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    Dallas, TX
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    Nasty Pig who is into mutual play.

    Like it on the wild side/pig play -- sling play, rim seat, FF, WS (want to learn how to take it from the tap), passionate kissing, rimming, nip play, toys, leather, porn, sounds, and masks. Enjoy mutual play --> like to give and receive.

    Also looking to explore my sub side serving a Dom -- especially through bondage. Have limited BDSM experience
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    None, but would like to try it
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    Looking for DOM tops to use me for their pleasure -- fuck, breed, piss in, fist, make my nips sore and grow my rosebud.

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  1. Best hotel for anon breeding?

    Go for Bliss ABS; not too far from Mockingbird.
  2. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    BBBoyfromTN, I need to go shopping more often at Northpark Mall.
  3. Bottoms who love rimming guys

    I love giving /getting rimmed. There was a pig/chem daddy that I used to play with, after several hours of getting fucked/fisted he would have me sit in his rim seat and eat my ass while I was taking hits of poppers.
  4. How to identify?

    I always like wearing mine.
  5. What is it like to be DPd

    I know and I want it!
  6. What is it like to be DPd

    I figure that after a good fisting session my hole would be stretched to take two cocks -- definitely want to get DPd!

    Hot fucking video, I would love to under his ass and eating his cum.
  8. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to a local POZ play party last night; the best holiday party yet. There were about ten guys, and I got two nice creamy loads, and gave a guy (who really knows how to suck cock) a five-day load of cum.
  9. Fisting websites

    FelchingPisser is right, love playing with guys from Ass Pig.
  10. A Brother in Trouble

    Damn, I loved it.
  11. Fuck Club

    I'd like to be a member of this club.
  12. I'm turning into a cumdump

    I really want to get bred by a group and feel the cum running my legs and fed to me.
  13. It is a hot start to this story; looking forward to more installments.

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