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    I'm 5'10, 150, blond/brown, swimmers build, total
    passive bottom with a hot poz ass. Into spandex, sports gear, jockstraps and showing off my poz slut bod.
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    groups/gang bangs, 1 on 1, cum dump, looking to get fucked and filled.

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  1. Leather & Fetish weekend 28 March 2018 - 3 April 2018

    sounds like a great time, wish I could go.
  2. Experiences at CumUnion

    cool, feel free to fuck me anytime pigpozdad, love to take your hot poz load again at P3 and/or Cumunion!
  3. Experiences at CumUnion

  4. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Totally let it all absorb and seep into my poz cunt and slut bod!
  5. thx for the follow sexy!

  6. Looking for hotel Recommendations

    If you are looking for a sleazy hotel, the Cheshire Motor Inn would be the place. Lots of partying and fucking go on there and would probably be the best place for a gang bang. Neighborhood is kind of sketchy at night but I've never had a problem there. Also, on the same road within a few blocks each way are 2 sex clubs (Manifest & Toyko Valentino) and 2 gay bars (Heretic & BJ's).
  7. Your ass looks very fucking hot in that jock!

  8. are you able to test your VL without the clinic putting yu on meds?

    1. boybottom4use


      they want me to be on meds after I tested but I refused

  9. thx for the follow!

    1. poztony


      Who wouldn't want to follow a hot bottom boy like you? :D

    2. boybottom4use


      ahh, thx babe!:)

  10. thx for the follow!

  11. What's The Most Loads You've Taken In A Day?

    My current record is 17 loads pumped in my cunt at a Cumunion party
  12. I'm sure I got some additional bugs and more strains of hiv after taking 17 loads at Cumunion on Wednesday!
  13. Experiences at CumUnion

    It was Cumunion in Atlanta last night and over 100 guys were there. As usual, I went to the gay bar across the street to have a couple cocktails before offering my ass up. I arrived at Cumunion about 9pm and the place was already packed. I had already pre-lubed my poz cunt and was hitting the poppers pretty heavy before walking into the sex club. Once inside, I stripped off my tank top and spandex tights and put them in a locker then headed to the darkroom. I was only wearing a black mesh jockstrap, mesh arm sleeves and a collar with SLUT on it. My goal tonight was to break my previous 15 load Cumunion record. As I pushed my way into the darkroom and bent over the bench, a guy immediately sunk his cock into my cunt. It didn't take long for him to shoot his hot load deep inside me. As soon as he pulled out, other guys started taking turns fucking and filling my ass with cum. Within 20 minutes I already had 8 loads in my cunt and I was totally craving more. I took a break from the darkroom and decided to get in one of the slings. Two more guys came up and took turns fucking me and asked me to beg for their poz loads. Of course I begged them to pump their toxic cum into my diseased cunt and use me as their poz cumdump. They both unloaded their poz loads into my willing cunt. Now with 10 loads in me I headed back to the darkroom and bent over the fuck bench spreading my ass open for more guys to use. I felt like a total slut with all that cum in me and still wanting more and more pumped in my poz slut bod. Next to fuck me were three black guys who had huge cocks. I was totally loose now and took them easily in my cum drenched, wrecked cunt. They all shot their loads deep in me adding more to my cum collection. I had so much cum in my ass I started to finger my cunt and eat some of the cum from my ass. It tasted great as I waited for some more guys to fuck and fill me. I ended up taking 4 more loads for a total of 17 loads for the night and hoping most of them were poz loads! So I was successful in breaking my previous record and will set out to break this record at the next Cumunion!
  14. hot pics and hot ass babe!

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