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    The DEEP US-South, West Tennessee
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    Being in TOP SHAPE for 'sports-fucking', not 'looking for trouble and VD' like the 'school of self-destruction' preaches. Seems like a tragic way to romanticize 1980's AIDS-crisis, a then-incurable misery and malaise. My view: "In sports you MAY get hurt! A BULL-RIDER WILL FALL now and then, but GETTING GORED ON PURPOSE seems weird!!!! Not my scene!!
    But on the up and up: It's a new era, don't spoil it for the newbies! Otherwise I'm FEARLESS and I like verbal thrills of 'poz-talk', attracted to 'promiscuous' bucks, embracing late sexual liberation, anon engagements, exploring fetishes and new scenes, 'no loads refused'. I like to watch my man get bred by strangers as he is expected to watch me with others. The deal is RAW ONLY! BTW, that is my man's hole on my cover photo, freshly seeded by our first poz, verbal player. I wished I had been ready for him! Both of us play alone too! Turns me/us on!The bold-faced sluttiness!
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Late to the 'bold bareback scene'. Used to mostly top raw and feel guilty, missed out on lot of hot action, while trying to 'stay safe'. My more 'adventurous' man 'changed that'. Barely 30, been together with him 10 years. Both of us really 'prefer guys' in their 40s and 50s (like me). Anyway, after catching him cheating on grindr we decided that SEX IS SPORT. Always BAREBACK! All the once 'forbidden' fetishes are now HOT. Promiscuous fuckers, 'danger tattoos', sluts, travelling breeders, anon, no loads refused... both a bit hung-up on HWP. Being POZ once was a scare, now an 'appreciated fetish', a comfort zone in a mostly negative world. A thrill of 'Danger' accepted as part of the promiscuous game! But not willfully 'collecting' and purposely spreading random health scourges! Not 'sporting' to me! Smooth, inked, pierced, lewd and promiscuous guys rock my world! Prefer 'butch' manly types not into 'traditional role play'. You know: 'OWNING' a dude like a bitch, being jealous, being a hypocrite, that sort of thing! I let my man go take dick from any of our 'bros' or any random trick... turns me on! I love witnessing as he gets bred! By guys who just want to USE him and sling their DNA up his hole! I CONDONE that behavior and will lick the horny fucker's balls as his naked cock slides into my man! I expect my man to be the same every time I bring home a trick! Not that he needs to be there! Or that I need to be there! "Go slam-dunk that fucker before he gets scared and runs off!" We share tales later and let each other sniff the juices from 'THE OTHER BUCK'!!!
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    Have done nude-spreads for gay rags. Froze up when I was asked to pose with my dick, face AND THE HOLE showing in one shot! That's why I'm sharing it now...
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    Hardcore 'sports-fuckers'. Inked and pierced and other guys who are proudly POZ. Since 'joining the team' I want to push the 'petal to the metal' be bred by every Tom, Dick and Harry! Still hung up on smooth bottoms to fuck... maybe after some more practice I can be more 'indiscriminate'!

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  1. I noticed that too! Some odd characters 'red-smudging' fairly innocent stuff for what reason? Not vile enough? Not crude enough? Not self-destructive enough? Too 'nice'? You would expect more broad-minded tolerance on BZ where we have everything form innocent newbie bb-sympathizers to hardcore party whores running their lives on empty. We don't all run at the same speed. As to what I read (personally): there is LOTS where I just cringe. Guys wanting to 'destroy themselves', guys wanting to get every disease in the book like HIV and VD are exotic pets. Or guys wanting to be castrated and what not... I just cringe and move on. NO COMMENT, no 'reaction'!!! On the same vein: when you look at U-tube and find ANY timeless and incredible music video from PINK to Pink Floyd to Linkin Park... (for example) doesn't matter... with all the TENS of THOUSANDS of likes there is always at least a few hundred thumbs down. So you can't take it personally. Maybe a 400lbs curmudgeon in the basement of his parents' house HATES IT, because he is recalling the popular kids in high-school making out to 'comfortably numb' and him sitting alone in the dark... who knows As to 'people hiding behind key-boards' on BZ: I WISHED there was a feature where we could BLOCK our content from the rare piss-ants who repeatedly rain on the parade without explanation (because truly, there isn't a good one)... And YES, we work HARD on our slut, whore and SUPERSTAR statuses lol
  2. Hmm, crude math... maybe 100 or 200? Should have swallowed every one of them but was a vanilla prince of 'fear-and-loathing' once... now that I have joined the 'prince-of-darkness' crew... my hunger has grown dis-proportionally... COCK, precum... jizz, seed and DNA! Anon, random or verified poz! HOW MANY? NOT ENOUGH! Ideally after tasting a virile buck, the second load goes in the ass though... only that way can the DNA and promiscuous legacy can be FULLY ABSORBED, like a cum-dumpster booty bump... the rush lasts for hours!
  3. Yummy dick! I'd suck that for some more pre-cum and a full load to follow!

  4. LOL, no! Maybe more POACHING issues! Or yes, the INTRUDER wanted to control and manipulate! Dude did develop INSTANT delusions of 'romantically' getting one-on-one with my man (send him messages and all that, the next few days) Wasn't well received by both of us! The guy had to be set straight. Basically harmless, an amateur, thinking he can find 'MISTER RIGHT' and 'happily-ever-after' on a barebacking site! Tried his luck at being a sneaky 'home-wrecker'. Not sporting! Not BBRT protocol! But 'cute' to a degree!
  5. Yeah right... bring fucking flowers and talk about 'us EXCLUSIVELY and going steady and monogamy' and out the door you go! Happened to me, and happened to my man a few times. I don't mind a random trick from bbrt sticking his poz cock into my man and leaving his DNA trail behind... but don't sit there on the couch and kiss on him post coitus past the ten minute line... WTF like damn Lesbians. THREE different guys tried the old-fashioned 'snake-and-weasel routine', trying to woo my man and POACH him away. One, a promiscuous 'pozzer' and dirty-talker, acting teacher whatever wanted to take him away to Denver... yeah right, like you are even capable of 'fidelity' that you promised him. And my man is too smart. The other wanna-be-poacher was this young guy from bbrt, thought he could live 'happily-ever-after' after he seeded my man and then went into the Lesbian make-out scene with him... well cute, hot... but wait... your time is up! HOT? NOT!!! Although, if the punk calms down, he is welcome to seed my man again. The other was a total dork my man worked with, a guy with a much higher pay-grade; doting on my man and disrespecting me, never making an effort to even meet 'the husband' when opportunities were aplenty... well took a restraining order on that MF and getting him transferred (peacefully to San Diego) to stop that madness. I have two 'regulars' who like me enough to want to be BF. one said (last week) "Damn, if you didn't have a husband I'd be so into BEING WITH YOU!" Yeah whatever. Another, my fav, is super-promiscuous and would never promise nor be expected to be in a monogamous relationship with me... I rather just come around when he has his house full of random strangers and I get to pick one or two or all of them in some random sex... not that a one of them would be capable of genuine 'monogamy'... I know what I got, and I know what to stay clear of... I do love cheating jerks though (you have to in this world, make lemonade of human lemons) Playing with cocky jerks have become a new fetish, playing the players, conning the cons... another version of the 'thrill game'... first cum, first served... just lie about your status, wear sun-glasses while we have sex, call me a 'damn whore' as you nut and get out the door with not even a kiss lol. No number, no names, no drama!
  6. Reading that got me all horny! "Boy what's wrong with you?" lol
  7. I saw a picture of a bunch of nude guys on a beach and several (possibly) couples seem to have them on... by the way they sat on blankets... would be hot to imagine them as 'poly-amorous commitment rings' where they are 'together' but both have pledged to let and encourage their partners to be available to any sexual partner raw and promiscuously! The thought makes me tingle!
  8. The best is NO TALK, just animal magnetism in a bar known for players & barebackers. I casual nod, him leading the way, me following! Both me and 'the stranger' going commando, for showing off and for easy access and expected promiscuous sex, and off in a dark corner, and raw penetration with full cream-pie... and back to the bar with no further contact.
  9. My biggest thrill when first coming out in Hollywood - Sexy, older masculine dudes! At 21 I got carded hard, EVERY TIME, the validity of my driver's licence questioned or getting tongue-in-cheek complements of how REAL MY FAKE ID LOOKS. Well I was one of those smooth innocent-looking, wrongly accused of forging documents to get in with THE BIG BOYS. Some wondered how I got in and many would stay clear of me, assuming I was really underage and TROUBLE. My first big fetish were manly denim, cowboy guys like the ones I had seen in COLT Magazine when I was beating off, all sexually frustrated. I had an older 'slut-mentor' CHARLES, (from work) who treated me like his horny gay 'son' upon whom he wanted to dote by 'making fantasies come true'. "Okay, go out with me and show me the ropes! I WANT A BULL!" At the MOTHERLODE (a gay pick-up bar with a Western theme) I would spot these hunky guys dressed all butch in denims, boots, the 'RUGGED' look. Big crotches, big smiles, popular beefy fuckers that were out-of-my-league (mostly because of lacking self-esteem and me not being more aggressive) Charles would lead me INTO THE PACK of these alpha bros and after getting accepted (like a little brother) I would end up picking up one or the other... typically the one I had my heart set on... Would end up ME TOPPING the dude and him taking my fat teenager (looking) cock and letting me cum inside him... The rush of busting my nut into a seasoned bull with a big cock of his own was an incredible hi!
  10. Simple and straight to the point wins MOST of the time... BUT The 'brutally honest', intelligent risk-taker thing appeals to me. A guy like that might be a little bit more creative and not just lay there like a sack of inert spawning substrate. I for one like to see a raging boner on my cumdumpster (when I'm in my topping phase), a lean, squirming fuck machine, guys who play with my pierced nipples, gets INTO IT or can ride a cock like devil thieves or the occasional 'agent of the underworld' who seduces me with his sexy ass-cunt and overall 'package' to follow him to the depths of Lucifer's lair or wherever it is that this hot, cock-grabbing man-pussy came from... When I top I'm very particular about HWP, lean bods, perky, SMOOTH asses, 'elongated fuck-slits' you see on porn champs and I get a raging boner just from thinking what long line of studs must have rutted that furrow with what sexy cocks! See, a versatile top may think differently than a top who doesn't like other tops. Yeah, and some of us may be man-cunt snobs who are fussy about what hole he wants to breed. Hey, there is more than enough FREE PUSSY at the all-you-can-fuck-buffet! It's a competitive world out there! FREE HOLE, FREE HOLE, FREOLE!!! And different TARGET AUDIENCES! LOL... a seductively-posed and smartly MARKETED 'product picture' (for the meat market) makes a plain-Jane hamburger look tasty enough to have human man-bear dogs drool like they hear the bell for food. The power of suggestion brings more boys to the yard! But much what I see given away for free on the apps by hungry bottoms looks like a plate full of fat spam... NOT HUNGRY any more! BUT Thanks though! What REALLY turns me on is guys proudly posing with their sexy ass-cunt teasing in the bottom of the shot but a smooth. lean package with a raging hard-on like in your avatar (#justsexnowatl)
  11. Ah, HALLMARK MOMENTS! Let me share a long-winded story (my close followers will appreciate). Bear with me, as I thought this through... Ready? Ok here she goes... As a very young freshly-minted gay top I recall an episode with this even younger, lanky blonde, shaggy-haired cliche California boy. The event went down, awkwardly, I don't even know how, on the backseat of my stick-shift Mustang. On some weekend night, he wanted to 'let's go cruising Sunset Boulevard' (where the straight kids go or the closet homo-boys from 'the valley' sniff sexual freedom) and he proudly brought some weed to smoke, while we drove around Hollywood and took the various winding mountain passes to the valley side. We both still 'played it straight' to each other with us sharing 'fun' high-school anecdotes and him hinting at third-party butt-sex a lot. I was basically OUT but he was a bit closeted, still in denial about his obvious queer side (when sober) at least to his strict parents, but his voice gave him away (to me) as not being the 'butch-est' boy in Pasadena. Although when he pulled up to get into my car, hmm, in his stylish 240 Z, I guess he could have passed as a straight playboy... yeah right! One of his 'anecdotes' he shared that night allegedly involved a former class-mate becoming a 'gay bottom'. I later figured he was probably really reminiscing about himself. Something about his 'best friend in high-school not wanting to be with girls any more because of the humiliation he suffered by ways of a popular slut girl on prom-night'. She supposedly initiated them getting naked for car-sex up at a lover's lane spot on Mullholland Drive. When 'THE FRIEND' dropped his drawers for the customary coupling, 'Ms.High-school-Hussy' started to giggle uncontrollably and rudely at his still soft 'tiny meat' and said something like: "That won't do, sorry, let's just get dressed and get ice-cream though!" My lanky shot-gun rider lounged back seductively with his boy-man shoulder-length hair and with the seat all the way back and down at some point, inebriated lightly on some schnapps he had in a brown paper-bag. (Quick admission) Dudes with sexy long hair were my GAY GATEWAY drug when I came out in high-school. Dudes with pretty shaggy hair. hot-damn, but I never scored with one of those secret crushes! Looks hot when a cocky, long-haired guy let's his arm out of his best friend's ride, posing or pretending to be butch (for girls) with the window down. And looking over at something close to your secret crushes with the city-lights on that pretty boy look... made me recall those moments when I beat off to MTV-videos with sexy musicians or more likely to the poster of QUEEN on my bedroom. A FETISH, ok?! I have 'evolved' into more of a PIG since then. But back then, SO HOT and it did the trick! BONER!!!!!I didn't wait for a proper 'invite' when we got up to that ridge overlooking Hollywood (or was it the valley-side, who cares when you have a boner) I pulled out of busy traffic and hastily undid his pants. They came off with anxious cooperation... he looked at me like with direct eye-contact but didn't say a word. His crotch revealed a cute, but, well 'small' pecker. As a self-imagine TOP ONLY it didn't matter, made my dick look huge, lol. I wasn't a size queen and still don't think I am (liar) But I do like pretty lollipop dicks. I myself was going commando a lot even back then, having learned that from the 'butch crowd' at the 'MOTHERLODE' gay bar, where I already had picked up a few manly men before who gave away their anatomical stats and state of arousal when cruising each other... getting sired by a much younger guy I'm told is a big rush... Anyway, I was always ready for cock action! Nelly semi-fantasy boy, I didn't care. My pants were down and his ass was up, his legs spread as far as a 1980 Ford Mustang would allow. I used spit and sheer luck and determination and just forced my dick into him. I suppose I did it in the very same manner that every boner-teased, oversexed teenager would do it on opportunities like this. I recall by dick barely being able to get past his tight (and way too dry) boy-pussy cunt-lips. (I can use that vulgar term now, after being on BZ for a few years and having been 're-conditioned' to respond well to sleazy terminology! Thanks guys) I would say, I used brute force in what would have otherwise, in a hetero, non-consensual way been the style of a RAPE, all to just benefit the aggressor. But he was not an innocent, over-powered 'damsel-in-distress'. He knew he had cock coming and just bit his lips as the dry, barely spit-lubed knob of my circumcised cock pushed past his heavenly cumdumpster gates. I would guess I wasn't his first and I sure wasn't his last. He trance-liked the brutish assault as he just took my dick going in, no matter how deep or how selfish I banged him and his boy-cunt insides, rough and raw into the back-seat (?) Nailed like a bitch on prom-night! NOBODY used rubbers then despite the early warnings from the same authorities that once warned against 'REEFER MADNESS'... and nobody here got 'pregnant' YET!!!!! ... every time I see a movie with clumsy car-sex I'm reminded of me being the 'brute on top'. But my date was taking his penetration like a champ no whimpering, no resistance. No 'walk-of-shame' and post coitus crying! It went so fast and without me really wanting to look at his face 'directly', he seemed to want more... like a fucking relationship or whatever. But I got my nut, he got my load and we disengaged unceremoniously like opportunistic farm-animals once the SIRING is consummated. He was glowing though and seemed to be smitten with me. Too bad I never developed a taste for nelly boys and more aggressive car-sex after that... (Wait: I later turned over a new leaf, got my cherry popped good and raw by a brute in a his shag-carpeted van... but that would be a story for another day... if my followers want to hear it, let me know!)
  12. I wonder if those of us who are UNDETECTABLE, even extremely so, if we took a simple HIV test, would it come up positive??? Enquiring minds want to know? Well fuck, I should google it or ask my specialist doctor...
  13. I go into a total trance, once the RAW cock gets near my ass, And then see the big knob slip in my hole or just feel it when I'm getting bred like an animal... I love it when a big-dicked guy flexes his fat, girthy cock and talks about 'custom-stretching my (still) tight hole to better SUIT HIS NEEDS'... That pulsing rush of a dude coming in me, send me over the moon... and even after I hold on to his seed and smell myself where he had made contact with me.. hopefully musky and very fragrant... I still feel hot rushes going through me as my system absorbs the DNA...
  14. Haven't tried the piss drink yet, although it was one of the proposals by one of my seasoned bros... he wanted me (while taking a leak behind a bar) piss in his mouth... freaked me out then... but I'm gonna do it myself... every time I suck a hunky guy and I taste a bit of salty on his shaft and piss-slit I feel a strange craving... it must be the ANTICIPATION!!!! Of absorbing another bucks vital essences... I have watched goats get up behind each other and drink piss... must be a primal thing and with a screen-name that includes SATYR (a goat-like horny demi-god) I better get up to speed...

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