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    Poz, On Meds
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    Nasty Pig who is into mutual play.

    Like it on the wild side/pig play -- sling play, rim seat, FF, WS (want to learn how to take it from the tap), passionate kissing, rimming, nip play, toys, leather, porn, sounds, and masks. Enjoy mutual play --> like to give and receive.

    Also looking to explore my sub side serving a Dom -- especially through bondage. Have limited BDSM experience
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    None, but would like to try it
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    Looking for DOM tops to use me for their pleasure -- fuck, breed, piss in, fist, make my nips sore and grow my rosebud.

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  1. The guy that popped my poz cherry was a really hung black man who gave me his strain four times in one fueled night. Still get hard at the thought.
  2. All he needs are poppers and a little T
  3. I deeply respect your profile. I agree with your priorities. 

    1. workmyhole


      Thanks, I like your interests as well.


  4. Commando or a jock with a cock ring.
  5. Howdy! Dallas here as well

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. workmyhole


      Where in Dallas?

    3. redkane2


      Oaklawn area

    4. workmyhole


      We need to meet up and have some piggy sex.

  6. I have been poz for over ten years, and this was so hot I shot a load. I'd love to have someone put me in a sling and give me a special enema.
  7. workmyhole on
  8. Love to have you fist my hole.UsedHole_12032016.jpg

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    2. workmyhole


      I have never had two hands in my hole at the same time, but get me spun and I am more than willing to try. 

    3. Fistulike666


      That's the way!!

    4. workmyhole


      Love to have you spin me and take your fists.

  9. Thanks for following me.  Great pic and profile.

  10. Thanks for following, and you have great pics

    1. barebttmpig


      thanks for following back workmyhole oink

    2. workmyhole


      Nothing better than raw sex

  11. Thanks for following me stud -- love to take toxic loads.

    1. RawAdventures


      would love to take toxic loads together

    2. workmyhole


      That would be so sweet.

  12. Great start, looking forward to reading more of the story.
  13. Nothing like cum in my hole, but POZ cum is even better.
  14. Thanks for following me stud.

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