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    Daytona/Orlando area
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    Looking for the gift
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    Negative but just found out I have Hep C. Not impregnated as of yet though I love a hot load either up my ass, or down my throat.
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    Looking for tops that are not stuck up on particular types. I may be an older bearish guy, but still love to take seed. Looking to take piss up my ass for the first time also.

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  1. Bear Bust October 19-22

    Any of you pigs going to Bear Bust at the P House October 19-22? Would love to get piggy.
  2. Dad's Basement

    Looking forward to the next chapter!
  3. Moving To Sawmill

    Have never been, but I need to soon!
  4. At a moments notice fucking

    As I always clean the tops cock off after he seeds me, I want to be sure Im squeaky clean. If a guy wants "right now" I explain hat I need to clean first. I have had several that say they love a dirty ass, but that's just not my style. Sure I have lost out on some breeding time, but I have had more that say OK with cleaning first. I am one of those "regular" guys, having to do my business first thing in the morning. That sucks, as there is nothing better than waking up to a cock up your ass with a load or 2 already in it.
  5. Visiting Tampa for Howl O Scream. Would love to have some late night/early morning fun while there. Staying near Fairgrounds.
  6. Wet Spot in the Office

    Thanks puppy, I needed some good reading before we loose power because of Hurricane Irma
  7. Better pozzed by anon or someone you know?

    I recently started chasing, and I am one of those that wants to know who my gifter is. Most guys I chat with say take any and all loads, and from time to time I am a total bathhouse or bar cum dump though. So why do I want to know gifter? Maybe its because I'm an older guy in part. I am not looking to have a relationship with the gifter, however that would be cool I think. I don't want to know so that I can blame him as BBBoy stated. There is no blame when you are looking to be pozzed. Ultimately I feel its somewhat important for me to know who it was. Like a woman wanting to know who the guy is that knocks her up. Now once it happens to me, my inner pig will be released and will be a constant cum dump.
  8. Dad's Basement

    GREAT tease with Dax! Although I HATE to see this story end, I think that would be a fitting ending! THANKS for all of your stories Pozpuppy!
  9. Looking To Develop A Discreet Bb Group

    Its sad that Orlando is like Tupperwear you can ALWAYS find a bottom, but NEVER a top! Ill likely be hanging at P House Sunday evening for the Pig Roast if you wanna hang.
  10. Wet Spot in the Office

    The start of yet ANOTHER GREAT story, Thanks Pozpuppy!
  11. Looking To Develop A Discreet Bb Group

    Im open to the idea!
  12. Open relationships question

    I have asked guys in open relationships before. Many times it is that their partner cant totally satisfy them, mostly because of medical reasons. To some of them, it is somewhat of a turn on, and they end up having 3 ways together. That happened once when I met a guy in an open relationship. Both of the guys were in an open relationship, very loving and trusting of each other. They had been coupled for quite some time, and enjoyed a good sex life from what they told me, but enjoyed spicing things up. They agreed to an open relationship with the agreement that they would discuss any hookups before they happened, and preferred know rather than having their partner sneak behind their back.
  13. Dad's Basement

    GLAD to see the story continued! Keeping us ALL hard to know about Dax!
  14. Key West

    Island House by far. If you don't stay there, you can get a day pass. They have a free pool side happy hour, GREAT and reasonably priced food. Erotic Video lounge, and sundeck, indoor/outdoor hot tubs. Only place clothing is required is in the gym. Get the cheapest room. It doesn't have a bathroom or shower, so you just use the public shower. It has its rewards as I got seeded in shower!

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