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  1. I love getting my tongue round a guy's shaft while he's fucking, and getting rimmed while fucked, too
  2. So that's an amalgamation of many sessions I had when I was 'using.' I've been off the bitch for four years, but have recently started having meth-sex dreams and daytime cravings. I'm no going to let her fuck me up again so I thought, "write it down" and I did, and it's worked. The dreams stopped after the first instalment, and the cravings went before I finished. It was hard to finish the last part because I was 'over it' by then, but I thought it should be complete. Five years ago, I met a great man who wasn't into Tina and I wasn't going to drag him into my hole. I got clean for him (wi
  3. Title says it all, really... Need raw cock and spunk... Any offers appreciated 😛
  4. Zac was behind me pressing his cock at my hole, but I pulled away not wanting to lose any of Dan's spunk. "Let the boi rest, man." Den slapped his hand down on the seat beside him, "Sit up, boi. There's no rush. Zac, sort Dan out, will ya?" I slowly moved to sit next to Den, scooping up the cum that had leaked out of me. Den put his arm round my shoulders and pulled me to him. I reached over with my spunk covered hand and started stroking his shaft while Zac got Dan in the chair then sat on the floor. Den squeezed me a little closer, "OK,boi?" "Uh huh," I smiled, "Fuck..." We sat for a
  5. We chatted for a while, sharing a joint, having drinks and relaxing. Then Den loaded the pipe and passed it round. Dan took a long pull and handed it on to Zac before kneeling in front of Den and burying his face in his balls and blowing out his smoke. I was absently stroking my cock looking at him wiggling his tight butt and winking his hole. Zac leant over and tapped the pipe on my knob, "Want me to help you out there?" He grinned and handed over the pipe and lighter as he got down and took my cock in his mouth. I took a good huff watching him suck me and blew it out over his face. I could
  6. Thanks for the comments and votes, guys! Here's part 2: When my head cleared a bit, I was still face down in Dan's ball sac but he wasn't holding me down. I don't know how long I'd been out. I started rubbing my face in his musky pubes and licking the crease between his leg and balls."He's back with us." Dan lifted my head, "you gonna suck my cock then, boi?" I nodded and started licking along his almost solid, veiny shaft. While I took my time working my tongue over the length up to the tip, his cock hardened further and they carried on chatting. Since my head was spinning and my wars bu
  7. I'd been fucking with Zac on and off for a while. I went to his place a couple of times a month. We had some beers, shared some spliff, and got down to business. We're both versatile, so roles usually got swapped and mixed up. Now and then, we sorted a roleplay, which was fun but a bit forced. At the time, I'm mid 40s, slim, fit, but I'm not impressively built or endowed. Zac (short for Isaac) is 30s, beefy and equipped with an almost clichéd Big Black Cock. I'd spend many sessions learning to take him deep in my throat, and it took a while before it stopped hurting when he fucked me. We s
  8. I spent several years delivering for a building supplier. A few drops led to encounters - mostly just fumbled wanks and quick blow jobs, but this one time was different. That day, I had just the one delivery - my wagon was loaded up with a whole house worth of plumbing - pipe, radiators, a kitchen and three bathrooms. I drove from south east London, right through town to a bungalow in outer west London. It was a hot, frustrating drive and I'd emptied a litre of water down my throat by the time I arrived. From outside, it looked like a decent house - set in the middle of a large garden which wa
  9. Hi there Monorchid, thanks for following me in here 😉

    1. Monorchid


      Welcome Mate - like your cock pics 😋

    2. Dane


      Thanks mate, glad you like 😊

  10. Love to have you deep inside

  11. Stick your knob in here

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