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    The DEEP US-South, West Tennessee
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    Being in TOP SHAPE for 'sports-fucking', not ragged, run-down and infectious like the 'school of self-destruction' preaches, seemingly romanticizing 1980s incurable misery and malaise, treating nasty scourges like fancy baseball cards to be coveted. My view: "A BULL-RIDER WILL FALL now and then, but GETTING GORED ON PURPOSE seems like BIZARRE!!!! Like TRAGIC STAR-STRUCK FANS hunting 'memorabilia' from their MASCULINE SPORTS IDOLS scampering through their smelly trash! lol Not my scene!!
    It's a new era, don't spoil it for the newbies! Otherwise FEARLESS and I like verbal thrills of 'poz-talk', attracted to 'promiscuous' bucks, embracing late sexual liberation, anon engagements, exploring fetishes and new scenes, 'no loads refused'. I like to watch my man get bred by strangers as he is expected to watch me with others. In a pinch we get to go out and play alone! Turns me on!
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Late to the 'bold bareback scene'. Used to mostly top raw and feel guilty, missed out on lot of hot action, while trying to 'stay safe'. My more 'adventurous' man 'changed that'. Barely 30, been together with him 10 years. Both of us really 'prefer guys' in their 40s and 50s (like me). Anyway, after catching him cheating on grindr we decided that SEX IS SPORT. Always BAREBACK! All the once 'forbidden' fetishes are now HOT. Promiscuous fuckers, 'danger tattoos', sluts, travelling breeders, anon, no loads refused... both a bit hung-up on HWP. Being POZ once was a scare, now an 'appreciated fetish', a comfort zone in a mostly negative world. A thrill of 'Danger' accepted as part of the promiscuous game! But not willfully 'collecting' and purposely spreading random health scourges! Not 'sporting' to me! Smooth, inked, pierced, lewd and promiscuous guys rock my world! Prefer 'butch' manly types not into 'traditional role play'. You know: 'OWNING' a dude like a bitch, being jealous, being a hypocrite, that sort of thing! I let my man go take dick from any of our 'bros' or any random trick... turns me on! I love witnessing as he gets bred! By guys who just want to USE him and sling their DNA up his hole! I CONDONE that behavior and will lick the horny fucker's balls as his naked cock slides into my man! I expect my man to be the same every time I bring home a trick! Not that he needs to be there! Or that I need to be there! "Go slam-dunk that fucker before he gets scared and runs off!" We share tales later and let each other sniff the juices from 'THE OTHER BUCK'!!!
  • Porn Experience
    Have done nude-spreads for gay rags. Froze up when I was asked to pose with my dick, face AND THE HOLE showing in one shot!
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    Hardcore 'sports-fuckers'. Inked and pierced and other guys who are proudly POZ. Since 'joining the team' I want to push the 'petal to the metal' be bred by every Tom, Dick and Harry! Still hung up on smooth bottoms to fuck... maybe after some more practice I can be more 'indiscriminate'!

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  1. I'm HOOKED on big cummers! Let me elaborate on the above... got all dizzy thinking of it again! So, on the subject of GUYS WHO CUM BIG, or clinically referred to as 'hypospermic'.... the latter sounds kinda frightening like there is 'something wrong with that'. I rather think of the whole picture as something SUPER-EROTIC: a genuine stud guy, potentially with a big dick, but definitely huge balls! Inevitably he will have gushing loads like a champ-bull! On the evolutionary scale, his seed would out-compete and out-flush any male suitor's seed and DNA as he uses a damsel who barely got 'warmed up' with sex and seed by her less 'seed-productive' REGULAR male. The CHAMP's bigger cock and more abundant DNA would obviously gush passed the sloppy, puny seconds left behind by the less-blessed buck who CAME before. Net result: big-dicked copious cummers probably win out in a sexually-promiscuous 'competitive' environment!!! I would trail and follow a stud-fucker guy like that, like a tacky whore! Actually, I already did once. Let me share 🙂 I feel like I have shared this story before, but hell, some fucks are UNFORGETTABLE!!! (And who cares if I repeat myself. We are all here for THE THRILLS and I miss most of the fun entries on here until YEARS LATER!) This guy who YEARS ago came over for a threeway: I had seen him before (in the clubs) but I was too much of a snob to do him as I was more of a top looking for pretty boys then. But hey, here he is, Danny is his name. I was ON the moment he pulled out his beautiful cock with standard FEATURES that are 'right-up-my-alley', my arse alley to be precise.... gorgeous, thick, cut, a big-knob lollipop cock with a flaring head! That 'saddle-shaped' knob that looks brutal and vulgar in the most erotic way; like it has rutted plenty of holes and genetics made this cock a champ power-tool for anal pleasure. Sure bitches would love it too, feeling that thing POP passed the clit. The thing is: the dude is basically a 'jerk', a pompous part-time actor who still fakes a quasi-straight role for whom I'm not sure of... in the past I would have passed him up. But dude had that dream-cock and the 3rd guy in tryst wore a fitted ball-cap backwards (one of my fetishes) and LOVED to suck my cock. Danny, the 'jerk' meanwhile as this is going on slipped his cock in my hole with such slick moves that I IMMEDIATELY went into a ZONE. This at a time when me taking raw cock from a total stranger was HIGHLY UNUSUAL. But some dicks can PULL YOU IN! While the dude with the ball-cap blew me and finally swallowed my nut, Danny's cock was buried deep inside me, going in all the way with my aspiring man-cunt EATING UP the sensation of that champ lollipop cock, flaring and pulsing... when we disengaged, the three of us I was dizzy, in a total trance. I never even realized Danny had cum but I guess the moment I nutted and my hole flinched, it triggered his copulation finale!!! Later when the trick guys (Danny and the ballcap guy) were gone, I fingered myself as Danny gave no clue he nutted me stealthily. HOT!!!! And DAMN, the cum was just flooding out of me... CUM, CUM and more CUM, passed the second gate of heaven! If I was like a promiscuous trailer-chick who fell for the random trucker passing through, I'd be pregnant by him! KNOCKED UP, fertilized, DNA-tagged! Even if my trusty husband with less seed production had bred me that morning, the stud slam-dunked the game! The stud's seed would have raced passed the legitimate spouse and potentially fathered a bastard buck, another popular, big-dicked fornicator to one day gush his copious DNA into anxious holes, once he reached adulthood! I have hovered around for Danny at a MAPCO before when I spotted him... hoping I can con him into another spawning! My man and I share our 'trophy bucks' when we hunt! Just who is hunting whom? Danny has apparently hit up my man on grindr at least once. Damn I would want to bathe my cock in his monster hypospermic load, after he dumps it into my man!
  2. I have had both my nipples pierced many years ago (the second time) this time DETERMINED to never take them out for ANY bf or non-liker EVER again. I don't know what gauge they are but I made sure they were thicker than the first time around, which made them close up easily when I once left them out a day or so... I like posing with them (in the attached avatar) and known to be my 'trademark look' as I don't have any tats. I wished I didn't take my ear-rings out since in my professional field NOT having pierced ears really doesn't increase my business. IT and the arts have much more freedom! Any time I see a guy with BOTH ears piers and preferably with sizable hardware gauge, AND of course if they have BOTH nipples pierced, I get a boner! For one, it used to be a stigma attached to having both ears pierced as 'he is a faggot' and by rights, I rather being on the vanguard. I don't 'act a faggot' so a lot of guys find talking about my piercings a convenient introduction to explore whether or not I LIKE IT ROUGH or if I'm gay... and YES on all accounts there. My nipples are hard-wired to my dick! Oh and I added a sizable-gauge Prince Albert for personal and highly erotic associations. Specifically after discovering that my BF at the time left me for a 'wild dude' in a poly-amorous 'dude-squad' based in Atlanta: all hustlers /models/flight attendants, and all verified poz bareback partyiers and one of them I discovered posing nude on-line I think it was: buck-naked, boner, big Prince Albert! DAMN, the fucker beat me to it, I had always wanted that for myself! My 'alpha slut mentors' instructed me to now ALWAYS WEAR IT when a bottom wants to be bred, NEVER to take it out, despite nervous pleadings of random tricks... (part of my VERSATILITY training) I recently had sex with two other guys who both had their nipples pierced: both barebackers with tattoos and both very young. Young guys boldly getting a TRADEMARK look are a big fetish for me, a huge turn-on! But it has to be personal conviction and original. Guys who are squeamish and worry about 'pain' or just blindly follow fashion trends don't impress me. There has to be an attitude and a full 'embracing' of the 'modified masculine look'!!! Cut, pierced, inked and crotch shaved sends me over the edge!
  3. Last night I was at a 'playful party' with jaded regulars and a number of bumbling country boys, from places like Jackson TN and Oxford Mississippi, shy newbies to gay sex. I saw my younger self in some of them, electrified by the sexual tension but too shy to approach somebody. One of my buddies is a star sex performer who travels with a bag full of gadgets and products that have EVEN ME gasp at his level of SEXPERTISE! He hopped in a sling and invited me to FF him and I fucked him all kinds of ways. While this is going on, as if on cue, like zombies out of the darkness, a bunch of guys crowded in watching us. One playing with my nipples, another feeling my ass. Another feeling my cock slipping into my friend as if to make SURE there aren't any rubbers and 'false bottoms' in this magic act of satyr wizardry! Wonderfully slutty! I didn't make eye-contact with most of the impromptu spectators, although one kept asking me personal questions about 'where are you from' or whatever. Awkward! I'm not doing IMPROV comedy here! I gave him a 'look'! Hey dude, I don't want to meet you right now as I'm fucking somebody ok? But something was very hot about 'getting center-stage' and interacting with THE FANS!!! I swear I have never seen any of them before in my life. I didn't know it yet but apparently one younger guy with a big dick was transfixed. According to my slut-bottom in the sling, who was watching everybody gawking over my shoulders, THAT GUY was our BIG FAN! He followed us around the club later, keeping respectful distance and then (by chance) watched porn on the same screen as we did! He was shyly peeking while my friend and I were groping each other, kissing and laughing and chilling virtually naked on a leather couch. Him in jock-strap and leather harness, me in nothing but sexy kicks, dropping my towel. My friend said: "That dude has been watching us and he has 'a thing' for you!" Say what? Who? Oh, him... ok see him now... with jeans on but his big dick out, okay... let me check it out! Okay, not bad, but shy, a country-boy! Young, dumb and full of cum! My play-buddy then DARED me to go and ride his cock as the admiring fan kept peeking over, trying to be DISCREET, boner in hand. I told me friend I had never seen him nor noticed him earlier. But I recall when I was younger and mesmerized by hot strippers or 'THE POPULAR GUYS' at the bars or clubs. Guys TOO WILD and me too shy to make a move. I'd go home later and jerk off fantasizing having sex with these 'unapproachable ones'. With only the teasing dare by my friend and the 'projected teenage novice fantasy' (from my coming out years) I immediately went over to the 'timid fan' and without introduction I squatted my ass onto his cock as I whispered "Do you want to cum in my ass?" It was either too loud from the music or he was too shy to say anything in light of my brazen 'aggressive bottoming'. He was shocked! I could barely guide his dick onto my hole as I saw him shoot jizz all over my ass and in between us... from timid start of THE DARE to his orgasmic finish the whole act took less than 5 seconds! New record! I wished when I first came out, some guy had been that bold with me!
  4. If a trick told me 'SAFE ONLY' (whether top or bottom) I'd "JUST SAY NO"!!! It's BAREBACK all the way bro! Took me long enough to make the jump! No going back to 'fake sex'!
  5. I LOVE guys who have that intense MODIFIED look: not just radically circumcised but also had their (as one guy on tumblr once put it) 'the piss-lips and frenulum sliced off, down to the urethra, exposing a gaping, dimpled meatus'. The ONE-EYED-TROUSER-SNAKES with a 'vulgar-glaring slits' have a memorizing effect on me, a major fetish. I recall the first time I envied a specimen like that: this very young exhibitionist from Pasadena (still claiming to be STRAIGHT) always pulling his dick out, ROCK-HARD with one of those dimpled, gaping slits... never forgot the look and even had my (cut) cock later even more modified to go for that look. I read somewhere that about 10% of all (already circumcised guys have some kind of a meatal steonosis issue. I still have never found a guy to play with sounds yet but anxious to...
  6. Tops with 'obviously-conditioned' fuck-holes turn me on! Means they are versatile players and I'm not 'afraid' of their DNA and shared legacy, actually turns me on EVEN MORE! After all, queeny, hypocritical 'bottoms-acting-like-women' fawning over 'pure tops' (their MEN) was always the biggest turn-off for me... Ideally, I told my favorite bottom-buddies this, I want them to 'pull my ass-cheeks apart' to display my 'elongated' (still a work in progress) fuck-hole... this while I am mounting THEM, at a sex-party, display my hole while I'm fucking to any random suitor that walks by who they want me to be mounted by (me not having a choice in the matter) That's why I'm super turned on by Adam Killian and Devin Franco: both guys with masculine champ-cocks who take cock just the same like champs!
  7. Thanks #leatherpunk16 Well, 14 days does sound like an eternity for the fast crowd doesn't it? lol But hey, for good measure I got BOTH the shot and the 2 gram-pills! As 'fair' and 'responsible' as we chose to be, others I'm learning, PURPOSELY forgo treatment and just carry on, even fetish over 'collecting bugs' and passing them on. That's just not cool in my reality. Not sure why anybody wants all the side effects of untreated VD but I guess before antibiotics came out, people carried on until they went insane or died prematurely. I read that during WWII, just before antibiotics became available, ships of the US Navy supposedly had special toilets (red ones?) designated for guys with VD. Must have been horrible to live in that reality! Mind you, this is nothing more than a discussion of a hypothetical condition. It could just be... what? A urinary tract infection? From 'hitting pay-dirt' in a trick? I'd rather be safe than sorry. Sadly some state laws may keep those affected by VD from seeking help. The highest incidence is supposedly in Southern US states with Mississippi a stand-out and Louisiana OFF THE CHART. In many of states (maybe all?) VD is reportable to the state health departments. And some guys, especially those CHEATING on partners, avoid being PICKED UP BY BIG GUVMENT RADAR! Among the poor and uneducated in MS, AR and Tennessee I'm told that many who have communicable diseases are completely unaware or have chosen to ignore symptoms... Almost 20 years ago I knew a messed up guy (ex Hare Krishna) in Hawaii who (without health insurance) bought cheap antibiotics intended for the AQUARIUM TRADE and treat diseases in tropical fish, rather than go to a doctor about 'the clap' he said some hippy-chick gave him! He was doing the math of body weight vs. dosage per gallon (8lbs per gallon) to 'home remedy' himself! Don't know if it worked!
  8. So it appears as though one of my tricks passed on a common bug to me, the one that goes with 'drippy pee-pee' and mild burning sensation. No 'blame-game' as guys did in my foggy past, but I suspect this sexy bottom ass who let me fuck him good with my Prince Albert in! Hey flaked this weekend saying 'he is stomach-sick' and needed TIME OUT. But wants more soon'. Maybe too 'embarrassed' to tell me? Nice ass, I still want more... and HEY, vds are the 'battle-scars' and minor 'issues' that come with the bareback rodeo. I know there are essentially TWO SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT on how to deal with HIV as well as the 'others'. One is to TREAT, CONTAIN and abstain until clear (undetectable)! The other 'SCHOOL', well relishes in having as many bugs as possible and 'share them'. Well, call me 'old-fashioned' as I find it is more 'sporting' to (as I did) promptly get my doc involved (last night, texted him), before it gets worse: "Two grams of Zithromax!" is supposed to be ready for me. And get me back into the rink! My man suggested (as one who worked in the medical field before) to ask for a rocephin shot too for good measure... Oh the first time I caught something (the first of including this one THREE plus the BIG ONE, HIV-conversion) it was scary and humiliating, dealing with 'the ladies at the Health Department', asking my personal questions, and me finding out my 'Syph-giver' had not disclosed he was a verified poz guy... and one of my OTHER loudmouth hypocrite partners with an indiscriminate sexually-promiscuous behavior PROMPTLY going ballistic, accusing me of IRRESPONSIBLY exposing him, even his older sister calling me with the riot act! The whole family batshit crazy with holy-roller hypocrisy and junior running around as a combative, gay BULLY, starting fights while being the most popular party boy and a vacuum for sex and drugs, wherever that offered itself. He later ATTACKED and beat the crap out of his new West Hollywood beau, in the middle of the French Quarter restaurant, with police involved and what not! Apparently he had been doing drugs and had (unsafe) sex for days (in a friend's apartment) the moment he hit the BIG CITY. And a catty ex of the new beau passed their table at the restaurant and dropped a caustic line that sparked the violence. He said: "Did you tell Jason that you are positive?" And that's how the fight started... Tragic! I suspect that same Jason to probably be a converted poz guy, grudge-fucking somewhere in LA or his native Kentucky. And not be on the responsible team as he expected everybody to be, whether undetectable or not! How long a sex ABSTINENCE is recommended? I guess I could just fuck the sexy bottom while my shit clears up?! What do you favor? Treatment till clear or right back in there?
  9. I agree with the 'clingy' thing. I don't mind hanging out with dudes afterwards and 'cutting up' drinking beers or whatever! There is something very hot about that too. But not the 'clingy-lovey-dovey-thingie'!!! Happened with a few amateurs when my man and I first hit the 'playgrounds'. Amateur on amateur action! Us being TOO NICE and chatty! Even guys from bbrt are occasionally getting obsessed with one or the other. At one point I recall getting irritated because this young dude sat around 'post-coitus' all enamored with my man, kissing and caressing, until I had enough of that shit and told them both to 'quit acting like Lesbians'. I mean, dude, you got your nut, you have one in your hole, what else you need? I do like lots of tongue action and total 'lasciviousness' while the show is on, but no perpetual 'afterglow' parties! Do I hear an AMEN from this congregation on that? Another guy, we both agreed was 'just good for a fuck' got delusions of 'BUDDING LOVE' and proudly told my man he had himself 'transferred to their OTHER family restaurant to manage, close to my man's work so they CAN SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER'! Yeah right! NO POACHING!!! I always like the 'traveling guys' who come into town for raw action. Typically removes the strains of 'where does he fit in here in town' (married, partnered, prior history) because it would be awkward seeing him in a work or business situation. Making things awkward and thus losing business... As to sex parties: I'm aware that WHEN I go out my behavior is more lewd and exhibitionist than most of the others who prefer the side-lines and the 'discreetness of darkness'. So they may recall me, but I don't recall them! Good thing my regular FBs scare up lots of fresh meat or guys who I never hit up on on the apps, thinking they were 'too innocent'. I typically find myself over at my FB's place without having to have done the hunting myself. I still live vicariously through my more slutty buddies. FBs who have the TRADE DOWN TO A T, on so many levels. Guys who are like 'hunting buddies' and readily share their PREY as there is enough for everybody in the cave, lol. I just gotta get more JADED and not spill too much info... like stopping at Mickey Ds and half an hour later have forgotten what I had.
  10. WOW, in hindsight I admire your commitment and your 'conscientious conversion', by means of a 'dark angel' if you allow me the poetic language. And also because of the time-frame!! Back then (in the 90's) it was SERIOUS to be poz and as my doctor told me just this week, 'those one-pill-a-day' weren't even out yet and when they were shortly thereafter, they didn't know if they would work'. I told my doctor ( younger than me and actually a social friend), that I am a barebacker now, and that my man and I play. He shrugged it off with a casual smirk! He and his super-young 'boy-friend' also play!!! I felt guilty though when that 21-year-old got naked with me after hitting me up on grindr. My damn conscience again! So let me entertain you with a long story, NOT fiction, but a few details have been omitted and names have been avoided to 'protect' them and me from potential blow-back, The story is just erotic, not intended for the overly-jaded... you hardcore guys might not like it! lol So anyway, as a late-convert I can relate and live vicariously through you and your willful POZZING-experience. My 'conversion' was however 'accidental' and anti-climatic in real life. By an 'angel' of a sweet boy, an innocent-looking twink. I never knew what hit me! The bug came late, very late in the second decade of the 21st century, not as COULD have easily been possible for me in a spectacular way in the late 1990's. Let me tell you about my 'missed chance' to possibly join the POZ brotherhood... because it now FEEDS MY HUNGER... and obsession to keep all seed to FULL ABSORPTION especially when the guy is poz... My 'angel-of-darkness' who COULD have have transformed me, approached me in 1997. He wasn't a black dude like yours but a very endowed, white dude. Never met another like him again! At that point I would have been seriously UNWILLING to take chances to purposely become positive! The ones who I knew were positive weren't very good 'role models' and I chose to escape into 'serial monogamy'. Leading up to meeting my prospective DARK KNIGHT, I had a falling out with my man in Memphis ( after a short miserable, co-dependent and abusive 'happy-ever-after' delusion of a fucked-up 'relationship') He was the first TOTAL STRANGER I had bareback sex with after breaking up with my first BF! SERIAL MONOGAMY!!! A fucking trap!!!! BF #2 bamboozled me, Svengali-spelled me with his huge dick and sweet talk of a better life in the South! But once back in his 'neck-of-the-woods' with him he turned into an unpleasant 'good-ole-boy'. Big mistake, never move from California for DICK in the South! I went back to LA to 'feel alive' again and maybe arrange my permanent return. My friends and I celebrated my liberation! "We knew it wasn't going to last!" One of my 'transforming rituals' was to have my NIPPLES PIERCED (again) the way I had them before. The way they knew me when I was happy! Pierced nipples and ears had been my 'mark-of-excellence' that gave me an edge and brought quite a few 'bros-to-the-yard' when I proudly bared my chest and pierced nipples any time I had the chance to on Venice Beach. Oh what a show-stopper it was back in the early 90's when you NEVER saw any others YET, well RARELY, but especially not young guys being bold and daring and pierced like me. It was a time when only FAGS had their ears pierced and Hollywood sit-coms started to have male leads have a SINGLE ear-ring, with emphasis on the 'correct/hetero' side. I had proudly marked myself publicly as a FAG! At least on that level I was an EARLY BIRD! But at some point I took the cross-bars out and I don't know if it was my new, big-dicked stud-BF from the bible-belt after he turned into a nagging 'good-ole-boy' or if it was my own neglect after taking them out for an x-ray. Shit closes up fast... not just possessive BFs but also piercings. So I went to THE GAUNTLET in West Hollywood to have a 'ritual transformation'. I was so anxious and eager, I chose the thickest gauge that I dared (or was allowed to I don't recall) and I had friends come with me to witness. The piercer-wizard (unfortunately) was a chick but hell, I'm ready. BOTH NOW, TODAY!!! YES!! She gave me lots of 'caring talk' about PAIN and shock or whatnot! I took the first one without making a sound or flinching. Then the other with nothing more than an impish smirk. Like a demon of lust having me accept my 'marking'. She looked puzzled and said she had done 'THIS piercing thing' for years but never had a reaction like mine. Been kicked and screamed at and what-not. Not me sister! Not that I don't have feelings there! As a matter of fact my nipples are hard-wired to my dick! And now the show was ON!!!! And I have a high threshold for pain and suffering I guess, 'serial monogamist' and all, a bit of a S & M disciple in me too... to this day I take cock without flinching (although my ass is described is 'awfully tight' by those used to sloppy ones) To celebrate my NEW ME, my reborn satyr existence, my friends and I went out for drinks to the REVOLVER in West Hollywood. It's where guys stand and model and drink and rub on each other as they watch a screen with music videos and comedy skids. I wore sneakers, denims (no underwear) and a denim-jacket with cut-off sleeves and proudly showed off my new piercings. It's all about PRESENTATION on a proper meat market and I have a fetish for sneakers, boots, long hair, denims, guys going commando, you get the drift! And my look got attention! The pierced nipples got compliments! The glistening stainless steel caught the attention of my prospective DARK ANGEL. Well he wasn't dark, more dirty-blonde if I had to declare, a gorgeous fucker with long gorgeous hair, him taller than me at 5'11". So maybe 6'1" or more, broad shoulders, sexy look with bulging jeans and biker-boots, the rugged look! Non-verbal animal magnetism was electrifying and without shame and hesitation he proceeded to suck on my freshly pierced nipples, just like that. If there was PAIN I was unwilling to show it, the pleasure of being FEASTED ON by this gorgeous bro. I didn't know his name yet but then he told me. A name so poetic, unforgettable and ITALIAN that I would never forget it. (Years later, as a late-comer again, to FACEBOOK) I would have no problem finding him among 'friends-of-friends' who I all knew as bb-players... (you all should try that approach) so I won't use it and no substitute like 'Rinaldo' or whatever would do him justice... but I'll say it started with a D!!! We left the bar together. By then I knew he was an 'actor/model' obviously a WORKING ONE. We talked a lot about what he does, and what I do and I still have one of his screen actor guild 8 by 10s he gave me later. I saved it TO THIS DAY. Although he had short hair there in that picture and not gorgeous long hair as he had in person. Damn I fell for that look! He had a big-ass motorcycle, maybe it was Harley, I'm ashamed not to recall. But I was going back to his place, winding up to a place on Mulholland I think. We got naked. WHOA what a stud, a body TO DIE FOR! And a HUGE cock! Thick like a coke-can! I knew I wanted that, come hell and high water. He had candles going, a pulsing, seductive club-beat going, the lighting just right... he was a SERIOUS SEDUCER! Back then I had no rehearsed routine to be 'prepared' for anal intercourse. In the intermediate past, I recall taking chances with 'shit-or-miss' and mostly coming out lucky. But although memories are foggy, I think he escorted me to his spacious shower and there were implements and a permanent nozzle there in the shower. It was obvious to me that I was going to get it IN THE ASS without formalities. Getting me ready for and BY TALL, DARK AND STUNNINGLY HANDSOME! My DARK KNIGHT if you wish, I sure did! It didn't take long to be 'ship-ready'. Ready for ACTION, enter stage left, with a raging boner. He had laid out a THEATRICALLY STUNNING set-up like some kind of an 'altar' candles, flowing sheer curtains, whatever, something you would or could only hope for in a ritual conversion but I wasn't thinking in those terms. Nothing about POZZING came to my mind! I was more eager to have an ACT OF SODOMY consummated, anxious to violate my bond with my (by now crying in Memphis) ex-BF. That's all that was on my mind! Revenge and transformation! FUCK YOU and your happily-ever-after you Southern cunt! The stud had a raging boner (unlike all the crystal meth fags in the South) and his fat tube-steak was dripping precum as he zeroed towards my hole. I remember a brief moment of sanity and 'safety-pre-cautions' and mumbling something about a rubber, but the angel put his fingers on my lips as his bull-knob of a champ-cock was pushing on my ass-lips meeting little resistance... the rubbers that were present said something about MAGNUM on them but I saw no open packages. By now I had told him I just had gotten my nipples pierced A FEW HOURS AGO and maybe he was trying to be gentle and still sort-of apologetic but I told him I LOVED EVERY MOMENT of his lewd, public tongue-lashing on my RAW nipples. So maybe he was trying to make up, but his super-sized cock was only slowly pushing forward, testing, pre-lubing me with precum. When he pushed forward, once again I didn't flinch. Hey, I hate that in porn when the professional porn-stars FAKE their moans, I as an amateur don't act like a damn bitch. His cock however stretched my hole to the max. You all MIGHT still remember when you took the first big horse-cocks in your budding butt-fucking career (before ROSE-BUDS lol) and it feels as though the hole is stretched to a point where NO MORE could possibly fit... he better not flex! WHOA he did... and it felt HEAVENLY! I'm a certified whore! Bring it on! Well, I took it like a champ. He rutted slowly and deeply, taking his time... and I took his tool without flinching or protest, from beginning to orgasmic-ally finishing off... I think I fell asleep with his cock still in me. I was in LUST! In the morning I felt like my hole had been PERMANENTLY MODIFIED, stretched to champ-cock dimensions, even exceeding the dimensions of my estranged exes LEGENDARY big tool. I'm conceded and convinced enough that at that hour in the LA morning he was still crying over me 2,000 miles away AT WORK with two hours ahead of me (I later learned I was right). The sexy dude made me breakfast. We made small talk and then he said it: "By the way, I have been POZ for 5 years now...!" And whatever he said after that, I didn't hear. I was shocked and bewildered. His seed had by now been completely absorbed so I must be poz now too... I wasn't ready for all that. My best friend Tommy was best buds with him ( I found out later) and told me my 'dark knight' had a big crush on me and I 'broke his heart' by not showing more interest... I never forgot him though and fantasized about him mnay times while beating off, I found him recently on Facebook. Whatever seed got passed my 'safety precautions' and my once mighty 'fear-and-loathing' didn't take however... what fun I could have had... My real conversion came via a twink almost two decades later. He would be an art student at OTIS and making extra cash as a stripper in West Hollywood, running with a fast crowd that celebrated their sexual liberation in the 21st century with casual unprotected sex. He never knew he was toxic, nor the moment of when it happened... but he was pollinated by a poz bro and his seed sure did take! And he 'pollinated' me and his seed launched a hunger! I'm still with him and we both have become unrepentant disciples of promiscuous sodomy and fornication, without jealousies. The 'angel-of-darkness' stud and I are friends again too!!! Well, on FACEBOOK, lol regret not taking more loads from his cock! Every time I take a poz cock I feel electrified, even more than anon cock and certainly more tingly than negative cock makes me feel! My late-convert ass feels hungry and I'm doing penance for being such a prudish late-bloomer...
  11. Hey, wondering... have you done 'POLLS' on here or do you know how that works! Seeing that I regard you as one of my 'long-distance slut-mentors'... 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. puphawaii


      **licks your POLE in appreciation 😆


    3. rawsatyr


      **offers his cock and ass in appropriately lewd manner, as one offers 'nuts and chocolates' to guests to the house***

      or as Sheldon Cooper would say: "It is customary to offer a warm beverage!"

    4. puphawaii


      i'll gladly choke on your dick and eat out your sweet ass .. and isn't Sheldon such a wonderful, well mannered boy?   a warm beverage - how sweet!    

      ***drops down so you can hose me with your warm beverage piss



  12. I hit some 'pay-dirt' the other day when I worked on this certified cum-dumpster bottom. Well my Prince Albert dug up some extra but I discretely showed the guy the way to the main-bathroom rigged up with the nozzle and used the other bathroom to clean up my pecker... wasn't all that bad. And we went back to banging without a hitch! First time it happened to me as a novice twink bottom I was ashamed to no end! High-tailed and never spoke to the guy again!
  13. So far still 'wishful thinking' and limited to 'the word on the street'. Give it a few years and we will see something like a 'gay bareback YELP review'! lol
  14. I always pay close attention to what you say! You are inadvertently one of my 'slut-mentors' and guide into the depth of debauchery!!!! lol I'm glad I'm not the only one not that big on throat-fucking> I will suck a mean cock and swallow but I rather ride a fat cock like a satyr without flinching for the ultimate 'customer satisfaction experience' and a good YELP review!
  15. I love guys with gaping, 'elongated' fuck-holes who have 'prehensile' strength on a cock... and take any dick without flinching! I always imagine the NUMEROUS, fat cocks and loads that must have conditioned that sexy hole!

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