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    I love piss, cum, leather, hard fucking, pigs and whimpering whores.
    Some of my biggest fetishes are skinheads, hairy guys, fit guys, poz guys, pierced and tatted guys and young pigs.
    Fantasizing about getting the bug (wanna be poz by 30!)
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    Wickr - bblacxxx - hit me up for chatting, photo and video.😈🐷☣
    Telegram - bblacxxx - deleted now (took a lot of space in my phone)
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  1. Thanks pig! Hoping to finally write new chapters soon😈☣
  2. young, horny, depraved chaser boy. no limits whatsoever! hit me up! wickr - bblacxxx???☣☣
  3. just 18... 19 this month
  4. thanks! glad it made you hard!??☣ kinda stagnant with the next chapter but it is coming! (been busy lately)
  5. wickr - bblacxxx no limits young perv.??☣ hit me up now!
  6. Wickr - bblacxxx I've noticed that sime guys have started a conversation and after a few hours of me not replying, they have blocked me. You gotta chill guys!??? If im not replying im propably at school or its night time over here. I will get back to everyone as soon as i can! There is not one of you pervs that i would say im not interested in chatting with??? vers top, neg (unfortunately) young perv boy. No limits
  7. bblacxxx on wickr. online now! hit me up!?☣??
  8. in an app. you can send pics and wids but cant call. its also encrypted
  9. Great☣? looking forward to it. Wickr - bblacxxx, Telegram - bblacxxx
  10. hot as fuck! got a wickr or telegram. 18 y.o. pig here as well.??☣??
  11. Just made a telegram - bblacxxx - message me????


  12. Bottom poz slut here well I assume I am, looking for guaranteed slam shared load taking toxic conversion bday party later this month-you should join

    1. Bbpigsterxxx



    2. Denvercumslut
    3. Bbpigsterxxx


      Well... pity its so far away???

  13. Hi pig! You got a wickr? Your profile is really hot!?????

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