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  1. Part 5 Our friends entered our hotel room and saw a naked Eric on the bed, with Steve still doing his magic with the electro box, making Eric whine and moan. Jeffrey wiped the dark sweaty hair off the teenage prince's forhead. "Damn, he really does look like Prince Eric. I mean, if Prince Eric was tweaked. How high is this kid?" "Oh he's pretty fucking high." I laughed. "He's had 8 full pipe hits, 8 shotguns, and four in the gas mask, oh and three booty bumps." " Niiiiice." Cooed Jeffrey in his deep voice. "That's what daddy likes. A hot little twink gacked out his mind." He rubbed his crotch as leaned over Eric's wide open mouth and let a long string of spit fall into it. "How many loads have you given him?" "Just 2 so far. But we have all night, and longer. Prince Eric might not realize it yet, but he's not going to be leaving any time soon. But I'm ready to give him another one now. That open mouth is just too inviting. I think it's time for a good old throat raping!" With that, I swung Eric's body around on the bed with his head hanging off. His wide open mouth left a straight passage over his tongue, past his tonsils, and right down his esophagus. I rubbed my cock all over his eyes and face, loving his silky smooth skin. Eric continued to make grunts and whines as Steve continued the electro torture. I reached for a pair of nipple clamps. I thought about using the alligator ones, with their sharp teeth digging into his tender, now swollen nipples, but I decided on the clover clamps, because the fun thing about them is, you can just rip them off in one excruciating moment. Jeffrey and Dave sat back to enjoy the show. I pulled the suction cups off his nips, to display two beautiful dark red nubs sticking out of his pale chest. I attached the clamps and Eric howled at this new pain. I just smiled as my hard cock twitched. Then I squatted over Eric, and began pushing my cock into his throat. The boy was as dry as the Sahara, but I knew that wouldn't last. As I pushed past the back of his throat, he began to gag, and his retching provided the perfect natural lubricant. I pulled out and Eric coughed and sputtered, gasping for air. I poured some poppers on the handkerchief, and covered Eric's nose with it while I covered his mouth. Soon I felt his body relaxing again and his head flopped loosely. This was what I was waiting for and I forced my 8 inches almost all the way down Eric's throat. The boy struggled beneath me as he gagged, but with his hands bound to his collar, and Steve holding the spreader bar so he couldn't move his legs, the most he could do was jerk his torso, which didn't accomplish much, except to amuse us. Then Steve hit the boy with an extra powerful jolt up his ass and down his cock. Eric's whole body went ridged and his back arched, and I slammed the last 3 inches down his throat and my balls were resting under his nostrils. The guys cheered as I slid my cock out of Eric's throat so the boy could get some air. Then I started to fuck his throat. I would slam it as deep as I could, giving five hard thrusts before I pulled out so I didn't suffocate my young prince. Eric would gasp for air, then I would repeat myself. He continued to gag and retch, which only served to massage my cock more. "That is so fucking hot!" Said Dave. "We can see your cock stretch that sluts throat out!" I continued this attack on the helpless boy for probably 10 minutes before I felt the stirring in my balls. Normally when I do T, my second orgasm takes a lot longer. But I was so worked up. I had never fucked anybody's throat the way I was fucking Eric's right now. This kid would be lucky to be able to talk when I finished. As soon as I knew I was about to blow my load, I buried myself self as deep as I could in Eric's throat. Then I grabbed the chain, and ripped the clamps off of his tender tits. Eric let out a blood curdling scream. At least it would have been if my cock wasn't buried in him pumping my cum right into his stomach. I pulled out as the last bits of sperm dribbled out of me. I rubbed my slimy cock all over Eric's pretty face as he coughed and gasped desperately for air. He spit up cum and slime which I wiped off his face and rubbed into his pissy smelling hair making my angel of a prince look closer to the dirty little piggy cumdump I was turning him into. I removed the spider gag from Eric's mouth and he moaned as he moved his sore jaw around. Well, croaked is more like it from the throat rape he had just had. "I think Prince Eric here is getting a little dehydrated. What should we do about that guys?" I asked, as I pulled a funnel gag out of our bag of tricks and tossed it to Dave. I knew they'd both have full bladders, as they were beer drinkers, and that would be the perfect introduction to Eric's first piss drinking. I smiled, remembering a party that Alex and Joe threw once where Brent was placed in a small kiddie pool with the funnel gag. He served as the only urinal for about 30 guys. For 6 hours he did nothing but drink piss. Then he would just have to relieve himself in the pool, so after a while, his was sitting in a couple of inches of re- recycled piss. I smiled as I imagined Eric like that. Steve and I carried Eric into the tub. Dave attached the funnel gag to Eric as he knelt there. Then Jeffrey and Dave took their cocks out and started filling the funnel. Even soft, Jeffries cock was a sight to behold. Especially with that zero guage p.a. Eric fought it at first, and visibly gagged when he actually swallowed for the first time, but soon he was gulping it down. "Do you like that my little toilet prince?" I asked as I stroked his hair and filmed him. He looked up at me and gave a couple of little nods as he swallowed more piss. That's when I knew I was really starting to break him. The guys used the last little bit of their urine to soak Eric's face and hair, adding their mark to the falling angel. "All right!" Declared Jeffrey, clapping his hands. "Let's get to some fucking!"
  2. This is an artists rendering of Eric if he were real. Just thought I'd throw this in.
  3. Part 4 I knew one of Steve's favourite positions for a bottom to be in, willing or not. So I grabbed the ankle restraints and the spreader bar, and quickly had Eric's feet spread wide. God, even this kids feet were beautiful! Then I attached a collar around his neck with rings that I quickly had his wrist restraints attached to. Eric didn't utter a word of protest. Steve then flipped the boy over and grabbed the spreader bar, pulling Eric down the bed untill his legs hung over the end. This way Steve could pound the shit out of him, and he couldn't go anywhere. Which is going to suck for my young prince, as Steve is a BRUTAL fucker when he's high. Steve was loading another couple of quick hits, and I decided they shouldn't be wasted when they were exhaled. I gagged Eric, and then put a gas mask over his head. After Steve took a huge hit, he blew the smoke into the tube and Eric's mask filled up with white smoke. He had no choice but to breathe it in, and it was quickly followed by another one from me. Two more hits each for us meant that was four more in total for our captive prince. This kids head must be in outer space by now. Just to be sure, I took another little shard and shoved it into the cum filled bottom. He groaned as his insudes burned again. Then Steve lined his slicked up, fat, (like I can't even get my fingers around it fat) 10 inch cock to the defensless hole before him and grabbed the kids hips. He took a deep breath, and with a roar slammed himself balls deep into Eric. The kids whole body went ridged as he threw his head back and screamed, which is exactly why I gagged him. I know Steve. I grabbed the fresh popper handkerchief and held it over the gas masks tube opening, and in a few seconds, Eric went limp again and his body sort of twitched. Steve pulled out all the way and smiled as he saw the pink tinted cum that covered his dick. I smiled too, knowing my babies were being driven even further into my little prince's body. Steve slammed himself back in again, balls deep, but this time, Eric only whimpered. I removed the gas mask, so Eric could breath better and Steve began his masterful fucking. I grabbed my phone to film some action, making sure I got some nice shots of Eric's face as his tear stained eyes winced every time Steve slammed into him. I decided to check my messages from our friends. I knew from experience that Steve's first fuck when he was high would usually last at least half an hour. I'd probably give the kid some more poppers in 15 minutes. One of the messages from Alex said that they went to a sex party and Brent was already up to 15 loads, and there were still a bunch of guys wanting a turn. He was blindfolded and tied down to a fuck bench. Exactly where he belonged. Jeffrey texted that they were at a bar, but it wasn't that exciting. Dave was trying to get this little twink to go home with them, but it wasn't looking good. I sent him a text with a couple of pics of my prince getting a pounding from Steve. I told them he was high as fuck and they should stop by later, he needs more dirty loads. He texted back with a big smiley face and said they should be back by 1:30. It was only 12:30 now, so there was plenty of time. I watched Steve powerfuck Eric for a while as Eric groaned and whimpered. Then I gave the kid some more poppers. Even with all the drugs, I know his formerly virgin ass was hurting right now. Steve was showing no mercy for this newbie. Not that I REALLY cared, mind you. And besides, once David and Jeffrey got here, that kid was going to take one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen! David had a nice 8 incher like mine. But Jeffrey, well, he was the same thickness as Steve, but a true 12 inches. Oh, and he had a big ole p.a. That kids gut was going to get torn up like nobody's business. And I couldn't wait. Finally, after fucking Prince Eric for 35 minutes, Steve grabbed a handful of the kids thick, black hair, painfully pulling his head back and forcing him to Arch his back. Steve then buried himself as deep as he could into the boy and gave him a second dirty load into his already ripped guts. I removed his gag as Steve stuck his ass slime covered dick into Eric's mouth. The boy instinctively started sucking it, probably too high to even realize it. But that's what we wanted. Then I took a medium sized metal butt plug and greased it up, sprinkling a fine dusting of Tina powder on it. This was going to make Eric's anal ring burn like fire this time, instead of his insides. Gotta keep it interesting for the kid! I waited until Steve had finished putting the spider gag in Eric's mouth, stretching it wide open. Then I rammed the plug into Eric's leaking hole and the kid whined as his anal ring burned. We didn't care, we just picked the kid up and headed into the bathroom. We had to piss and there was only one place it was going. We dropped Eric on his back in the tub. Normally, like with Brent, we would deposit our chem piss directly in his ass, but we didn't want to wash the cum loads out of Eric. They were staying in him. He looked up at us with those glassy eyes as we aimed our cocks and let go. We first filled his mouth with our two streams of piss. I didn't expect him to drink it, this was his first time after all. He would be drinking it soon enough. We soaked his face and hair, his chest, his cock, his legs and feet, everywhere. In no time he was baptized in our piss and we ran out. We carried him back to the bed and laid him on his back. In no time at all I had a metal cock cage with a urethra sound on the kid, and Steve had that and the plug hooked up to an electro box. I applied some suction nipple stretchers to his big pink tits and stretched them out a good quarter inch. Steve was a master with the electro box. He knew just how to manipulate the levels, from a mild pulse, to a surprising jolt. He had Eric's body twitching and trembling as he whined and moaned through the spider gag. I watched in wonder as Eric's caged cock emitted a continuous stream of precum. Once in a while I would lean down and lick it off his belly. It tasted so sweet. It seemed like almost no time at all when there was a knock on the door. Dave and Jeffrey had arrived.
  4. Part 3 Eric sat there breathing a little heavy as his dialated pupils darted back and forth between me and Steve. This kid was spun. I took his head in my hands and started kissing him, tenderly making out with him. Part of me just wanted to backhand him and rape his hole, but there was plenty of time for that coming up. I had no idea if Eric had to work tomorrow or not, and I didn't give a fuck. I had him where I wanted him and he wasn't going anywhere for a while. And when we were finished with him, his mind and his world would be so fucked up, he probably wouldn't be in any shape to return to the Magic Kingdom anyway. I pushed him back on the bed and removed his towel. His teenage cock was rock hard, even with all the T he had already smoked. I'm sure the Viagra was responsible. I removed my shirt and layed on top of Eric, kissing him deeply. He moaned into my mouth as my hairy chest ground against his smooth one. He wrapped his arms around me tightly as my tongue explored every inch of his mouth. I reached between us and found one of those pretty pink nips and started pinching it. He moaned louder as his hips started moving, grinding his hard on against me. This kid had probably never touched his nips before. I was awakening the slut in him he hadn't been able to release himself yet. After I had worked his nipples for a bit, I sat up and looked down at my sweet young prince. He looked back at me with those dark Tina eyes and panted in desire. Then I leaned down and licked the precum off the head of his cock. It tasted so sweet. I licked up his shaft where more precum a seeped down, and he moaned as I engulphed his entire rod, taking all six inches to the base. I nursed on his dick for a few moments while he groaned his approval. I didn't suck his dick for too long, cause there was somewhere else I wanted his load more. I knew he could probably cum once, but then the Tina would take over for sure and his dick would shrivel up. I pulled off his cock, much to his dissapointment, and stood up. I retrieved a pair of wrist restraints and rope, holding them up for Eric to see. "Are you ready, my Prince?" He just smiled up at me licking his lips and nodded yes. In mere moments Steve and I had Eric's wrists tied to the corners of the bed. I removed the rest of my clothes and grabbed some lube as I looked down at my living fantasy. His dark, hairy pits were fully exposed and that was the first place I went to next. I buried my face in first one, then the other licking and biting them as I breathed in his teenage musk. Eric groaned at this new erotic sensation that he never knew existed. I moved over to his nipples, licking and biting them as Eric moaned and lightly squeeled. Then I took the lube, and lubed up Eric's throbbing cock. I slid my ass down on it in one easy stroke. This kids average sized cock was no problem, and he groaned as I ground my hairy ass into his freshly shaved skin. I sat on him, using my experienced ass muscles to milk his cock. I played with his nipples as his hips started bucking upwards, faster and faster until his eyes rolled back into his head. "I'm cumming!" He gasped. "Oh fuck! Oh my God! Oh shit. Aaaaagggghhhh!" He cried out as he slammed his hips up into me. I knew he was experiencing the most intense orgasm of his young life because of the drugs. I squeezed my ass as hard as I could as he filled my guts with a big load of 18 yo cum. He just layed there trembling as I carefully dismounted him. He twitched and jerked as I took his cock into my mouth to savour the taste of his cum. He begged me to stop as I sucked the head of his overly sensitive cock. Post orgasm torture is a favourite of mine. I stood up looked down at my captive prince. He just stared back at me with those glassy eyes. His body was bathed in a sheet of sweat which made his pale skin glisten in the light. I couldn't wait to leave some marks on his tender young body. His dark hair clung to his forhead, and I swept it off as I approached my first target. I pushed his head to the side as I planted my mouth on his neck. I started to suck as if I were a vampire. At first, Eric moaned, but as I sucked harder it started to become painful for him. He tried to object but I just covered his mouth with my hand and kept sucking on that fresh young skin. Eventually I pulled off with a strong sucking sound and looked at my handywork. A deep, dark red hickey showed prominently on his neck, marking him as my slut. I knew in a matter of minutes, it would become a deep purple. Now to move on to the main event for me. This kid didn't know it, but he was just mere moments away from receiving the first of many dirty loads that he would receive over the next few days, and probably his life. I grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs back until I exposed the real prize. His beautiful, pink, virgin hole. It was a thing of beauty. It looked so fragile and delicate. It was almost a shame that soon it would be a gaping wrecked cumhole. I said almost. Steve held Eric's legs for me as I dove on that little pucker of paradise. In no time at all, my little future whore was moaning loudly as he discovered yet another erogenous zone he hadn't explored. "Oh God that feels so good!" He cried out. "Eat my ass. Oh God please!" I feasted on his hole, sticking my tongue as far up him as I could get it. He just continued to moan his enjoyment as I sucked, licked, and nibbled his pink pucker. After a nice long ass eating session, I went to the dresser and found a nice sized shard. Returning to the bed I grabbed the lube and squirted some directly into Eric's hole. Then I inserted a finger, slowly until it was all the way in. Eric moaned as he felt his asshole breached for the first time ever. I worked one finger in and out, alternating between my index and middle finger. Then I put two fingers in the boy while he continued to moan. His hole was relaxing quickly, thanks to the drugs we had given him. Then I picked up the good sized shard. I knew it was a lot for his first time, but he was young and healthy, and I wanted to fuck him up. I placed the shard on Eric's hole, then pushed it in with my two fingers. He let out a small hiss as the sharp edges scraped his tender flesh. I buried it in him as far as I could. "Oh God, it's burning, why is it burning?" He cried out after a few seconds. "Make it stop!" "Shhh my prince." I hushed him. "This is just a booty bump. It's going to make your ass beg for our cocks." I continued to push two fingers in and out of him. I didn't use a third, because I wanted him to still be tight when I entered him. I enjoyed the slight pinkness that appeared on my fingers. I knew he would absorb my babies into him that much quicker. He started moaning again and I knew the burning had subsided. Steve released the kids legs as I sat back and lubed up my cock. Then I placed his knees over my shoulders and placed the tip of my cock against Eric's hole. "Aren't you going to use a condom?" He asked me with a worried look on his face. "Trust me my prince." I said to him. "Condoms don't feel good, and I know what you need. You need to be released from your strict upbringing and taught the joy of man on man sex in it's purest form. And I'm going to do that. I'm going to release you." With that, I started pushing myself self into him, taking possession of him, owning him like no other man will ever again. It was enough to make me want to explode right then. I knew this first fuck from me would not be a long one. I was way too turned on by my fantasy coming true. But later, I would be able to fuck him for hours. I watched his eyes pop open when my cockhead past his sphincter. "Take it out please." He gasped. "It's too big!" I didn't say a word as Steve placed a popper soaked handkerchief over the young princes mouth and nose, so he was only able to breath in the fumes. It's so great to have a partner who already knows the right things to do. Eric went kind of limp as I pushed forward into him, and by the time I was balls deep, he was letting out a deep gutteral moan. I stayed still as Steve removed the handkerchief, and looked down on my barely concious prince. 12 hours ago, he was a friendly Disney employee with dreams of going to BYU. Now here he was, drugged up in the hotel room of a guy he didn't really know with a hard cock buried deep inside him, minutes away from having his guts filled with poz cum. I waited till his eyes fluttered, and he looked at me trying to focus. His mouth moved like he was trying to say something, but no words formed. I just grabbed his thighs and started fucking him. Grunts escaped his pretty pink lips every time I slammed myself into him. His head flopped back and forth as I rode him hard. He started to form words that sounded like, fuck me, fuck me, but I couldn't be sure. I grabbed his bottom teeth and opened his mouth, spitting into it a few times, enjoying the sight of my spit slide down into his throat. I was really close when I held his strong thighs against me and just jackhammered his little cunt. My whole body felt like it was exploding when my cock finally shot off and I let out a gutteral, "ooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck," as I filled that sweet Mormon boy with his first load of dirty cum. I just collapsed on top of Eric, barely able to breathe as I watched Steve lubing up his cock for his turn.
  5. Thank you. I write under nastyslutinmt on Nifty.
  6. The easiest would be to search my screen name
  7. I see BZ still has some bizarre arbitrary rules. They banned a word in my first chapter. It was p.e.r.v. I have no idea why this word is unacceptable.
  8. Part 2 Well, hey there." I replied, trying to sound casual while my heart was pounding a mile a minute. "You off work now?" "Yea." He replied. "Uh, so I should ask, are you Steve or Craig?" "Oh Craig." I replied. "So, you wanna hang and have a drink?" I asked, biting my lip, expecting him to say he couldn't. I knew if I could just get close to him, I could trap him in my web. "Yea, that would be cool." He replied. "But.....the thing is, I'm not 21 yet. Is that a problem?" I almost laughed. "Problem? No man, not at all. So....how old are you?" "I'm 18. I just recently graduated. This is my summer job before college." Oh sweet hell, I thought to myself as my hard dick seeped some precum into my jeans. "That's awesome. We can still meet at the lounge at my hotel, we'll order you a coke." "That sounds fine." He replied. So I gave him the hotel information and we agreed we would meet there at 9:30. Steve and I rushed back to the hotel where I debated if I should grab a quick shower, but decided no, I'll just leave my natural smell. Steve and I got really stoned, and I prepared a little dose of G to try and slip into Ken's drink. At 9:30, we were at the lounge, but Ken was no where to be seen. I was afraid he had chickened out. Which honestly, would have been better for him. He had no idea what he was walking into. Steve and I ordered beers and a coke, which made it very easy to slip the G in, since he wasn't here yet. At 9:40, he walked in looking like the perfect sacrificial lamb. He was wearing white shorts and a button up shirt, making him look like a modern, preppy Prince Eric. I noticed his legs were hairy, but that can be fixed. I did love the fact that his legs were well defined, which practically guaranteed the rest of him would be too. I waved him over and he smiled that boyish smile. After we all shook hands, such a polite boy, he sat down and took his first sip of his laced coke. "So," I just jumped right in. Hell, I was stoned. "What promoted you to agree to call me? I'm old enough to be your dad." "How old are you? If you don't mind me asking?" He enquired. "45." "My dad's 39. So I guess you're older than him." That thought just made my dick ache more. "I don't know, you seemed nice, you know. I get hit on a lot. People are really creepy. But you didn't come across that way." He said, as he ran his fingers through his thick hair. I was so glad to see it wasn't a wig he had been wearing. But I chuckled silently to myself that he thought I wasn't creepy. If he only knew what was in store for him. "So," I started, hesitantly. "You said you liked my shirt." "Yea, well, I'm curious about......well I'm gay, and I've had sex a few times, but I've seen stuff, you know, like, on the internet....." He trailed off, drinking more of his coke. "Like kinky stuff?" I prodded. "Yea." He replied bashfully. Oh God I wanted him. "Like what?" I probed further. "Like, stuff.... you know. Like tying someone up, or blindfolding them. I don't know. I'm just curious. And I said when I came here I would try new things. And it's hard to meet certain guys, and the internet is just, I don't know, it's hard." "Where did you come from?" I asked. "Utah. Yea I'm Mormon. I'm going to BYU in the fall. Go courgars." He said, raising his fist in the air. "I'm putting off going on my mission for a while." I jumped a little when Steve grabbed my knee under the table. This corruption was getting better and better. "Hey, I gotta use the John." He said, getting up. As I watched that nice, round ass walk away, I turned to Steve." Can I keep him. Please?" I mock begged him. Steve laughed. "We'll see. This still might not go in your direction." "The kids putty in my hands." I replied. "All I have to do is get him up to our room, and I can guarantee he'll be carrying my babies in a couple of hours!" "Mine too?" Asked Steve. "Of course baby." I replied as I kissed him on the lips. "After I impregnate him, his little pussy will be open for business." "Is it warm in here?" Asked Ken as he sat back down. I smiled a little smile at Steve. The G was starting to work. "I have an idea." I said. "Our drinks are finished, let's go up to our room and chill a little more." "Sounds cool." Said Ken, standing back up. "Lead the way." I will, I thought. I'm leading this lamb to slaughter. I liked that my Prince was shorter than me. I much prefer dominating smaller guys. He was probably 5'9" to my 6ft and Steve's 6"2'. And I decided to assert my dominance the second the elevator closed. I pushed Ken against the wall and started kissing him. He was surprised at first, but quickly melted into me. This kid was going to be easy. I rubbed my hands on his face while my tongue probed his mouth. His face was a smooth as silk. Not a hair on it. I didn't stop until the doors opened. Once inside our room, I opened the mini bar and brought out three beers as Steve put towels at the bottom of the door . "Have you drank before?" I asked him. "A couple times. Not very much though." Was his reply. "Good." I said. "Ever smoked weed?" "No, I don't think I should do that." "Now come on. It's practically legal everywhere now. And besides, you did say you were going to try new things." "You're right." He said decisively. "Weeds not THAT bad. Sure." "And it will help relax you." I said as I lit a joint and inhaling. I handed it to Ken, and he held it to those lucious pink lips of his, and inhaled, coughing almost immediately. "You have to cough to get off!" I smirked. He bravely took another hit, and struggled to hold it in. He succeeded for a few seconds before coughing it out. Steve and I took a couple of hits, then handed it back to Ken. This time, he was able to hold it in without coughing. Soon the joint was gone, and Ken was high, and giggely, and more talkative. I managed to talk him out of his shirt and my mouth went dry as I surveyed his creamy, smooth skin, and his big, pink nipples. Nipples that were born to be abused. He talked about his life back in Utah on the farm, which explained his awesome body. He talked about his 4 brothers and three sisters. He talked about once, when he was younger, he spied on one of his older brothers masturbating in the barn. How it excited and scared him, but he couldn't take his eyes off his brothers cock. He talked about the few sexual encounters that he had. It turns out, they were mostly blowjobs, and he fucked a guy once. But he had never been fucked. Oh my God. I was going to impregnate a virgin Mormon boy. While he talked, Steve handed me four blue pills. Two were extasy, two were Viagra. I popped my two and told Ken to open his mouth. "What are those?" He asked through slited eyes. "Do you trust me? They're just going to make you feel real good." He just smiled at me as he popped them in his mouth and washed them down with the last of his beer. "So," I started. "Since a lot of what you've probably seen online is roll playing, can we do a little. Can I call you Eric? Can we pretend you really are Prince Eric." "Yea." He laughed. "I figured you wanted to, but I didn't know how to bring it up." "Sweet, and one more thing. Eric was nice and smooth. I want to shave your legs." "Really? I mean I don't know......" He stopped. "New things!" He pronounced. It's only hair, it'll grow back." With that, I took his hand and led him into the bathroom while Steve packed a glass pipe with some T. As I ran some bathwater, I pulled down Eric's shorts and underwear, admiring how well built his thighs were. He had a beautiful cock that was getting hard. I took the clippers to his legs first, and had them almost smooth in no time. Then I took the clippers to his bushy pubes. He didn't even object, he just let me do my work. Then I sat him in the tub. I did first one leg, then the other, then had him stand up so I could finish his crotch. His cock was rock hard and stood straight up, probably 6 inches. He moaned as I lathered his cock and balls, and carefully shaved the rest of his pubic hair. Soon, he was totally hairless, which just added to his boyish beauty. I did not touch his armpit hair though. That's a bit of a fetish for me. There is something so sexy to me about a hairless boy with hairy pits, and Eric's we're nice and bushy. After I washed him off, I wrapped a towel around him and we returned to the other room. Steve had changed into some of his leather items, including his leather jock strap. He didn't want Eric to see his mamoth cock yet. I had a really nice 8 inches, but Steve had a fat 10 inches with a big mushroom head. Guaranteed to destroy Eric's virgin hole. "One last thing." I said as I sat Eric between us on the bed. "What's that?" He asked, looking at the pipe Steve was about to smoke. "It's called Tina." She's a lot of fun. You'll like her." "Is that meth? I don't know, I've heard so many bad things about it." "Trust me my Prince." I said stroking him. "It's ok. We've been enjoying it for years. It's ok once in a while. Now, he's going to take a hit, and when he puts his mouth on yours, breath in while he exhales." I watched as the smoke passed from my partner to my new prize. After he exhaled, I held it up to his pink lips and lit the bowl, telling him to hold it until I said exhale. My cock started getting hard again as I watched his young, muscled chest expand, knowing his life would never be the same from this moment. After he blew out a big white cloud I took a hit myself, then placed my mouth on his. He didn't need to be told what to do a second time. When he exhaled, I held the pipe up to his lips. He took two hits from the pipe for our one each, so he had 8 full pipe hits, plus 8 shotgun hits from us. When we finished the pipe, is blue eyes had turned into saucers and he had a glazed look on his face. It was time for the real party to begin.
  9. So any of you that follow my stories may know that I got annoyed with unnecessary editing to my stories, and that I wouldn't write anymore here. Well I have been writing stories on Nifty, which is nice because I can write about things there that I can't write here. But I did miss not being able to share Chem stories, and I do enjoy writing some messed up shit, so I will try BZ again and hope I don't have the same issues. _____________________________________ Part 1 My partner and I are big Disney fanatics. And for me, Prince Eric was the ultimate. That perfect dark hair, and those big, blue eyes, topped by those awesome thick brows. Then there was that perfect square jawline, and sweet, boyish smile. And that body, so perfectly smooth. Defind, but still twinkish. Yea, I had the hots for a cartoon, but that's not so weird. I had jerked off many times imagining ruining his perfect life. So one year we planned a trip to Disney world for gay day. We made it a five day trip with two other couples we were friends with, all of who were into the leather scene. We were all in our 40's and pretty good looking. None of us were totally muscular, but we weren't completely out of shape. We had bellies, and most of us were pretty hairy. One couple, Joe and Alex even had their own boy, a sweet little blond twink. Not that hair colour mattered as it was always buzzed short. It was of course much easier to deal with various hoods and such that way, as he spent lots of time in full leather or rubber. He was barely 22, named Brent. He was pretty small, what you would call "fun size" I guess. Of course, we had all used him many times before, friends share, right? And he had been trained to take any cock his Master's wished him too, which was particularly great for our little group since we were all Hiv+. It wasn't always easy to find a bareback bottom. But Brent was a good little cumdump. So the seven of us got a nice hotel in Orlando. The other couple, Dave and Jeffrey flew down, but Joe, Alex, Brent, me and my partner Steve, rented a van and drove down. It was a 12 hour drive, but this way we were able to bring our leather gear and toys and what not, as well as plenty of party supplies to last us the four days. We had four 8 balls of Tina, a bunch of extasy, some G, weed, and plenty of bottles of fresh poppers. And besides, the long drive isn't so bad when you got a boy to keep you occupied. At one point, I was in the passenger seat, and he was on me naked, riding my cock when we passed a trucker. He looked down and honked at us and we ended up pulling over and letting him have a turn on Brent's hole. And I'll tell you, there are few things hotter than watching a big, fat, black cock pounding a skinny little white boy. Plus, we didn't have to stop to piss. Brent drank down every bit we gave him. When he had to piss, he just did it in a jug that we would dump out the window. So here we are, gay day at the park, high on weed and extasy, all wearing our leather pride shirts, leather caps, and leather boots. Brent of course was wearing leather shorts with a wife beater and a collar and leash. About half the day in, I spotted him. There he was, Prince Eric in person. And the actor they had playing him did NOT disappoint! He was 100% the personification of the ultimate Disney Prince. "There he is! There he is!" I said excitedly, grabbing Steve's hand, feeling like a little child. I instantly broke out in a sweat. Of course the heat and the extasy didn't help much. I just stood there watching him interact with the other guests. He was so perfect, and my cock got hard in my pants as I imagined him on his knees with my dick in his mouth, with those pink, pouty lips, looking up at me with those big blue eyes, tears running down as I grabbed his thick, dark hair and made him choke on my cock. "Come on silly!" Said Steve as he dragged me toward my fantasy boy. Eric saw us approaching and flashed us a big white smile with his perfect teeth, which I'm sure he does to everyone. This is Disney after all. I had butterflies in my stomach as we approached him. Of course I really didn't expect anything more than a picture, but I was glad I was high, because I could at least embarrass myself and not give two shits about it. "Are you enjoying the Magic Kingdom?" Eric asked as he smiled at us. "Oh yeah!" I replied as I got next to him while Steven took pictures on the phone. "And you are my highlite!" I gushed at him. "I love Prince Eric." I said as I gazed down into his eyes. "Well thank you, kind sir." He replied in an awe shucks kind of way as his cheeks flushed. "That's very flattering." We chatted for a moment when he leaned into me and whispered, "I like your shirt." Well what the fuck? Did Prince Eric just flirt with me? My cock got harder in my pants as I imagined the nasty, degrading, perverted things I wanted to do to this boy. And like I said, thank God for the drugs, or I never would have done what I did next. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a business card. Steve and I had some printed up with our first names and our phone number in case we ran into interesting people we might want to party with. I casually passed the card to Eric as I shook his hand. I leaned in and whispered, "I'd love to have a drink with you when your off shift." Oh God, how can I embarrass myself like that? But to my surprise, he glanced at the card and discreetly tucked it into his costume. "I'll call you." He whispered back. Then he turned away as more people approached him. I hurried back to Steven who asked, "Did you actually give him our number?" "Yea, can you believe that?" I replied. "What did he say?" "That he would call me." "Holy shit! You lucky [banned word]!" "Oh come on, that's never going to actually happen! Disney characters get hit on ALL the time! He was just being nice." Imagine my shock when my phone rang at 8 o'clock that night. "Oh hey, it's Ken." Said a voice, followed by a brief silence. "Um, you probably know me as Prince Eric?" I almost dropped the fucking phone.
  10. Love your story and wonder whether it will continue. One hot man.

  11. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your writing. I love your story about the slut son! I fantasize being that son and wish to read more! 

  12. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cd5e254b888f I came across this recently. Really fucking hot. The payoff is near the end. Enjoy!!
  13. I know most guys on this site never watch porn with condoms. But is there an actor you would give anything to go raw? I'm head over heels for Chase Young. I don't even care that he uses condoms, he's so fucking hot. I would kill to see him get bred! (Which in my mind he is!)
  14. One of my faves of all time is in a movie called GoGo Gangbang. The last scene features Owen Powers getting gangbanged at the Ramrod. He's such a fucking cum hungry slut. I've cum many times to this scene! I especially love the fuck me looks he gives to the camera. I have no link, but it's easy to find.
  15. Thank you for your appology, I really appreciate that. I wasn't trying to be difficult or stir up trouble, but I was obviously very bothered by the situation. I hope you accept my appology as well for getting so hot under the collar. I'm glad things have been resolved. I love this site.

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