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  1. Part 9 I had to go into work the next day for a while. I left TJ sound asleep. I wasn't worried about him robbing me. I lived in a bad neighborhood and didn't really own anything of value. I had my tv and DVD player, but they weren't fancy and wouldn't bring that much at a pawn shop. The only thing of value I really had was my drugs, and those I kept locked up in a safe. I wasn't worried about him leaving either. First of all, he had nowhere to go. And second of all, he knew if he left, that would be it for getting high. And he liked drugs too much to just walk away, w
  2. Part 8 Paul dumped a second load into the trashy whore. That made 4 already, and I decided TJ wasn't finished. I had several friends who were always happy when I had a cumdump around. They never had to worry about condoms, and they never had to pull out. Some of them were poz, a couple weren't, but they all loved a trashed out bottom. As TJ layed there, covered in sweat and breathing hard, he played with his shriveled up little dick. His eyes were closed and he didn't notice me snapping some pictures of him. Not that it would have mattered. I would have taken pictures r
  3. Part 7 It didn't take Paul very long to get to my place. As soon as I opened the door he gave me a high 5. "Another piece of trash to add to your list eh?" He said, entering my apartment. "Can't wait to see the fucker!" We went directly into the bed room where TJ was still splayed out giving a perfect view of his just raped ass. The hairs around his butthole were matted down from lube and fuck juice, and a small bit of pinkish cum dribbled out of his hole. "God damn that's hot!" Said Paul as he stripped of his clothes. "Look at that fucking pre
  4. Part 11 We arrived at Jim and Tom's place just a little before 9. I made Eric crawl on his hands and knees while I led him on a leash. We walked up to the door and rang the bell. A tall and very thin man in his 50's answered the door. It was Jim. He was dressed in leather pants and a harness which showed off his huge tit rings nicely. He welcomed us in and introduced us to Tom, who was also in his 50's. Tom was wearing a pair of chaps and a leather vest that did little to cover his big, hairy belly. His soft dick hung down a good few inches, and his balls even lower. Si
  5. Part 10 It only took a half hour before the first response came in and 15 more minutes before his first cock arrived. It was a middle aged man, balding, a little on the heavy side. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that Eric got fucked. The man soon had Eric on his back as he slid his 7 inch cock into the teenage boys ass. I smiled as I watched Eric, wearing his slutty costume, take his first anonymous cock in his life. Taking the cock of someone he had never met, never spoken to, and didn't even know his name. Taking his cock because I wanted him to. The n
  6. Part 6 I didn't see TJ for a few days until he showed up at my door Thursday evening holding a duffel bag. He smelled horrible and looked even worse. His long hair was filthy and stringy and he was covered in dirt. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, which wasn't far from the truth. Without a word I let him into my apartment and he moved to my couch. "On the floor!" I ordered him. "You're not sitting your filthy ass on my couch!" He dropped to his knees and sat down looking dejected and pathetic. I sat on the couch and offered him the loaded bong. He smi
  7. Part 5 TJ sat back on the couch as he rubbed his sore jaw. "I guess there's gonna more of that huh?" He asked. "Oh yea." I replied. "I told you this shit ain't cheap. If you want it, you've gotta earn it. He just sat there, not saying a word. "Now tell me, honestly, was it that bad? You really seemed to get into it there. Like you were really enjoying it." "It wasn't so bad, I guess." He replied. "I guess I thought it would be grosser." "And what about my cum?" "Well, that wasn't as gross as I thought either. I guess I'll have to get
  8. Part 4 I smoked another couple of bowls with TJ before I kicked him out, making sure he was good and spun. This would almost guarantee he'd be back for more. And sure enough, by three o'clock the next afternoon, he was outside my door jonesing for more. He looked disheveled and skanky, which only made me want him more! I let him in and his body odor hit me like a truck. He explained he hadn't gone home because his roommates don't approve of tweaking and that he had spent all night and day wandering the streets. I almost felt bad for my dirty little skater boy, but my cock was stirr
  9. Part 3 TJ became an immediate hard core fan of getting rimmed, even more so after I introduced him to poppers. I'd give him his laced soda, we'd get ripped, then my face would be buried in his hairy hole as he huffed on poppers and egged me on with filthy talk. Then he would skull fuck my face and blow his load down my throat followed by a piss chaser. He never even once objected to my finger up his cunt as I blew him. I guess he figured that wasn't TOO faggy. And besides, he knew just how good if felt, and that he'd probably never get his little girlfriend to do that to him. ( who
  10. Part-9 The guys and I all went down to the hotel restaurant to force some food into ourselves. Of course we left the boys in the room. Brent was left in a straight jacket. Hooded and gagged, he was left on his stomach with his legs pulled up painfully behind him and a large vibrating plug in his ass. He also had earbuds in that again just played static. Eric was on the bed. He had several leather straps the went around his ankles, just below his knees, his thighs, his waist, where his wrists were secured, and his upper arms, across his chest. Furthermore, he
  11. Part-2 Things pretty much stayed the same for the next few weeks. Every two to three days TJ was up in my apartment when he needed more weed. And I was more than happy to keep supplying him as long as I got to suck that big 19 year old cock. Maybe suck is too nice of a way to put it. TJ was very aggressive and loved the fact that I had no gag reflex as he pounded his pierced cock down my very receptive throat. He loved to bury himself balls deep and hold my head tight against his hairy crotch as he pumped his huge loads of teenage cum right down my esophagus. And I loved eve
  12. So here's a new story I'm starting. For you fans of my Prince Eric story, don't worry, I'm still working on that too. I just have soooooo many perverted stories going on in my head I get side tracked and want to get them all out. _________________________________________ Part 1 So I guess it's fair to say I definitely have a type. Young and trashy is what gets my dick hard. You can keep your pretty boy jock types. Give me a scruffy, tattooed, pierced,18, 19, 20 year old piece of skinny white trash any day. If they're straight, even better. There's nothing like getting my
  13. Hey guys, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Thanks for the kind words. Here's the next chapter, I should have another one for you soon. Part 8 Alex rummaged around the toys, while Jeffery attached restraints to the boy. Soom he found the Humbler. Brent's expression turned to one of fear as he let out a whine. As good of a boy as he was at taking abuse, he never-the-less really, and I mean REALLY hated his balls to be the target. They were extra sensitive. But to his credit, he did not object or utter a word. That's because he knew if he did, whatever torture they had
  14. I wish I had met you when I was 18.  If you are anything like your stories, you would have made me a total whore.


  15. Part 7 Jeffrey slid his dick out of the boy, revealing a hole that was no longer tight and pink. It was gaping open a bit, and was puffy and red. Pink cum oozed out of Eric's ruined hole, which made my own cock throb. Even though I had cum twice already, I knew I had another one in me. I was so fucking turned on having my fantasy come true. There before me lay the beautiful Prince Eric, fucked up out of his gourd, his ruined asshole leaking poz cum. And there was so much more to come. We still had a couple of days left in Florida. And if I got my way, Prince Eric would be taken bac
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