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  1. Thanks for the follow daddy.  I love cookies, and I'm always up for special gifts.

  2. Sittin in my truck, just got high with and sucked a black guy!!  Now I'm lookin for more loads wherever I can find them!!

  3. For a top I definitely have to agree with Cutler X. For a bottom, I really like Jackson Taylor.
  4. I definitely agree about the inner conflict. I've been getting fucked BB since I started having sex at 22, even though I know it's dangerous. The bigger inner conflict for me is in partying, I've started watching a lot of PNP porn, and it's so fuckin hot. One side of me(my inner buried, repressed pig) wants to try it in the worst way, while my rational, logical brain says no, and has so far won out. Can't wait for the next installment.
  5. Went to the neighboring town to see a movie.  When I came out had a message from a 20 white guy wanting to fuck me.  He couldn't host, so we walked down the alley near his house and found a dark spot.  He bent me over, spit on his dick (7.5in and thick) and slid it into my hole.  It was difficult being quiet as his dick spread my pussy open really well.  He fucked me, and when he was about to cum he leaned over and whispered in my ear "I'm gonna breed your hole."  I clenched down around his dick ad he pumped me full of his seed.  On my way outta town I saw a 24yo wanting a BJ.  I went over and dropped to me knees, sucking his 7in thick big black dick til he came in my mouth.  Definitely would have loved more, but it was a good night none the less.

  6. Went and got my hair cut tonight.  Afterwards I parked because I didn't feel like going home.  Young guy from Grindr hit me up, wanted to fuck me.  I picked him up and drove to a park outside town.  Walked down the trail a ways, he grabbed me, and started kissin me hard, his hands all over me.  He slid his hand into my shorts and started kneading my ass cheeks and fingering my hole.  I took off my shorts, and bent over and started sucking his 7.5 in curved dick, while he started spanking my ass cheeks and calling me daddy.  He pushed me down on all fours, got behind me, spit on my hole and shoved that dick in, and started riding my ass as he spanked me.  When he bred my hole, he said "fuckin take my load daddy" and slammed home.  It was only 20 minutes from start to finish, but it was hot as fuck, as it was my first time outside and my first time being called daddy.

    1. Fistulike666


      Hi Alex ... thanks for the rep m8, and also for telling about your haircut. Seems I should go the barber more often! xx:*:drool:xx

      Keep it cumming Daddy

  7. Thanks for the rep Alex xx:2thumbs:;):*

  8. Hi Alex ... thanks for the reps m8. Hope you have a fulfilling weekend m8 xx:*xx:*xx

    Work it out.jpg

    Waiting, watching ... HUNGRY.jpg

  9. Love when a guy calls my white asshole a pussy, especially if he is a hot black stud like you.

  10. Thanks for the comment Alex!  xx:*xx

  11. Hey .. thanks for the rep Alex xx

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    2. Fistulike666


      Thanks Alex ... I try my best!

      Well in.jpg


    3. buttboype


      Love the holes stuffed full of cock and leaking cum. 

    4. AlexDaBaas


      No shit right buttboype.

  12. Oh Id love to inject you my swimmers ;)

    1. AlexDaBaas


      Thanks Alpha Sir!

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