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    I'm 5'10, 150, blond/brown, swimmers build, total
    passive bottom with a hot poz ass. Into spandex, sports gear, jockstraps and showing off my poz slut bod.
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    groups/gang bangs, 1 on 1, cum dump, looking to get fucked and filled.

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  1. boybottom4use

    Atlanta visit - where to go

    Hey Brandon, if you are looking for a club, the Heretic is good on Wed/Fri/Sat nights. Also, right next door is BJ's bar which has dancer boys. Manifest the sex club is across the street from both bars which is convenient after partying if you are looking to fuck or get fucked.
  2. boybottom4use

    Sling or Bench for fucking?

    fuck bench is usually better for me however a sling is a good option too!
  3. it's so hot being poz and has turned me into a total slut cumdump. My goal is to become totally toxic and filled with all STD's! '
  4. boybottom4use

    ATL Pride Loads

    I got fucked and filled by so many guys over Pride weekend at Manifest that I lost count!
  5. which bathhouse is the sleaziest?

    1. xtc303den


      Currently Midtowne is probably sleazier than DSC. I haven't been to Midtowne since I was 86'd for "suspected drug use" several years ago, but DSC has always been more meticulous about cleaning and more proactive with renovations. Prior to its closing in 2011, the Triple C was by far the sleaziest of all Denver bathhouses. I sure do miss that place!

      But the best bathhouse in Denver (and possibly the entire US) was the Ballpark. It was located on South Broadway and West Bayaud. Among its "amenities" were the cab and sleeper of a semi-truck, a cave-like steam room with rock walls, a huge hot tub that could seat a dozen or more men, and a waterfall that poured into the hot tub from the floor above! Sadly, it closed in the late 1980s.

  6. in a jockstrap or other fetish gear
  7. Hot aids pig

    1. nastysubbbbottom


      Hi, I'm in LA a lot by the way.  If interested in me let me know.  Love nasty twisted poz talk as I try once again to get converted.  Piss, pnpT, and more.

  8. boybottom4use

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    lost count a long time ago, hundreds and hundreds of guys have fucked and filled my poz cumdump cunt
  9. hopefully you have fucked me at Manifest before, but if not would love to get your hot, poz load in my cunt!

    1. 8x6rawtop


      Let me know when..I got huge pozz load 4 u.

      Decatur  here


    2. boybottom4use


      ok, will do, I'm usually out Fri or Sat night at Heretic and then go to Manifest.  Have to work all this weekend but hoping to go to Heretic Sunday night for Labor Day  party.  Really look forward to getting your huge poz load pumped in my cunt!

    3. 8x6rawtop


      I be at rivers  edge breeding sun night. 

  10. love t use your HOLE and shoot my POZLOADS deep in that Asshole

  11. boybottom4use

    Manifest4U Etiquette

    I usually just wear a jockstrap, collar and sometimes mesh arm sleeves. They have lockers to store your clothes in and you can bring your own lock or borrow one from the front desk. They are usually busy after 2am late night Fri/Sat and on special Wed nights for Cumunion and P3 sex parties. I am usually bent over the bench in the darkroom or in one of the slings offering my ass up. I've been fucked and filled a lot there over the past few years and have become a total cum dump slut. Would love to get your cock and load in me sometime!
  12. boybottom4use

    Being whored out in Atlanta

    there is a darkroom at the Heretic bar also on Cheshire Bridge. I've been fucked there a lot!
  13. boybottom4use

    ATL Trip Report - Cheshire Motor Inn / Tokyo Valentino

    Next time you're in town you should check out the Heretic. It is right next door to BJ's and Friday/Saturday nights usually have a good crowd. I've been fucked just as much in the Heretic darkroom as I have at Manifest. Couple times a month they have jockstrap/underwear parties along with guest DJ's. You can check out their calendar at hereticatlanta.com
  14. Thanks for the follow :)

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