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    Average looking guy, was bisexual now trending to homosexual preference
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    Men who have sex with men. Hookups, fuck buddies, friends with benefits. Cannot host unless traveling but discreet and able to meet up with you.

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  1. Gay and straight are lifestyles including with whom you're in romantic and emotional relationships and most often sexual. Hetrosexual, bisexual and homosexual are your gender preferences for sexual activities. I'm a heteroromantic homosexual man married to a heteroromantic bisexual woman who knows about my homosexuality trending away from bisexuality because when we met I was open and honest with her. We have an open marriage relationship with eachother with her knowledge that I'm not going to have hetrosexual intercourse (PIV) anymore both because of my orientation and because she's had some medical issues. She knows that I have bareback sex with men regularly and understands that I take my own personal responsibility for sex. She's had boyfriends herself via swinging activities. I don't want female vaginas anymore, only male cocks.
  2. Xtube suffered the shutdown due to its corporate ownership by porn hub. It was the more down rent and rougher subsidiary than Porn Hub itself. Once pornhub stripped all non-verifed content Xtube probably suffered even more losses in content percentage wise than pornhub itself. Not worth managing it anymore and I think that they offered verified posters transfer to other pornhub owned websites. R.I.P Xtube my first porn tube profile and favorites. Xhamster is probably still the best and least commercial than pornhub has become
  3. Visiting southern Italy and Sicily then Rome. Please direct message me for details.
  4. Crisco is the old school and cheap standby that's easy to get but requires warming up to really use slippery. There are now safe animal husbandry lubes (like for human introduced artificial insemination and assist in birthing) that are mixed up for immediate use that day. I forget the names but they're obviously water based and pretty slippery yet viscous and slimey at the same time. There's also silicone based ones too but they seem more oily than anything...
  5. Like all FTM guys like you are. 

  6. Fisting with only cum as lube is the most rare and intense activity. Congratulations!
  7. Congratulations on your new status!
  8. Years later from 2016 to 2021 an alternative thought: Perhaps your HIV POSITIVE Doctor wasn't against the medication of PREP but wanted you to get the HIV virus for yourself?
  9. Agreed about the same thing and way. Always have fantasies just not enough time or money to accomplish them.
  10. Where are stories like this posted on reddit?
  11. Asspig is one website that focuses on gay fisting. It's fairly functional even with a free account if you use web login not the app. Just can't see profile's full size pictures or videos.
  12. As far as my relationship, I just inform my female wife about my hook up times and places (for safety if it's a new person or location visit but not for repeats ). I used to mostly go to meet after work or on Saturdays mornings for "work". With our living situation now, I have to work around the schedules of the vanilla adult relatives we have living with us so no difficult questions are asked. She's just happy to see me come back having exhausted myself sexually and gotten my needed man2man sex. As for her, she occasionally visits adult "girlfriends" in another larger close by city for a weekend "girl's night out" which is really her visits to her boyfriend's and his male friends for hetro swinging activities. I already know his address. She gets back sexually exhausted and I'm happy that she's gotten her needed sex with men also...
  13. Sounds like a great opportunity for you to get your husband bred by another guy! Best of luck with your journey to slut sex!
  14. Xtube was purchased by porn hub/ mind geek several years after it began. Xtube was porn hubs raunchy unwashed sibling with more rough gay content and more sketchy amateur hetrosexual content along with garbage quality videos existing from its startup time. I liked Xtube because it was my first profile on a tube site. It went through some iterations like it's pathetic Groups along with other content changes. Their amateur profiles pay wall was kind of obnoxious but easily enough to avoid. I also liked Xtube for some of the foreign Hispanic content from South America. And I actually had some pussy only pictures of my wife posted on the profile but these got wiped when content was deleted. Along with my cock in profile picture- also wiped. Xtube R.I.P.
  15. Yes, absolutely start with bareback sex because using condoms between two men is paramount to a sin. Condoms should only be used between male and female to limit reproduction.
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