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  1. So I was wondering.. I'm a dentist myself. I'm curious what other doctors are thinking about their patients. Most of the discussions with gay doctors are like "I only see them as patients no matter what" while straight doctors will more eagerly admit to me that they may get horny from a woman. So do gay doctors need to feel "more professional? Is there any kind of social stigma that makes them be "more professional" because in some people's mind being gay is equivalent to beingg a hair stylist? And is it so why straight guys are more eager to talk beteen them about female patients? Personally
  2. Well a real dick feels way better than a dildo. And even the move that a woman bearing a strapon does seems unnatural. They just move in a weird way. They also tend to scream a lot. But that's a porn issue I assume. Additionally, a woman does not feel anything since it's a dildo.. so it's kinda one way pleasure. I just believe that every guy if he manages to "relax" and finds the right guy can have same-sex experience. And although kinda out of topic, I believe that many straight men are in disadvantage. They are expected to have money, to be brave and to "do the dirty work" and actually they
  3. Have you ever thought/wondered that straight guys lose lots of their self-satisfaction potential? Like jerking and doing poppers? Or touching your butthole? Or anything actually? Bcz not all guys like poppers and same goes for anal games but isn't it quite sure that several straight guys are missing pleasure from such things? and I've also watched some sexy guys getting fucked by a woman's strap on. If we accept that these guys are straight, wouldn't they feel much better if a real dick and a man who knew how to please them was in her place?
  4. God, you are hot.


  5. I do hope that having un uncut dick won't be a problem. I'dalso love to see a pierced dick but no one has one in greece (at least no one that I have ever met or chatted). I also want a pa hole so as for my cum to leak from there too 🙂
  6. How long does it take to take a rather large in diameter PA? I dont want a small one i want it to make ahole there i loveit:) Does it break the condom?
  7. I'm thinking of nipple and prince albert piercing and I need some advice about how it feels to have one, every-day things that you need to know and if u think it would look nice on me 🙂
  8. I don't like wrestlers. I mean I do understand that they can be hot but the whole thing about martial arts is a turn off for me. Especially about professionals, what kind of person choses to do a job t hat includes dropping unconscious someone else?
  9. Although I like fucking I do admit that I always had a bottom side, sucking dick and getting fucked. Most times getting fucked doesnt feel that good. It's not that I'm in pain but it's not much of a pleasure either. I do feel that other bottoms enjoy it way way more than me. However I do repeat it. I don't expect that the next time will feel so good but I still enjoy it. I like making a man's dick hard, making him horny and taking his cum however Ialways have me cumming as a priority. I could imagine me riding someones dick until I cum and not letting him cum/. Something like a
  10. For me 2 nipple piercing and a PA piercing is the best thing to have
  11. I don't think my father wanted me to have a family or something. He just wanted me to be happy. And I never cared about fulfilling my parent's dream about me. I think they were happy for me either way. So I don't relate my father's desire to my desire to make a family. Maybe the loss made me wanna do this, but not because Ibelieve he wanted that. I always wanted a family but I never actually planned it.
  12. I don't have anyone around me who plants to have a baby. I want own babies 😄
  13. I get what you're saying. I'm prettyconfused myself. I think that I would just forget my gay side and be with my wife and my wife only. But I do need to have children. I'm craving for some family moments.. or maybe for a life in a happy family.
  14. Well adopting in my country is forbidden by gay men (and I think it's out of the question for a single man). I'm very positive towards mental health professionals, because we have psychologists in our family so always thought that visiting a professional could help. I'm not considering it right now (like for the following days) but I do consider it for the following time. And financial issues are the worst because I have to pay off for some debts that came along with my father's loss. There are times that I think I can make it, I will do it, I'm optimistic. But there are times (and especia
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