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  1. It's super complicated. Great not having to worry. Also great to come to terms with how dirty, promiscuous fag I am. Really into bonding with other dudes who like me have made sex and fluid exchange more important than health. But there are some downsides too I'm happy to share on private messages, it's bit personal and embarrassing
  2. mmm, want that cock.

  3. Thanks for the follow man. Would love to feel your big dick deep in my ass until you breed me. 

    1. bbjockload


      Fuk yea.   Don't know how long I'd last tho before I pop in that hot pig hole 

  4. That's how it happens. Creeps up on you. Doesn't take long to go from safe sex condom boy, to occasionally slipping up and feeling guilty, to often/always slipping up and trying not to think of it, to ..... bam, you're tagged
  5. Lol. All the dirty boys swapping loads as we suffer together
  6. Some of us get hit really hard, chained to toilet for days
  7. Seriously agree with the ostracization. How can a bunch of promiscuous pig boys (many poz) cast judgment ?
  8. Hep C sucks. It is curable
  9. Always down for nasty chat. Text 415 570 4301. (Not into kids)
  10. That's best tumblr ever
  11. Thanks for the follow!  :)

  12. Many dudes in jocks are covering soft party dongs, which I totally understand
  13. Wondering if other guys dump before or after they work out? I go to gym early mornings, so am getting up even earlier to make sure I crap first. I realize this is not random ...
  14. Always down to bond with other nasty buds. Text 415 570 4301

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