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  1. Love seeing a versatile guy's well-used asshole drooling jizz as he's topping another guy. It's hot in porn, but if it's in real life my dick can't resist stretching the pucker of the guy, using the cum in his hole for lube.
  2. We think this sounds like fun. Which campground was it?
  3. If you take out Trump’s billion dollar deficit and the trillions in shaky buyout loans big banks have made since Trump took office, the US has had negative GDP growth. Trump is a snake oil salesman and only the uninformed think he is anything else. MAGA = Manipulating America’s Gullible Assholes
  4. For the record, I’ve known a number of American Muslims and never has one tried to convert me to their religion. Can’t say the same about your “harmless little Christians,” whose right-wing factions operate as America’s Taliban. These people like Trump because he is stacking the American federal judiciary with lifetime judges whose sole qualification is their desire to impose right-wing Christian Sharia law upon the rest of us. Harmless Christians your ass.
  5. They are into efficiency.
  6. I've been following this topic for a while, but just tonight it struck me as funny that a query on dildo disposal methods can be considered "non-[banned word]." Only on BZ. 🤨
  7. Daily I read both The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal to get both sides. I don’t watch cable news. I go to source documents if they’re available. Since you claim to be well informed, why don’t you share your news sources with us?
  8. Speaking of gaslighting, if you really were a “gun shot victim actor;” You should be able to furnish us date, time, and place so we can confirm what you tell us. And don’t forget to tell us who paid you for it.
  9. In the upper right of most BZ pages, you’ll see a button titled “ Unread Content.” Click on it and any new posts or updates are listed there. Works great to stay updated.
  10. Right... That's why the Liberty Counsel and Tony Perkins are celebrating the new rule.
  11. Using my tax dollars to support someone’s religious bigotry is not “Freedom of Religion”, it is an establishment of government religion prohibited by the Constitution. The state of Virginia claimed in 1967 that its anti-miscegenation law was just the majority expressing their freedom of religion. Religion is largely sanctimonious delusions applied as a cudgel to those outside the cult.
  12. So you like him because he’s uninformed and incompetent, as well as the fact that he intentionally antagonizes citizens he swore to protect. Doesn’t say much for your character, does it?
  13. Bet you look quite studly in your tinfoil hat. Also, only morons think climate change is a hoax. The world population has more than doubled in the last 50 years, and it uses far more energy per person as the population becomes more affluent. To say that isn't affecting the climate is willful ignorance.
  14. Be specific. Don’t just mindlessly parrot the twaddle you hear on Fox News.

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