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    I’m looking to breed and to get bred. Pump dump and go is preferred. No names, just anonymous fucking.

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  1. Would love a recharge from u. 😉 

  2. Fuckin'Oink~!🐷Please keep sharing your adventures, and share your pix. Pigs like you make visiting BZ the best part of my day. I want your pozcum in my cumhole. I gotta a bday coming up, Roadtrip? X☣️X

  3. now what are your plans? staying off meds or not?

  4. I do ask a few questions of the top to get a feel of who he is. Problems I’ve ran into....old guys that are truly looking to get in your room and just watch or just eat ass and can’t get hard, guys that are tricked out on something and can’t get hard, or guys that claim they’re 8” but are 4” and can’t even get close to cumming. I love taking all loads but a few questions can many times head off some hookups that simply aren’t going to work.
  5. Wonder if that’s where I got it?
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