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    Negative but just found out I have Hep C. Not impregnated as of yet though I love a hot load either up my ass, or down my throat.
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    Looking for tops that are not stuck up on particular types. I may be an older bearish guy, but still love to take seed. Looking to take piss up my ass for the first time also.

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  1. let the fun begin! Both Hanks and Barcodes reopened today. Early closings due to curfew, so get there early!
  2. Tried to connect to chat for first time today, got this meassage. Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified. Tried again and said email not verified, so did that. Hope that works
  3. Time for me to get seeded multiple times. First breeding set for 8am. Hit me up if you like a pre loaded hole! You must host, or know a discreet place.
  4. Not an expert, but dont think Prep would help fuj flu much. As I understand, fuk flu indicates you are infected. PEP, could help, but again ad i understand, has to be taken before infection
  5. Club Orlando has not reopened, although gyms in FL allowed to
  6. Moderator's Note: I merged this thread into the main Daniel Hausser thread. Captured the picture from a video entitled "Ping Pong Daddy on Machomoe. Its a daddy/ boy video, my favorite category!
  7. If only fantasy was reality! I'd definitely love to convert this way.
  8. My ass would be up, and face down, so wouldn't know! Seriously though, guys are stuck up on lulls way too much. Its just sex, not marrige!
  9. Right now probably not the best time to take your time. With stay at home, guys are horny as hell. Most likely to fuck, and go find another ass.
  10. I wouldn't plan on it, as a second wave of Corona is expected.
  11. I wouldn't plan on it, as a second wave of Corona is expected.
  12. Wow! Very impressive Boy. Even more impressive on you with your small frame!
  13. Went to visit a regular guy that I suck on Saturday. Was surprised as hell when he said he wanted to breed me. Not the biggest cock, but damn it felt good in me. He ended up dropping two loads in me, and then ate from ass and shared with me.
  14. Took me awhile to take all of the black one. The double ender is actually a dog toy I found at Target! The knots feel great!

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