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  1. I asked specifically what freedoms had been taken away from YOU, not other people. You seem so aggrieved that it should be easy for you.
  2. Enlighten us. What specific freedoms have liberals taken away from you?
  3. I’m old enough to remember the 70s, and Carter inherited a US economy with both high inflation AND high unemployment. The whole country was dispirited due to Nixon’s crimes, US embassy employees in Saigon evacuating from the rooftop via helicopter, and a series of energy crises induced by OPEC. Carter appointed Paul Volcker Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Fed cranked interest rates up to a 21% prime rate that broke the back of inflation and brought on a major slowdown. Carter took the heat for that and even without the Iran hostage situation his re-election was doomed.
  4. Even rarer and hotter is when the top’s pucker is oozing cum while he’s breeding a bottom.
  5. What felt terrible about this? Why do you feel awkward?
  6. You write the hottest stories. Not a one has left me without a boner.
  7. Do you mind sharing what medication finally worked for him? Thanks.
  8. I'm not certain what sources you researched, but you have received erroneous information. The US Centers for Disease Control says it takes temperatures over 140° F (60° C) to kill the norovirus: [think before following links] https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/norovirus/index.html The CDC says it take 167° F (75° C) to kill the influenza virus: [think before following links] https://www.cdc.gov/flu/resource-center/images/multi-language-pdfs/contamination_cleaning_english_508.pdf It is unlikely the COVID-19 virus requires anything less. Steam sterilization, such as in an autoclave, occurs a
  9. The reason the UK is exempt is because Trump has a golf resort in Scotland.
  10. Definition of too much sex = more than the critic is getting.
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