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    The DEEP US-South, West Tennessee
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    groups, orgies, verbal, the concept of 'sports-fucking', verbal thrills of 'poz-talk', attracted to 'promiscuous' bucks, embracing late sexual liberation, anon engagements, exploring fetishes and new scenes, 'no loads refused'. I like to watch my man get bred by strangers as he is expected to watch me with others. In a pinch we get to go out and play alone! Turns me on!
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Late to the 'bold bareback scene'. Used to mostly top raw and feel guilty, missed out on lot of hot action, while trying to 'stay safe'. My more 'adventurous' man 'changed that'. Barely 30, been together with him 10 years. Both of us really 'prefer guys' in their 40s and 50s (like me). Anyway, after catching him cheating on grindr we decided that SEX IS SPORT. Always BAREBACK! All the once 'forbidden' fetishes are now HOT. Promiscuous fuckers, 'danger tattoos', sluts, travelling breeders, anon, no loads refused... both a bit hung-up on HWP. Being POZ once was a scare, now a craved fetish! A thrill of 'Danger' accepted as part of the promiscuous game! But not willfully 'collecting' and purposely spreading random health scourges! Not 'sporting' to me! Smooth, inked, pierced, lewd and promiscuous guys rock my world! Prefer 'butch' manly types not into 'traditional role play'. You know: 'OWNING' a dude like a bitch, being jealous, being a hypocrite, that sort of thing! I let my man go take dick from any of our 'bros' or any random trick... turns me on! I love witnessing as he gets bred! By guys who just want to USE him and sling their DNA up his hole! I CONDONE that behavior and will lick the horny fucker's balls as his naked cock slides into my man! I expect my man to be the same every time I bring home a trick! Not that he needs to be there! Or that I need to be there! "Go slam-dunk that fucker before he gets scared and runs off!" We share tales later and let each other sniff the juices from 'THE OTHER BUCK'!!!
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    Have done nude-spreads for gay rags.
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    Hardcore 'sports-fuckers'. Inked and pierced and other guys who are proudly POZ. Since 'joining the team' I want to push the 'petal to the metal' be bred by every Tom, Dick and Harry! Still hung up on smooth bottoms to fuck... maybe after some more practice I can be more 'indiscriminate'!

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  1. Escorting

    One of my best bud's is into escorting. Has a 'call-boy'/masseur-thing going and he only tops. NEVER bottoms! He used to live with me and we have rolled around back then. He is much younger and even then insisted on slipping me his cock and did it bare. I bask in his sluttiness! He is his own pimp with an attitude. He tells me about some 'close-calls' which are rare though. He seems to be good at what he does and doesn't take shit from anyone. His HUGE dog also is a serious incentive for guys to play fair when he does 'in-calls'. That dog would kill a bitch! About 150 lbs sitting in the corner, growling when a visitor makes a wrong move. My buddy asked me to be one of his hustlers as he gets paid pretty hefty. Wait, starting this late in life? As a bottom? I need more topping practice! He typically gets north of $100 and uses rubbers. I couldn't! I'm at his house every day right now doing some remodeling that is a lot of fun as I see the 'appointments' come and go or him 'off for about an hour'. Before I left today he goes: "So you wanna fuck? I'll do you bare!" Dammit I had to be somewhere but before this week is over I'll play. He fucked some tall basketball player yesterday who he said has a HUGE cock. "I can't imagine ANYONE taking something that big!" he said. Dude is a 'celeb' or whatever, on 'the down low'. I told my buddy I'd be up for it if he wants to 'whore me out' as a bb-bottom if the NEED comes up! The thought of PAY for random stallion-seed up the ass sounds like a thrill!
  2. AMATEUR BAREBACK PORN to me is the best! Especially when guys are bold-faced and well-conditioned to bareback action; smirking mischievously while taking RAW cock. Jaded urban type-guys who look comfortable with the recreational bb-scene, rutting and rooting like champs without idiotic dialog and cliche lines. Spare me with the "oh you like that big diick!' and all that fake-virgin grimacing and Armond Rizzo's nelly-whimpering. Makes my attention and boner fade. For all I care, I prefer some edgy club music or techno in the background while an amateur camera-guy pans the spontaneous promiscuous sex-party action... and jizz goes in the hole and only dribbles out as the next dude steps up to use it for lube...
  3. Bottoms complaining about lack of tops: Fair?

    CONVERSION on so many levels: (Going from 'straight' to accepting the 'gay preference', from top to bottom, from 'scared-safe' to 'openly-promiscuous-risk-taker', from negative serial-monogamist to cum-craving poz cum-dumpster) I wished I had appreciated being the 'catcher' rather than 'the pitcher' in the early days of coming out. Suddenly finding male bodies and their DICKS more exciting than banging girls. Just the 'taking-dick-up-the-ass' was problematic. That was apparently 'part-of-the-deal'. There sure were lots of tops available. I waived them to 'move along' for the most part! A 'pain-in-the-ass', not my thing! Like my high-school girl-friend said after I fucked her in the ass once: "No more, no more, feels like taking a shit backwards!" Ok there goes that experiment. Problem was, my dick is fat and she complained about me being rough on her pussy too... The best sex was with masculine 'COLT-like-fantasy-men' I picked up at THE MOTHER LODE. But most of the older, manly West Hollywood men in their simple-mindedness must have ASS-umed I wanted to bottom for them when they themselves were big bottoms! (you know: expecting LESBIAN sex) However, maybe because of my twinkish straightness I found myself the target of many very masculine assertive males who wanted to TOP. I had my fill of them but I could count them on two hands and know most of their names, first and last! But in general, the prospect of taking a rugged cock up the ass without a rubber (as they preferred) was TOO SCARY in the scary age of the plague with no known treatments. I guess I settled for breeding newbies and other twinks, 'CHICKEN' when what I really wanted was BEEF! For the most part though, prime-cut BEEF, and my 'equals' seemed to be intimidated. And I wanted never to 'surrender' and be controlled by a guy as a twink but I may have underestimated 'the power of the bottom'. A good cock-rider from what I learned over the years gets quite coveted and pursued by guys who love it raw and randy! Maybe me not 'wanting to be a bottom' was because I saw so many queens & bottoms dog each other, specifically the more 'popular' bottoms: calling them sluts and whores?! The popular tops would be referred to as a 'heart-breakers' and the 'popular bottoms' as trash, following the straight hypocrisy... Many years later, my new twink BF may have launched my new 'career' as a power-bottom. He was a con-man and a cheater and one day he took off with a big-dicked stripper and went on tour with him and his circus. Apparently he didn't realize he had traded me for a male prostitute who expected him to put out too to fuel their whore-circus appetite for party-drugs. Weeks later my cheater BF escaped on a cross-country tour swinging through back through memphis and rang my door-bell at 3 am! And promptly the phone rang. It was the big-dicked stripper the ring-leader who relished in telling me: "you should know, I bred him everyday, ass up against the wall to make sure my DNA would take! And just so you know: I'M POZ and you better believe he is too'. (he even made him wear a butt-plug, pumped full of jizz around the motel rooms) I was however totally ass-pussy-whipped by my cheating BF and although I suspected he had the bug now, I didn't want to 'do the test'... and I was unwilling to do what the cock-blocking poz top wanted me to do: throw him back out in the streets for the wolves to pull him back into their POZ-boy underworld! But I never allowed him to top me from that day on. To be honest, back then I had no intention of ever joining the poz-team! Himself still barely a year ago being a 'skinny twink', under my guidance he had however transformed into a beefy stud-muffin. His attitude had changed, a cocky muscle-boy who suddenly jealously noticed all the prospective power-bottom-boys at the clubs giving me attention. He wouldn't stop dogging them to me as 'skinny chicken-by-products'. "FUCKING CUM-DUMPSTERS!" OK calm down! Then a few months later, once again the suddenly so desirable bio-hazard-boy cheated with a crystal meth boy from Atlanta! Heart-broken I proceeded to GRUDGE-FUCK! I picked up EVERY TWINK (I tried really hard getting the masculine ones my age but was told 'You intimidate them', go figure) and let them call the shots! WHATEVER POSITION THEY CHOSE! No rubbers! No more 'Mister Relationship' I would hook up off the bat! They virtually ALL turned out to be tops! I let them fuck me without rubbers and made them enjoy 'getting one of the popular circuit boys' they had fawned over ever since getting in the club, barely out-of-high-school. And I made sure to let them know I'm not hush-hush and I'm hoping my ex would hear about it! Well, I got hooked, hooked on dicks, RAW on demand every time. The NEW man I eventually met, accidentally converted me over to the POZ-TEAM! It was a surprise, unexpected! He was only 20 at the time! We are still together! He and my best-bud, sex-party wingman, SLUT MENTOR make sure my bbrt pics look good enough to 'market my assets'! "Bring back some tops!" I have been told and lets take more pics of your smooth hole! My 'wingman' is older than me! To an outside either one of us could be my man's son! Trippy! But I don't 'do that fantasy'. So far GETTING TOPS doesn't seem to difficult: I can't deliver on 'hairy ass' as I'm smooth but with a smooth bod with pierced nipples in sneakers and a jock-strap I can serve up nice... it's all in 'the presentation'! Oh yeah, my much younger man has the hairy ass, so when he sends me out in the new sneakers he ordered for me SPECIFICALLY to keep them clean and 'wear them ONLY to the sex-parties'... (he is in 'advertising')... if a dude says: "Damn I wished you had a hairy ass!" I say... well how about you breed my man? It would be an honor see you deliver a load in him!" RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY!!!! As to not enough TOPS, locally, I blame it the way the realtors do: "Remember what city you are in! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!"
  4. Having anti-BB friends

    I find that a few of my friends are big safe-sex proselytizers but then in private (once I talk to their 'play-mates') it becomes apparent that they 'drop the safety net' and ride it raw. And I guess ONLY THEIR discretion is excused! And the same ones tend to be all judgmental to your face and quickly dog the one or other as 'TOO promiscuous' and use language like 'he is DIRTY'... or whatever... So to figure out 'whom I'm dealing with' I rattle the cage by talking about bareback sex and how 'HOT IT WOULD BE' with strangers at a bar or whatever, as though it is hypothetical, or bb-play based on PREP use... then you find the conversation develops into polarized camps. Some get all preachy and harp on that 'promiscuous sex is disgusting' or 'there are still ALL KINDS OF OTHER DISEASES'. Others however, your new BB-BROS pull you to the side and spill the beans of how they really feel. On a parallel tangent (the just BEING GAY part) I used to have a beefy, very sexy, cocky buddy who was in the Marines. He was always smiling and had a very outgoing personality and hid his sexuality very well from his Mormon parents and church. To 'play it off' he 'put on a show' PRETENDING he was receptive to amorous play with men and oddly, he became the most popular dude. Guys would want to sit with him on the plane, or who would have him as their tent mate or have him wear their dog-tags or whatever. In short, by 'stirring the pot' and by being colorful he got all the right attention and flew RIGHT UNDER THE RADAR of those who would disapprove and didn't catch on... I recall my best friend, a cop, always dogging his ex (my greatest sexual fantasy, as he is a shaggy-haired blonde, one of my fetishes) telling me 'he is DIRTY' and 'he does bareback with EVERYBODY as though it was a bad thing... (my man actually finally tagged his ass and bred him) My best (cop) friend's new Bf (until a couple years ago), his TWINK, would wait until he was in the house with either me or my man and then spill the beans on his antics. Wild stuff! Once when I told him: "You are such a slut!" He corrected me and said: "I'm no slut! I'm a CUM-DUMPSTER!" After I told him how hot I find all that he opened up about all his kinky secrets that went WAY BEYOND I have ever done... Yet he looked so innocent!
  5. Limited Reactions?

    I can't EVER add any pics in comments as hot and fun that would be. That bugs me, always says 'can't load' or something and asks me to 'contact us'
  6. I'm glad 'eroswired' made his point! I'm glad there are others on here who accept responsibility for themselves (and others) and rather try to 'manage' the bug instead of wallowing in disease, sponsoring and purposely creating public health hazards; as though it was desirable. After all, not having 'the fear', inhibitions or stigma of being POZ any more is a big accomplishment. I'm confused why some of our BB-bros seem hell-bent of embodying the worst of the stereotypes vicious hate-preachers seemed to have INVENTED in their bigot-sermons. For me, embracing POZ guys, bb-cross-breeding with other poz guys, and chilling with them in a confident manner is more than enough 'liberation'. Overly 'dominating' (conceited) tops who feel that bottoms are 'disposable trash' and 'should accept' any sinister-conspired fate and consider themselves inferior sluts are... well REPULSIVE to me! I'll ride a cock like a demon with my head held up high just as I would fuck and respect another bro who rather bottoms. If some arrogant fuck for one moment thinks that I'm some kind of 'slave' and he is some 'master' who holds a Damocles sword over me, he's got another thing coming. I despise that attitude as much as I loathe 'Christian' straight hypocrisy with the 'man' feeling entitled to cheat on 'the woman' and then arrogantly asserts: "the bitch better go and make me a sandwich". If he should happen to get a disease, it's always HER fault! SHE must have done something! On the other hand, not trying to be a 'stick-in-the-mud' - to a degree I'll go along with some 'stealthing' fantasies - some fucks like real thing, others the fantasy to think they got one over on you. It is after all part of the attraction to 'bad boys' or the rush of 'playing with fire' and the sex-appeal of total jerks. But NO, a bottom doesn't DESERVE any vicious infection some under-handed schmuck tries to pawn over on him! I understand some guys have a vicious HATE for the proxy gays (the bottoms) that remind them of guys they accuse and blame for 'HAVING GIVEN ME THE BUG'. Like serial-killers with a mean domineering mother later chasing prostitutes. Then on the other side are guys with low self-esteem who are self-destructive LOOKING to be destroyed; the most extreme case of that phenomenon was a guy in Germany who VOLUNTARILY responded to a gay CANNIBAL (the underground 'long-hog club' ??) for a bizarre ritual in which he agreed to be slaughtered and eaten (yeah there is some weird shit out there, and you can google it if you haven't heard the story) I wonder why some gay (mistreated, wronged, infected) guys believe it is OK to 'GET EVEN' or cause misery to totally innocent victims! VILE! It is not sporting nor a good reflection on our sub-culture that has fought hard (well, the older ones have) to be accepted by a bigot main-stream culture, as we were demanding 'equality' and human rights... don't squander it all away for some weird projected self-loathing and malicious fetish. I feel a little awkward saying all this as I thought my sense of 'fair play' was out of line, judging by much of what I see in chat...
  7. Our attitudes are an 'evolving' thing... we have long gone from our naive, teenage puppy-love expectations to habitual horn-dog copulating, when we meet in a forum like this... lol I like strangers slobbering on each other on any part of the body they! Preferably ass and cock, going at it like a randy goats with the tongue out! Some of the hottest pictures that give me the biggest rush (i.e. on tumblr) is when guys are interlocked, bareback, the bottom with a raging boner, both with tongues out, the tips touching! The grossest thing a guy (trick) could say to me NOW on grindr, is: 'I want to MAKE LOVE to you by candle-light and play Barry White'. HURL! Fuck that! Been there done that! When I came out as a self-declared promiscuous barebacker, no fears, no inhibitions, no reasonable offer refused, RAW every time it was like my second coming out. New terms, new protocol! After coming out 'as gay' for years I fell into the CONVENTIONAL 'relationship trap' and saw hypocrisy and cheating that goes with it, drama and divorce, EVEN and especially with straight people. I recall (when I was single) being HOSTILE to guys who were trying to cheat with me on GF, wives and BFs. Hated all that! Blocked them! Called them out! Promiscuity, getting 'something' you couldn't was off, unsafe sex, orgies, all that was... all that was frowned upon... So as a late convert to the BROTHERHOOD all those fears have been REPEALED and replaced (pardon the term). Now, anything suggestive of LUST, debauchery, carnal pleasure, risky behavior and fornication gets my attention! Such behavior was historically embodied and celebrated by the demi-gods of less repressive regimes. PAN, the seductively-scruffy satyr with his perpetual boner and cloven feet (later portrayed as 'THE DEVIL' by 'the church' to the frightened and intimidated) playing his magic flute and seducing sexually-impressionable shepherds to the dark pleasures and taking it up the arse.... TEMPTATIONS: I recall these guys here in Memphis, YEARS ago, always having 'parties' themed like that with 'satyr and Dio...something'. SEX-PARTIES when AIDS was scary! They always invited me but I never went. Mostly out of FEAR and I was trapped in a standard-gay relationship with an arrogant local stud-muffin who played the old-fashioned patriarch! Big dick but emotional misery and him lying and cheating like his dad did on his mom! Still does! I have drifted to the lusty scene with my new beau who is on the same page. My new role models or all SATYRS!!! Fornicating, shameless horn-dogs! Kissing? Well I suppose when it is in a manner that could shift from one guy to the next or the stranger he invited and back with no jealousies or commitments! One of the guys that used to live with those sex-party boys still talks to me. He doesn't speak fondly of the group, which apparently shunned him as he talks dismissively about 'the promiscuous scene': "I bet they all died, whatever, moved to Nashville!" . He doesn't know I have 'joined the bb brotherhood' and talks to me with the hypocritical, judgmental filter of the old school... but it arouses me, he doesn't know that IN SPIRIT I'm one of THOSE. He said: "Yeah they would invite like 20 30 guys over and there NEVER were any rubbers ANYWHERE (HOT to me now). Most of the guys were strangers I had never seen before. There was jizz flying everywhere and they would run trains and cum in each other and you never knew who would be in your bed in your room, it was DISGUSTING! I know they always talked about INITIATING YOU!!!" (I'm fanning myself. I think I'll call him later as I want to know more) I have to admit: the first few tricks (in 2015) from bbrt was a stretch for me! Both in terms of mind, manners, kissing and stretching ass, my own and my man's. Turns me on seeing others breed my man! I take pictures! One dude after consummating his jizz-load into my man and me being totally turned on proceeded to passionately make out with him on the couch! But it seemed like a painfully long time to me. I got 'nervous'. I told ON REFLEX: "Stop that shit! You guys act like fucking Lesbians!" My bad! I think I want to try that again, a 'TAKE TWO' and this time this porn-producer won't say 'CUT' at all... Later that year my man and I hooked up with two sexy inked and pierced 'circuit boys' from Chicago going to NOLA. All was well until the more insecure one of the two reprimanded his more assertive hubby as he was kissing my man with his cock buried deep in his ass: "NO KISSING!" he said in a stern voice and the fun left the room... I don't want to be that guy!
  8. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Yeah the 'pushing out' must be for the porn-market who want to see the bottom REALLY is getting bred... I myself, after all the sexual repression in the time before my conversion to bareback disciple and brozen poz promiscuous slut want ALL THE CUM and dick I have missed all those years. On the subject: I just had one of my repeat toy-boys over, a big-dicked college boy that I pick up at his dorm. He couldn't buy liqueur if his life depended on it and he made sure I had poppers and lube, he said before I drove over, he wanted... and he loves to talk about 'you want my poz cum inside you' and I encourage him with all the verbal slut-talk as he nuts. I'm face-down as as I feel the gush, I push my slut-hole up against his big balls slopping on me and I feel his shaft pulsing and pumping and tell him "HELL YEAH! BALLS-DEEP!" and he obliges. I tell him to leave his hard cock in as long as possible and pump the jizz in some more. I have his cum in my ass right now and I hold on to that huge load like a tight-assed motherfucker unwilling to share my prize. I swear every time that happens I strut, STRUT with slutty pride! Well, to be honest, it wouldn't have happened of one of my sluttier bros hadn't egged me on. He came over this morning and he is all over the internet and on porn when he lays it out on the bed and we slut around. He taught me how to give him a TINA booty-bump and, well, that was all new to me. Then I encourage him to give me one and we talked dirty, sucking on each other but as far as hard-ons go, it was mostly me who got really hard as he sucked on my pierced nipples. DAMN THAT EXCITES ME! We talked all kinds of trashy. I felt a tingling high and horny like I was on poppers and who knows what... he told me: "Hey let's do this: I want you to take some random dude's cock and take his load! No questions asked!" Hell yeah I'm all about being whored out! "And then I want you to PUSH IT OUT or let me eat the anon dude's cum out of your ass!" he said and ok, I hope he leaves me some of that sacred DNA but cool. It's a new thing for me but I'll try it myself... like oysters,,, for the bold and daring! Well ok, as he labored away on Grindr, Scruff, BBRT and whatever. But in the middle of the day dick is in short supply in Memphis... almost had one, but then my slut-buddy's sexy room-mate called and reminded him he promised him AN HOUR AGO (as we both had fingers in each others asses) that he was gonna take him to the DMV or whatever... then I was successful and I carry a thick-dicked college-boys load and my buddy from before is running late... If he doesn't get over quick I guess I'm like Modanna: "keeping my baby to full absorption!" The thought and fetish of that alone makes me tingle continuously and makes my hands sweat as I type this... anybody else like that!
  9. Cumdump Verification

    That is actually a hot FETISH that I have embraced too! Being 'CERTIFIED' and witnessed by a bunch of strangers! Once I was a serial monogamist, into the ONE-on-ONE, not really big into the group thing. Boy that changed. Now knowing I'm being watched in a recklessly BARE breeding turns me on big time!
  10. hole modification

    The subject you brought up got me so excited I texted my 'slut mentor' and asked him to come over. Dude is ALWAYS ON TIME! I take pride in 'giving up my hole' now to any player after having played it 'safe' way to long and given it up to very few dude... My wing-man 'slut-mentor' played with my hole from 4 to 5! Too bad he isn't very verbal. But he told me ( 'post-coitus' ) that the way I TALK (lewd and dirty whatever) while he plays with my ass and breeds me, turns him on! Too bad I had to guess! I could have gotten raunchier! But I don't see his expression when I talk 'dirty' as he makes me lay down flat and does me from behind... I told him about this conversation WE (you 'tallslenderguy' and I) had on here about 'modifying the hole'. Well he went right to it, after leaving off at the four-finger challenge last time. This time he said: "Damn, have you practiced?" Well I didn't but my mind may have 'wrapped its head around' being violated the way the hardcore bros sometimes want to... I asked him if my ass looks more like a 'slit' than a hole now... he said: "You are getting there!" He want to 'work on it some more' next time! I can feel a major 'impact' from his ass-play! After all I'm mesmerized every time I see a dude with an 'elongated' hole! Even the young barebacker HELIX boys in porn have that fashionable GAPE slit going... Keep this thread going with more stories and feedback!
  11. hole modification

    What I like about his 'conditioning of my hole' is this: I am a 'late-convert', and a late-comer to the unapologetic bareback scene, which means in the negative days I only 'poached' on the 'unsafe sex scene' sporadically but then typically felt guilty. So in some ways I'm a NOVICE and my 'ass-master FB' wants to 'bring me up to speed' for the 'BIG BOY GAMES' he said. When I take it up the ass I NEVER flinch or make the whimpering theatrics many of the porn-bottoms entertain their audience with... but sometimes a big top struggles to get it in or tells me 'to relax'... I met my man when he was barely 21 and he had played raw in West Hollywood with the stripper crowd. But I never brought up 'testing'. Once I found out my (new bf) and I were suddenly both poz, instead of getting all gloomy, we 'joined the bb-rodeo'... no saddles, no protection EVER, no shame, no inhibitions, no jealousies, no loads refused! ALL SPORTS! And instead of pushing most aspiring tops away (like I USED TO) I now will let any buck pump his DNA in me... So my FB (slut-mentor) whom I mention above, doesn't want to OWN me, just be my 'slut-mentor'. He has his own (open) 'relationship' with licence to bruise-and-buck whomever he chooses so he doesn't need to OWN anyone else. He has fucked both my man and me and everybody in the bareback circle of friends I know. His accomplished promiscuity turns me on! He told me I'm still 'way-too-tight' as I guess all the bros (when given the choice) like to feel a dude is a true slut. Opposite of the mentality of conventional guys' (of my past) who want to OWN, be THE FIRST (that month, year or EVER lol - yeah right) and expect MONOGAMY from their hapless toy-friends. Yet THEY tend to cheat on their bottoms like straight hypocrite men do on their wives. And they dismiss every hottie who is 'TOO LOOSE' for their moderate-sized cocks with talk like 'feels-like-throwing-a-hot-dog-down-a-hallway' and 'I wouldn't touch him - he GETS AROUND!' So back to my 'slut-mentor': At one of the sex-parties he took me to, he did 'inventory' with me, walking around to see who is there. It was like my second time at a sex-party! No wait 3rd, but only the 2nd truely BB party!! There were several new ones there, he said he hadn't seen before. There was a tall, skinny young, very photogenic: with a Fauxhawk and leather fetish gear... totally hot EXCEPT - he wore high-heels (big turn-off for me) and besides (he told me later when we chatted) he was looking for 'really young bottoms' (word had it his prey on grindr or whatever is typically is not legal) Well nevermind... my slut-mentor and I spotted a super-hottie, muscle-dude, shaved smooth, I was told he does porn... very hot and intimidating. I would have NEVER approached him! All I could say to my slut-mentor is 'holy shit'... Next thing I know, my slut mentor has him ready to mount me. Makes me assume position in front of all these guys and the buck is being led up to my hole to breed me without introduction or hello! The fucker tore into it and took his sweet old time, going on, and ON, with no lube just spit and I suspect his ample precum... he put me in a trance... but kept going to where I felt cold sweat-beads on my forehead. But I was determined to hold out, not flinch, not protest not make him withdraw prematurely without making a deposit! Most of all, not let anyone know my relative inexperience and to practice my ass-skills... MILK THE FUCKER'S COCK with my assets, hopefully in sync for maximum customer pleasure. I was determined to get a great YELP review and take his rutting buck's cock to full climax... I did, and walked around all night with a sore ass but a thrilling sensation of keeping his DNA to full absorption! Well that's what my FB wants me to do... play with my ass, coach me, make me get even better so he can, as he said: "I want to WHORE YOU OUT! You get no choice - I'll line them up for you! And then takes pics of your used, stretched ass and post them on TUMBLR! "
  12. hole modification

    I like what you describe as 'modified'! I myself noticed that some guys posing nude and shamelessly showing the fuck-hole seem to be 'conditioned cum-dumpsters'. Instead of the puckered 'virgin hole' theirs are more like you said 'a SLIT' or 'elongated'. Really very fascinating for me! Turns me on to think of all the random cocks that must have rutted that fuck-hole, cocks of all sizes and probably quite a few fat ones! Just seeing an ass like that and having a dude pose while showing his face and boner in the same shot makes me tingle inside! One of my more 'seasoned play-mates' when he comes around tells me he wants to play with a 'stretch my hole', get it ready for the 'big league players' whatever that means.
  13. 'Too slutty' lol! That takes an old-fashioned male chauvinist to diss another player! "May the virtuous vixen save her virginity (or facsimile thereof) JUST for ME, ME, ME!" NOT!!!! Meanwhile he the foolish dreamer runs around and puts his dick in anything that moves as long as it puts on a coy front!!!! Fuck those dudes! (or better, 'pass on them') I for one will rather broadcast my 'combat-ready-status' to any promiscuous buck and player and leave the boring chauvinists alone!

    I'm really 'intrigued' by the prospect of developing a slutty 'underground reputation'. Just yesterday I got hit up by a sexy guy on Facebook in a very forward manner. He is one of those very 'out-and-proud', a 'junior' member of a local 'leather group'. I had gotten an 'invite' to an event on Saturday from one of the senior ring-leaders. He had bred me raw once without me knowing his name but oddly he knew mine. Anyway he just started breeding me in front of people at the black-out party. So that entertaining performance must have made the rounds. The junior punk must have clicked on my profile and realized how many common BB friends we have. I figured he was 'tipped off' as he came to the subject of bareback sex pretty quick. He is only 28 maybe but was quick to tell me he has taken at LEAST a 1,000 anon loads in his life! Shared videos!!! Turns out he was encouraged by at least two of those dudes I had tricked with. I only got to know them by name later, AFTER they deposited their semen in my ass. I don't know about you but that alone thrills me to no end... I mean, anon and disappear into the night is hot too but in a mid-sized city with a limited 'market' I like the 'referral system'... And the bros I played with hold their head up high at the gym, at the grocery store or at the bars (unlike the guilty fuckers from the safe sex days who weaseled away like thieves, remember those?) And the confident players introduce you to their bros! BAREBACK bros and they make it clear to them you are 'ON THE TEAM'!
  15. BBRTS and threesomes.

    HOT!!! The less inhibited a guy is, whether top or bottom, the more turned on he gets with the prospect of 'sharing with a bro'. Some goodie-two-shoes guys in my distant past used to freak out when they were faced with the prospect of a third and possibly more being involved. Not me! A THIRD PLAYER, whether pitcher or catcher is the SPICE OF LIFE!!!! One on one to me is almost 'vanilla' sex now. Don't get me wrong, I like vanilla, but the guy better have a WILD SIDE to him. The worst/boring would be a proposal of being one on one with an old-fashioned possessive, jealous-type guy, insisting on wearing rubbers! Doesn't excite me at all! I realized how common the 'more-the-merrier-rutting frenzy' fetish is once I left the 'safe sex' scene behind... all the fear and loathing of 'OTHER MEN' and their 'UNKNOWN SEED', with all the hypocrisy, jealousy, double-standards and scripted expectations. All the 'god-knows-who-HE-has-been-with' cock-blocking and snobbery... I even recall an 'all-bottom' guy on gaydotcom looking for TOPS and specifically guys who were 'all top'. Living in a surreal alternate reality where he was a 'proper lady' and only wanted REAL MEN! LOL And he looked down on versatile guys like they were the worst of bio-haz trash that he 'would never touch'! That scenario when a top and bottom looking for another top, assuming that the one top 'is not being SATISFYING ENOUGH' is another false conclusion of scripted 'conventional' role-play. Just like the dismissive talk of some fellow tops I recall when I was checking out a hot slut-boy and they sneered: 'Forget it! I had him! He is so loose it's like throwing a hot-dog down a hallway'... that gets me excited now. Opposite of what the ridiculing cock-blocker intended to accomplish! One of my regular BBRT tops started to 'swoon' when I casually told him I bottomed for two guys... said that 'sloppy seconds turn him on' and told me to call him next time so he could mix his load in there. I used to think it was only me loving to see my man get bred was my 'personal kink'. Now I learn there is a 'cuckold scene' and dominant tops who OWN their passive bottoms and WHORE THEM OUT with the bottom having no say in the matter! Turns out virtually all my bb-bros feel the same, at least about 'sloppy seconds' as a top. The more slutty and promiscuous (desirable) a dude is, the more turned on by him they are. It's a whole other exciting world I never expected to find nor to become part of... ...and I intend to watch MY MAN be bred by many other guys right in front of me too!

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