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    Poz European guy in a steady relationship needing perverted men to share dark fantasies with. Into a wide range of stuff like violent/aggressive sex, rape, stealth, yng/ageplay, beast.. I like extreme pervy fantasy content taboo for mainstream gays, crossing limits and boundaries and combining perversions in new unimaginable ways

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  1. Interesting comments, and how interesting that you come from such a background, I really believe it gives you extra perspective/an enhanced philosophical capacity for a lot of things. About Crossley: She doesn't just say stealthing is driven by cultural processes in 'the gay men's community' --notice 'the', as if there were only one-- but rather that barebacking (which in her definition at least at some point was equal to 'UAI' / unprotected anal intercourse) is. Just like you, I don't agree with such a one-sided perspective - I'm sure processes related to barebacking have their origin in
  2. Have fun Maybe I should correct myself though, sorry if being pedantic. In this book Dean can be said to confront the fantasies behind 'condom resistance' (not his words) more generally (of which stealthing is a part, see eg. this article about 'condom resistance' for a clear illustration of stealthing / non-consensual breeding among heterosexual young men with their female partners: Davis et al. 2014, ' A Qualitative Examination of Men’s Condom Use Attitudes and Resistance:‘‘It’s Just Part of the Game’’ ', Arch Sex Behav (2014) 43:631–643, DOI: 10.1007/s10508-013-0150-9). Dean does this on a
  3. Apparently I "cannot add any more reactions today", but I agree with youon Dean's book. And good that you have some nice memories with it, HardOne;) BTW Tim Dean doesn't condone stealthing but he's not afraid to confront it without prejudice or value judgments, and doesn't remain on a superficial level. His explanations about barebacking make much more sense to me than other authors I have read, even if they center on cultural processes and less on individual differences. I would definitely recommend the book to anyone interested in bareback, much more than the standard stuff people read about
  4. I can't answer that for you, but it seems pointless to try and put yourself in someone's shoes who is so radically different from you (you seem like a very kind soul), say, Dahmer, for example, and then to contrive a causal explanation for their behavior based on that 'empathic positioning'. Or to speculate about what a sadistic sex offender's 'real needs' might be. It also seems unlikely that we could have 'healed' Dahmer if only we had understood things from his point of view, as you seemed to be hinting at. If i remember correctly, he was diagnosed with psychopathy - not a curable condition
  5. This is quite often the case with eg. sadistic sex offenders, is it not?
  6. Do fetishes or desires exist that have illegal and immoral implications unless carried out under circumstances that ensure that legality/morality is preserved during the sexual act? I believe they do, take for example people who feel the need to have sex with animals or minors. Wanting to have non-consensual raw intercourse with someone who expects safe sex is just another version of desire. Do these desires go away after condemning or criminalizing the practices related to them? Maybe not. If you have them, you can repress them and stick to what's legally and morally right. Or not. Your choic
  7. This amateur vid with broken rubber is also hot https://barebackbastards.com/28567/perving-the-condom-to-stealth-up-safeboy/
  8. If I were you I'd have Frank and Rick over (and maybe that twink).. But I'd be careful about inviting Jake to your party.. ?
  9. Follow up Part II A. The twink in the bushes The empty road ahead seemed endless while Rick is driving back from Jake’s place. Still high on tina, he is feeling as though this night isn’t over yet. Thoughts of violent rape scenes and images from the movies he had seen at Jake’s place raze and flash through his mind. He knows it now: This was definitely the hottest and craziest thing he has ever done. “It was fucked up and sick”, he thinks, while noticing the boner in his pants throbbing. He decides to pull over at the known cruising area by the motorway bypassing the city, a parking
  10. Last Saturday, after an evening out with friends, I felt horny as hell. I decided to go online, but Saturday nights are always a bit of a bore in my town. I remembered all the hot times during my weekend trips to bigger cities - Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid - and wished I had flown out, but this time I had to work early on Monday. I'm 24 and just got my first serious job after finishing university, so the wild days seemed kind of over anyway. I settled for some porn and music at home, smoked some weed and logged in on a gay dating app - usually there's not much going on in my area anyway,
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