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    Fucking, fisting, piss, spanking, belting, flogging, smoke sex
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    Been a top for over 30 years. No I’m exploring my bottom side. Having a lot of fun doing it ! Would have started bottoming sooner if I knew how much fun it is. Working toward taking a fist. Ultimately, want a man to jack off inside me.
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    Sadly, none. Oh wait, there's a lot of amateur movies featuring yours truly floating around on the internet.
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    Tops and bottoms. I really love being in front of the sling and once I get my hole opened up I'm jumping into the sling too ! As a quick aside, I only fuck raw. I haven't used a rubber since high school.

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  1. Jesse O'Toole Ethan Wolfe Jason Collins Rocco Steele Pierce Paris Jay Austin Jack Dixon I watch way too much porn !!!
  2. Thanks for following me 

  3. I would stealth Brad McGuire, Jessie O'Toole, Jack Dixon, Ethan Wolfe, Jack Vidra, Drew Sebastian, Zak Spears, Rik Jammer and Billy Cochran. I know this is quite a list, but I think my favorite is Jack Dixon. What a Daddy ! Powerful sticky body, covered in hair, not as fuc k tattoos, and a beautiful dick. This man can have me anytime, anywhere and as often as he wants - wolf !!!
  4. I was doing my undergrad work at Penn State majoring in Finance and Economics. Fall term of my junior year I was taking “Advanced Micro-economics theory and applications “ it was boring as it sounds. The guy teaching the class was new and hot as fuck. Both he and his wife worked for the university. One Friday night I hit one of the gay bars and in walks my professor. He came straight over to me and said “ let’s fuck “ . We were in his car in 20 seconds. Turned out he had a secret apartment in town far away from wifey and kiddies. He was very aggressive and dominated me completely right at the
  5. Welcome !!! The guys who contribute to this site are great ! You can find a lot of info on new areas you might want to explore. Any questions you have, please post them . We all like to share what we know . Once again, welcome ! P.S. - I love your profile pic ! Woof and double woof !!!
  6. I love it too ! The feeling is amazing.
  7. Thanks for following me, I appreciate it !

  8. I feel the same way. I’m climbing the walls and horny as hell. Once this is over, the first man to fuck me better be prepared to drop multiple loads in me!!! 😈
  9. Thanks for following, I appreciate it. Great profile !!! Enjoy your week !

  10. Thanks for following me, I appreciate it. I like your postings, they're hot ! Have a good week.

    1. finndude


      You are welcome and thanks to you! Have a good week too!

  11. Wow-love where this story is heading ! Great start, more please !!!
  12. Wow-great writing, and hot as fuck !!! Thanks for sharing it with us !
  13. I knew a lot of people have heard of it, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to post it. It’s a hot blog !!
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