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  1. Unpopular Opinion Coming: When it comes to actual dating, and not just FWB, I think the most important thing I’ve learned, especially as a black man, is you have to be comfortable with yourself and you’re culture. Unfortunalty, many times, some date outside of our culture because we are looking to escape our own. To satisfy that person from the other culture, some folks may take on ridiculous stereotypes or even become a caricature (I.e. the gangbanger or spicy latin lover,etc). Or even worse, some may be so bitter against their own culture that and they may even turn against
  2. I just had a middle eastern dude fix my AC. Between his striking good looks, super alpha attitude and intoxicating masculine musk from working in the hot sun all day, I mesmerized. If he would have pulled his pants down, I would have sucked his dick right there. And absolute 10. No wedding ring BTW. Women are such fools.
  3. Be cautious of this place their paperwork has always been suspect.
  4. I know this is an old post but.... Just as I figured, I folded, I pandered, I tried to be a good friend. And he left a 30 day note on the freezer door. Not warning, no chat, no anything. A note. I didn’t ask. Knowing him, it’s some dude he’s chatted with two days on Adam. I wish him luck. Just like when he moved to Seattle, LA and SF and came back from all of those “adventures” within 2 months. I’ve learned my lesson: no more gay roommates unless they are young, hot, motivated and occasionally fucking. I enjoying my house, no more negativity. No more flakey, roommate friends, no old
  5. Ever since that bug went in that guys ear on the Wrath of Kahn, I could never watch Star Trek
  6. As a person who attended the Berkeley Steamworks frequently, and knows guys who did, I can tell you that’s not the case. The key word is “attended.” I can tell you I myself know five guys who stop going regularly because they get tired of the gaggles of 20 somethings wandering around giggling and pointing like school girls not doing anything. Sure you have a few pigs, but most of these guys are holding out waiting for the perfect 10. Unfortunately many of them are looking to hook up I am grinder later, not at the bathhouse, afraid of judgment from their friends. The famous “oh, was that you!
  7. I honestly think bath houses will die out out. The new generation is just too pretentious and more interested in putting in a “front” for straight society. Most would be caught dead in a bathhouse ( what would their female coworkers think?) and the ones I do see are to busy with their nose turned up waiting for Mr. Perfect.
  8. Some dude online asked me to breed his throat. Is that even a thing? First of, I’m not even coming in a guys mouth unless he is getting pounded at the other end, but I don’t consider coating some dude throat “breeding?!?!”
  9. I felched some nature/earthy otter type at SF cumunion who took like 9 loads. His furry ass was a matted mess. I don’t swallow, but that cum up is ass smelled and tasted amazing . Still get had just thinking about it.
  10. It’s a ego thing. Some of these dudes actually get off on not fucking. Which each guy the ghost or turn down, they are telling themselves they are better than the rest. They’ll be online for weeks pretending they are not fucking, hoping for a unicorn. You got guys sitting in cities with millions of people talking about “I can’t find anyone I’m attracted too.” It’s not even an attraction thing. Some of the dudes out cruising or online literally have no intention on meeting, let alone fucking unless your a 25-30 year old jock with a 10 inch dick. Dont take it personal. Just
  11. In my person opinion, the media and people are trying to pretend like COVID is over. The media is very slowly trying to move on so they can get the economy going, and people are willing to psych themselves out and buy into it. I will still be very cautious about meeting in large groups sill.
  12. I am not sure specifically what he said. It was all hearsay from a good friend. A gossipy friend (who can be drama) but still a good friend. But knowing him, what the friend said has a ring of truth to it
  13. I said I’d still pick him if he were best for the job.
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