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  1. It didnt take many minutes before my ass was stretched out around Peters cock. First he gave me a quick rim, tasting the cum of his husmand. THen he slid inside me himself, and started breeding. Honestly, the next twenty minutes that followed is the greatest of my life so far. THere are many reasons to this: 1) Peter has an amazing cock. It is long, it is thick, it is veiny, it is black. The foreskin gliding back and forth when he enters my cunt, andjust makes an amazing sensation inside m. 2) Peter is an incredible fucker. He is in total control the whole time. He holds me ti
  2. This one is packed with hot verbal piggyness! [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fd27fe963e81
  3. I just discovered how hot Ryan Carter is. Have seen him in a couple of videos before, but not really caught my attention before now. The verbal and piggy action in this video is mindblowing! I edged my way all the way through it, with good help from some favourite poppers. Enjoy it, guys!! [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fd27fe963e81
  4. My regular fuck dad has a PA piercing. Feels amazing when he enters my hole with the cold, smooth metal. It really turns me on and sets the mood for the huge cock following right behind it. Never found it more painful than only dick.
  5. Thanks, guys! I'll do as you suggest. Just taking it slow and train. Hd a read now about the colon, and yeah, just have to work past that second ring/spintcher, or bend is perhaps more correct.
  6. Agree 100%! Bareback is the way to have sex. Condoms are a real turn-off, so when I get horny its all about bareback raw fucking. 😈
  7. Hey pigs! I have a few tops I meet regularly that are rather big. When they fuck me, It feels amazing - until they go al the way. The girth is no problem, but its the depth that puts me off. How can I train to enjoy this more? I dream of taking their dicks hard and balls deep, but for now we have to keep it soft and more shallow. What can I do?? Please help me become a better pig!
  8. I was laying on my back. Legs spread apart, looking at these two, hot muscular men. They were smiling their horny smiles to me and each other. Michael took a step foreward, and approached me. He let some spit drip down on his cock, just before he placed his cockhead on my hole. He slowly inserted it into my ass, inch for inch. When he was balls deep he exhaled deeply, and started thrusting. He kept a steady rythm, fucking me. He didnt go particularily hard, nor too soft. Peter came over to me, stepped up onto the bed, sitting on my face while he made out with Michael. At this point I rea
  9. This is an amazing video!!! Drew verbal as I love him, showing of his perfect versatility 😈 only pity with the gloves..
  10. THis is so true! Even though TIM still makes good videos, its something weird about commercial porn and pulling out lately. Its almost like they feel the need to prove that the guys actually cum, so they pull out, just to shove it back in too late (wasting most of the cum on the outside) or even worse, cum all over the chest or face. The whole point of bareback, manly, sleazy sex is the load going in the ass. What happens after that can vary, multiple loads, squirting, felching.. can all be hot. But if the cum doesnt go in the ass, its like the whole video is wasted for me. The best videos are
  11. Agree! I am versatile myself, but dont flip every time i hookup. I usually choose to either top or bottom, and sometimes I find a hot vers guy, we flip and play equally top and bttm. When I bottom, I am as cum-hungry and craving as you can imagine, and wouldnt dream of getting hard and cum myself. When I top, I am all about spreading my sperm, and loading up the ass(es) in front of me. So I wouldnt say a versatile guy should be regarded as less of a bottom or less of a top.
  12. Im finally meeting my regular poz daddy for some hot breeding tomorrow. He havent bred anyone since decemper because of the pandemy, and he chose to have me as his first among his sons. Really loking foreward to let him use my holes, and leave my ass gaping - full of sperm. Any ideas on how I can let him know that I love this? How can I pay back to him for all the sperm and pounding he will ive me?
  13. Abolutely. A long night of flip-flop fucking with him would be amzing!!
  14. Sure, he should be able to keep his private life private. Was just so curious about him, some porn stars live as wild off camera as on it....
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