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  1. 35. "So this is where you both been so much?" asked Blake towards Eric and Louis. "What is this place?" Lenny added. Eric and Louis looked towards each other and then to Tony and Aaron. Eric sighed deeply: "You sure they can handle the truth?" "Trust me. They can." replied Aaron with a smile. Louis started spitting out his confession fast. "Well, boys. The truth is me and Eric have been long unhappy with your mothers. Then we came into this place, met Tony and Aaron and discovered our hidden cravings and desires. Desires for mansex. Hard, filthy and perverted. This place is a tattoo and piercing parlor and a sex club all at once. This is where we spend so much time now. There. I just said it like it is!" He looked to Tony. He nodded. Both Eric and Louis looked at the boys for a few seconds before Eric asked: "So... what do you say? You wanted the truth and you got it." "Uhmmmm... I don't know what to say." Lenny said. "I mean... we love you and support you... but it's a bit too much to take all at once." "I understand. If you want you can take your time." said Eric. They stayed at the DEIMOS for around an hour... the two dads and sons were sitting by the bar, while Tony got each one a pint of beer. They were talking it out. "Uhm..." Blake laughed nervusly after a long and overwhelming conversation. "I... I... I like your tattoo and piercing actually dad." he laughed towards Eric. "I saw the tatt while you were changing, it looks badass." "Does it mean you're poz?" asked Lenny and added: "I read that somewhere." "Yes it does. But don't worry. Me and Louis have access to meds if we need them." sighed Eric. "Hmmmm... ok." "You know... if you boys wanted any tatts or piercings... Tony and Aaron here would do it for free." "Really?! That'd be amazing!" The boys said. Tony and Aaron both nodded. Let me know what you think.😈🐷☣
  2. Wait and see🐷😈☣ make no mistake, the dads are cum hungry fuckers as well. I hope i made you hard at least a little.
  3. 34. Rey, Tony and Aaron just finished working on both of Eric's and Louis' celebratory tattoos and piercings. To celebrate their rebirth as gay poz pigs, no longer straight neg husbands. Louis' huge biohazard tattoo was placed right above his ass. He also got both of his nipples pierced. His cock was rock hard the whole time Rey and Tony were working on him. Eric got even more work done. His biohazard tattoo now proudly rested above his cock. His PA piercing made his cock look so fucking hot, just as his giuche piercing did! His nipple piercings felt so good on his nipples with all the added weight. He also got septum ring. He ended up almost creaming his pants with his newly poz load. He looked like a real pig. A couple of days later, their drastic change in "look" didn't go unnoticed. Both of their sons were... a bit weirded out. They wanted to know, who were those "new friends" of their dads. So Eric and Louis decided to get Tony and Aaron aquainted with their sons first. Tony and Aaron came over Eric's house. Both boys and Louis were there too. Lenny was Louis' son. He was 19 years old, around 6.1 feet tall. His hair was dark and he took from his father in his hairyness apparently, because Aaron and Tony immediately noticed how hairy his arms were. He was a good looking boy indeed. Eric's son Blake was even hotter. 5.8 feet tall, 19 years old, Light brown hair, handsome face... one hot lad! They agreed to have a luch in Eric's house. Aaron was feeling really good... being observed nonstop by both boys. The debate was in full action in a few minutes. Tony felt weird watching the sons and fathers exchange their opinions on what was happening lately. "I finally wanna see where the hell are you every other day dad!" said Blake angrily. "Ok. You can have what you want!" growled Eric. Let me know what do you and your cock think!😉😈🐷🐷☣
  4. I'm about to start posting what will propably be the final chapters. I have a few more ideas for the story... but that would be too pervy for this site and it's policy. If u have a tip where I could continue the story if I'd feel like it in the future... share with me.😈🐷🐷
  5. “Tony’s New Life” is hot as fuck! So into it!

  6. i hope so too😅😅 very little time and inspiration rn
  7. dream-guy-38.jpg My young body wants to please you, ;-) I will fulfill all your desires ;-) follow the link and add me as a friend http://bit.ly/Adriano7

    1. ronnie4u


      Smooth & HOT - melts in my mouth !   :)

  8. Thanks pig! Hoping to finally write new chapters soon😈☣
  9. just 18... 19 this month
  10. thanks! glad it made you hard!??☣ kinda stagnant with the next chapter but it is coming! (been busy lately)

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