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    Only amateur stuff posted on contact sites, and occasional webcam fucking... Would love to do something more...
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  1. The first few times it's going to range from uncomfortable to painful to start, depending on size and technique. You have to learn how to get fucked as much as a top has to learn how fuck. Be honest with prospective partners about your experience, and don't let initial discomfort put you off. Poppers, lube and maybe beer will help, and a good top will relax you before 'the main event.' It's all about finding what you like in it - for me, it's as much about the mental stimulation of having a man inside me (or vice-versa) as it is the physical sensation of being filled with cock and the prostate stimulation. Don't go for someone too big to start, unless you want it to hurt, and don't expect to get it right first time. Good luck, and hope you enjoy your encounters.
  2. Honestly, just a guess - there's been times with none, times with one guy for months (or even years,) and times when maybe half the club fucked me over the pool table...
  3. I've found wearing a jock strap can get the message across - your cock is covered and your ass is exposed...
  4. My partner and I often sleep with his cock in me. Not only after he's fucked me, but just because we like it. He especially likes sleeping in me when I've been filled by a hookup. In fact, we sometimes go to a club or sauna so I can get loaded for him while he watches, or he'll set up a meet for me. Sometimes it's me going to a guy's place and when I get back I describe how I got fucked. Other times, some guy comes to us so my partner can watch (often without the visitor knowing...) However it goes, we sleep with his pierced, tattooed, 8" cock in my guts bathed in one or more guy's cum and my own ass juices. The times I like best are when I wake up in the night and he's started fucking me in his sleep. Or I wake up and start massaging his shaft inside me with my rectal muscles. He's a rough, brutal fucker when he's awake (which I fucking love!), but asleep he's slow and easy. He can go for an hour or more - me squeezing him with my ass muscles - before he unloads in me and we both go back to sleep with him still inside. Sometimes, I don't think he wakes up at all, even when he cums. I fucking love it.
  5. Makes for a fantastic wet sloppy fuck though 🤪
  6. Love pit hair, and pubes too. Get my face and whole head in there, covered in my man's smells
  7. where you based mate?

    1. Monorchid


      South East London...

  8. Cheers for the follow, M8y

  9. IMG_20180108_155746.jpg.766bbd0f5d5ab74730df0f1e50097ac5.thumb.jpg.1beefeb5ed5abc3dc57742b1b3e05391.jpg

    nice butt ❤️

    1. Monorchid


      Cheers! Reckon you'd fit good and snug.

  10. I love getting my tongue round a guy's shaft while he's fucking, and getting rimmed while fucked, too
  11. So that's an amalgamation of many sessions I had when I was 'using.' I've been off the bitch for four years, but have recently started having meth-sex dreams and daytime cravings. I'm no going to let her fuck me up again so I thought, "write it down" and I did, and it's worked. The dreams stopped after the first instalment, and the cravings went before I finished. It was hard to finish the last part because I was 'over it' by then, but I thought it should be complete. Five years ago, I met a great man who wasn't into Tina and I wasn't going to drag him into my hole. I got clean for him (without him knowing) and we're still together. I just hope all of you find the person to lift you up like he did me.
  12. Title says it all, really... Need raw cock and spunk... Any offers appreciated 😛
  13. Zac was behind me pressing his cock at my hole, but I pulled away not wanting to lose any of Dan's spunk. "Let the boi rest, man." Den slapped his hand down on the seat beside him, "Sit up, boi. There's no rush. Zac, sort Dan out, will ya?" I slowly moved to sit next to Den, scooping up the cum that had leaked out of me. Den put his arm round my shoulders and pulled me to him. I reached over with my spunk covered hand and started stroking his shaft while Zac got Dan in the chair then sat on the floor. Den squeezed me a little closer, "OK,boi?" "Uh huh," I smiled, "Fuck..." We sat for a few minutes while Den rolled a joint, "Dan's done for the night now, but Zac's gonna give you another load before you get my piece up you. Understand? "Oh, yeah, wanna feel you in me." I had a few lugs on the joint and passed it to Zac, then reached over and took the pipe from the table. I took a long deep pull and put it down, holding my breath. When I couldn't hold any more I bent over and took Den's knob in my mouth and breathed out over him. He put a hand on my head and lightly pushed me down. I got about half way before the first gag came. My jaw was stretched open so far I thought my lips would tear. He took his hand away, I pulled up to hold just the knob in my mouth and worked over it with my tongue. Den was mumbling encouragement, "Mmmm, nice..." A little precum oozed and I flicked my tongue over the slit. I shifted up on to my knees for a better angle, so I was kneeling on the sofa beside him. His arm dropped from my shoulders and he felt up my twitching fuck hole. Zac got on the sofa behind me, spat on my hole and pushed himself into me with one stroke. Dan's spunk oozed as Zac fucked harder and faster. Den lifted me off his knob and put the pipe in my mouth, I chugged hard before he took it away and my head dropped to his balls. I licked and sucked on them as best I could. Zac was getting close - knew the signs. He spasmed and let out a long growl when he finally let off in me. He withdrew slowly, scooping up the leaking spunk and fingering it back into me. I clamped closed as hard as I could and turned to suck him clean. Turning back to Den, I straddled him with his knob just touching me. He locked my eyes with his. I relaxed and felt the spunk run from my cunt over his knob as I pushed down onto him. I winced at the pain when he popped into me, I stayed just there getting used to his knob. The pain only lasted a few seconds, but my cunt throbbed at stretching to take him. He took hold of my arm and this time I saw him put the syringe in my vein. I reached over and took hold of it, pressing the plunger myself. He pulled it away and let go, lifting my arm. It was stronger than the first. My cunt opened and slid down on him before the rush peaked... Den put an arm round me, pulled me close, slid over sideways and laid on the sofa with me still sitting fully impaled. All my muscles were twitching, especially my guts round his shaft, as he started bucking up into me. I leant back, reaching for support on the back of the sofa, and lifted to give him more space. He fucked longer and harder. I felt the pain as if it was someone else's and started matching his strokes until he was taking full length strokes into me. Sweat was running from me and suddenly Zac was on my armpit, rubbing his face and licking up the sweat. He pulled away, and a few seconds later came round to kiss me deeply with his face and tongue covered in my stink. As soon as our mouths closed on each other, he blew a lungfull of smoke which I eagerly sucked down. Den pushed Zac aside and pulled me down to kiss and suck the remaining smoke from my lungs. He was still bucking up and down, but with the crystal smoke and movement he popped out. I reached round, he slid me down to the floor before I could get back on him. I was on all fours, Zac scooted under me and licked at my soft cock and balls which were wet from all the spunk oozing from my hole. Den slid back in to me and fucked a long slow stroke. Zac went from my stiffening cock to Dan's shaft stretching me open, and back again. After a while, Dan started taking harder, faster strokes and Zac slid away. Dan built up to a new rhythm, and when he's settled into it Zac slid back under me. This time to kiss and exchange lungfulls of smoke. He'd got his legs straddling mine so when he lifted his legs my knob felt his hole. Den's next in stroke pushed me in to him. He held me tight with his arms and legs so I was lying on top of him. The taste of cum, cunt and sweat while we kissed was making me as high as the meth. Instinctively, I started fucking. Den slowed and let me fuck myself on him, gradually taking him further and further. I was fucking faster and harder and Den was pushing further down until he was all in me and me all in Zac. All I could do was rock back and forth. Dan leant down and I felt his full weight on my back. He was pumping slowly at my guts when I felt the needle ... the rush ... My head cleared to a deep, viscous fucking. I was screaming into Zac's mouth and realised I was still fucking him. Or Den was fucking him with my cock, more like. Den was cursing and shouting abuse at me "...fuck your queer white cunt...", "... black man meat..." You know the stuff. I started bucking back and forth, clamping round his shaft, ignoring the pain, reaching round to feel his shaft and balls. "Fucking black man in me... Yeah..." Zac pulled me down to whisper, "He's not gonna stop 'til he cums. Play with his balls." My balls ached from being drawn up so far and I was desperately trying not to cum - I'd have to stop if I did. I reached further and felt his balls which were now tight. Kissing Zac again, I tickled Den as his balls and shaft rubbed over my fingers. My arm was cramping when his rhythm faltered and he fell hard on my back. Short random thrusts, deep inside me, and he was literally flooding spunk into me. Even with him so deep, and my cunt clenching round him, it was oozing out and I spread it over my balls and cock. My cock exploded in Zac and I clamped so hard on Den I thought I might squeeze his cock off. We stayed locked together for several minutes before Zac shifted and I fell out of him. He hauled himself 'up' so my face rubbed over his chest and belly. When his cock came to my mouth, I sucked him clean and he started rising in my mouth. Den lifted himself and eased from my sloppy hole, slumping on the sofa. I turned and licked pressed my face to his cock and balls. As I started licking him clean, Zac slid into me, "I love a sloppy wet arse." I was twitching, sore/numb and could barely feel him except when his thighs slapped my butt. I rubbed Den's cock all over my face, covering myself in the spunk and cunt juice. My arse must've felt like fucking a sack, but soon Zac pumped another load into me before collapsing on the floor with me following behind. I woke sometime later with Zac spooning me from behind. It was light outside and Zac was sleeping with his cock in me.
  14. We chatted for a while, sharing a joint, having drinks and relaxing. Then Den loaded the pipe and passed it round. Dan took a long pull and handed it on to Zac before kneeling in front of Den and burying his face in his balls and blowing out his smoke. I was absently stroking my cock looking at him wiggling his tight butt and winking his hole. Zac leant over and tapped the pipe on my knob, "Want me to help you out there?" He grinned and handed over the pipe and lighter as he got down and took my cock in his mouth. I took a good huff watching him suck me and blew it out over his face. I could see Dan licking Den's stiffening shaft. My arse was twitching at the sight and I couldn't take my eyes off the thick, 10 inch ... Lets face it, cock simply doesn't do it justice. 10 inches of uncut, shiny black pudding. My mouth was watering. Den caught my eye, "Gonna fuck him, or what?" Zac lifted off me, and I realised I was solid and throbbing. I stepped over and pressed my knob on Dan's winking hole. It was slick from Zac's spit and mucous, and Dan slid straight down over me, flexing his muscles all the way. I still had the pipe, so took another lungful and passed it to Den. He leant forward, kissed me, and I passed the smoke to him. I let Dan grind on my cock while the rush washed over me, then started a slow, easy fuck. After a few strokes, I felt Zac's wet fingers at my hole. I shifted up a bit to give him better access. I bottomed out in Dan and Zac pressed himself against me. I stayed in place, gyrating inside Dan, until Zac's knobend popped home. Pulling back from Dan, Zac slid into me and I started fucking Dan and myself. Zac leant closer in with each stroke, and we started moving in rhythm. He was fingering around my shaft in Dan and his in me, upping the pace, driving harder into my guts, pushing me into Dan so much we lurched forward up onto Den and I popped out of Dan. Zac kept fucking as Dan slid away and I was face to shaft with Den. I rubbed my face across the solid meat, spreading Dan's spit over my cheeks, and started licking. "That's it." Dan rubbed the back of my head. Zac had slowed and Dan had slid beneath us, rimming and toungueing me round Zac's fucking. He pressed a finger in alongside, then two. Zac planted himself balls deep and grabbed my hips to sit us back. Dan was holding his cock straight up and took hold of Zac's as we sat back until he pushed his pierced knob into me. They obviously had practice - they both fucked in different rhythm but didn't miss a stroke. My legs were shaking so much in the end, we couldn't keep it going and rolled apart. Dan rolled me on my front, "Not finished with you yet, cunt," and plunged straight back in to me, starting up a merciless piston fucking. "Ready for my load?" I milked at his cock with my cunt muscles, "Oh fuck yes, spunk me, man!" He grunted, then almost roared, and started bucking around in me. With one last hard deep thrust, his cock started pumping, "ARGH! Take my spunk, ya queer cunt!" I was clamping as hard as I could, feeling every pulse, until finally he slumped on to me and rolled off. I d round to get my arse up, hoping to hold as much of his juice inside and possible, and get my head down to suck him clean. As soon as I'd tasted his cum and my arse on him, he started pissing again. I didn't need to be told to swallow this time...
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