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    The DEEP US-South, West Tennessee
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    groups, orgies, verbal, the concept of 'sports-fucking', verbal thrills of 'poz-talk', attracted to 'promiscuous' bucks, embracing late sexual liberation, anon engagements, exploring fetishes and new scenes, 'no loads refused'. I like to watch my man get bred by strangers as he is expected to watch me with others. In a pinch we get to go out and play alone! Turns me on!
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Late to the 'bold bareback scene'. Used to mostly top raw and feel guilty, missed out on lot of hot action, while trying to 'stay safe'. My more 'adventurous' man 'changed that'. Barely 30, been together with him 10 years. Both of us really 'prefer guys' in their 40s and 50s (like me). Anyway, after catching him cheating on grindr we decided that SEX IS SPORT. Always BAREBACK! All the once 'forbidden' fetishes are now HOT. Promiscuous fuckers, 'danger tattoos', sluts, travelling breeders, anon, no loads refused... both a bit hung-up on HWP. Being POZ once was a scare, now a craved fetish! A thrill of 'Danger' accepted as part of the promiscuous game! But not willfully 'collecting' and purposely spreading random health scourges! Not 'sporting' to me! Smooth, inked, pierced, lewd and promiscuous guys rock my world! Prefer 'butch' manly types not into 'traditional role play'. You know: 'OWNING' a dude like a bitch, being jealous, being a hypocrite, that sort of thing! I let my man go take dick from any of our 'bros' or any random trick... turns me on! I love witnessing as he gets bred! By guys who just want to USE him and sling their DNA up his hole! I CONDONE that behavior and will lick the horny fucker's balls as his naked cock slides into my man! I expect my man to be the same every time I bring home a trick! Not that he needs to be there! Or that I need to be there! "Go slam-dunk that fucker before he gets scared and runs off!" We share tales later and let each other sniff the juices from 'THE OTHER BUCK'!!!
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    Have done nude-spreads for gay rags.
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    Hardcore 'sports-fuckers'. Inked and pierced and other guys who are proudly POZ. Since 'joining the team' I want to push the 'petal to the metal' be bred by every Tom, Dick and Harry! Still hung up on smooth bottoms to fuck... maybe after some more practice I can be more 'indiscriminate'!

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  1. rawsatyr

    Using other tops cum as lube

    One of my fantasies (as a recent unapologetic convert to the BB-scene) is that a popular party-slut, after taking loads from everybody at the venue, finally decides he wants to 'unload'. Like one of my 'slut-mentors', a cocky guy, who once intimidated me with his exploits. He knows how freaky I am NOW after converting to the team! And that I'm cum-hungry as though I need to 'catch up' with his load tallies ! He told me that the next time he 'catches me' admiring him timidly from the distance scoring YET ANOTHER buck's load he would throw me into the sling. And you will be in the spot-light as you make out with me... as random strangers I don't know and WILL NEVER SEE might fuck us or randomly finger our asses and 'cross-pollinate' our 'rose-buds', "Yours barely budding, bro, but trust me, we will change that!. LOL!" he joked! HMM, not sure what that means but I agree, it still looks too 'puckered' although I NEVER flinch taking cock!... He said he wants our cocks rubbing against each other while we make a spectacle and the jizz from his nightly bounty to drip down onto my ass-hole; dripping cold and sleazy, anon and impersonal... and if by some fat chance it's not enough cum - he laughed - he'll reach back on his splattered ass-cheek and swipe up more alien, anon DNA to use as the only lube on my ass as he breeds me! He said: "It is not the most SANITARY thing, but you'll LOVE IT! LOL" I told him not to threaten me with a good-time thrill-ride! It gives me a boner just thinking about anon cum being used as sketchy lube on my hole!
  2. rawsatyr

    Bottom Regrets

    Same here: regret for not taking up guys on their lewd offers! They all wanted to top, BAREBACK, no questions asked! I bet I actively fucked/topped dozens of guys who were (secretively or unknowingly) poz and never asked me any personal questions! Ass up, assuming position at the drop of a hat! So hot! And I wished that 'guilt' didn't hit me afterwards... I should have wallowed in their seed between us, even rubbed their promiscuous bottom-cum in my pitcher-hole to proof to them I'm not 'afraid' or make a point to let them know I'm extra kinky... hoping the 'word gets around'... And now I'm regretting NOT taking aggressive tops up on their lewd offers to breed me... I tingle inside thinking of those moments when their jaded cocks flopped out while riding shot-gun with me... and now I'm almost trying to 'make amends' by tracking down some of them... hoping to take their loads, will-fully like it's a sacrament of initiation, belated! Keep their jizz to full absorption!
  3. rawsatyr

    How to "de-poz" my brain?

    We all can't help how we are feeling about sex and kinks so your honesty is appreciated! Being on here is a bit of a mixed bag for me too: 'theoretic' thrill-rides next to total buzz-kills... for the most part when others words and fantasies are killing my buzz, I try to 'evade', quickly leave chat as I'm losing my boner - I can't help it I'm not turned on AT ALL by anything incest or purposely picking up avoidable 'social scourges' as though it was part of a rare stamp-collection demanding completion. I have come a long way: I recall my innocent 'shame' when I (as a twink novice to the scene) picked up crabs at a sleazy, second-hand, gay clothing store in Weho on Santa Monica Boulevard. I had no sex with anybody at the time, so no hot memories to associate with the 'conception' of the hideous bastard child...lol Some GIFTER passed on his nasty crabs! Good thing I had a 'slut-mentor', a much older bro ( no sex with him ever) who helped me through DEALING with it! But I was tuned off to 'the scene' for a long time thereafter. But we all change, for better or worse. I was once a vanilla player, deadly afraid of 'the bug', any bugs, the BIG one and the tiny crawly ones, afraid and avoiding guys who GET AROUND TOO MUCH ... I passed up on so much fun, on 'dream-boats' of sex-gods, (like say Donato and Tommy) after it appeared clear we were gonna be 'bros together' but I wasn't ready to get on THEIR poz team! By accident is one thing, but not by fatal attraction (retro perspective) I recall how I suddenly freaked - holy fuck - when I found out that 'the hottie' who wanted to fuck me bare for the one-night-stand 12 hours ago, and whom I AT THE LAST MOMENT urged - 'are youto put on a rubber (on his huge MAGNUM-rubber-requiring cock) casually told me over breakfast the 'morning-after' he has been poz for so many years... HOT FEAR and paralyzing responses followed. Worries for months IF I had dodged the bullet or if I by freak chance 'got burned'. I went into self-imposed exile (into the backwoods of America) into the deceptive security of serial monogamy hoping to survive as 'the last man standing' proving the fundi-nuts that we aren't ALL going down with the 'scourge' they claimed some hateful deity had designed for us... I never expected my last 'serial monogamy' partner, an innocent college graduate from Arkansas, carried the dreaded bug and had already passed it to me by the time a random belated test ( after some serious illness he had) brought out the truth. I went into self-loathing and asexuality for years. Lost my MOJO (as Austin Powers always said) and had hardly any interest to top. Feeling like discounted, expired meat and wallowing in self-pity. When I caught my rejected-feeling man 'cheating in fantasy' with dudes on the apps, I FINALLY broke through... a truce was brokered. We will BOTH play, HARDCORE and BARE! Thrilled and tickled, ELECTRIFIED to learn there is an underground poz-scene and those who 'know how to play with fire' without fear... what a revelation... the fearless, promiscuous BAREBACK BROTHERHOOD! All the forbidden fruit now legalized! Although I'm abhorred by guys 'chasing' or shocked by guys wanting to spread whatever untreated bugs they pick up, I'm now more at ease. I actually have been pursuing contact with several of the fun players whom I had avoided after finding out there were poz. Now I think I inadvertently want 'PENANCE' for shunning them, wanting their poz cocks and feeling like I won't be complete until they blast their belated POZ loads in me... yeah, something is 'wrong' in my head! LOL Now sex with a rubber on is just lame, something I avoid when the proposal comes up. Sex with a negative guy, I'm still not comfortable with, although as 'undetectable' and players on PREP I'm easing up. Anon bareback sex is really hot, but so far I have only allowed the stranger to breed me, walking out with his jizz and retaining it to full absorption as if on a cloud! Knowing a dude is POZ is an extra thrill-ride... by belated 'conversion' and penance for being so arrogant. Yes all just in the head but so are many fetishes that require no apologies. The 'poz-talk' while having bareback sex (the only real sex I count) I love my more fearless attitude. If I hooked up with a dude seeing an active case of STD I'd tell him: "Damn, fool! Take care of that shit! Call me when that clears up!" If he was poz and not on meds (preferably not one of those 'special cases' proud of their untreatable strains)... well I'd ride it, feeling like an immortal riding into battle on a black stallion!
  4. ENDORPHINS! That unexplainable rush! that gut-tingling HIGH! I felt it again tonight! I hung out with my best buddy (let's call him Jake) and he has been breeding me for several weeks straight. Every time I take a load from him I strut out the front door LIKE I'M FLOATING ON A CLOUD!!! Turns my man on, as 'sex for sport' is our thing.... get's him horny when he hears the stories. Alex is technically a bit of a well-sponsored 'social butterfly' with a busy schedule. That too turns me on in a big way: knowing I'm taking cock from a popular gigolo, as some might call him.... Tonight he had Alex over a tall lanky Texan and we were just... well... smoking and what-not. Being goofy with our clothes on and just playing around a bit innocently. Then my buddy Andy texted wondering what I was doing. He is a tall, strapping New Yorker and in the past we only had the pleasure of me blowing him ONCE ... he had later hinted at wanting to 'do me bareback' but it never happened. Knowing he would be ONE of FOUR players he was hot to go! With Map-quest he was over in 30 minutes... ready to play Andy's clothes came off fast. He has to be about 6'4" which make me feel short at 5'11" . I'm pretty toned but he has me in awe! A true BUCK with a shaved head! He was ready to breed and top and switched back between me and Alex but Alex wasn't as seasoned at taking the cock as I was. The tall Texan couldn't take Andy's regular-sized cock. I'm not a size-queen. If the dick is pretty, rugged, cut and going in raw, I'm in pig-heaven! Andy was having a field day, not expecting a genuine orgy! He was on the raw team this time... just lube, no condoms, didn't even come up! At some point or other Jake was on me, then his dick and Alex's in my mouth as Andy rammed his cock in me as I took it like a champ... damn, what a thrill-ride! The Andy figured my ass was custom-tailored for his raging hard-on as my dick was limping from whatever the party favors had been earlier (fuck being embarrassed - we are past all that)... ... well fuck... Andy rutted himself into a sweat and blew his nut good and deep inside of me with my friends watching! THRILL! Then he proceeded to beat off some more to the Czech porn we had on the screen and I swallowed his nut.... and rubbed the rest of his seen all over me... what a rush! No walk of shame for me! I strut like I'm on a cloud! Incredibly jolly and content doing some late-night shopping for white wine as my man worked late at the club... All my fellow cum-dumpsters and raw-riders will be able to relate... that tingle and that gushy feeling proving the raw copulation is exhilarating. I won't even take a shower tonight (the way guys in the old 1990's 'tricking adventures' used to do) I want that seed in my ass, the flavor of cum in my mouth as long as possible and as I'm breathing I picking up the distinct musky, many scents of Andy Jake and Alex! That buck-DNA will be retained to full absorption! Anybody else second that motion? That's how bros bond!
  5. I LOVE the term 'repeat customers'! That impersonal, promiscuous implication! Gives me an extra tingle on top of the other thrills!
  6. rawsatyr


    Whoa what a rip that would be! Dude letting you breed his hole and then gets nervous for the cream-pie delivery!? Maybe hops up like a nervous nelly and flushes himself 'JUST TO BE SAFE'? Hey, I don't want to be SAFE anymore! I want the thrill of danger and promiscuity! Good thing I have never encountered that craziness of half-ass raw-riding! As a matter of fact, I when I bottom I EXPECT CUM in me! I let the random bro know I crave his cum as much as his vulgar cock stretching my hole open, banging balls-deep and selfishly rutting away, without protection, willfully without a rubber, no saddle, no regrets, no inhibitions, no fear or second thoughts! BAREBACK is BAREBACK, RAW SPORTS, contact sports with inevitable exchange of bodily fluids, spit and semen, skin-on-skin, precum leaking copiously (doesn't scare me like it seems to scare the naive ones) I will tell the stranger, the trick, the dirty talker promising me his POZ LOAD, "HELL YEAH!" and I that I pledge I will keep his cum and proudly retain it to full absorption... to prove the point put on my denims right after the insemination and strut off to the bars with him! Maybe challenge him to let his bros finger my hole and allow him slutty bragging rights. Or suggest the dude with the growing crotch and the dilated pupils go 'have at it' or let the next buck use the wetness as the only lube accepted in bareback sports and trophy-fucking! I want his DNA, his slutty legacy, his whole promiscuous legacy... I'm a late convert to 'total barebacking' so I thought all those angles through and they tingle me with excitement!
  7. Hey player,

    curious here, and 'naive' if you wish. What is 'bio-hazard play'? Personally, KNOWING a dude is POZ and promiscuous is a big turn-on. If the dude had a bio-hazard or scorpion tat or piercings, especially ears, nipples and DICK turns me on in a big way! A guy asked me "Is poz-talk' ok?" It was so new I didn't know how to answer...

  8. rawsatyr

    Cheating Husband

    I'm glad I caught my husband cheating! I didn't know it then but he 'kicked the dungeon door open', inadvertently opened a 'Pandora's box' of new tricks and put new life into what had become 'humdrum monogamy'... For most of my sexual life I had been a 'serial monogamist', foregoing promiscuous adventures in large part due to the fear factor of 'catching something'. I secretly envied the Los Angeles and Atlanta 'wild boys' indulging in 'forbidden pleasures' but figured I have to be 'the last man standing'. "Play it safe!" and pick a benign hobby instead of being a whore. Instead of partying and going bare 24/7 like most of my gay peers, oh horror, I withdrew into yet another relationship with a vanilla trophy boy (legendary in Weho for his huge porn-cock) who conned me into moving back to his home-city in Tennessee. Going into a dull exile, voluntarily! Well he was a cheater just like his daddy was, cheating on his wife, my BF's mom, giving her those trophy-wife migraines and wailing heart-aches. Unlike her though who stuck with her cheating man, I cut myself loose from pretty boy ICE-COLD VANILLA after about 9 years of misery and embarked on a 'second coming out'. (in hind-sight I wonder what would have happened if I had embraced and encouraged him and myself to be promiscuous) The next BF was much younger, a pretty street-boy from a dysfunctional background as they are common in the deep South. But he too eventually cheated and ran off with the wildest strippers and flight attendants as seems to be the second nature of every thrill-seeking, popular pretty boy. The pattern was recurring... with a few more 'prospective' BFs... therafter too. My eventual husband after all that was pragmatic like me! Sensory-overloaded by cheaters and drama he had cut himself loose from the wild side of West Hollywood where he had been a stripper at club HERE and Mickey's I think he said. I didn't know it yet that he had already taken the 'bug' and didn't suspect. Hell he was only 21 and basically a preacher-boy and very studious in college. A few years later, after he graduated he came down sick with Leukemia and that's when he and I learned he was poz... (junior had initiated me too) I was loyal however instead of playing the 'blame-game' and letting things get ugly like I saw it played out repeatedly in Weho myself. But somehow thought 'this is the end', at least of sex that is. Keeping a 'dark secret' from the world! I was not doing it right! Not being sexual or embracing reality had a fall-out! My BF felt sexually rejected by me and was looking for a 'secret outlet' for his big dick and copious seed production! It never occured to me that there is a 'wild scene' that plays hardball and poz in my town! My BF (when drunk) was on Grindr and Scruff and like a wizard's apprentice learning new tricks, gathering leads. Boy when he passes out he is cold to the world and all his LEWD and LASCIVIOUS conversations with total strangers suddenly popped open for me to see, in REAL TIME, strangers wanting to 'breed your hole and pump you full of my POZ seed'... stuff like that! I made a pragmatic choice that day! We BOTH have licence to play: with a few basic rules though. Preferably BAREBACK and poz, no hypocrisy, no fear! Maybe together, maybe alone! No jealousies, no deceptions! Now we share blow-by-blow accounts of our exploits! My man is impressed by my scores! It's all exciting like going fishing or hunting! Out in the wild! I like the musky smell of anon buck on him! It gives me a boner! We open each other's phone and look at the lewd exploits, pics and videos we have in messages. No reason to feel panicked or jealous! "DAMN, look at that dude! You guys hooked up? When?" he asked me yesterday when I walked into the kitchen and discovered him hovering over my open phone. And me, all casually: "Oh that was today, when you were at work! His cum is still dripping out of my ass!!" It turns him on! See what is good for the goose is good for the gander. He started it! And neither he nor I are regretting it! Sneaky cheating is one thing but 'sports-fucking' with the bros or random strangers is a total thrill-ride. Better than a Disney E-ticket!
  9. I love the thought of being just another 'high-digit-number' on the score-belt of a promiscuous breeder!
  10. rawsatyr

    NEVER thank the bottom

    Yeah guys need to use their creativity to get the most 'bang from the buck'. I find the cliche ''alpha-vs-faggot' rather tripe and boring. Personally I think guys who can only function with humiliation and dominating others follow in the foot-steps of their archaic (sub-conscious) role models, 'issues' somewhere in the 'master/slave' and 'patriarch/beaten wife' area.... As a 'sexual omnivore, at times it might be fun to just be 'used by some arrogant jerk' who gets his rocks off in your hole and heads out the door; his mind already on the next second-best thing... BUT, I find porn with too many predictable lines like 'yeah suck my dick faggot' and all that one-dimensional malarkey pretty dull. I'd let the lame dude bragging 'yeah you like that big dick' like a method actor 'finish his job' and take his nut and keep it to full absorption like any other. I might relish the fact I got bred by a jerk with a one-tracked mind and no real sexual imagination. But I'd hardly line up for another round the next time he pops up on BBRT! As a former 'safe-sex, mostly-just-top' serial monogamist, I pride myself in my COMPLETE immersion and CONVERSION into the RAW PROMISCUOUS sub-culture; being competitive and eager to have more than two or three in the room. Total players, visitors, anon and positive rattle my cage the most! The 'danger factor' ! I'm eager to put on a 'good show' for every buck according to what subtle clues he gives me. Some guys totally get off on me being an 'aggressive BOTTOM', impaling myself on their rugged over-sized cocks with no artificial lubrication, balls-deep without flinching and riding the stranger's jizzing tool until his eyes roll back in his head for the umpteenth time. Personally, when topping a bottom I never cared much for guys who lay their like a flat omelette or if they make wailing sounds like girls or queens make or that 'daddy' role play... not for me... although my man is young enough to be my son. I'm kinda tuned on by the thought of the bros in the bareback culture dropping hints to each other of how kinky, verbal, playful and aggressive you are as a cum-dumpster... seems to work pretty good. I noticed how several who are my Facebook friends and suddenly THEIR friends hitting on me, TO THE POINT, and not mincing many words to discuss 'BREEDING' on family-tame Facebook in private chats. A good barebacker, whether top or bottom best be a bold and forward fucker and let 'underground-word-of-mouth' bring more bros to your yard and give me a good YELP review!
  11. rawsatyr

    Question about body modifications

    As to AMPALLANG: wow, thanks eroswired for that feedback of what it 'potentially' (or symbolically) means in the country/culture of origin. I find those piercings extremely sexy but I wondered how much it brings your 'rough trade value' up on the male meat market? I recall reading something about tribal cultures, in S.E.Asia I think it was, where 'young guys emulate the seasoned, ampallang-pierced warriors' who are being prized as MOST SATISFYING by the females in that world. Without a hardcore AMPALLANG piercing apparently your unpierced dick appeals as much (or more, appeals as LITTLE) as 'plane-Jane uncut' dick does to some of us who prefer the PLOP of the always-bare, rugged knob of a cut cock. Seeing how skittish (and afraid) a lot of gay bottoms are about a less-exotic MODIFIED Prince Albert piercing, I suppose an ampallang would freak them out even more. On a related note: I used to associate with former bar-tender and PLAYGIRL model Andre Herbert in his 'vanilla' days in West Hollywood. Later he entered porn and became known as hardcore inked and pierced COLIN WEST. He now sports a brutally-erotic ampallang as his trademark-jaded look in all his pics. I wonder if that rugged stainless-steel bar straight through his bare knob gets him more tricks or if it runs off the gay 'spring-chickens' frightened at the site of their own shadows? I wonder if a (moderately-hardcore, as an ampallang on a cut cock is) with all the possible hardcore modifications is intended to weed out the boring/generic sex-partners and attract a 'select few'? I wonder if an ampallang might be seen as a sign as a dude being more passive (champ cum-dumpster) or as a top a signal of being a hardcore aggressor? Share from your own experiences EROSWIRED!!!
  12. rawsatyr

    Question about body modifications

    In my 'safe sex days' (not too long ago) I read that a dick-piercing (for a top) could be hazardous especially when it is still 'new' (whatever that means... maybe less than a year old)... well, I had just gotten myself a PA (did it myself) in addition to the pierced nipples. Most guys chickened out when I wanted to top them! Oh and personally I always had a thing for guys with heavy, dangling, bigger-gauge ear-rings and guiches. To me moderate 'modifications are the 'markings of the urban sports-fucker', a look not everybody would dare to pull off... But EXTREME MODS are another thing: there comes a level of 'diminishing returns' ON THE MEAT MARKET I would think when guys become obsessed with too many extreme bod-mods, i.e. facial piercings, extreme shit I have seen with cheeks and noses pierced with huge 'tunnels'. I guess those looks are meant to SHOCK not excite or arouse. When I joined the bareback-poz team, I was thrilled that in the first bunch of guys I played with, right off the bat TWO had huge Prince Alberts and getting fucked by them was like an E-ticket at Disneyland. As far as 'MODIFIED' goes, I like guys with rugged, leathery, CUT cocks... who rut my hole for maximum skin-on-skin traction. And that big PA hitting the sweet spot and looking at pierced nipples, ears and a few cool tats (like a bio-hazard is my big fantasy) is plenty a thrill. All the forbidden things or 'signs-of-danger' are kinda hot!
  13. AMATEUR BAREBACK PORN to me is the best! Especially when guys are bold-faced and well-conditioned to bareback action; smirking mischievously while taking RAW cock. Jaded urban type-guys who look comfortable with the recreational bb-scene, rutting and rooting like champs without idiotic dialog and cliche lines. Spare me with the "oh you like that big diick!' and all that fake-virgin grimacing and Armond Rizzo's nelly-whimpering. Makes my attention and boner fade. For all I care, I prefer some edgy club music or techno in the background while an amateur camera-guy pans the spontaneous promiscuous sex-party action... and jizz goes in the hole and only dribbles out as the next dude steps up to use it for lube...
  14. rawsatyr

    Bottoms complaining about lack of tops: Fair?

    CONVERSION on so many levels: (Going from 'straight' to accepting the 'gay preference', from top to bottom, from 'scared-safe' to 'openly-promiscuous-risk-taker', from negative serial-monogamist to cum-craving poz cum-dumpster) I wished I had appreciated being the 'catcher' rather than 'the pitcher' in the early days of coming out. Suddenly finding male bodies and their DICKS more exciting than banging girls. Just the 'taking-dick-up-the-ass' was problematic. That was apparently 'part-of-the-deal'. There sure were lots of tops available. I waived them to 'move along' for the most part! A 'pain-in-the-ass', not my thing! Like my high-school girl-friend said after I fucked her in the ass once: "No more, no more, feels like taking a shit backwards!" Ok there goes that experiment. Problem was, my dick is fat and she complained about me being rough on her pussy too... The best sex was with masculine 'COLT-like-fantasy-men' I picked up at THE MOTHER LODE. But most of the older, manly West Hollywood men in their simple-mindedness must have ASS-umed I wanted to bottom for them when they themselves were big bottoms! (you know: expecting LESBIAN sex) However, maybe because of my twinkish straightness I found myself the target of many very masculine assertive males who wanted to TOP. I had my fill of them but I could count them on two hands and know most of their names, first and last! But in general, the prospect of taking a rugged cock up the ass without a rubber (as they preferred) was TOO SCARY in the scary age of the plague with no known treatments. I guess I settled for breeding newbies and other twinks, 'CHICKEN' when what I really wanted was BEEF! For the most part though, prime-cut BEEF, and my 'equals' seemed to be intimidated. And I wanted never to 'surrender' and be controlled by a guy as a twink but I may have underestimated 'the power of the bottom'. A good cock-rider from what I learned over the years gets quite coveted and pursued by guys who love it raw and randy! Maybe me not 'wanting to be a bottom' was because I saw so many queens & bottoms dog each other, specifically the more 'popular' bottoms: calling them sluts and whores?! The popular tops would be referred to as a 'heart-breakers' and the 'popular bottoms' as trash, following the straight hypocrisy... Many years later, my new twink BF may have launched my new 'career' as a power-bottom. He was a con-man and a cheater and one day he took off with a big-dicked stripper and went on tour with him and his circus. Apparently he didn't realize he had traded me for a male prostitute who expected him to put out too to fuel their whore-circus appetite for party-drugs. Weeks later my cheater BF escaped on a cross-country tour swinging through back through memphis and rang my door-bell at 3 am! And promptly the phone rang. It was the big-dicked stripper the ring-leader who relished in telling me: "you should know, I bred him everyday, ass up against the wall to make sure my DNA would take! And just so you know: I'M POZ and you better believe he is too'. (he even made him wear a butt-plug, pumped full of jizz around the motel rooms) I was however totally ass-pussy-whipped by my cheating BF and although I suspected he had the bug now, I didn't want to 'do the test'... and I was unwilling to do what the cock-blocking poz top wanted me to do: throw him back out in the streets for the wolves to pull him back into their POZ-boy underworld! But I never allowed him to top me from that day on. To be honest, back then I had no intention of ever joining the poz-team! Himself still barely a year ago being a 'skinny twink', under my guidance he had however transformed into a beefy stud-muffin. His attitude had changed, a cocky muscle-boy who suddenly jealously noticed all the prospective power-bottom-boys at the clubs giving me attention. He wouldn't stop dogging them to me as 'skinny chicken-by-products'. "FUCKING CUM-DUMPSTERS!" OK calm down! Then a few months later, once again the suddenly so desirable bio-hazard-boy cheated with a crystal meth boy from Atlanta! Heart-broken I proceeded to GRUDGE-FUCK! I picked up EVERY TWINK (I tried really hard getting the masculine ones my age but was told 'You intimidate them', go figure) and let them call the shots! WHATEVER POSITION THEY CHOSE! No rubbers! No more 'Mister Relationship' I would hook up off the bat! They virtually ALL turned out to be tops! I let them fuck me without rubbers and made them enjoy 'getting one of the popular circuit boys' they had fawned over ever since getting in the club, barely out-of-high-school. And I made sure to let them know I'm not hush-hush and I'm hoping my ex would hear about it! Well, I got hooked, hooked on dicks, RAW on demand every time. The NEW man I eventually met, accidentally converted me over to the POZ-TEAM! It was a surprise, unexpected! He was only 20 at the time! We are still together! He and my best-bud, sex-party wingman, SLUT MENTOR make sure my bbrt pics look good enough to 'market my assets'! "Bring back some tops!" I have been told and lets take more pics of your smooth hole! My 'wingman' is older than me! To an outside either one of us could be my man's son! Trippy! But I don't 'do that fantasy'. So far GETTING TOPS doesn't seem to difficult: I can't deliver on 'hairy ass' as I'm smooth but with a smooth bod with pierced nipples in sneakers and a jock-strap I can serve up nice... it's all in 'the presentation'! Oh yeah, my much younger man has the hairy ass, so when he sends me out in the new sneakers he ordered for me SPECIFICALLY to keep them clean and 'wear them ONLY to the sex-parties'... (he is in 'advertising')... if a dude says: "Damn I wished you had a hairy ass!" I say... well how about you breed my man? It would be an honor see you deliver a load in him!" RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY!!!! As to not enough TOPS, locally, I blame it the way the realtors do: "Remember what city you are in! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!"
  15. rawsatyr

    Having anti-BB friends

    I find that a few of my friends are big safe-sex proselytizers but then in private (once I talk to their 'play-mates') it becomes apparent that they 'drop the safety net' and ride it raw. And I guess ONLY THEIR discretion is excused! And the same ones tend to be all judgmental to your face and quickly dog the one or other as 'TOO promiscuous' and use language like 'he is DIRTY'... or whatever... So to figure out 'whom I'm dealing with' I rattle the cage by talking about bareback sex and how 'HOT IT WOULD BE' with strangers at a bar or whatever, as though it is hypothetical, or bb-play based on PREP use... then you find the conversation develops into polarized camps. Some get all preachy and harp on that 'promiscuous sex is disgusting' or 'there are still ALL KINDS OF OTHER DISEASES'. Others however, your new BB-BROS pull you to the side and spill the beans of how they really feel. On a parallel tangent (the just BEING GAY part) I used to have a beefy, very sexy, cocky buddy who was in the Marines. He was always smiling and had a very outgoing personality and hid his sexuality very well from his Mormon parents and church. To 'play it off' he 'put on a show' PRETENDING he was receptive to amorous play with men and oddly, he became the most popular dude. Guys would want to sit with him on the plane, or who would have him as their tent mate or have him wear their dog-tags or whatever. In short, by 'stirring the pot' and by being colorful he got all the right attention and flew RIGHT UNDER THE RADAR of those who would disapprove and didn't catch on... I recall my best friend, a cop, always dogging his ex (my greatest sexual fantasy, as he is a shaggy-haired blonde, one of my fetishes) telling me 'he is DIRTY' and 'he does bareback with EVERYBODY as though it was a bad thing... (my man actually finally tagged his ass and bred him) My best (cop) friend's new Bf (until a couple years ago), his TWINK, would wait until he was in the house with either me or my man and then spill the beans on his antics. Wild stuff! Once when I told him: "You are such a slut!" He corrected me and said: "I'm no slut! I'm a CUM-DUMPSTER!" After I told him how hot I find all that he opened up about all his kinky secrets that went WAY BEYOND I have ever done... Yet he looked so innocent!

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