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    The DEEP US-South, West Tennessee
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    groups, orgies, verbal, the concept of 'sports-fucking', verbal thrills of 'poz-talk', attracted to 'promiscuous' bucks, embracing late sexual liberation, anon engagements, exploring fetishes and new scenes, 'no loads refused'. I like to watch my man get bred by strangers as he is expected to watch me with others. In a pinch we get to go out and play alone! Turns me on!
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Late to the 'bold bareback scene'. Used to mostly top raw and feel guilty, missed out on lot of hot action, while trying to 'stay safe'. My more 'adventurous' man 'changed that'. Barely 30, been together with him 10 years. Both of us really 'prefer guys' in their 40s and 50s (like me). Anyway, after catching him cheating on grindr we decided that SEX IS SPORT. Always BAREBACK! All the once 'forbidden' fetishes are now HOT. Promiscuous fuckers, 'danger tattoos', sluts, travelling breeders, anon, no loads refused... both a bit hung-up on HWP. Being POZ once was a scare, now a craved fetish! A thrill of 'Danger' accepted as part of the promiscuous game! But not willfully 'collecting' and purposely spreading random health scourges! Not 'sporting' to me! Smooth, inked, pierced, lewd and promiscuous guys rock my world! Prefer 'butch' manly types not into 'traditional role play'. You know: 'OWNING' a dude like a bitch, being jealous, being a hypocrite, that sort of thing! I let my man go take dick from any of our 'bros' or any random trick... turns me on! I love witnessing as he gets bred! By guys who just want to USE him and sling their DNA up his hole! I CONDONE that behavior and will lick the horny fucker's balls as his naked cock slides into my man! I expect my man to be the same every time I bring home a trick! Not that he needs to be there! Or that I need to be there! "Go slam-dunk that fucker before he gets scared and runs off!" We share tales later and let each other sniff the juices from 'THE OTHER BUCK'!!!
  • Porn Experience
    Have done nude-spreads for gay rags.
  • Looking For
    Hardcore 'sports-fuckers'. Inked and pierced and other guys who are proudly POZ. Since 'joining the team' I want to push the 'petal to the metal' be bred by every Tom, Dick and Harry! Still hung up on smooth bottoms to fuck... maybe after some more practice I can be more 'indiscriminate'!

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  1. rawsatyr

    Does anyone else feel guilty after having sex?

    I guess many of us were at that point once. Feeling 'guilty-and-dirty'; not just for that sketchy seed we accepted, but for being gay and not being in a monogamous 'sanctioned' relationship! UNTIL... we realize the hypocrisy and the double-standards! Then liberation enters the picture... This frat-boy whom I met on BBRT reminds me of those times when I had accepted the gay part, but promiscuity frightened me but all the temptations. The frat-boy is somewhere in the early phase but on BBRT all the time now. He is really nervous but even more so HORNY. He looks around like he is expecting the morality police to step out of my closet or back-rooms. So I just walk over to the action section and he made it clear he wants to always fuck me face down... when he undresses he is still soft, NERVOUS but the moment my ass goes up he is hard as a rock and he ruts my hole with spit like a champ. I bet after he goes home (to his dorm or secretive lair he won't tell me where it is) he showers and scrubs and feels guilty... I on the other hand (another victim of a catholic, stymied sexual upbringing) have sworn off all fear, guilt and loathing! I now receive all cocks RAW and unrestricted! I accept the cum, DNA and raw cocks like an electrifying SACRAMENT. No more hang-ups, just full membership of the brotherhood of satyrs and debauchery! NO LOADS REFUSED once the stranger gets started, and no cheating with 'queefing' the cum out! No idea what the status is. Poz would be nice, but probably just novice negative stuff! But hey, he could be a liar, a punk with an agenda! I don't care! No rushing, no regrets, no shame and no denial! While he is on me and after he is long gone! That cum stays where it is put! In my ass to full absorption. With other it goes down my throat (no spitting out like at a cum tasting) savoring the flavor and on my body until the much delayed, and purposely brief next shower! I want that MUSK OF BUCK, that ESSENCE OF BUCK, that predatory promiscuity to transfer... kinda like savoring a good wine. Being a PIG is all fine and dandy, but as a LATE-CUMMER to the anon bareback scene we tend to relish our 'alleged depravity' and animalistic bondings even more!
  2. rawsatyr

    Anyone's Guess

    I love tops that don't make a sound as they pump you full of DNA, just let it go in stealth-mode (no pun intended)... and yes, once you 'get into the zone' and you embrace every bit of the bareback culture, beyond fear and 'feeling dirty' all that seed can get absorbed... it's like a genuine 'initiation'. Absorbing his 'vital essence' and becoming one with another promiscuous buck!
  3. rawsatyr

    What constitutes a boring hookup for you.

    That quote alone gives me a boner! Sex, a sport, a RAW CONTACT sport like rodeo-riding, or buck-naked wrestling! Preferably with lots of spectators for the rush!
  4. rawsatyr

    What constitutes a boring hookup for you.

    Or a guy who comes in and barely makes eye-contact, like he is ashamed of his 'depraved, gay side', (yes maybe gets distracted by his phone, maybe cheating) Doesn't say anything (because he is too dumb or inhibited), but goes bare, consummates his 'dirty deed', nuts really quick and runs off without eye-contact (again) or he is GUILTY! And when you see him out some time (with his presumably 'straight' company) he FREAKS and averts his eyes like you have a 'dirty secret on him' and high-tails like a weasel... lol But they 'come around' years later, drunk at a bar, trying to 'regain the moment' but slobbering and awkward! You know, THE CLOSET wasn't too kind to him! lol
  5. rawsatyr

    What constitutes a boring hookup for you.

    I agree with you! I expect some CUSTOMER feedback! (lol) Sure it was NO CHARGE but give me a TIP, a verbal one would be nice. And a great YELP review to bring others to my yard!
  6. rawsatyr

    Treasure Island Media Tattoo

    I agree... a definite MARK OF THE SEX-BEAST, proudly flaunted, only insiders will know... of course, the concept of BUTT-PIRATES is kinda hot too!
  7. rawsatyr

    Topher DiMaggio

    Is it just me or does 'adding a hot popular buck' to our internal DNA collection (administered via booty-bump of course) give us a great 'warmth and peace'? Hoping to assimilate all his virile promiscuity and his LEGEND like a sacrament at bareback church? Retain the 'essence-of-superman' to full absorption? Hopefully witnessed by as many members of the community in public as possible! It's still always a rush, whether the 'suitor' is high or low on the totem pole of our fraternity! It's kinda hot to watch guys like once 'just-another-pretty-boy' Topher (or my favorite JESSE SANTANA) evolve into a total, unapologetic disciple of the bareback brotherhood!
  8. rawsatyr

    piss - do you swallow?

    Never swallowed piss and never done the water-sports! But never say never! I wonder who will take me across the 'threshold' and make me become a WS convert?
  9. rawsatyr

    Cock cage or jock strap

    Personally, I like the dudes that have a raging hard-on while they get fucked and don't play with it at all to maintain an erection... In return, I find a lot of tops take it as a great compliment that I have a raging hard-on as they fuck me and see me dripping precum... ideally I want to nut without touching myself but it's so hot as a top (or a bottom) to get the reach-around when you realize how much a raging hard-on is a great compliment and another masculine TOY (rather than a limp, hidden teat-like appendage) . What is really hot is blowing a big-dicked bottom's throbbing lollipop cock, his big, bare knob and tonguing his piss-slit with your own bare cock inside him... HOT-DAMN!
  10. rawsatyr

    Topher DiMaggio

    SEX ALLEGATIONS, well, in our circles that gets him an honorary badge. Not to trivialize 'male-on-female' predatory behavior which is not 'sporting', especially in the conventional STRAIGHT man-on-woman, boy-on-girl, gentleman-on-proper-lady context... but in the gay-male-on-gay-porn-star world?? PLEASE, sounds more like Topher got caught up with a desperate, vindictive moment-in-the-lime-light-searching. yilted purse-clutcher... I mean seriously. I wonder what 'the other side of the story' is! Did Topher get bored with the guy? In our ( top vs. cumdumpster bareback) world aggressive, quasi-rape fantasies (and worse... or more depraved ones) are often EXPECTED, celebrated, although not embraced by all... but if one of us tangled with a porn-star, we'd be fools to expect 'gentlemen-behavior'... LOL We'd most likely EXPECT bareback, promiscuous aggressive behavior on the FIRST DATE, possibly never expect another fuck after that. BAD BOYS is what we like and celebrate in the 'breeding zone'. But of course the 'pretty-boy-studios' with their predictable condom-porn (YAWN) cater to the generic vanilla-gay-boy market, those entry-level gays who are still on-the-fence or aghast on the subject of wanton, UNSAFE bareback sex... Well we were all (well, many of us were) there once, dreaming about 'Mister Right' (who NEVER cheats) and maybe naive enough to expect monogamous happily-ever-after... (until we caught ex No.1, No.2, and No.3 cheat or we did and BAREBACK no less) WHAT A RUSH! Then we became 'converts' on so many levels and realized 'if you can't beat them (the wild, promiscous, UNSAFE SEX crowd) , join them'. Which is why Topher DiMaggio is suddenly hotter to me and part of the bareback brotherhood! TMI all the way!
  11. rawsatyr

    Cheating Boyfriends Do It Bareback

    Technically, as many of us true barebackers CONDONE and tolerate or even ENCOURAGE extracurricular breeding of our partners, it is not really 'cheating' in the old-fashioned style. Instead of raging anger and feeling betrayed we rather relish in the sluttiness of it all. Who says: "YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR COCK AND EAT IT TOO?" I sure don't! Neither does my man... we have EXPLICIT LICENCE to score (it's not true cheating when it's part of the 'game')
  12. rawsatyr

    Cheating Boyfriends Do It Bareback

    And I (as well as several of my fully bareback friends) on the 'receiving end', love it when their men come home for random anon cum in their holes... turns us on like oysters in the forbidden months... a 'delicacy' potentially bio-hazard, but nothing that would kill a true, danger-loving, thrill-seeking sports-fucker!
  13. rawsatyr

    Is oral necessarybefore anal intercourse

    Nothing is DULLER than a lazy bottom who just hikes his (just average or less-than-average-looking) ass up in bed like a lazy dog, expecting to be pleasured! As a 'late-convert versatile bottom' who 'flips' positions occasionally, I know how to seduce a few bottoms and bring out 'the top in them'. How to press the 'buttons' and how to 'talk dirty' to bring out another side to an otherwise predictable game... The worst players are self-declared 'total bottoms', who are so jaded typically all tweaked out, running on empty after three days (off work) with no sleep, with several sex apps and watching porn, assuming 'the customary position' limp-dicked, expecting the ENTERTAINMENT from the NEXT top to bring all the action... into their dull sex-lives. I could get more excitement beating off to porn! Or watching animals fuck! lol
  14. rawsatyr

    Cheating Boyfriends Do It Bareback

    My man an I have a hybrid solution. After catching him 'cheat' with text messages a few years ago we settled on a new policy: All sex is considered a SPORT! No jealousies, no 'fear' no blame-games, no hypocrisy and all sex MUST BE CONSUMMATED BAREBACK! Has worked like a charm! I wished he 'cheated' more often! I certainly fulfill my end of the bargain! And we brag/share the stories afterwards! So hot!
  15. rawsatyr

    Tips for worn out/ well trained cunts?

    I second that motion! Toys basically bore me; if a kinky top should by chance bring it out down the line, hell yeah go for it! My biggest fetish is a top with a THICK-GIRTH cock-shaft that stretches me out to the point where I go, 'holy crap that is the biggest one yet', or in a long time. Getting my ass busted open with bold, leathery knob, rammed, rutted the full length and girth, conditioning me to have a bones and shoot me nut way ahead of him ever blowing... a 'thorough initiation' or as you put it 'REMODEL' the hole, or as I call it 'permanently MODIFY' it... doing it with a toy would be a lame, cheap short-cut, nothing to brag about. Kinda like having sex with a condom on! Unexciting! My biggest fantasy (on top of that) is for a top to suggest he wants to MODIFY my hole permanently for HIS NEEDS, and other champs like him... ramming it with a vulgar, masculine, modified (cut, pierced, inked) champ-cock and telling me "But it will take LOTS of sessions, for several weeks at a minimum" to get you CUSTOM-STRETCHED! I've gotten close to that turning into reality with the one or other 'stud' in a couple 'open relationships' but then the allegedly 'indifferent' INSIGNIFICANT other (sub) suddenly pops into the picture and worries about his secure position and messes it all up... ran into one couple the other day at Kroger and Mister Fat-cock avoided eye-contact as I slipped by and my ass puckered! Ideally after getting stretched, rammed, rutted and modified, it would be hot if the top suggested he wants me to wear an appropriately-sized butt-plug (to the bars) where he would presumably parade and introduce me to other barebackers, outing me as HIS PROJECT, having been THROUGH IT FOR X-SESSIONS already and loaded with his DNA to ensure his slutty, promiscuous DNA transfers to me and I'll be physically and genetically have become another fully TAGGED CUM-DUMPSTER! (to be had by anyone who is thrilled by taking a test-ride with his finished project)

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