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  1. Yes more than people admit there are marriages which are mixed orientation marriages between gay/bi men and hetro women. And the women do appreciate it because there's not possibilities of him siring additional babies with lower status female sluts and she gets to maintain her position as the top female "matriarch" or "queen" in the relationship and household.
  2. What a nice story about your personality and sexuality meshing with another person's. Question about it that I have is: why do you think that you will ~have to~ stop being sexually promiscuous for him? What if his choice was for you two to be even married but in an open relationship that allows other people to still enjoy you and him to fuck others too? There's the hetrosexual type version "hot wife" of a sexually promiscuous woman in a marriage with a man. In my life, I was/ am the "hot husband" version originally with women and now only with men. And I don't expect monogamy for my partner just as she doesn't have any doubt of my promiscuity with men. We're totally monogamous in emotional and romantic ways but absolutely not in physical and sexual arenas. Just asking because promiscuous sexuality doesn't mean that you cannot have a loving relationship and bond with another person. It just means that the other person has to be open and understanding about your relationship.
  3. I get top Nashville tn on occasion. I'm a top man so I'm interested in breeding you.
  4. Sounds like a good venue plus the educational part beforehand (hand!!!) I'd enjoy attending if I returned to the NY/NJ region to visit relatives. I'm a medium experienced top man for fisting.
  5. How was the party? Any recommendations or reports? Is this going to be a regularly scheduled meeting up?
  6. There's information here and some variety of other websites about preparation and experiencing it. Take time understanding your body. Go easy and calm.
  7. I'm hopeful to attend one of the 2022 weekend sessions if the covid situation is sorted out.... family schedule and work will be the final determination.
  8. Yes, experienced sexual activities as a young boy with myself and others young boys of similar ages. No adults involved.
  9. Welcome brother to the beauty of homosexuality! 

  10. There's also an annual multi day event in Palm Springs for pissing fetishists related to waterboys website I think.
  11. Maybe visit Pig Week in Fort Lauderdale Florida held after Thanksgiving each year? Still in proximity to Miami but completely different.
  12. Yeah, LOL like "just fucking Google it". Some people are so stupid and don't want to learn or understand just like that guy was being a dumb ass. Surely he'd seen gay websites listing "Negative on PReP" as a status... You are better off without meeting up with him if he's that goofy.
  13. You wrote: "For the first time in my life I truly understood my purpose." And: "I fucking love being a MAN! I'm literally living out my fantasies and feeling fulfilled by obeying my drive to inseminate." Those statements are some of the beauty of being a top/ versatile man... I so know those feelings also...
  14. It's a little sign of affection for having just bred the ass - I've just given you my life essence/ sperm- especially when in doggie position farther away from being able to kiss the bottom man...
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