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    Bareback sex with sluts
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    In shape male with big dick and zero morals., addicted to anonymous bareback sex with filthy sluts and prostitutes. Women who let anyone fuck without protection make me hard. I myself was married to a cum slut for over 10 years, who considered herself a living condom and fucked anybody. I know what I am talking about. Single now, and barebacking cheap whores in S FL. Am open to talk to other male perverts to exchange tips about BB whores. Prefer cheap and nasty, skanks, crack whores, breeding illegal Latinas. Not actively chasing but enjoy risky sex. I eat cream pies, and play with couples, including bb anal, but no male 1:1. Have been to Mexico, Europe, Asia, and N. Africa as a sex tourist, and am always looking for new destinations to fuck bareback. Looking for a LTR with another true bareback cum slut , who is presentable and functional.
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    Have participated in videotaped gangbangs with Tampa porn sluts like Deltadawn, Redheadinheat, Theatersluts, and have fucked several St.Pete crack whores which were featured in Crackwhoreconfessions.
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    Looking for for another long term relationship with a promiscuous, immoral 3-hole, no Q asked, no morals/standards cum dumpster. Breeders , preg risk chicks big turn on. Age, looks and body shape not important, I like both, skinny and BBW. Want to get back into theaters, glory holes, gang bangs, anon bareback, BB whoring, etc. No hard drugs or dysfunctional wacko bitches. I have my act together, you should too.

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