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  1. Guy i used to mess around with had a good 8" dick but was thick as a beer can. He fucked my throat and my tight hole for a good hour before he deposited his load in my ass. It just kept going and going. I said, "Next time i want that load in my throat." He said, "wait around another hour and you can". So i did and when he was ready again, he pounded my face and shot it in my mouth. Had to resist instantly swallowing it to see how much it really was. The second load was bigger than the first. I let it come out into a red solo cup and it filled the bottom third. I then proceeded to put it back i
  2. Biggest I have taken was an 11" beer can thick white guy that was amazing. I could get almost the whole thing in my mouth except like the last inch to which he was very impressed and took the whole thing in my ass. He fucked me long and hard. I didnt walk right for over a week because of him. We hooked up a few more times after that but then he moved
  3. Part 2 - The biggest one i have ever taken There was one weekend where Will and i were hanging out. We had had our fun the night before and were still humming and horny from that night. He proposes that he invites a friend over and i say of course. A couple hours later his friend Tristan comes over and we all start to hang out. Will starts joking around with Tristan that he had seen him naked in the locker room and he had the biggest cock he has ever seen. Naturally this got me curious, to which Tristan said to us, "It isnt that big..." to which Will said, "No mine is not that big, yours i
  4. This story begins with a guy named Will, with whom I had been hooked up a few times while I was in high school. He was about 5'7" 170 with about 7.5" cock. Needless to say I had lot of fun with him, but I knew he wanted to see what else we could get into. So one weekend when his parents were away he texted me on Friday after school and said, "I have the place to myself for the weekend. Why don't you come over and just stay here until Sunday night?" To which I responded "I'm on my way." That night we spent to ourselves, sucking, fucking, kissing and all that stuff which was great.
  5. Was once with 2 guys over 40 who spitroasted me for a couple hours. I prefer older because they are not conceited and know what they hell they are doing. Dont get me wrong, i love a young stud with a good size cock but ill always bend over for a daddy that can fuck me good.
  6. The first time i barebacked i was a freshman in high school and he was maybe a sophmore. We had been introduced by a friend and we hit it off pretty quick. We hung out a couple times i slept at his place occasionally. One time he was passed out and i saw the outline on his boxers, he was massive. I crept up and pulled his boxers down a little bit just to see it. It was about 9.5" and thick like a coke can. Personally i was scared of it since i had never taken one that big before. I held it in my hand and started to jerk it a little bit and he came. I put his shorts back up and pretended i didn
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