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    Looking for the gift
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    Negative but just found out I have Hep C. Not impregnated as of yet though I love a hot load either up my ass, or down my throat.
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    Looking for tops that are not stuck up on particular types. I may be an older bearish guy, but still love to take seed. Looking to take piss up my ass for the first time also.

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  1. Who are they?

    Thanks, you ae correct. Hes a hot fucker with a cunt that just begs to be fuckt. His "daddy" has an awesome cock also!
  2. Who are they?

    These two frequently breed in videos on familydick.com. You can also find them on sites like machomoe or X Tube. The boi often is in the role of daddy's boy, and he's hot! I LOVE the look of innocence he has in many of his films. Here is a clip: http://www.raunchyfuckers.com/video/5358/cabin-boy.html
  3. My First Conversion Party

    Would love to hear more!
  4. Bars you can get fucked at in orlando

    Parliament House has a bear bar, the Bear Den. Its located in the courtyard area, so you will not have to pay a cover, unless you want to go inside the facility for the other bars, restaurant or drag theater. Get their early and get a wristband before they start charging a cover. The Bear Den is a small but fun place with porn on the TVs. They have "Beareoke" on Tuesday nights there from 9-1. Its also Trivia Tuesday from 5-9 with Doug Bauser. Doug is a cool guy, and happy hour drinks are pretty cheap. They usually have some sort of munchies there. Even if you suck at Trivia, it can be fun! Tuesday is also Hip Hop Tuesday for the rest of the resort. Orlando does have a coupe Bear Events during the year. Bear Bash happens Tuesday September 25 to Sunday September 30, 2018. Due to construction at the usual host hotel in 2017, they had to cancel the event. It was kinda a sketchy deal, and they have not yet named a host hotel. Bear Bust is held in October at the Parliament House. No details have been given for the 2018 event.
  5. Bars you can get fucked at in orlando

    Definitely bring a bag with supplies. During Gay Days at Barcodes there was a guy in one of the "stalls" (they have lime 5 stalls at Barcodes with picnic benches in them) with a bag of toys, supplies, etc. I ended up being tied to the bench, ball gagged, toyed and bred by 3 guys. Several more were watching and stroking waiting their turn, but it started to rain like a mother. Fortunately the guy untied me after starting to walk away and tell me what fucking pig I was! I have never seen sex in bathrooms at Barcodes, but its pretty common at Hanks. Outside Hanks is a little less "formal" than Barcodes. The are several little 'nooks" surrounded by plants. In the far back, there is a tarp covered area, that gets pretty dark. You can pretty much just sit on a bench, whip your cock out, or put your ass up, and it shouldn't be long! The Parliament House resort is also a fun place, Its a gay resort. Don't expect 5 star accommodation's, but its inexpensive. There are several bars, disco area and theater for drag shows. They have different theme nights. Many nights there is a cover, but go in and get a wristband before they start charging (usually 9-10pm). Happy Hour drinks are reasonable, but they can get expensive afterwards, especially if there is a special event going on. Tip the bartenders well during happy hour, and keep your cup. Bring your own liquor for later, and just refill in your room. "Balcony Bingo" as its called happens there all the time, with guys cruising the outside hallways looking for fun. Its not uncommon to see guys laying naked on their bed, stroking, or their naked ass up. Just leave your curtains open enough to look in, and your door slightly ajar. If you want to be "choosy" don't leave door ajar. Interested guys will just hang close, and if you see what you like, let them in. Hanks and Barcodes are not too far from P House. Hope this helps!
  6. Bears with thick cocks

    LOVE bear cock. Chatted with one on Growlr yesterday. Hung Muscle Bear, 6-7, 293# with 8 beer can thick. Planning to hook up with him later today.
  7. Getting Fucked by Someone Who Was Not My Type

    Unfortunately too many guys in my area are way too picky. When they ask for a face pic, I simply ask why, my ass will be up and send them an ass pic. A hole is a hole, and a cock is a cock. As a bottom, I do prefer them long and or thick, but If I hook up, and a guy has a small cock, I still take it.
  8. Why do you want to get pozzed?

    VERY well said. I only started to BB about 3 years ago. I was somewhat particular playing with guys who said they were on Prep or undetectable. I felt comfortable with that, still knowing that the could be telling me a lie. I was not normally a cum dump, but not to say that didn't happen now and then. While at Gay Days I was a dump for 3 guys at a bar. As one dumped his load in me he said that he was positive. A few months later, I thought that I had the flu. Yes I was scared, but at the same time excited about the possibility. It was kind of a rush to me. I was not however. I gave it some long and hard thought, and chatted with many here, both poz and negative. At that point, I decided it was OK to become a chaser, well kind of. If I was to be gifted, I would want to know who the gifter was. Many told me to just be a random dump, and it would likely happen, but that's just not what I wanted. I have had several guys saying that they would be willing to help me, but nothing has ever evolved from it. Not sure if they were serious, or just talkers. I do still BB with strangers, but now I don't ask if they are undetectable or on Prep. So why do I want to convert, just read what Craig said. My thoughts are exactly the same. I would add only a few points. Unlike when I was young, HIV is now manageable. Several have asked if and when it happens, would I go on med? This brings up my second point and response. I would in time, but at 53 it would be nice to "have a baby" with someone who wanted my gift. Now I'm a total bottom, but I could see that changing. Finally, I believe it would sexually liberate me. I would not have to worry about some random person in a group infecting me. My only concern is with the upcoming state of healthcare in the US. Quite frankly, that scares me more than HIV. Thanks to the other responses he to the question.
  9. Bears with thick cocks

    As a bottom bear, I appreciate bear cock. Not all are thick but are fun
  10. Wet Spot in the Office

    Fucking happy to see you writing again!
  11. Dad's Basement

    So happy to see the story go on!
  12. So 2018 started off with a bang for me. I have been really good friends for over 2 years with a guy that lives about an hour away. He was a true friend that would do anything to help you out. Up until New Years. our relationship was just friends, nothing more, nothing less. We would flirt with each other, but had never had sex. At times I thought there would be as he let me rub his massive cock through his jeans, but that was about all. All was cool though, as we were true friends. Things changed though on New Years Eve, when he invited me to a party at his condo. Drinks were flowing and we had a good buzz on. We shared a wonderful kiss at the stroke of midnight, and shortly after the other guests left. I was quite tired as I woke at 4:30 am that morning, and after the others left, I told him I was quite tired, and ready for bed. He agreed, and although I expected him to show me to the guest bedroom, he invited me to his room. I cant lie, I have always wanted his cock in me, be it in my mouth, but hopefully in my ass. As he took his clothes off. I couldn't help but admire that cock that I had only rubbed through his jeans. He was a good 7-8 when soft, and truly beer can thick. He quickly invited me to take ahold of it, which I did. His cock quickly started to grow to a good hard 10 inches. I quickly stripped, and we got into bed,where he became very passionate. We kissed deeply, cuddled and then he rolled me over to eat my ass out. I was in pure heaven thinking that I was about to get seeded. He abruptly stopped rimming me, and we rolled over and cuddled some more. As we were doing so, he tells me that he has always been a true friend, and he didn't want to ruin that by having sex. I told him that I have always wanted sex with him, but kind of felt the same. AS we discussed it, we both agreed that sex would not get between us as friends. As we cuddled some more, he opened up and told me that friendship was not the ONLY reason that we had not had sex with me before. He told me that he was poz, undetectable! I was somewhat surprised. but not as surprised as he was when I told him I was chasing a gift! With that he rolled me over and fucked the shit out of me! After he left my hole dripping, we simply rolled over and fell asleep. I woke early that morning as I felt his cock rubbing my ass ready for a second breeding. We then threw on some clothes, and headed to the balcony to have a smoke, and talk about what happened. We both agreed that we were glad that sex finally happened. We were both surprised of our revelations that he was undetectable, and that I was chasing. We discussed the possibility of him going off meds to try and gift me. There was no definite answer from him, although I believe it will eventually happen. His life as a positive guy have not been all that great, and he questioned me as to why I was looking to be gifted. As some of you may know, and as I explained to him, it is bound to happen at some point, and I really want to know who my gifter is. When I asked if he knew his gifter, he said he did not, and understands me wanting to know. The jury is still out on if that will happen though. Would LOVEto hear from any of you who have been in similar situation. Although this story is in the fiction section, it is 100% true.
  13. I feel your pain. I have had at least 3 highly toxic guys that said they would try and gift me, and all were flakes. I could be like RawUK, and just become a random dump, but I really would like to know who my gifter is.
  14. Xmas Eve/Day load(s)

    So Santa really does CUM down chimneys!

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