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    Pleasingly guys with my mouth and ass. Taking loads. Serving tops. Taking cocks and fists. Do top at times. Drinking piss. Few limits kink, taboo, incest.

    Few limits, even fewer when pnp. Interested in FTM

    PervOfBZ = Wickr
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Been told I give great head and my ass is tight even though guys go balls deep
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    Tops that make me do lines from their cocks before sucking them hard to breed my ass. Total chem slut. I have a weakness for Asian cock and cum, as well as bbc and cum, but if you have red hair and freckles, I'm your property and will please you. Beast?

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  1. Love to meet you and your friends  when I am in Chicago. I am a BB Bottom  A CHASER HERE , none refused  or wasted. 

  2. Me and my bud for starters..5 8 145 7c 6 3 thin bbc. Show you around. Bb only and i have fruends
  3. Stay with me! 5 8 145 mod hairy 7c and me and a bud 6 3 thin bbc will show you around.
  4. Me and my bud will show you around the right places. Me 37 5 8 145 7c. Bud 23 6 3 thin bbc
  5. Nice, stay with me. Luv sleaze. Me and a bud will show you around. Few limits too. almost none. 37 5 8 145 mod hairy 7 c (me) 23 6 3 thin 9 bbc bud. You? Stay and have fun.
  6. Will be in town 10/15 for a week. Need a sleaze tour guide. And a place to stay. Few limits.
  7. Will be in the city 10/15 for a week. Total sleaze vers bttm. Open for anything. Need a place to stay. Let me stay and show me around. Perv here
  8. PervBBbttm


    Hot 37 5 8 145 7c. Bud is 26 6 3 bbc
  9. Sorry we missed you. We would have shown you around. 37 7cthick. Bud 26 6 3 9 bbc.
  10. We are late, but im 37 7c thick. Bud is 6 3 26 9c hbc
  11. Hot ass! Me and my bud will take you. 37 5 8 145 vers 7c cut. Bud id 26 6 3 bbc
  12. Me and my bbc bud will seed you. I luv azzn. He likes a hot ass. 37 here. Bbc is 25
  13. Perv, your mailbox full or what?

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