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  1. I really love exposing myself, which is why I’m on this website in the first place! I also have a lot of fun on Omegle and Chatroulette! I need to get on chaturbate ASAP!
  2. Could not have said it better myself! This is the truth right here! Getting used by tops regularly is such a fulfilling lifestyle; you get endless pleasure so you are always happy! Enjoy life while it lasts, pigs 🐷
  3. I love when I walk into public toilets and bright yellow piss is all over the seat if there is a lot sometimes instead of licking I will rub my cock on it and beat off right then and there
  4. The longest I have ever held a load in me has been over night so say like 8 to 10 hours. I’ve done this on a few occasions and I love waking up and letting slowly leak out my hole..
  5. My asshole is a pussy, I find that a lot of “straight” men are also into this kink. They love to call my ass a pussy, I guess it helps them feel more masculine while they emasculate me
  6. Bottoms should be trying to get as many loads as possible. It’s like a game, whichever fag gets the most seed wins
  7. Okay, so I’ve never had an understall experience. How would I go about seeing if the guy next to me wants his dick sucked?
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