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    Negative but just found out I have Hep C. Not impregnated as of yet though I love a hot load either up my ass, or down my throat.
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    Looking for tops that are not stuck up on particular types. I may be an older bearish guy, but still love to take seed. Looking to take piss up my ass for the first time also.

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  1. Open relationships question

    I have asked guys in open relationships before. Many times it is that their partner cant totally satisfy them, mostly because of medical reasons. To some of them, it is somewhat of a turn on, and they end up having 3 ways together. That happened once when I met a guy in an open relationship. Both of the guys were in an open relationship, very loving and trusting of each other. They had been coupled for quite some time, and enjoyed a good sex life from what they told me, but enjoyed spicing things up. They agreed to an open relationship with the agreement that they would discuss any hookups before they happened, and preferred know rather than having their partner sneak behind their back.
  2. Dad's Basement

    GLAD to see the story continued! Keeping us ALL hard to know about Dax!
  3. Key West

    Island House by far. If you don't stay there, you can get a day pass. They have a free pool side happy hour, GREAT and reasonably priced food. Erotic Video lounge, and sundeck, indoor/outdoor hot tubs. Only place clothing is required is in the gym. Get the cheapest room. It doesn't have a bathroom or shower, so you just use the public shower. It has its rewards as I got seeded in shower!
  4. Personally, I think its a great idea. Im negative, but chasing. Being gifted and having a relationship with the gifter would be amazing! We would share the trials and tribulations of being poz, and becoming poz.
  5. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Met someone that lives close to me a couple weeks ago. He stopped by motel room, and before he could breed me, he shot deep down my throat. He lives close by me, but difficult for either of us to host, so we agreed to meet and breed on a trail in a park last night. Was a bit nervous, as the cops have been targeting parks lately. This one however is pretty rural and remote though. I waited in my car until he arrived. He was wearing gum shorts, and already had a tent in his shorts, along with a small wet spot. His cock is about 7, but the thickest Ive ever had. We quickly headed to the trail, but didn't go in too far. Found a nice place just off the trail that looked good for breeding. Sure enough it was, there was a pair of cum/piss stained underwear there, which turned both of us on even more. We both quickly dropped our shorts and I lubed up my hole for his massive meat. I leaned up against a tree, and he started pounding away without mercy. Even though I was well lubed, it hurt like a mother, almost bringing me to tears. He pumped me hard for about 10 minutes, before loading my cunt. After he finished, I cleaned his cock with my mouth, as every good bottom should, and we headed back to our cars. As we were walking the trail back, we ran across a couple heading in. All of us smiled as we walked past each other, knowing what they were there for.
  6. Thanks for the follow.  Would love for you to visit Florida and give me your toxic seed

  7. Tumblr acounts

    Over 21,000 followers already know, http://cumhos.tumblr.com rocks. Send me any ORIGINAL pics including cum in them and Ill certainly reblog them! Please NO commercial watermarked vids, I pride my blog on original content. Loaded pig holes, facials, cock sucking pics or vids are always appreciated!
  8. Tumblr acounts

    Very nice, Im following you now. Ill be sure to reblog any original content! You can follow me at http://cumhos.tumblr.com
  9. total bottoms and their cock

    I'm usually soft while getting bred. To me its all about pleasing the top with my hungry hole. I usually stroke off a load after my ass is filled though,
  10. Bars you can get fucked at in orlando

    Both can be fun places to play, especially if you don't mind people watching, and maybe even joining in. I have played at both, and have never seen condoms used. Both have a mix of types there. Like any place where you take random loads, there is always a risk. I would say that's Hanks is a bit more sleazy, with more guys that are poz, but just a guess. You can always just go and watch and see for yourself. They are just a mile or so apart
  11. Plugged and fisted

    Cant believe I took this and then my first fist!
  12. Flying Mattress

    I had chatted with a flight attendant based out of Dallas on another chat site. He indicated that he would be in Orlando, and wanted to play, to which I totally agreed. He's 40 y/o, 5-10, 180# and vers. In looking at his profile he seemed to be more of a bottom, so I suggested that he post a party ad so his ass would be happy also. He agreed, and 13, including myself were invited. He planned the party for 8 pm but asked me to come over early as he anted me solo. I was shocked, as there usually isn't much interested in older bearish bottoms like me, from guys like him. When I arrived, he was having problems doing a group notification to those invited. took a look at the ap, and couldn't figure it out either. We both became frustrated and he said, "Fuck it, lets get naked." He was already down to his jock when I arrived. Nice looking guy with a pierced navel. Now I've never known a top to have a pierced navel, so I was thinking my hunch was right that he was more bottom. Come to find out, he wasn't! We stripped, got on the bed, and started rubbing our bodies and cocks together. Happy to find out that he was a grower. Although his cock looked nice in pictures, it wasn't much to look at when he first took jock off. It wasn't long before he had me on my stomach, eating my hole out. He started spitting on my hole, and knew what was to come. I've been told my ass is pretty tight, and spit alone usually doesn't work too well. This time I took his rock hard 7 with ease. After he dropped his first load in me, I of course sucked his cock clean, and we started grinding and sucking on each other. He abruptly got up and went to the bathroom area, and returned with a HUGE black plug/dildo and a glass of something somewhat milky looking. I immediately asked what that was, and he said J Lube. I had no idea what that was, and didn't want to seem unfamiliar with it. Come to find out later, its a lube that vets use on animals. Its kind of slimy, and used for activities like fisting. I asked to take a pic of the plug, and he agreed. I was unable to add it here, but I will try to crop and add to member gallery later. I told him I have never taken anything that big, and he said, "Oh you will." To be quite honest, I was a bit afraid. He assured me that if he could take it so could I. He slathered it up with the J Lube, and told me to fuck him with it. Amazingly, it went in him pretty easily. After a few minutes he said it was my turn, and that he would take it slow on me, so I agreed. He got about half of it up me took it out and started to fuck me. He didn't cum though. After about 10 minutes, the toy went right back in. This time, I took about 2/3 of it. Once again, he pulled it out, and stuck his cock in me. After pumping briefly, he pulled out again, but this time, it wasn't the toy, it was something different. I have always wanted to try taking a fist and well as of last night, I can say that I have! As I was moaning in pleasure, I reached around, and found that he already had his hand up my ass to mid palm. He asked if I was ok and I told him, I wanted it to his wrist, to which he obliged. My ass was sore, but it was a good sore. He later grabbed my hand, and pulled it down to my ass, where I discovered he was wrist deep in me! After that, out came the plug again, this time I took the entire massive head of it, but it got even better! As he had me on my stomach with the plug in, he reached down to my foot and took 1 of my socks off. I found this a bit strange, but didn't question it. He pulled the plug out, rolled me on my back and slathered my foot with J lube. He then got up on his knees, and slid his ass down on my foot. I wish he was facing me to see the load that I shot, and hit my face with. He didn't ride my foot long, but got off and licked the cum from my body and face, swapping it with me. We again ground our bodies together, and I felt him getting rock hard again. He told me he wanted to drop his final load down my throat while face fucking me. He came relatively quickly, but powerfully and plentiful, especially considering it was his third load in about 3 hours. After taking his load, I told him it was feeding time for him, and opened his mouth and spitting his seed in his mouth. After that we just cuddled some in bed, chatting a bit, nothing sexual. As I had to be in work at 6am, and still had an hour drive, I got dressed and headed home. Even though he was quite the pig in bed he was a gentleman and sent a text asking if I was home safely. We agreed to meet next time he was in Orlando, and add some WS play to our adventures. Thank you Erik for an awesome time, and for what is to cum!
  13. Fun with a Flying Mattress

    Co hosting some group fun with a DFW Flight attendant who will be in Orlando Friday 7/14. If you are on BBRT check out our party ad. Party will be near Orlando airport.
  14. Birthday breedings

  15. Birthday Loads Nights

    The first night of taking loads was the day before my birthday. I had dinner plans for night 2, so I knew I needed to start early today. Once again, I posted a quick connect guy, and was promptly hit on by an older daddy bear. He lived about 20 minutes from the resort which was perfect as my room was being cleaned. His profile picture didn't do justice to the thickness of his cock. He arrived, and quickly dropped his pants. At first I was somewhat disappointed in his cock. But he was certainly a grower, not a shower. I fond that out as I dropped to my knees and started blowing him. I could feel his girth growing in my mouth, and it wasn't long before he got me on my stomach to breed me. He spit on hole for lube, and I told him that probably wouldn't work well. He tried to enter several times with no luck, so I pointed to bottle of lube on night stand. He lubed me up and inserted a couple fingers first. He commented on how tight I was, and that his cock would love it. Once he got in it didn't take long for him to go balls to the wall. He slammed his cock in me, almost bringing tears to my eyes. Of all the fucks thus far, his was the best. He would fuck balls deep, and then slow down, with those deep thrusts every so often. He fucked me for about 40-45 minutes before unloading. It felt amazing as I could feel his cock pulsing in me, as he started grunting like a pig! Afterwards we lay naked in bed, just talking, which was actually kinda cool. As we talked I got rock hard and he began to suck me. It was actually kinda funny as our convo was not sexual in nature. After I came down his throat, he kissed me, sharing my seed with me. We chatted a bit more and he left. He was a local, and we plan on meeting for future breeding sessions. After he left, back to the gay aps looking for cock. A guy over an hour away said he could come, and asked if he could spend the night. Normally I would say no to a stranger, but I had chatted him before, and felt comfortable with him. He was a cute 28 year old bear, with an average cock but a true horn dog! We met after I went out for dinner, and fucked like rabbits. After he loaded me, we cruised the hotel, and aps for a third to join us. Didn't take long. The third was an older bigger guy, topping 300 pounds Id say. Now Im not endowed but compared to him I was. We met in my room, and the fun began. I really had no interest in the guy that showed, but my buddy did, and asked if I would mind if he bred him. No problem there. As he was breeding him, I let him suck my cock, and dropped a nice load down his throat. After he left, my ass was hungry for more cum and the traveler seeded me one more time before falling asleep. The next morning, I woke him with a nice blow job. He wanted to breed me again, but Im not a morning person. I'm quite "regular" and do my business right after I wake up. He as content on just a BJ. Afterwards he had plans on going to Disney, which he did. By this time, my tired body needed a nap for what was to cum later. My last load was from a guy that actually lives very close to me. We had met socially before, but neither was able to host at that time. His profile pic shows his MASSIVE mushroom head. What it didn't show was how thick his cock was. I have sucked quite a few cock but none with a head and shaft like his. Id say he was around 7 or more in length, which is a decent size. As I was sucking him, feeling him grow in my mouth, I was actually kinda worried about taking him up my ass. He asked where I wanted his load, and I told him up my ass but asked him to start gentle at least at first, to which he agreed. It took awhile to get that massive head in my hole, and I was actually in quite pain, but refrained from tears. Once he got in, which took a bit, he was a slow steady kinda fuck. My ass hurt, but it was a good pain. He pumped my ass for about 15 minutes before shooting. I was actually happy it didn't last longer. The best part was I found a local fuck bud. It is difficult for either of us to host but we have agreed on a pubic area, as we both love it outdoors! Looking back, I think someone forgot to mark my ass! That was the first time I had ever done that! The funny part was, that after the first guy marked it I sat on bed, and marker was still wet, and left a mark on sheets! Pics from phone have still not made it to email, but once they do Ill post them in a 3 rd thread here.

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