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  1. Mayo works ! I have used it as lube in a pinch.
  2. I still think once you bring up even a bit of your history. He will go for it. Be brave. 🙂
  3. Easy just bring up the last time you guys hung out. Once you get to talking about it. Bring up the blow job thing. I am betting he is still into it.
  4. I do not remember what I had for breakfast. I should have keep a log book.... with notes.
  5. Still a great story Thankfully for the recent movie. Many of the guys here did not have to look him up.
  6. Shame you missed out. He could have bred me anytime 🙂
  7. Your so lucky to have that buddy. I love to rim any hole any time
  8. Exactly. Sadly way to many bottoms are not sure enough of them selves to bond this way.
  9. I agree,  Particually  before he showers, I love to  tongue clean under the Hood

    1. melvin0095


      Take our time enjoy it. 

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