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  1. Yes, it is just regular exercise of those muscles that expands your ability to accommodate larger dildos and fists. It doesn’t happen quickly for most men. Enjoy the times spent exercise to this. Years ago I used to perform gardening and landscaping with a butt plug up in my hole. It was smaller with a bulbed round head. It helped me accommodate larger toys during actual sex play. Sometimes you might not feel like inserting but try to. Don't worry about cleaning out dramatically when just exercising your hole as long as you have the place to clean up when you finally pull out the plug like
  2. As a top man for fisting none of the bottoms ever talked about incontinence. And as myself having used very large toys even up into my 2nd sphincter have not experienced any issues other than extra large stools in the recent times after my toy playing like a day and more later.
  3. (before Covid virus situation) from about 2013 and on with men only Level 5 to 5.5 maybe 6 sometimes but unable to attend enough orgies or bath houses Would play bareback without asking and also with knowing someone was poz undetectable
  4. It seems like both maturity and experience for kink that you are seeking with your partners versus with inexperienced novices. Mature poz guys ~ most likely~ didn't get infected by just having doggie position, regular old gay, anal sex with one or two exclusive boyfriends over their lifetimes. They got into something heavier and more freaky than that or via a larger volume of numerous hook ups. I run up against the same issues in relation to kinky gay pig orientation websites versus more vanilla gay meet up websites. I have to throttle back on my kink with some of the more vanilla
  5. Yes I wonder how many guys are undiagnosed and outwardly healthy yet still walking around with poz loads available in the category "don't know, not sure".
  6. Awesome thanks for your update. We love the story!
  7. The Sacred Art of Fisting by Larry Shockey is another resource from online for fisting. I found it titled as SAOF_Final_web.pdf. I'll see if I can somehow attach it to my profile. As you can see from his preface first paragraph, he had an accident while fisting. Hopefully this link will work: [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=[think before following links] [think before following links] https://handballacademy.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/SAOF_Final_web.pdf&ved=2ahUK
  8. There was a pig male on one site who'd had an accident with an extra large toy, who apparently couldn't be fisted anymore. He was up front about not taking a fist deep which made it seem like he'd had his internal organs down there reorganized. I won't fist anyone on chemicals stronger than mild booze and poppers. As I've posted somewhere, you should be able to enjoy the pig and fisting without being stoned if you're a truly real male pig.
  9. I'm sorry that men in your region have such dependence on how another man look and not activities. In United States gay fisting culture most men are more interested in performance versus looks. And gay fisting activity tends to attract more mature men who don't care about looks as much versus younger men who worry about such things. I know that, for my participation, I don’t care if you're skinny/ chubby, short/tall, masculine/ feminine, any race and religion. Just be comfortable and relaxed with your choices to introduce into your body to playing with large to extremely
  10. I love piss and multiple cum stained underwear focusing what used to be white briefs but are now yellow to tan to light brown (from aged cum). A little skid marks in them aren't bad either. Especially like stained to hell smaller size white briefs sizes 14-16 regular and husky 18-20. Similarly like white cotton sleeveless undershirts (singlets) and white jockstraps grunged up in the same fashion. Its not just the visual effects but the stank smell is so masculine!
  11. Its basically a short paragraph written review that you can give to someone like "i played with him and he was cool." I've never seen a "bad" review since reviews really just publicize good hook ups and scenes. I think that you maybe can turn off the reviews or delete them from your own profile if you want. The reviews aren't not always accurate as per amount given out or received since, when some guys leave the website and delete their accounts, their reviews disappear from your profile. I only have two reviews currently showing but since 2015 i have had at least six more guys
  12. After being fucked, and while my hook up partner relaxed and snoozed in his post cum bliss, i've actually propped up my legs and butt for about 15 minutes against against the headboard at an angle to better absorb his cum (like doctors tell females trying to get pregnant to do) because I wanted help it absorb and to keep it deep up inside my body for the rest of the night once I did lay back down. While he thought it was strange initially for me to do that, he soon was flattered that I appreciated his cum enough to do that.
  13. Yes, completely agree about this and the celebration of masculinity that homosexual sex is!
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