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    Nasty Pig who is into mutual play.

    Like it on the wild side/pig play -- sling play, rim seat, FF, WS (want to learn how to take it from the tap), passionate kissing, rimming, nip play, toys, leather, porn, sounds, and masks. Enjoy mutual play --> like to give and receive.

    Also looking to explore my sub side serving a Dom -- especially through bondage. Have limited BDSM experience
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    None, but would like to try it
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    Looking for DOM tops to use me for their pleasure -- fuck, breed, piss in, fist, make my nips sore and grow my rosebud.

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  1. Hiya ... thanks for the rep xx:):drool:xx

  2. Went to a POZ play party last night, and got five creamy loads.  It was nice to wake up this morning and feel the cum in my hole.

    1. bellyguy44


      I know the feeling. It is great.

    2. boybottom4use


      so hot being loaded up with poz loads!!

    3. PHXbottomguy


      your ass would have been perfect for eating this morning!

  3. It's official. Daddy will be back soon. Details later 

  4. Thanks for following me

  5. Thanks for the rep! xx:D:*xx

  6. Had some BBC this afternoon.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Chargedup


      Hot.  Want to dock asses ?

    3. workmyhole


      I have a double headed one

    4. Chargedup


      That needs would be hot to bump our blown out twats lol

  7. 007 will be back !  Will let you know when I'll be back to north dallas.  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. workmyhole


      Feel the need for seed

    3. Chargedup


      ill be practicing my hand ball so watch out !

    4. workmyhole


      Love getting fisted

  8. Thanks for the follow


  9. Thank you for the rep. Hope your w/end is good? xx:*xx

    1. workmyhole


      Yes, thanks -- nice and low key.

  10. Had a great time in Denver this week -- had a nice long fisting session.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jimrs69


      AWESOME!!!  How deep did it get?

    3. Chargedup


      oh he has an amazing deep velvet hole !  oink


    4. workmyhole


      And your dick felt so good in me

  11. Thanks for the rep! Nice pics ... you want me to turn up the volume & make you buzz like a bee?

    1. workmyhole


      Fuck yeah, and give me a bump before turning up the volume.

    2. Fistulike666


      You got it! Anything that makes the world spin faster xx

    3. workmyhole


      My hole and cock are twitching at the thought.


  12. Thanks for following me.

  13. Thanks for the rep my friend xx:drool::*xx

  14. That's great! I could go for a session like that

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