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    Pleasingly guys with my mouth and ass. Taking loads. Serving tops. Taking clocks and fists. Drinking piss. Few limits
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Tops that make me do lines from their cocks before sucking them hard to breed my ass. Total chem slut. I have a weakness for Asian cock and cum, as well as bbc and cum, but if you have red hair and freckles, I'm your property and will please you. Beast?

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  1. can i suck and fuck you?

  2. when can i fuck you?

    1. OHbbcumslut


      When are you near my area? PM me :grin:


  3. your cock is amazing

  4. you're perfect


    1. PervBBbttm


      i will love you

    2. PervBBbttm


      wanna travel here and be my perfect guy


  5. lines from from your hot cock?


    1. seeker49



      and from yours

  6. bio, you're the sexiest guy ive ever met  luv the pic


    1. PervBBbttm


      breed me sexy


  7. Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    i will always take you raw, leather
  8. What is too big?

    id suck your cock and swallow
  9. i'll share your young guy with you.  

    1. MTWTFSS


      Great  --  he is a hoT 24 yo , long hair, sub /very fem -- kind of a turn on-- he wants to get pregnant -- I helped him last weekend and will do the same this weekend too

  10. Give your input on the new chat

    please make the chat room work
  11. Poz tops at a bathhouse

    i'll take your loads everyday, Leathermann667, sir.

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