slowly parted my lips. The domineering man still pulling my hair and head up to meet his groin he suddenly stopped his cock millimeters from my lips. "I am gonna wait till he shoves his cock into you first just to be safe" with that I had almost forgotten the man behind me till he shoved his cock fully inside me all in one go. I let out a brutal scream as I felt the massive flesh dive deep inside me mercilessly. I felt his stomach and balls slap against me simultaneously along with a long pleasurable groan from the man behind me. He pushed down on me feeling his very weighty gut on the small of my back followed by him placing his large hands on my shoulders. From there he began to ream my ass with his whole cock going in and out, giving no care for me getting used to the massive girth invading my insides. All I could hear was cheering and the pleasurable moans from the man fucking me as his pendulous balls slapped against my own. Mine feeling very small in comparison. "damn jack this ass feels amazing. I can feel him trying to close his walls around my cock." he said with a soft chuckle "kid you can close that ass all you want, you already gaping and there's no stopping me from getting inside you now, your just making this feel better for me. Ok Shane tell me how that mouth feels" "my pleasure" the voice above me retorted darkly with that he pressed the head of his dick to my lips. the head alone felt like it was not going to fit. I then proceeded to open my mouth out as far as I could and stick my tongue out to begin licking the head and shaft. I began to lick the head wondering how the hell I was going to take this thing into my mouth, but I am sure Shane was going to find a way..... and boy was I right. After just a few licks Shane became impatient. he saw me starting to purse my lips around the head to start licking it when he pulled hard on my hair and shoved his cock deep as he could "bitch start sucking. If you are good I will reward your sore aching throat with my hot seed. Either way I am cumming deep down your throat with my balls under your chin and nose against my pubes whether you want me to or not" He began to push hard into my throat. My eyes starting to water uncontrollably and start to gag and try to puke. He just keep tunneling down my throat like the man behind me was tunneling deep into my hole. both mercilessly pushing there cocks as deep as they could into my holes. my throat felt like someone was shoving a wiffle bat down it. I gagged and choked for air as I was caught off guard by the sudden intrusion into my mouth "mmmm your mouth feels great around my cock, dont you agree cock slut?" I could barely hear what the man was saying I was trying to keep my self from puking and choking, desperate for some air. My desperation turned to rage when I was suddenly smacked in the face by the giant cocked man. "DONT YOU AGREE BOI" I contemplating biting off his dick but then thought, even if I could and its very unlikely due to the fact I could barely move my jaw it was open so big, I didn't cause I remembered his stern warning about any teeth on his cock. I slowly bobbed my head up and down as much as I could in the neck restraint and groaned into the cock as a sign of submission "good. I'll let you breath then. but only for a second so make a count. you made it half way down. next time I m going all the way in so really open up that throat." with that he slowly pulled his cock out of my gagging mouth. Desperately I breathed in as deeply as I could. feeling strands of salvia cling to my chin and mouth hanging between the meaty cock hovering inches from my mouth But unfortunately for me this is when the man invading my ass decided to really go to town and put all his weight on my back and let out some deep grunts as he began to dig really deep into my hole "fuck this kids hole is hot and wet. I don't know how much longer I will last" I could barely focus on my ass burning right now cause my lungs burned for air more. my horror was more realized by the cock beginning to press against my open lips gasping for air "here we go kid hope you got a deep breath" I felt the head split past my lips and widen my jaw as it began its descent into my throat. having air replaced with cock sent me into a scream of panic as I began to wiggle and writhe, but the monstrous body on top of me now and the monstrous cock in my throat made it completely useless. the mans groans of pleasure masking my groans for help. I thought this may be the end. I could feel the saliva hanging from my chin as it made contact with the mans giant balls "damn kid most people pass out before I get that far" that really got the room laughing the laughter though seemed far away as I felt my self starting to slip unconscious. I felt his plum sized balls get under my chin coating it with excess spit and drool running past my lips and the giant shaft lodged in my mouth. I began to loosen up on the grip in my ass and in my mouth which let them both now I was passing out. "shit I guess I spoke to soon" the man laughed seconds from passing out the cock in my mouth withdrew its self slowly and steadily to the sound of gagging and gasping for air but mostly just sucking in the excesses drool that collected around the cock from in my throat. "I told you to get a good breath" he stated coldly just as he was finishing that sentence I felt the man behind me start to climax. He started to get closer to my body letting his hips do all the work as he pounded deep into my ass grunting into my ear and yelling "fuck fuck fuck im gonna..... CUM!" It felt a hot wave inside me much like the previous load but with less varicosity and volume. All I could hear was the heavy man panting in my ear as he continued dumping his load. Finally his cock got soft and it slurped out of my wet hole leaving a dribble of cum going down my taint "damn kid you got a nice hole on you, thanks for being a hot cock sleeve for me" the man dismounted off of me and collected himself beside me. I heard my masters voice say "what do your say to the nice man that just breed you boi" I reluctantly stated "thank you sir" "ok good, now you wont mind helping him clean his cock will you" "no master" I then heard the heavy man thundering towards my head. I felt my head being lifted and smelling a very pungent crotch near my face. He slapped his cock on my face a couple of times leaving residue of cum and ass juices. Then he stuck his half hard wet cock in my mouth. "thats it boi, suck it clean so I can fuck you again later" I could taste the horrid musk of his groin on his cock along with his and Dave's cum. I felt like vomiting from my nose being shoved into his pubic hair. I wanted to resist but thought what was the point, might as well save a smack to the face and just suck it clean. So I just slowly suckled on his cock till I didn't taste cum any longer "there we go all clean, so whose next in his ass" I heard a few people scrabbling to there feet to jockey for position in my ass while I heard Shane push the cleaned cocked man out of the way and say "I'm still not done with his throat" Before I could get rest from the brutal face and ass fucking he shoved his cock once again into my mouth and throat. Still very hard he flung it down my throat like a battering ram. This time only stopping till his pubes were up my nose. I gagged and groaned around the cock but that only turned him on more. He was soon just holding my head like a basketball and fully going in and out of my throat like he was fucking a pussy. "damn kid you sure can take a dick down that throat" I just turned red in rage and embarrassment. He was treating my throat like a flesh light and he seemed not to care when or if I was breathing or gagging. He just kept driving his cock in and out of my throat and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Before I knew it I felt another hard cock slapping at my very wet hole then the huge cock being shoved balls deep into me with a care at all for immense pain. Even with all the previous cocks opening me up it still felt like a baseball bat was being shoved up me every time. Another hairy gut slapped onto the small of my back and hands on my shoulders as yet another anonymous man shoved his big bare meat deep inside me. Using my insides as a means to get off into, that's it. "damn this little slut butt does feel amazing. I can feel both of you guys cum in him. I can feel it sloshing around my cock. feels great" Indeed I could also feel the cum sloshing around inside me as it was plunging out my insides, pushing some of deeper inside into me and some of it was splashing around his cock as it slammed in and out of me. At this point I had no idea who this guy was nor did I care. I just wanted his cum in me and to get off of me. Being filled from both ends was really warring me down, I just let my body go limp and let these men use me as they wanted, which they did. Every one in the room could see me start to give up and just let it happen "giving up so soon little boi" I heard come from the room followed by laughter "But we have barely started, you still have a lot more cocks that need to cum in you" I didn't care, I just wanted this over with, my cock however ached for release from all the prostate massaging. While transfixed on when I will be able to cum I felt the cock in my mouth start to change tempo and start going faster and his breathing get heavy. Finally he's going to cum I thought. I felt his grip get rough on my head and he shoved my head deep into his belly fat and my nose stuffed deep into his pubic hair. I felt his balls on my chin go up and then I felt the hot splash down my throat and the deep moan come from his belly. It felt like I was drinking a thick hot milkshake. I gagged around the volume of cum and the fact that he was balls deep in my throat once again I couldn't breath. Jet after jet of cum hit my stomach as I squirmed for air, pinned, I panicked I start to cough and groan around his cock but both men inside me where lost in bliss filing my holes. I felt one last blast of cum and the hard cock began to soften. He slowly pulled out in time for me to breathe and not pass out, coughing up cum as the cock slowly wormed its way of my throat. with a sigh of relief from Shane he slipped his cock from my mouth with a wet slurp and cum and drool trail from his cock to my mouth "well kid there's your meal for the night" that really got the room laughing He slapped his cock on my cheeks a few times then brought the semi hard cock back into my mouth with a simple command said: "clean it bitch" I suckle on his cock as the man behind me is still berated my poor little sore hole begging for him to cum soon also I thought to myself..... This is going to be a long night.... TO BE CONTINUED
  4. THIS IS JUST FANTASY. this didn't really happen to me I started out my day doing as I usually did. checking my email, like master told me to do every day some back story on my master hes a big dom white man that loves to use sissy bois like me for his pleasure what ever it may be, his cock is an beer can thick 8 inch un cut cock, that loves to fit into holes too small to fit I met master online a few months ago and he has been my master every since he first stuck his big bear cock inside me and came deep inside my ass. from then on he's pushed my limits of taking his cock and being used for his pleasure. A few rules he gave me were I was not allowed to use toys anymore so I would stay tight for him when ever he fucked me. I was not allowed to see other men also unless he gave me permission to do so. As for fucking he told me that I have to thank him every time he came in me whether in my mouth or in my ass and if he came in my ass I was too clean his cock as soon as it flopped out my ass. I was too never touch my self while I was pleasuring him unless I was told to. starting to get the point..... he loved to use me for his pleasure regardless of how I felt Opening the day's e-mail, I found a message from my Master which read "I have a surprise for you, boy. This Friday, five days from now, I'm sending you to a friend's house. You will show up on time, you will wear the items provided, and do whatever my friend demands of you. Oh, and you are also not allowed to touch your self this entire week. Understood, boy?" I respond "Yes, Master. Will he be using a condom? And how big is he?" A day went by and Master replied "Does it matter, boy? You do as I say. However, this changes a few things. Be ready Friday." I respond "I'm sorry, sir. Yes, I know I am your's to use. I just wanted to make sure I had enough lube to accommodate his size." His only reply was to say "Be ready Friday and at the address provided at the designated time." My heart started to beat out of my chest on what possibly he had in store..... Well friday came and I got ready. The address wasn't too far away, so I drove there all the while my heart was beating out of control on what I could be possibly walking into. Arriving at the house, which was in the middle of no where with no neighbors within miles. The house was a very nice wood cabin, quite home-like, with just a few lights on. I honestly even wondered briefly if anyone was even home, but, seeing a couple nice cars parked around back, I figured the guy must be loaded and was also at home. Approaching the front door, I saw a note which read 'Come in. The door is unlocked'. doing as instructed, I pushed the door, which was indeed unlocked. The door swung on its hinges, which were apparently in need of oil as the door loudly creaked as it opened ever so slowly. The approach was quite ominous, but looking around the foyer I saw some handsome furnishings, including a pier table on which a blindfold and a jock strap were placed. Another note was also prominently positioned on the table, obviously for my benefit. I wasn't all that surprised the note read simply 'Take off all your clothing and dress yourself in the jock strap and blindfold'. I slide my clothes off, and put them on a pile next to the door. I then slid on the jock strap over my boyish figure. the jock feels perfect around my small toned body. I then slide on the final item.... the blindfold. I tie it snugly around my head and cover my eyes till I cant see anything I stand there for a few good minutes, shivering cause its cold in the house and I feel very exposed, or its most likely cause I am nervous at what's to come. finally I hear foot steps and they are coming close. I feel a hand grab my shoulder and flip me around till my back is to the unknown person. I feel his hot breath on my ear as he pulls my hands behind me and start to feel cold metal around one of my wrists, then the other. I thought to my self..... hand cuffs.... I then feel the burly hands grab my ass hard and then comes an unfamiliar voice whispering in my ear. "are you ready boi" before I can answer the man shoves a rubber ball in my mouth and then wraps the bound ball around my mouth with a leather strap. I try to say something and struggle but my assailant is too strong and just holds me by the cuffs I hear him say under his breath "doesn't matter if you are, boi" with that the big man (from what I can tell at the time felt like a over 6 foot tall man and at least 250 lbs) swung me over his shoulder like a rag doll and began to walk some where.... my heart is beating uncontrollably, I try to struggle over the mans shoulders and yell but the burley man is too strong and just laughs as I struggle. I wonder to my self if this is what master really had in mind or is this a crazy man that master accidentally trusted too much as I am contemplating what is going to happen to me, I hear a door open and Iam suddenly flung onto a bed, well not a very comfortable bed but it felt springy and relatively soft. I think to my self this is my chance to get out of here, but before my brain could rationalize the fact that I was blindfolded and cuffed and escape was pretty much impossible I felt the now I know very big man jump on top of my back. his large thighs tight around my waist. the air is knocked right out of me. As I was started to come back to reality I started to feel the man rustle around on top like he was grabbing things. I then felt him grab my feet and slip a soft rope around it then the other leg. before I could I knew it was tied to this uncomfortable bed unable to move or fight back. I had to face my fate...... he was going to rape me..... I came to when the man spoke "gotta make sure you dont struggle too much while I rape you, I mean I dont mind you struggling, turns me on, but dont want those legs flying up and hitting something it shouldn't. This makes sure that you stay put" I tried to yell thru the gag but it was no use, just sounded like moans and groans of a pitiful little fuck toy trying to rationalize the situation he knew he was going to face he then spun around on my back so I could feel his belly on my back and also a very large bulge on my plump ass. he began to laugh as he started to slap my ass with his large cock. not having seen it I had to guess he was at least 9 inches and very thick by the fact that I could feel the welts his cock was leaving on my ass my eyes started to water at the fact that that beast of a cock was going to be in my ass very soon. my concentration broke again as the unknown man spoke again "your master said something about condoms and lube, well I hope this answers your question" with that I heard a tearing sound. like a condom wrapper. relief filled my brain as I thought at least master is nice enough to make sure I stay safe and also get some lube. the man then leaned forward so his gut lay on my back and pulled my head back by my hair. I moaned in pain as he put his big hand around my mouth and pulled the ball out of the gag, now figuring out this is also a ring gag.... a very large ring gag. As he's pulling out the ball i try to yell, scream, curse but they are all cut short by a very large condom being shoving into my mouth and then quickly replaced by the ball again before I can say another word. I chocked and gagged at the feeling of this horrible tasting condom in my mouth and had to either swallow it or let it stay in my mouth the whole time. I decided on keeping it in my mouth in fear of chocking on the condom and the uncaring man think its a joke and not save me I then hear him laugh and state mockingly: "there I used a condom, now not another word out of you. your hear to be used not to talk. plus this will teach you to ask unneeded questions to your master. you just need to respond with yes next time he tells you what to do" my mind reels with panic as I wonder is this guy crazy..... is he going to breed me with his questionable seed. does master really allowing this.... as I am panicking I feel the man sit back up straight and put all his weight on my legs. I prepare my self to my inevitable raping but am surprised instead. I start to feel a cold squishy liquid being poured not on my ass but on my pulled back cock. I start to wonder what the hell is this guy doing. I then feel a wonderful sensation around my cock. it felt like some very nice hot flesh light feel. I moan as I feel motors working to massage my cock in wonderful ways. Even thought it felt rather loose (I began to think this must be his fleshlight) it was a wonderful feeling. I soon felt my self getting lost in the feeling but then my brain clicked and thought why is he doing this. just as soon as I was about to cum I realized his plan...... I began to moan and struggle the domineering man behind me gave out a sinister laugh stating coolly " I see you found out part of my plan then, but it seems too late now" with that I felt by body contort and my balls pull up close to my body as I let out jet after jet of cum, not onto the bed but a plastic cup that was very roughly put under my cock head as I was cumming. I felt relief even if it was for the briefest moment. I was wakened from my euphoric state with the man behind me laughing once again and saying: "damn kid, that wasn't much, figured you would have give up more since you haven't cum in a week, oh well, it will have to do. you see kid I don't like lube, its too sticky and it makes it way to easy to slip in and out of a hole, so I am just gonna use your cum as lube." in a matter of fact tone he just stated: "sorry kid this is going to hurt a lot then. Cause once I'm in your tight hole I cant help my self from just plunging balls deep and going to town on your ass, so lets get started" I started to yell and scream thru the gag but it was no use. I began to rethink jacking off several times that week and not heeding masters words on not to come that week. before I knew it though I felt the hot sticky cum poured onto my hole followed by the loud sticky slaps of his massive cock slapping my tight puckered hole "damn kid I don't know how this thing is gonna fit but I sure as hell gonna try my best" is all I heard before I felt the immense pressure of my tight little boi hole I quickly tightened my hole as much as possible to fight off the massive bare intruder I feel the cock head slip from my hole followed by a loud grunt from my rapist. feeling I had finally won a battle I gave a quiet smirk of a satisfaction that was quickly wiped off my face as the man behind me gave my ass a very hard spank followed by 3 harder spanks making me reel in pain and scream. I groan thru my gag trying to scream on in pain but the man just roughly pulls back on hair bringing my ear to his face "boi I am going to get in that ass of yours whether you like it or not. I am going shove my big bare meat into your slutty little hole and fuck it till I leave a big sticky load in your gaping hole. because that's all your good for, you are my tight fuck tube to which I can deposit my seed into. you do that again and resist my cock and I will triple the amount of spankings with an actual paddle and whip, plus I will take twice as long fucking you. you really want that slut" not really stating it as a question by his tone but more as a command with the options of a much worse prospect "ok then, since you cant talk ill take your answer by opening up that boi hole of yours so I can let my bare cock slip in" with that I unclenched my small toned ass and let my rapist pull back my checks to expose my winking pucker " damn kid you got a nice hole, too bad its gonna be loose and sloppy by the time I am done with it" and with that I felt the intense pressure again as he began his plunge into my tight hole. every inch felt like a hot fiery baseball bat was being shoved slowly into my ass. I again tried to yell in pain to get the man to understand the pain he was delivering. I felt it tunneling deep inside me thinking he must be getting close to being all the way in. but to my dismay I heard him comment "about half way in kid, keep it up" I groaned and felt the tears trickle down my face "looks like I lost most of the cum on your ass when I had to slap you, hope you have learned your lesson there boi then now, cause I aint stopping till I get balls deep" with that I felt a hand on back smear a sticky substance with what I could only assume was some of my cum. after smearing the cum on my back he placed both hands roughly on my shoulders baring all his weight on them. I felt the air escape my lungs as his gut fell onto the small of back with a loud wet thud. the sweat and hair on his stomach rubbed against my hairless back as he began to grind harder into my back "There we go, now I m in a better position to get deeper into your hole" the sudden intrusion of his dick getting deeper my suddenly throw my body into a wrenching pain as I began to black out from the pain. All the man could do was laugh coldly and say "don't you agree boi" Knowing I couldn't comment back he just kept his descent into the deepest part of my bowls spreading them farther apart then they have ever been spread before. feeling like he couldn't possibly get any deeper he kept going all the while groaning in pure pleasure of the tight cock sleeve wrapped around his bare cock. finally to my relief I felt his very large balls tap the bottom of my ass "there we go kid I made it balls deep...... now the real fun begins" with that I felt him slowly pull out of my ass and the pressure off my legs subsided as what I figured he was getting in a better position to start to really fuck me his hand never leaving my shoulders he just began to apply more pressure really pushing me into the hard mattress but relieving the pressure on my back "boi lift that ass for me so I can get it in prime fucking position. remember what I will do if you don't obey" not wanting to make it any worse I slowly lifted my ass closer to his groin letting the cock half inside me slide deeper into my ass "good boi, now keep it like that while I plow that sweet ass of yours" tears strolling down my face I heard him grunt then slam balls deep into me. I wanted to scream, yell, kick, curse, anything to stop the brutal raping. but no the man just laughed and grunted as he began to fucking my ass mercilessly In and out his cock slide with the sounds of some one plunging a toilet. The only thing I could hear was the wet smacks of his hairy man slapping hard against my back as his balls hit hard against my jock strapped balls. wanting to end it more quickly I started to squeeze down on his cock in hopes to get him off sooner "shit boi feels like your really starting to like it. feel you trying to squeeze around my cock, though if your thinking that squeezing around my cock will end it sooner, your sadly mistaken, ill finish when I am done. If I feel like Im getting close but don't want to cum ill just go balls deep and let it sit in your hole a while till I start fucking you again feeling as he had read my mind I soon figured that this must not be his first time doing this. I groaned thru my gag as he went back to brutally shoving his cock into my hole. giving up at this point to accept the fate that I was going to get raped until this unknown man was going to shoot his load into me when ever he felt like it. After a few minuets of fucking that in my mind felt like hours I thought he might be getting close when he groaned and shoved deep into my ass, grunting "Almost came there, ill let it rest there a while, dont worry ill get back to fucking you in a minute" I could feel the heat on my face as it burned hot that he was enjoying this while I suffered horriblely. He wasn't even unknowingly uncaring he was actually getting off to my misery before I knew it he was back to fucking me except this time he was pulling all the way out till just his cock head was barely in my hole then slamming it deep inside each time with a pleasurable moan from the man coming from each thrust "you like that don't you slut, feeling a real mans cock ramming balls into your cock sleeve" at this point I wanted to scream NO! but all it sounded like were moans and grunts again. And again he responded with a slight chuckle. although while my head said no my dick was starting to get hard again, I guess somewhere in my subconscious I was enjoying this. before I could dwell on what it really all meant I felt the man again slam hard balls deep into me. This was my chance I began to squeeze tight around the thick member lodged deep inside of me. thinking I could make him cum and my nightmare would be over "damn it. that feels amazing kid. fine you want it that bad here you go" with that the man roared into the ceiling and I felt a flood of cum blast its way into my insides. I figured he was too deep and thick to feel it start running down my balls. I guess the balls he was packing weren't just for show cause usually when a man came inside me I couldn't feel it, other than masters who was the first I actually felt cumming inside me, but even master couldn't compare to this guy. I felt his shaft pump thick load after load into my now overflowing hole. "phew" "that was a big one boi" I felt him begin to relax above me and his cock get softer. he slowly pulled out of me and with a wet slurp his cock plopped out of me and a river of cum flow out onto my covered balls "Holy shit kid. I really flooded your hole. You wont be able to close that thing for a while," he commented, adding a soft chuckle as he instructed "Okay, now for the clean-up." I then feel the bed creek and the body weight shift off of me and started moving to my head. before I know it my head was being yanked up and the ball being removed from the gag, I quickly spit out the condom and was soon replaced by a very wet semi hard cock being shoved into my mouth "be a good little slut and suck it clean boi" the man pushed me into his groin till my nose was flat against his waist and his pubic hair was in my nose. I slowly suckled on his cock tasting the cum and ass juices mixed with a little blood. gagging and chocking for air until all I could taste was a manly cock and slight taste of cum. but feeling his balls against my chin I knew now how he had cum so much, drool dribbled down my chin onto his low hanging balls as I gasped for air, brain begging for more air after a few minuets of cleaning "ok boi, I need to take a piss but I really don't want to leave your mouth so swallow all that daddy is giving you ok. swallow it all, I don't want any nasty piss on me. If you don't ill have to punish you" My blindfolded eyes widened at what this man was saying and by the sudden splash of putrid piss hitting my lips and tongue. pissing straight down my throat. I gagged and tried to spit it up but thought better at the thought of getting punished crossed my mind. So I whimpered as he continued pissed into my mouth while he chuckled at my misery. thinking I was doing a good job of drinking his large quantities of piss I was sadly mistaken with a sharp slap to the check " I said drink it all and DONT SPILL cunt!" with that he pulled his cock out and splashed the remaining amount on my face and blindfold "that look suites you boi" finally free of my gag I get my one chance to speak up "my master is going to kick your ass after he finds out what you did to me today" no sooner do the words come out of my mouth than I hear a door open and familiar voice say "Is he now" master..... my rapist gave a hearty chuckle and my heart sank To be continued...
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