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    100% top here. I"m a big bearish/chubby guy with a big cock. I like everything from kissing and cuddling to kink and group play and chatting about taboo stuff.
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  1. It had been a long time since I bred two different guys in one day but I was so fucking horny. Now I’m alone jerking. Must be something wrong with my hormones. Lol.
  2. I have been wanting to be invited to his parties forever. I see him out and about in town but he won’t invite me. very sad.
  3. Damn, I bet you were absolutely irresistible
  4. The host lives in my home town. I wish I could be his cameraman.
  5. I used to think about this option when I was not single. However, now I have a whole house to myself. I should offer my spare room to guys who have this problem with the only "payment" being them letting me watch :).
  6. This guy hosts monthly gangbangs in my city. Sadly, I’m not invited LOL. At least he posts videos from it. This is from last week: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/five-college-bottoms-gangbanged-35205271 FIVE COLLEGE BOTTOMS GANGBANGED Finals are a stressful time. What better way to de-stress than by taking a bunch of loads at SouthernBBTop’s place? I had five college bottoms hit me up all wanting to get bred last weekend during finals. They came over throughout the night and got ass up for me and a bunch of my top buddies. Some were regular group attendees, one was a new bottom to the group, and another was a Twitter follower who finally took the plunge and came to join the action he’d been jacking off to for months. Enjoy.
  7. Playing with a dad and son at the same time is the biggest thing on my bucket list. Two brothers is number two.
  8. I totally don’t see bottom guys as “less than.” That seems like such an outmoded concept. I’ve met hyper-masculine guys that love to take it up the ass and pretty “femme” boys that prefer to do the drilling. What does it matter?
  9. I love pnp! After a lifetime of playing both fields, i started wanting men more n more n decided to try just men n see if im bi, gay or str8, i was on gay/bi fence n thinking gay. 

    A buddy who ive known 30yrs, i blew several times n fked me a couple said he knew a gay guy he could introduce me to n took me to his house. Jim had a shaved head, nice eyes, n kept checking me out. We had some rum n weed n they broke out the T. Dave said, we havent done this shit in years, remember we stayed up for days.

    Yeah, i had a chance to get laid n u couldve propped my dick up w a stick. 

    Jim n erik looked at each other smiling, erik said, man or woman? Woman i said n jim said well maybe it was wrong sex, it is know as a gay drug.

    I was speechless n blushed, dave said just relax n lets get high af. They showed me how to do n said they shot up n went to the back. They had made sure i was getting monster hits n left me alot of shards. My body was tingling especially my dick, balls n asshole, i started thinking of dave, jim n erik naked n rubbed my dick n went to a gay porn site id been whacking off to alot. I found a 4way n was waiting for it to load when jim n erik came back wearing just shorts followed by dave. I put the phone face down forgetting about the porn. I was taking a huge hit when the porn on my phone started playing very loud. 

    Omg yes! Fuck my faggot ass studs! Feed n breed me! Another voice said, Yeah u dirty lil faggot take it deep!

    I grabbed at my phone but dave beat me n showed the screen of 3 guys stuffing a guy from both ends. Dave smiled n said well i think neal just showed us what he wants. In seconds we were all naked n 3way suckfest.

    Jim who was sucking me, asked me if i wanted to try a booty bump up my ass that itd push u over the edge. He was teasing my hungry hole w his finger, i was moaning n said yes! He got a needless syringe full of clear fluid, put it on my hole then pushed it. I gasped w pleasure as i noticed dave n erik had stopped doing their thing n started rubbing me all over. He shot it in me n it burned for a minute then i was all horned up. That night they fucked me, i fked them n we did it all n after that the gay/bi fence was gone n now im totally gay

  10. I am not poz, so I can't directly relate, but if you have a doctor or nurse that gives you any kind of lecture because you're HIV positive, you need to change doctors. It's certainly OK for them to give you advice, but you have a medical condition, not a moral failing. I'm a large guy and I've gotten lectures before from doctors about how I need to lose weight. When they were rational and explained the risks, etc. I responded well. I don't respond well to the insinuation that it's some sort of character weakness. If I sense that, I change doctors. Get yourself the help you need. Don't wait too long. It's not worth it. I don't condemn those who like to be "poz, not on meds", etc. But you don't sound like that's what you're looking for.
  11. whoai


    It's not uncommon for men to feel sadness, regret, guilt, etc. right after cumming. It even has a name: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-coital_tristesse
  12. Do you think he wants more than just advice?
  13. I have really gotten into spit lately. I don't mean just wet kisses, but spitting in each other's mouth, etc. Love to swallow another guy's saliva and give him mine. It turns me on in porn too. Is anyone else into this as much as me?
  14. Just got my Nintendo Switch and am playing Breath of the Wild

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