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    Looking for the gift
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    Negative but just found out I have Hep C. Not impregnated as of yet though I love a hot load either up my ass, or down my throat.
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    Looking for tops that are not stuck up on particular types. I may be an older bearish guy, but still love to take seed. Looking to take piss up my ass for the first time also.

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  1. Good question! I started to enjoy BB sex about 3 years ago. Always knew and understood the risks. Then it happened, I thought I was gifted. Honestly the feeling was amazing. I wasn't looking for it to happen, but I had signs of Fuk Flu, and thought it did. It ended up not being the case though. At that point, I had made up my mind, I had no issues in being pozzed, BUT I wanted to know who did it, rather than just being a random cum dump. I want someone that would be an ear to lean on as I convert. Someone who has been there, and that I could talk to if I needed to. Yea, I know, somewhat of a hopeless romantic. My thought process is this. Once a conversion takes place, there is plenty of time and opportunity to be a random dump. When it comes down to it, its a personal decision. I had thought about Prep until the time I thought I was pozzed. Something seemed to change. Guess its up to you. You seem to know the risks, its just a matter if you are OK with becoming poz. As suggested, use Prep as training wheels, and see where it goes.
  2. tighthole64

    New leather bar in old 2606 spot

    What's the name of the place?
  3. tighthole64

    Test HIV positive

    Congrats. Hoping to join the class of 2018 myself!
  4. tighthole64

    Gay Days

    Are you staying at P house or just going there?
  5. tighthole64

    Gay Days

    Anyone planning on attending Gay Days in Orlando? Would be HOT to get some pigz from here together and have some fun.
  6. tighthole64

    Party Time

    Well I wish I had a happy story to tell, but I don't. Of 13 accepted to attend, NO ONE showed up. I'm DONE with trying to plan a party. Sick of all the players, and their poor excuses for not showing. "I had church." Really you didn't see the ad was for Sunday morning? "I don't get the party details." Really? I don't delete any party related messages until after the party. He was informed twice! I sent him the times and dates, and told him to check out BOTH messages, which BTW were read. Someone asked which website I posted on, but its kind of irrelevant. Have found players and flakes on every gay site I have been on.
  7. tighthole64

    Party Time

    Hosting a party can be quite a challenge for older bearish bottoms like me, especially in an area full of bottoms. Like I say, "This area is like Tupperwear, you can ALWAYS find a bottom, but NEVER a top!" This weekend I will be visiting Tampa where there seems to be a few more tops than in the Orlando area. This will be my story of how it turns out. The anticipation builds. I posted a party ad, and have approved 12 attendees thus far. Looks like a nice mix of top and vers guys. I'm a greedy pig, so no other total bottoms were approved. As of this writing, 6 tops, 2 vers tops, 4 vers and 1 vers bottom. 3 asks me's, 5 negative, 2 Negative and Prep and 3 Undetectables have been approved. I'm most excited about the guy with the bio tat. I tried to upload a picture here, but apparently its too large. The story is real, and not likely as hot as some of the true fiction here, but I hope you continue and follow it as it develops.
  8. tighthole64

    Redneck son for blue collar dad

    Check out Hanks or Barcodes for fun outside play areas!
  9. tighthole64

    Bikers and Breakers

    Thanks! No luck on converting here yet, but the breaker may have. He's afraid to get tested though. I THINK I've convinced him to do so though.
  10. tighthole64

    Visiting Tampa

    Oral bottom looking for loads while visiting Tampa. Looking for late night fun Saturday around midnight, and hosting a group early Sunday morning. You can see my party ad on BBRT.
  11. tighthole64

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    WelCUM back. SUCKS that you were banned, but join the club! I'm sure you had plenty of time to keep your amazing story going for awhile!
  12. tighthole64

    My first bbc

    Had my last BBC about 2 weeks ago from a traveler. He was 70 years old, but was packing a thick 8 inches. Not an aggressive fuck, but felt damn good!
  13. tighthole64

    Bikers and Breakers

    Part 8: Afterwards The breaker did contact me after his return home, and thanked me for a wonderful time. He once again said that he wanted to keep in contact with me, to which I agreed. I did have to tell him I was quite surprised that he took the bikers charged load before he left. He admitted to me that he wasn't quite sure that he wanted to become poz, but he couldn't resist a nice 10 inch cock up him one more time. I explained to him that finding one that size was rare, poz or not. We talked a bit about the symptoms of the fuk flu, and he promised to let me know immediately if he developed any symptoms. I just had to ask him, "what if you become poz?" He told me that I helped him understand that it was not a death sentence, and said that he would go on meds. There was a slight pause, and he said eventually. When I asked him why not right away, he said that kind of depended. He said he would have to deal with his emotions first, and then decide if he wanted to share his gift with others wanting it. I told him my son had grown up and that was just like his daddy's thoughts on it. He then asked a serious question of me, "daddy are you poz?" I was somewhat taken back over the question, and told him no, and that if I was, I would never do anything to anyone like the biker did to him. He thanked me, and then asked, "why did you fuck me then?" I explained to him that I was not going to pass up a chance to breed a breaker, and that was the first time in years that I had the opportunity. He thanked me and said that he appreciated it. He continued by saying, "you do need more practice daddy!" Now he said it in a somewhat joking tone, but its the truth. I simply told him, "son if you were here, I would beat that sweet ass with my belt, just like the biker did to me." He simply said that was hot, and it turned him on. Our conversation quickly came to an end when he told me his fuck buddy was coming over shortly. I asked him if he would tell his buddy that he was bred by a poz biker, to which he said, "don't ask, don't tell." My son has grown up!
  14. tighthole64

    A Brother in Trouble

    Somewhere in the thread there is a list of all the guys, but as you said the story keeps getting deeper, and the list probably needs updated.
  15. tighthole64


    Looks like they just dropped the price from $34 to $26 which is much more in line with other Cumunion events. Not that it sounds like one needs a room, but they are $38. They are normally #31 for a small room on the weekends.

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