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  1. Part 1 My husband Rob and I have a great life. We have a nice house 30 minutes from the city and own a very successful landscaping business called Tops Landscaping that had a spinning top as our logo. A nice double-entendre. We also maintained a staff of 20, so we rarely did the physical work anymore. We are both 55 years old and had met when were 25. We fell in love, but kept an open relationship cause we both had (and still have) an insatiable sex drive. We also loved to watch each other with other people. We were totally verse back then and going to the baths togethe
  2. Part 7 As soon as I opened the truck door, I was hit with the smell of piss. Colt sat there in the driver's seat, shivering a bit. "Slide over bitch." I said, and Colt scooted over to the other side. "Do you have my clothes?" He asked. "You mean these?" I replied pulling his phone out of his jean's before tossing everything into the truck bed as I climbed in the cab. "Don't worry, you don't need them yet." Colt looked at me with confusion. "And don't worry, I also have these." I said as I dangled the keys in front of him. "Thank god
  3. Hello, 

    I just started reading My best friend Colt again.  I had forgotten how awesome this story is and the incredible gift you have for writing.  I hope you continue to share your gift with the remaining non gifted  but equal love for such amazing stories.  I know if I would have had a friend like Colt when I was young I would have felt the same way fora friend that was probably closer than a genetic brother.  I also believe I would have been just as happy when he introduced me to Tina and taken me the same night.


    thank you is not enough,

    a fellow [banned word] brother.

  4. Part 6 The rest of the week was pretty much the same. Colt and I couldn't get enough of each other. We were fucking like animals everyday after school as well as finding more secret places at school for a daily blowjob. Sometimes Colt sucked me off, sometimes I sucked him off. And I have to admit, I liked sucking him off because I loved having the taste of his cum in my mouth as we sat in Trig. On Thursday, when we were behind the bleachers and he was on his knees sucking me and jerking himself, I told him to cum in his hand. When he did, I licked it all off. He loved that I loved
  5. Just want some clarification for the grey areas. As far as fiction goes, is stealthing an unknowing bottom still acceptable? A lot of my stories as well as other people's contain forced/pozzing/converting fantasies for unwilling/unknowing bottoms, often leading to them becoming sick. Is this considered no longer acceptable?
  6. One of my favourite cocksucking adventures was two days after my 30th birthday. It was a Friday night and I had scored some coke and took a trip down to the ABS. I picked one of the rooms around the corner at the end of the hall, snorted two fat lines and waited. It wasn't long until a guy walked past my room. He was old, probably late 60's, with a long grey beard and long stringy hair. He was wearing dirty jeans and a sleeveless black Jack Daniel's T-shirt. I motioned for him to come in as I sunk to my knees. I undid his pants and pulled out his wrinkled cock. It was
  7. Part 5 The rest of what was left of the weekend was spent naked in Colt's bed, smoking weed, cuddling, kissing, and I never wanted it to end. But it had to end, and Monday found us back in school. 2nd period was a total waste. We had history together and I dont remember a thing that Mr. Koon said that day. I sat right behind Colt and couldn't take my eyes off of his body. I stared at his big, strong arms, remembering how they had been wrapped around me, holding me tight. He'd move them and I would catch glimpses of his pit hair, my dick getting hard as I thought how bad
  8. Part 11 I threw TJ's jeans at him as he layed there on the dirty, piss covered ground, cum leaking out of his hole. "Get dressed you fucking white trash cumdump!" I ordered him as I shoved the fat pug back into is ass. I just stood over him as he slowly pulled his pants on, spitting on him. "Hurry up you little faggot!" I demanded. He pulled his jeans on and I unlocked his leash. I started to lead him back out through the maze, past all the homeless guys that had just used him. He just hung his head in shame as we walked. I looked at him, his long, stringy hair matted
  9. I wish I was groveling at your feet!! Let me breathe in your foot funk whilst your buddies tag team my holes!!!

  10. Please....PLEASE continue SIR!!!! it BEGS you!! This slut NEEDS the continued story!!!
  11. Love, love, love your stories man. The one about that meth skater whore is especially hot. Thanks for getting me off this week lol

    I'd love to see porn like that...Slam rush comes close but not quite. 

  12. I LOVE this site! Absolutely one of my favourites! And it's only gotten hotter over the years! People have been contributing some amazing shit! And what's best is people, for the most part, are kind and respectful to each other, even when they disagree. In many ways the world could learn something from this site!
  13. Another most excellent couple of chapters! Thank you. I hope you contribute other stories here as well.
  14. I write under nastyslutinmt on Nifty
  15. Part 12 Ok guys, this is the last chapter. It may not be quite as exciting as the others, but it is the ending I always planned. When we arrived back at the hotel, it was now 4:00 am Monday morning. Eric had been high and had been basically fucked non stop since Saturday evening. I knew his young body, and especially his asshole probably really needed a break. But I didn't care. Opportunities to destroy a hot teenage boy that looked like a Disney prince didn't exactly come by very often. And I wasn't going to waste it. Besides, we still had a more responses from a bunch
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