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    Dallas, TX
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Nasty Pig who is into mutual play.

    Like it on the wild side/pig play -- sling play, rim seat, FF, WS (want to learn how to take it from the tap), passionate kissing, rimming, nip play, toys, leather, porn, sounds, and masks. Enjoy mutual play --> like to give and receive.

    Also looking to explore my sub side serving a Dom -- especially through bondage. Have limited BDSM experience
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    None, but would like to try it
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    Looking for DOM tops to use me for their pleasure -- fuck, breed, piss in, fist, make my nips sore and grow my rosebud.

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  1. I love how my hole feels and looks after a good fisting session.
  2. I may be there in August, and definitely need to check it out.
  3. There's nothing like getting fucked in a sling or on a bench.
  4. Generally take it everyday, always want to be ready for that spontaneous fuck
  5. Looking forward to seeing you.
  6. It is very hot, especially when it's enhanced
  7. Texas countdown!  Boys in hurst asked me for when I’ll be in DFW   Hope I get invited to the dance :)




    Welcome to my new swallowers

    at chargedup up we celebrate 69 pos rep milestones. 

    4269 is next up.  Browse my smut and charge me up with a pos rep. 

    Winner receives a virtual viral load !

    thanks for choosing chargedup! 

    1. Chargedup


      Dallas mommas  hide your cowboys. Chargedup is coming to barnstorm the city. One night performance !  

  8. I have been poz for 10+ years; never looked back and always enjoy getting fucked by other poz men.
  9. I love piss in my hole, especially chem piss.
  10. I'm so out, my family and friends had a good idea when I was on the local news radio years ago talking about the need for repeal of the sodomy laws in DC.
  11. Last week I had to head to Houston for work, so I made plans to be a pig at Club Houston, and was not disappointed. When I got there parking lot was full -- a good sign for a fun night. Once I got to my room, stripped down, and lubing my hole with Elbow Grease, I was out the door and explored the place to get my bearings. Certainly the maze was a virtual field of sweaty, piggy men and did not disappoint with lots of gropes and being pushed against the wall while getting my cock sucked and nipples chewed on. During my walk around, I kept on seeing this guy checking me out, so when we finally met up it was immediate chemistry. We headed back to my room and immediately became engrossed in each other's bodies -- his nice and smooth, as well as muscular. We continued to kiss, lick and rim each other; his pits and hole tasted so sweet. As I opened his hole, he noticed the Elbow Grease on the ledge and commented he really liked pig play, especially as a fisting top. So I plowed his hole all the harder, enjoying every second and stroke. As we swapped fucks, he wanted to fist me before fucking my hole. Grabbing the Elbow Grease he started lubing up my hole and then started opening it up with his hands, eventually punching it and wrecking it. Once my hole was opened from the fisting, he dove in and started fucking me. Between his fists and cock my hole was in heaven -- sloppy and used. I continued to be on the prowl, and found the guy who had been blowing me in the maze. As he invited me into his room, I discovered he had a biohazard tat on his back. My cock immediately got hard. We immediately started making out and wanting to swap fucks and seed. His hole was already sloppy from use -- feeling nice and cummy; it felt so great and tasted equally good. As we swapped positions, he slipped his cock in me and pounded my hole. He spread my legs as I lay on my stomach and pounded my hole even harder. He then whispered in my ear -- take my cum in your hole. I definitely plan on making a return trip to Club Houston. The next night I checked out AssPig and on the spur of the moment, went over to a pig's house where I was again not disappointed. This man was incredibly sensual and certainly knew how to kiss and his way around my hole. I have never had a man who was so tantric and intuitively able to open my hole. Between his kissing, toys and fists I was totally spent and felt incredible assgasms. I feel another trip to Houston is up cumming
  12. Thanks for the follow stud.  Definitely would enjoy meeting up since we are in the same town.

  13. Fuck, I have the blindfold already.

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