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    Started seriously barebacking in December 2016 after persuasion by a sexy Chinese guy when on business in Macau. When I got home I researched getting on PrEP and have never looked back ...
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    Never say no to sex but preference for smooth guys, especially attracted to asians. Versatile and love to flipfuck. Give and take loads. Enjoy photographing encounters.

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  1. I describe myself as versatile and I am. I fantasise and enjoy bottoming more than topping but end up topping more than bottoming simply by reason of opportunity rather than preference. I always seem to encounter a shortage of tops in bathhouses and cruise clubs although I do much better in getting topped using apps. My ideal is to flip a few times during an encounter.
  2. I went into the city to attend two concerts, one at 2 pm (a gay choir) and the other at 6pm. I thought I’d try to find a hookup for the 3 hours in between and turned Grindr on. However, knowing the chances of striking out I also checked the movie listings and discovered a film festival at a venue close by both concerts so I picked up a ticket for a 3.30 screening. During the first concert I responded to a Grindr message that was nearby indicating interest in a quickie after the first concert and got a positive reply. However, I realised I wouldn’t have time to get done before the film and put
  3. I have just returned from 5 days on vacation in another city where I took several loads. The idea was to have a “dirty weekend” away from home and from my partner. I had the foresight a few days before I traveled to message a guy in that city who has been posting some pretty hot videos on twitter of his sexual exploits. From the videos I could see he was hung, a top, barebacker and sometimes had a third guy with him. I didn’t know him and wasn’t sure he’d see my message or reply but was delighted to get an encouraging response. Once I checked into the hotel I messaged him again and he indicate
  4. Has a great Grindr hookup to balance out the time wasters and flakes. I was in another city for a dirty long weekend and exchanged messages over several days to find a time that fitted with his work. We were quite different to each other, at 25 he was half my age, and hairy while I’m smooth. He was taken by my smooth body and what he called, from seeing a pic, my “awesome thick uncut piece”. He was fit and had a great body and nice personality.I was pleased he agreed to me videoing the session. He arrived and we cuddled for a while, I loved caressing his muscular hairy chest, which makes
  5. I’m honoured to have taken the same number of loads as drscorpio at 28 (as I’m versatile I also deposited 11 loads, but it’s not a competition).
  6. Thanks for the post which is helpful as I’ve been confused by some terms and abbreviations used in some profiles. Two that I’ve come across in certain twitter profiles are ‘DL’ and ‘poly’. DL, sometimes expanded to ‘Down low’, appears to be - as I discovered from the Urban Dictionary - what used to be referred to as straight-acting. It seems likely to be more commonly used in the US and in subcultures following US slang closely. I came across the term frequently in profiles also described as poly but infrequently anywhere else. Poly in these self-referencing profiles, I’m pretty sure, re
  7. Who knew twitter could be so hot? I’ve been on twitter since February 2019 - @traveller_gay - posting some of my sex shots but trying to raise the tone by adding some gay travel and gay art posts (no one retweets the art stuff whereas cum leaking from my ass seems popular). However, in the last 6 months or so I’ve noticed that as well as the porn it’s become quite the hookup app. I’ve now used it for a couple of hookups and over the weekend used twitter to set up a video shoot threesome which was great.
  8. I’m visiting another city and got a few hours away from my companion so checked out Grindr. Various chats but the no-nonsense tone of one message grabbed my attention: “hey mate, you alone? What’s up? You interested in having a load dumped in you?” I was interested and before long he had me come to a unit in a light industrial area, explaining that his parent s owned the building and he was staying there overnight to attend a party. The industrial vibe to the place was hot and he’d thrown a mattress on the floor. We both stripped and I could admire his muscular body, with strong hairy chest, b
  9. Went to naked orgy night at local sauna. Despite the place being packed there seemed to be far more guys crowding around any guys getting it on than guys actually getting down to fucking. I topped and bottomed a few times though not enough to make the night a complete success. Probably the highlight was a session in a dark alcove off a dark room. The dark room itself had many guys in it and I felt a hairy bear close by me. Reaching down I felt his cock which was both thick and hard. But best of all it curved upwards, I love being fucked by a banana cock (As an aside, I have especially fond mem
  10. Congratulations on starting PrEP- sounds like you’re making good use of it already.
  11. All guys at the bathhouse are looking for sex but some guys put off vibes that suggest they’re somehow off limits. Avoid doing that and, as a younger guy, you’ll have other guys approach you anyway. Don’t avoid eye contact. Don’t rush fast around the bathhouse studiously avoiding looking through doors or touching or acknowledging the presence of anyone. Don’t rush away if someone brushes or looks at you - you don’t have to go with them but polite contact will keep you in contemplation for other nearby guys. If you’re making the contact you’ll develop you own style and techniques- bold, tentati
  12. I have changed in various ways. In terms of opportunities my first few years of sex tended to be in public restrooms which I confess only to have used twice in the last 15 years (once a street hookup in Hong Kong, the other a Grindr hookup at a South American airport). Now I prefer bathhouses and apps and there are more sexual choices available in the more relaxed setting of a darkroom, hotel or home. In terms of sex I’m far more adventurous now particularly in terms of group sex. Obviously the biggest change has been barebacking, although that’s probably down to the opportunities created by P
  13. i used to get STI testing at a sexual health clinic at the hospital and you went back to the clinic to get the results in an interview with the nurse. Then things got streamlined and you only came back in if you got a call i.e. a positive STI result. They always asked about contacts but as all my sex was at saunas I never knew who they were. I was not embarrassed with their questions as they were very professional and non-judgmental and knew I had multiple casual contacts from an interview at the test stage. They encouraged you to tell your hookups to get tested and offered to contact sex part
  14. Headed off to the cruise club Saturday evening. In the dark room I topped twice and also bottomed twice and was getting sucked both through the dark room glory holes and by guys kneeling on the floor. It was getting pretty tiring with all the standing fucks including lowering my body to adjust to different height of guys and glory holes. So eventually when one short Asian guy angled his ass for me I suggested we go to a room. Once there I stripped off and he lay on his back and I started pumping him. Ten minutes of that, after all the dark room action, and I was losing my hard on but he’d hard
  15. I used to wear condoms always until about 7 years ago, then mostly but not always for a couple of years, and then hardly ever for the last 4 or 5 years while on PrEP. I actually didn’t have to ask guys to wear condoms earlier as most guys wrapped up automatically. In the transitional period when other guys started barebacking more frequently I did ask people to wear a condom a few times. Actually my decision to bareback and go on PrEP was precipitated by a hot Grindr hookup refusing to meet up a second time unless we went bare, a little challenging at the time but luckily propelling me into th
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