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    dicks cum breeding sessions
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    smooth cum dump bottom most time unless the ass in front of me is smooth

    lately been getting into cross dressing
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    One time, want to make it twice
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    nsa fucks

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  1. Tops: Do you care about a bottom's erection?

    i only cum from being fucked love it
  2. 15 all big dicks over 10" they plowed their loads in deep , i took 20 men that day all anon bb
  3. Bare Penises Only ?

    never been fucked any way but bare only way my master allows his whore to fuck
  4. Dirty Anal

    how ever the top takes it, my ass cunt is there for cum and piss
  5. Letting another guy control who fucks you

    yes since my first bf in my teens, pimped for smokes by him willingly
  6. How to Know When You are a True Cum Dump

    i'm a cumdump too at ABS truck stops and the Flamingo in St PETE no load refused
  7. Bottoms - Do You Like To Get Double Fucked?

    weekly one of my top breeders and his bf
  8. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    gang fucked at the Flamingo resort last night all BB lost count of how many loads, dont ask dont tell never pull out
  9. How to Know When You are a True Cum Dump

    had one of those days today 3 ABS stores 9 loads in my cunt before a club where my "date" shared me with anon loads for 3 hours, i love count of how many loads i took before heading home plugged . when we got back my place my date gave me 2 more. love when he says see you next week slut
  10. Bbc bareback breeder

    slut made for BBC breeding
  11. Hi KY ... thanks for the rep xx:*:Pxx

  12. How deep should I go

    balls deep slam that load in deep
  13. Hope you're the bbc I talked to todayūüĒ•

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