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    The DEEP US-South, West Tennessee
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    groups, orgies, verbal, the concept of 'sports-fucking', verbal thrills of 'poz-talk', attracted to 'promiscuous' bucks, embracing late sexual liberation, anon engagements, exploring fetishes and new scenes, 'no loads refused'. I like to watch my man get bred by strangers as he is expected to watch me with others. In a pinch we get to go out and play alone! Turns me on!
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Late to the 'bold bareback scene'. Used to mostly top raw and feel guilty, missed out on lot of hot action, while trying to 'stay safe'. My more 'adventurous' man 'changed that'. Barely 30, been together with him 10 years. Both of us really 'prefer guys' in their 40s and 50s (like me). Anyway, after catching him cheating on grindr we decided that SEX IS SPORT. Always BAREBACK! All the once 'forbidden' fetishes are now HOT. Promiscuous fuckers, 'danger tattoos', sluts, travelling breeders, anon, no loads refused... both a bit hung-up on HWP. Being POZ once was a scare, now a craved fetish! A thrill of 'Danger' accepted as part of the promiscuous game! But not willfully 'collecting' and purposely spreading random health scourges! Not 'sporting' to me! Smooth, inked, pierced, lewd and promiscuous guys rock my world! Prefer 'butch' manly types not into 'traditional role play'. You know: 'OWNING' a dude like a bitch, being jealous, being a hypocrite, that sort of thing! I let my man go take dick from any of our 'bros' or any random trick... turns me on! I love witnessing as he gets bred! By guys who just want to USE him and sling their DNA up his hole! I CONDONE that behavior and will lick the horny fucker's balls as his naked cock slides into my man! I expect my man to be the same every time I bring home a trick! Not that he needs to be there! Or that I need to be there! "Go slam-dunk that fucker before he gets scared and runs off!" We share tales later and let each other sniff the juices from 'THE OTHER BUCK'!!!
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    Have done nude-spreads for gay rags.
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    Hardcore 'sports-fuckers'. Inked and pierced and other guys who are proudly POZ. Since 'joining the team' I want to push the 'petal to the metal' be bred by every Tom, Dick and Harry! Still hung up on smooth bottoms to fuck... maybe after some more practice I can be more 'indiscriminate'!

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  1. Hindsight is 20/20 vision that few of us have... I can't tell you how many times in the past I was 'warned' (cock-blocked) with lines like: "I'd stay away from him. He is DIRTY... a bad guy... fucks everybody... He probably has every disease in the book!" And I would forgo moving on a fantasy-in-the-flesh that years later I still wished I had moved on... In hindsight and looking at my pattern NOW, I'm drawn to guys like that! Bad boys and promiscuous jerks! Aren't we all? Not that I would search out neglected health-scourges festering on some ignorant characters but mere suspicions are not enough to scare me off the prize. And sometime you will get 'burned'... I consider the whole 'bareback underground' a rough-and-tumble contact sport like skate-boarding or the rodeo... it's an exhilarating rush but you will take a fall now and then. Just pick yourself up, nurse the 'bruises', take a reasonable break and then hop back into the rink!
  2. So I need some clues from you veterans of the bare-fuck scene: on BBRT it's pretty clear - bareback ONLY! So when the poz trick gets naked, rubbers aren't even there to kill the buzz! But to maximize 'dude-traffic' we all troll on grindr and scruff and whatever. I avoid the preachy ones who are stubbornly 'safe sex only'. Kill the chat with kindness and pretenses. On the other hand PREP has made a few guys pretty forward. But some ON PREP still suddenly pull out condoms. Again others ask, just as you get to CLOSE THE DEAL: "DDF here here! U 2?! Right?" Or they talk like fuddy-duddies and say: "You are CLEAN right?" Lol, yes dude, I douched! BORING! I understand in big cities you all have the luxury to say 'POZ and BAREBACK ONLY' You get action all day long and better yet, it isn't even a subject AT ALL! With less-fortunate and MUCH-smaller gay community cities than say Atlanta, one has to tread lightly though. The medium minds in the back-waters are about 20 years behind! Can't let the cat out of the bag too quick. UNDETECTABLE is still not understood and some judgmental negative guys (i.e. in Jonesboro Arkansas) get evil and hostile towards guys who on their profile admit they are poz and/or UD. Actually verbally attacking their poz peers, questioning their RIGHT to even be on the app! So liars and stealthers do well in that repressive world. Some burned guys keep their status in the pictureless 'discreet' or don't care any more... Honesty doesn't seem to pay, but gets you a bad rep! Yesterday a young guy told me he is poz and undetectable. Hell yeah let's play RAW, but he freaked out when I said I only do bareback... held back with me being poz/undetectable! You have to be careful here! Should I have reeled him in with pretense of 'rubbers ok' and then spring the raw deal on him? Have a 50/50 chance to get my way? Is it best (on say grindr chat) to skirt the bareback issue, only use suggestive 'euphemisms' about 'dark fantasies', 'no strings attached' and 'wanting to drop a load' or share pics of your ass being porked by a raw dick??? Wait what the reaction is? So question: A.) be stubbornly UP FRONT about everything but scare off prospective candidates for raw sex? B.) Lie and be selfishly-deceptive about status, whether known or not: "Oh no I'm CLEAN! Don't worry, besides I'll PULL OUT before I cum!" ? C.) Be 'vague', possibly drop obvious hints in chat and let it go forward hope it goes RAW? I'm leaning towards option C!
  3. rawsatyr

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    This summer I have had several 'otherwise' very fun, lewd propositions: flirting and potentially fucking with married, gay couples and a heavily-tatted alpha buck. All was going well until the subject of TERMS OF THE FUCK came up and there was suddenly an insistence on USING RUBBERS on the table. That is the point of total BUZZ-KILL for a true barebacker! Even the PREP commercials on LOGO-TV push that 'in conjunction with prophylactics' PC-policy... via a nelly queen with a man-bun no less! And many guys in the repressed places like the deep US-South don't even know what 'undetectable' is or get preachy about safe sex... until they get drunk! Or have no regular healthcare AT ALL or lie about having been tested. I have heard these lines a few times: "I do safe sex ONLY! Why not? What do you mean? It's just a little plastic between us!" It's all good, just a world I have chosen to leave behind! Yeah, on that note: I can stay at home and beat off to tumblr SKETCHYSEX! I politely let the discussion with horny 'safe-sexers' die and back away. "OOPS, gotta run. Company is here!" To me after the deprivations of the safe sex era, unless it is RAW AND RISKY or SKIN-ON-SKIN, positively promiscuous and bareback, I'm DONE talking about hooking up! Just like with commercial porn, made in states that FORCE porn actors to be 'rubbered up': when I see rubbers I think of 'health department' and 'avoiding pregnancies'. BUZZ-KILL! Wait, I endured one nervous 'coupling' with a newbie who told me on grindr he was on PREP but then suddenly pulled out the magnums for his fat pecker. Good thing his land-lady buzzed about his washer-dryer issue... because I was laying there like a method actor, pretending to have a good time. NOT!!! "Hey bro, raw and reckless! RAW IS LAW! No pulling out!" Just hearing or reading a prospective hook-up guy say that, makes me tingle! "LET'S DO IT! CUM ON OVER!"
  4. rawsatyr

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    Going from sexual snob to slutty cum-dumpster: So here is my take: I used to be known to ALWAYS HAVE THOSE PRETTY BOYS, as a top. Some guys may have seen me as an 'arrogant circuit boy' because, although I was polite, I was was always with some HOT THING and dodged their flirtations. Maybe because they were too nelly or just not MY TYPE! I also rejected many a confident guy who tried to top me, and most were actually good looking. Maybe because they were too aggressive or otherwise didn't QUITE meet my narrow 'criteria'. Besides, especially if they GOT AROUND, They reeked of 'danger'. I figured I'd increase my chances of GETTING SOMETHING from promiscuous players... and I also did that awkward COURTING thing (of relationship material) where you DIDN'T fuck somebody on the first date... Fast forward to my CONVERSION: so a pretty boy much younger than me topped me and next thing I know I'm poz. Now what? Let's reevaluate... I emerged myself into the 'seedy underground' I used to avoid: the PLAYERS, known sluts, the lingo, the mentalities and figured I better JOIN ALL THE WAY. So, let's get used to the rules of the bareback underground; RAW IS LAW! No rubbers EVER! NO LOADS REFUSED! I wondered if I would be up to the challenge! So onto BBRT I went. Deliberately looking for guys who just wanted to TOP, RAW and preferably who were proudly POZ! Liars, stealthers and cheaters are welcome! You can't scare me now! Well of the first five or six guys, not a single one looked like THE TYPE that I in my 'vanilla days' would have hooked up with. In the first 30 guys only three totally rocked my world! The others weren't really ugly but not at all like guys I would have hooked up with before. But they wanted to fuck, RAW! Dropping my clothes and submitting myself like a slut to their precum-dripping cocks and horny ambitions was my thrill motivator. Often I didn't even get hard. I considered it as part of my INITIATION to have to endure SOME FUCKER, from start to finish, accept his possibly-poz or verified-poz DNA and keep it to full absorption. SO BBRT: one of the guys who came through was definitely the ugliest fucker I ever hooked up with in my life. We are talking a ONE on the 1 to 10 scale! I'm in the deep South of the US now, not Hollywood anymore, where many guys live hard, drugs, drinking, smoking and don't exercise or nature wasn't kind to them. I have over the years met 'cute twinks' who within a bit more than a decade became bald, fat 'trolls' (to use that maligned term) Sad little buggers who now continuously lament about 'not getting laid'... Let me give you a visual on the ugliest fucker though. Dude is a short-order cook at a diner, a HARDY EATER. He is short, prematurely bald, with scruffy facial and body hair like some hill-billy, his stomach distended and in his jeans it looked like he had NO ASS. He also wasn't a personality charmer either, really more like a scary character out of DELIVERANCE. For some reason I enjoyed dropping my clothes letting him see what to him must have been a prize. Beefy ass, smooth all over, some abs, a tan and pierced nipples and full head of hair. He drops his clothes and it is NOTHING that makes me hard! NOTHING but a shocker! Now, to be fair, he is about 20 years younger than I (I suspect) although he looks like a grand-pappy type of indiscernible age. But naked he looked very disadvantaged to say the least: scraggily hair all over, no muscular definition, no meat on his legs and a butt-less behind that had me for a split-second imagine the term 'ass-amputated'. How rude! lol I know! But don't worry: I'm putting on a good show for the ugly fucker like a paid prostitute. NO LOADS REFUSED! He just motioned to me to TURN AROUND like a deaf-mute from the mountains would do and all I could think is "SOU-IEE!" A moment straight out of DELIVERANCE. No rape here, this city slicker is about to be voluntarily porked and defiled by a scruffy mountain hill-billy. Keep in mind, this is Memphis TN so the real deal is never far. His dick wasn't very big either and I realized that if his belly didn't stick out the way it did he would benefit! He spit on his hand (or drooled on his dick), whatever and slipped his vile cock in! NICE! So slutty! Either way, I DIDN'T LOOK BACK! I gave him good (masculine) verbal feed-back as he seemed to be at a loss for words. His below average sized dick slipped in like butter! He rutted away in silence for whatever long time. I didn't care about a reach-around, I wouldn't have wanted a kiss. His raw dick YES, but motherfucker don't you dare kiss me! I don't know if he fucked me for a long time or what but then he was done, a guttural grunt like an animal when it completes its copulation and his slippery willy pulled away. Quietly he put his clothes back on and SHUFFLED out the door, no grace no dignity. He SHUFFLED! But he got his nut! I saw him again months later at the market, did a sub-conscious "JEBUS that is one ugly fucker" internal dialog and realized that he would be one of those I would pretend NOT TO KNOW - IF I stood around with my snobby pretty-boy 'friends', those who still 'date' and traditionally cheat on Bfs. They have no idea nor could they relate to the reached depth of my debauchery. Another (UGLY) one I hooked up is a scruffy fucker from grindr (I think that's where we started) A poor speller who goes from one rented trailer-hovel to another, no regular job, getting evicted, living with trashy room-mates, loves to parTy! Looks and sounds like a total redneck of the worst kind. Fucks anything that moves. Used all the bareback lingo that we share on here. When we decided to hook up there was NEVER any word about 'status' - it all just went straight to bareback. When he fingered my hole I felt like he was trying to 'rough it up' with his fingernail. To make sure his DNA would take! I imagined it was his clumsy effort to 'stealth' me and make sure I become part of that local poz underground. Strangely erotic! Clumsy and redundant! Nice dick but damn, life on drugs and the Deep South weren't kind to him. On his Facebook pictures he looks AT LEAST 20 years older than he actually is. If he was horny and his broke down car makes it I may have to let him let another run on my hole again! So a pretty boy (younger) friend of mine from California visited recently who knows what bb-sluts my man and I are. But he doesn't know about the NO LOADS REFUSED policy I don't think. So we go to this neighborhood gay bar in Midtown and some guys I recall as twinks are there. They recognize me, know my first name but I don't know theirs. I can tell one is flirtatious and yes they didn't age too well. Now more fitting into the roles of rough, hard-living rednecks! The flirting one in particular said something to me like: "Last time I saw you was like six months ago at the Pump. My man (his bf) was quite smitten with you and he liked your proposition!" No clue what I allegedly said or 'proposed' but I was probably dropping bold clues about fucking after two beers, the way I do now after I loosen up at the bars. My pretty-boy California friend later said after we left: "So you all go way back? Looks like nature and daily living in the South weren't kind to him!" I realized he was right. Which is probably why I intend to track that fucker and his BF down and get raw and nasty with them... and my pretty friend's less-than-approving response to him oddly is my biggest motivator... I bet that fucker will nut a big load!
  5. rawsatyr

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    To me ALL THE FORMERLY FORBIDDEN, the 'dangerous', signs of promiscuity and being poz are now the biggest thrill fetishes. I recall years ago reading that 'as a top, if you wear a PA and do bareback, you may increase your chance of getting HIV'. Silly frightened me stopped wearing my PA. Now as I'm part of the brotherhood, I will proudly wear my Prince Albert and let the waves part. The frightened ones high-tail, and the wild ones flood in! The thought of letting a hardcore player with a huge Prince Albert and a bio-hazard tattoo breed me with no questions and formalities exchanged is a TOTAL THRILL.
  6. rawsatyr

    Versatility: a turn-on or a turn-off?

    When I look at porn or the internet and apps and tumblr I notice a polarization towards two stereotypes that get too much focus: one is the self-appointed arrogant ALPHA top who uses language that degrades (often erotically) bottoms into 'just-a-hole', a cliche many bottoms embrace. The other is of course the BOTTOM ONLY type of guy with his insatiable hole. But there are many levels in between: there are very aggressive POWER-BOTTOMS who take charge and may ride the cock to the point that some 'alphas' get intimidated... then there are versatile guys who may favor being the bottom but get so excited by a certain TYPE of dude (typically inked and pierced) that they suddenly turn the tables on him. I do that some times. A lot of the role play in gay sex comes from hyped-up, steroided-out, male-chauvinist attitudes. "The bitch better lay back and let me get his rocks off!" A reach-around to those kind of sexist missionary old-timers is not even part of the program. Arrogance and looking down on the 'lesser sex' is part of either their genetic make-up or their defective upbringing! Some bottoms accordingly just lay there and get off on being degraded, laying there like a sack of beans, listless and un-involved like cum receptacles. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE guys you boldly profess: "I'M a CUM-DUMPSTER!" But he better have some finesse and don't just lay there all limp-dicked and methed out getting fucked like a corpse. Or the kind of bottom so insatiable that while taking dick he is already on his I-phone already looking on grindr for the next dick. Well actually, that has turned me on before... The lamest attitude towards VERSATILE guys I ever observed was a tragic guy on GAY.com (when we all still used it) He was looking for TOTAL TOPS ONLY, apparently seeing himself as some kind of a 'lady', a 'true bottom' and thus some kind of a superior sexual purist! Any guy admitting to be 'versatile' was dismissed as THRASH by him. Apparently (from what I gathered) he believed that having bareback sex with TOTAL TOPS made him the CLEANER, more respectable version of 'the gay'. What a cartoon character that queen was! There may be SOME MERIT to the logic of risk reduction. Not that any of us care, lol! And some ASSUME total tops are MORE MASCULINE because they act more like STRAIGHT MEN!? But the sexist hypocrisy of all his thinking was mind-boggling archaic and judgmental. Personally, after having overcome all the hurdles of fear and loathing I have embraced the life-style of TOTAL PROMISCUITY! Keeping myself open to play as many characters as possible: catcher, pitcher, voyeur, fluffer or whatever! Yes, total tops are hot as long as they do bareback! But the biggest thrill TO ME comes from guys who are not afraid, hesitant or reluctant to take it up the ass and then after getting loaded with DNA proceed to bang the first properly-positioned cum-dumpster in the sling. In my mind I have taken the whole thing even further. I LOVE porn where the big-dicked top has a GAPING fuck-hole, proving he takes cock. Even better when the top's hole is wet and jizzed. I told one of my versatile champ-buddies that NEXT TIME he gets loaded by 8 or so strangers, to cum over here, let me use the anon cum in his slobbering hole as lube to fuck me with! Now that is a thrill-ride, embracing TOTAL PROMISCUITY!
  7. rawsatyr

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    STORY-TIME: (only for those with more than 15 seconds to spare) I'm a 'reformed monogamist'; yes so it COULD have been possible, for me, maybe. However, part of my reason to stay monogamous (at the beginning) was 'the fear of catching something' especially when HIV was the big bad wolf... But reality was, even with my first BF of 9 years: while I was loyal and faithful, HE tried to hit up and even leave me and BE WITH my handsome best (non-sexual) friend. My best friend would have been a catch in West Hollywood, with his big cock and popular reputation. Not that my double-crossing BF then could have EVER tamed him or even had a chance in hell. There are simply too many hot new boys in town wanting that legendary Peter inside of them. (Bottom-line: eventually my BF and I split up. Ugly at first but now we are still friends, him still jealous and being a snippy bitch in Hollywood. And for good measure I hooked up with my best friend and took his popular champ-cock RAW and bragged about it to my rejected ex) My next BF after that too had a chip on his shoulder. A failed Hollywood wanna-be I followed him to the guts of the deep south, BIG MISTAKE! But BIG COCK, you know how it is! But once back on his home-turf where he was one of the most popular guys in town, he started acting like a rooster in charge of his hen... always accusing me of cheating while he planned 'business trips' with tricks from LA to meet him in Florida. Even caught him in the act as he boldly turned the situation around and viciously accused me of 'stalking me like a psycho'... (His father was a chronic womanizer who cheated on his mother with vigorous abandon, so you get the picture. I still like crazy Irish/Italians though. My ex and I became friends again later on) Which brings us to the larger picture: In 'traditional relationships' it is the man, the self-perceived 'alpha', who reserves the right of INFIDELITY for HIMSELF but IF she or the 'beta' does it - WATCH OUT - he/she/it better not dare. HE (the alpha, leading male) assumes HE can have a mistress (or in the gay world - tricks) but 'the lesser one' would be a whore, a tramp, one who has no right to question. Society and religion has spelled it out: "It is OK for the man to have so many wives, concubines, slave bitches and whatnot but SHE better not have BEEN WITH A MAN YET or she is going to get the ax... mind-frames from the bronze age, cobbled together righteousness like Henry VIII when he tired of a brood mare and wanted to trade up to the newer model... We all have basic mind-frames like that, as we slowly come to terms where we fit in as teenagers, gay or straight, possibly scripting PERFECT relationships, having expectations or accepting CONVENTIONALITY or discarding all that and go straight to being a gay tramp. My observation: in the gay world the popular ones get all the action, and the homely ones watch them jealously and call the successful hunters WHORES, SLUTS, TRAMPS and cock-block them from naive novices to the scene who eye the MAN-CANDY on the dance-floor with catty, bitter comments : "OH stay away from him. He gets around, I bet he has EVERY disease in the world!" I tried monogamy and that shit didn't work for me. It may work for some, in gay or straight relationships, but often it is all just a show for the outside world! My present effort at a relationship is a HYBRID SOLUTION: I was the former 'circuit boy' with an (undeserved/but eagerly accepted) slut reputation and he was the much younger nerdy-type who carried a 'secret'. The players in art school or the strippers in West Hollywood had pozzed him and he didn't know. He got deadly-sick while with me, fresh out of college, pretty bad! Almost killed him! Well and that's how I find out he preggered me. Well now I'm part of the brotherhood too! His looks (and weight) took a beating from the ordeal as it takes a long time to recuperate. NO SEX! It didn't even cross my mind! I caught him cheating (to validate himself he would explain later), discussing RAW SEX with strangers on apps! (conventional wisdom is BLOW UP and KICK HIM OUT) But no, realizing how monogamy often turns the ASEXUAL MONOTONY my man and I struck a deal. We stayed together, are now married and very loyal but SEX IS A SPORT!!! SKIN-ON-SKIN CONTACT SPORT! NO FEAR, NO LOATHING, NO HYPOCRISY, NO STRINGS ATTACHED! We hunt, cruise, sext and strategically plan alone and together, like a pack of wolves, or hunting buddies, scoring this buck and that one, a thrill-ride taken as often as the hard-on desires! And I love to watch him take pipe or breeding a player/trick/cum-dumpster. But don't expect to be there or be involved every time. He likewise basks in the glory of my candid slut-reportsand lives vicariously through me on days when I casually mention "OH, I had a lucky day! Was with THREE GUYS and took loads from all!" The deal we have was also this: "WE have licence to breed, fuck and do as opportunity knocks! And BAREBACK is expected. Everything else is bogus!"
  8. Typically, any mention of CONDOMS will end my interest in the sexual encounter, whether in real life or in porn. With my bored attention straying elsewhere, no longer looking at the screen, I probably would never get to the scene where the willful or negligent 'transgression' occurs... In real life I find some guys SAYING 'condoms' on their profile as a PC fig-leaf but 'slipping up' or suddenly not bringing it up any more if you don't!
  9. rawsatyr

    Dating and Being a Pig?

    Ok, let me give you STORY-TIME: I recall how it started with my 'monogamous' relationships. Really, to be honest to myself, I SETTLED several times into something conventional, to be SAFE from what's all OUT THERE. The big bad wolves, HIV, players and too much turmoil. I recall at the beginning of coming out, declining on overtures from guys that were TOO HOT, me being afraid they'd be snatched up by the competition anyway. I was more comfortable with being the ALPHA and bought into the FEAR FACTOR of potentially becoming a BOTTOM! Hell no! So I took me a cute bottom with pretty hair and a dick too small to compete against me. Hell getting fucked by Chuck's bony dick was an irritating rare event! But at least he was UNDER MY SPELL! But didn't matter how much they PREACHED monogamy, sooner or later the hypocrisy pattern showed. Them wanting to cheat with the masculine side-kick I had whom I DIDN'T screw because dummy-me was frikking faithful... Fast forward to my present BF (hubby) whom I met when he was still a twink in college. I never dawned on me that he could be anything other than the slightly nerdy, big-dicked artist genius. That he may have possibly been KNOCKED UP (love that phrase) initiated, and POZZED during his freshman year never occurred to me. I had 'dodged the HIV-bullet' for decades since coming out... time to let my guard down. Uptight bitch that I was! That he hung with a stripper crowd in Weho should have been a clue that he wasn't innocent. But I told him I wasn't interested in him for a RELATIONSHIP. Proceeded to fuck a couple other guys right in front of him when he was at my place. But he was persistent. So he was open to the wild side... In hindsight I can get excited over the fantasy of how he got knocked up! Yeah, making lemonade here! I imagine what hot, shaved-smooth stripper twink it might have been who pumped and pulsed a toxic load into him and on how many occasions! Hey why get uptight and upset. It's not a death sentence any more! But within less than a year I saw the ugly side of HIV. Well I didn't know it yet but he was constantly sick. He was eventually diagnosed with stage IV-Leukemia so that wasn't fun. Oh yeah and the tests came back: he was poz and the doctor used the A-word. It deeply upset my man! Had he known sooner about his status, all that misery could have been avoided. Yeah so now what players? What do you do with a sickly BF? Leave him like those fake Christian politicians do with callous abandon when their trophy-wives get sick? Hey I didn't sign up to be Mother Theresa! Well I stuck with him. But with him blowing up like a balloon from steroids and all the 'procedures' sex was the LAST THING on my mind. So please understand why I'm of the school that DOESN'T FEAR HIV and VD but also doesn't neglect it! So purposely wallowing in untreated VD is not my idea of a good time. Well in the years since he went into remission, I neglected my man. He would later confide he felt undesirable and needed validation. Which is why he went on grindr and scruff and boy I caught him and his racy dialogues as he was passed out from red wine on the couch and the booty-call hits kept coming: "You into bareback? I want to breed you balls-deep!" that sort of thing. He missed me having a fit as a result, fury over betrayal and disrespecting my loyalty. I calmed down, in less than 15 minutes and promptly hashed out a peace settlement as he was still asleep! I made him a NEW DEAL. I spelled out the conditions! Told him 99% of all guys would kick you out! But lucky for you I have a very kinky side, one that can go both ways! I made him install the apps like grindr and scruff on my phone and joined bbrt and this site.... I told him FROM NOW ON... all sex is sport! No jealousies and acting pissy! Watch and endure! You have license to bang all you want, as do I! And another thing: from now on we join the wild crowd, those who do EXCLUSIVELY BAREBACK! He it has worked like a charm. (footnote: in a dead city like Memphis those LICENSES for the most part gather dust... with a few fuck-weekends in between. I am however the bigger slut! Took dick yesterday and intend to get more today while my man is at work! OPPOSITE OF THAT PRAGMATIC ARRANGEMENT: I see other guys 'getting married' proudly posing like angels on Facebook. And I know one, if not both, were notorious sluts just a few years ago, hitting the hardcore scene. And there they are, reborn virgins, all pretty in tux and shaggy hair, California sunny-boy-style in some fabulous locale boasting! HA! I hope they know what they get themselves into. Hey most of them are randy like feral alley-cats and TWO SLUTS in one hypocritical, scripted marriage spells disaster... YUP! I was right! I saw a few of those heavily-scripted, 'happily-ever-after' fairy tales blowing up with ugly drama on Facebook... dummies imitating their straight parents where one has a mistress and the other is probably fucking the pool-boy. HYPOCRISY! I suggest a PRENUPTIAL. Not about money, well that is your choice, but about SEX! My man every OTHER day might ask me when he comes home: "Any dick today?" And according to what played out I deliver the score. Typicaly nothing, sometimes though I boast and brag! I HAD THREE GUYS! "Whoa my man the stud!" He loves it! We compare, look at the pics. Speaking of pics: I love to take pics of my man taking RAW dick from some other dude! We BOTH have embraced the concept! Really the best of both worlds! Having your cock and eating it too!
  10. rawsatyr


    Well I recall when at the end of a hot nude modeling session I was asked to pose with MY ASS (hole) hiked up with a seductive pose! That was TOO MUCH for me then. Now after having embraced multiple 'layers' of the former 'extreme' world, I'm very intrigued and get off to guys casually posing with their well-fucked looking holes showing. Best if they are masculine (possibly young) and the cum drips from their hole... Bareback, promiscuity, 'being whored out' and heavy ass-play is now something I want all my bros to know are THE REAL ME!
  11. The way I operate, my trademark is that I don't flinch! It's tight alright, too tight for some of my jaded slut-mentors who tell me to 'loosen it up!' but a buck with a fat cock can typically slide it right in without me getting all girly and complaining. I guess that goes together?! My man still has troubles taking some over-sized cocks and as he breaks out into a cold sweat, He sees me anxiously on the side-lines and graciously STEPS ASIDE and tells the bro "Don't worry - my man will take it!!" And on I go with my 'man-pussy' yearning for the raw cock! Typically the top lays back first and I get on like a fiendish villain and hog the tool, SPIT-LUBED, and balls-deep and ride it aggressively like I robbed the bank! YEE-HAW cowboy-style, no saddle, no inhibitions! Sometimes until I overdo it and dude motions he wants it another way, from behind or with me spreading my legs... dare him to make me flinch! Ain't happening! And he can feel me milking his shaft with my prehensile, well-trained 'cunt-muscles' as he gets throbbing and pumping... the JOB of a good cum-dumpster is to give hot feedback and WORK with it and not just lay there like a bitch-hole. Pretty awesome hah? For a guy who once was all about safe sex (well keeping bare to a minimum) and who usually topped?! There are several CHAMPS in the local BB-scene who get more ass than anybody I know. Either because of their popular looks or because they organize the local sex-parties. Having them tell me 'you are the best fuck' and CUMING back for more and us joking about them giving me TOP MARKS on YELP for 'raw cum-dumpster' is pretty awesome! I'm noticing some of their friends suddenly flocking to me with friend requests on Facebook so I guess the WORD IS OUT! It would have shamed me to no end to be known as a BOTTOM, the lesser of the gay species as some in the sub-culture make it sound. But truth is, when you look and (by nature) fall into the top-niche... BUT... you are an aggressive raw-rider, you become a hot commodity! It's all about 'finding your market niche', one you enjoy and feel comfortable with... And you save yourself for an occasional 'plot twist' and MIX IT UP! Well at least I DID, last month when I pitched myself as a catcher (lol) to a dude hunkier and cockier than me, with more tats and a bigger 'reputation' in the scene. Total unapologetic poz bareback slut, RELISHES it! That turned me on so much that I fucked him instead! And he rode my cock hard! No complaints about my Prince Albert either! My ultimate fantasy would be me getting topped by slutty cum-dumpster stud (probably in Atlanta) who is dripping with seed from his night's tally, and casually uses the sloppy anon jizz for lube on my hole... as I verbally encourage his promiscuous bareback life-style... And pledge to 'keep your seed to full absorption' as I do with all my bros...
  12. Hey slut boy! Love your pierced cock! Like mine!

    1. chempig49


      where u from


  13. rawsatyr

    For those who were around in the 1980s

    I can relate to all that on several levels. I withdrew into being a virtual hermit in my delusion of 'safety in monogamy'. Two relationships, hastily cobbled into place with superficial qualifications: you know good looks and nice ass and dick! In between so many HOT fuckers (in the 1990s) approached me with their RAW AMBITIONS I just freaked and high-tailed! Or endured a semi-sexual session with those damn rubbers on; it was SEMI-SEX, QUASI-SEX the DIET Coke of sex... you get the drift! The rubber reminded me every time that this was all a farce of sexual passion! 'Hope that thing won't tear!' Back to the SAFETY of an INSTANT BF to have bareback sex with! Take my chances here and hope it works out ok! Well then you find out that cheating by the other can quickly mess your equation up... two miserable long-term relationships and three short-time dysfunction messes, all to escape the fear of promiscuous sex and the scarlet letters HIV! I WISHED I had discovered the bareback underground a few years sooner, well maybe a decade earlier but it wasn't until about 2010 that I learned that my innocent twink BF had gifted me... that should have been the day I became a whore but instead I withdrew and became antisocial. Coming out AGAIN, this time as a self-assured, poz barebacker didn't happen really until 2015... now I'm searching out guys who were trying to do me raw and I later found out were POZ. I was afraid of them! Now I'm like on a mission of repentance, making up for my aloof prudishness. Saw one of those guys BY CHANCE in traffic a few days ago. he pulled over and talked to me. I was as forward and inviting as I could be. Told Tommy "Hey how about we hook up some time and you bareback me! Top me instead of the other way around... would only be fair, after all this time!" Just today a hot guy texted me (initially a grindr lead) said he wanted to hook up. I came to the bareback part pretty quick and he was aghast said: "That is DANGEROUS. I want to stay negative!" Well you go boy and find yourself some rubber-sex elsewhere. He also wanted my BF in the 3-way so I told him (less than an hour ago: "Told my BF about the 3-way thing and he was NOT INTO IT!" So I was off the hook without spilling 'the beans'. Another scenario was a few days ago when I suggested to this couple that we love it raw (you know: hit-and-miss odds it will fly) Dude quickly came back with those 1990s fears: "Oh no! My BF and I lost a lot of friends back in the days! We ONLY do SAFE!" And then he added: "What's the big deal? It's just a little latex between us!" Well, guess what? I have been there, done that, now I'm strictly bareback with all its potential consequences and the TOTAL EXHILARATING HIGHS that I prefer to experience! Condom-sex simply doesn't do anything for me any more! To be honest; all those poz survivors of the 'dark ages' who kept themselves fit and healthy have become a real 'PRIZE' but just haven't met very many of them...
  14. Ok today's score was a simple ONE, not even one I had planned on. The original plan was for another guy to bring his (chub) buddy (not too bad, maybe 225 on a 6 foot frame) as they are all about 'HELL YEAH BAREBACK IS THE ONLY WAY' wanted a gang-bang, one step up for the one-on-one for the TEST-RIDE he requested a couple days ago. The moment he realized that RUBBERS were not in the equation, HE AND HIS CHUB BUDDY WERE ON! But he 'flaked again', not stage-fright this time but for a good reason... even sent me pictures of the frikking fire at the friend's house where he has been since 4 am this morning. Ok, so we will let that count. RAIN-CHECK! But one who came through, was a dude I had hooked up before (ex-married with grown kids) popped up on grindr just gotten naked though and a said he had been 'jerking off all day'. So no load then. But today he was a mile away at the car-wash and told me he needs to drop a load because he 'hadn't closed on a scruff or grindr deal'. "GIMME 30 minutes!" I told him, still all sweaty from the gym and not complete with the... well... PREP work! But worked that awkward situation out quick. 'All clear! Ready for bottom duty!' Well to be honest, I felt rushed and pride myself for being squeaky clean. At ten am in the morning though I wasn't sure my luck would hold out for a hardcore session. But hey, sexually frustrated ex-married guy... that shouldn't take too long for him to get his nut and be on his way... you know... PREDICTABLE like they fucked their wives for 25 years before the divorce! Well in he walks, beaming and ready to play! "TO MY OFFICE!" I said and stripped naked on my way to the bedroom. I sucked on his semi-erect cock for about a good three minutes and he was ready to 'lock-and-load'. damn, my ass-cunt actually offered resistance! Not sure why! Maybe didn't go for the full LUSTING phase like I normally do and rushed the job? Well, POP, in the cock went and all the way in without me flinching. I rode him in a way that must have been new to him. You know: aggressive bottom-style. I could feel it hitting the BACK-WALL HARD but no complaints. Hit my prostrate hard which turned him on. But he wasn't very verbal, oh up-tight like I USED to be. Oh I forgot: it say he is TOP and ORAL not verbal! Better not get too lewd and scare him off. So back to 'traditional homo-sex for semi-novices! Fully engaged in BAREBACK SEX but by all means don't use the lingo to remind him of it. the debauchery and the 'chances' he might be taking... some married men (ex-married men) seem to prefer to be in charge so I let him call the shots. Do all the talking and the bitch just moans! I hate that shit! "Face down, ass up, arch your back!" Okay, knock yourself out.... he pumped about five minutes max and then blew his nut. 'Hell yeah!' from me and a big smirk! Get gets up, towel! Rather conventionally, and ready to clean up and get on his way. Might as well. I have gotten jaded... that load in the ass was hot, but I was already thinking of my the ORIGINAL CREW OF TWO, craving multiple cocks for the day. SLUT-DUMPSTER dreams! Well, fuck, that damn fire!. Today was better though than yesterday. Isn't it weird how when we have had the best (uninhibited pigs) to play with, then the average and vanilla breedings are JUST OK? Good for the load-count as I had never TAKEN jizz from him before. But I'm already on the next cock fantasy. Not have him come back... unless he has an orgy at his condo like he wants said he wants. 2018 so far has been a BLOW-OUT YEAR! I hope my fuck-hole will VISUALLY attest to that!
  15. rawsatyr

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    Thanks for that update. To be honest, in all the years of 'being out' and in the bars I don't recall to EVER notice a hanky on anyone. Maybe I wasn't looking, maybe it was already a 'by-gone trend'. Yes a navy-blue with polka dots sounds like a tough ticket to fill... I have however noticed something (somewhere) with navy-blue and black stripes, a flag I think. But maybe too close to what cops put on their licence plates...

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