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Found 99 results

  1. Top Conversion

    Nearly total top here who finally has accepted that he needs to convert. Looking for unmedicated AIDS seed to turn me into the toxic top I need to be. bbrt: bigbeardedcub Wickr/kik: biocub1
  2. I was in the hospital for routine sinus surgery. I was in the screened-off area where patients are prepped. The nurses had finally finished the lengthy preparations. I lay on the gurney, naked except for the flimsy johnnie they had provided. The curtain parted and in walked two men. The first one had on a white coat and a name tag that identified him as "Dr. Graham." "Hello!" He said, "I'm Dr. Graham and I'll be the anesthetist for your procedure." He went on to explain that he would lightly sedate me now and then, in a half hour, I would be brought into the surgical suite. There, he would put me under completely. After the operation was finished, I would be brought back to the waiting area until I had fully recovered from the anesthetic. After that, if all was well, I could go home. The other guy was pretty young. Mid-20's maybe. Pretty good looking, too! He kept looking at me with a funny expression. I might have been mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that he winked at me! "Hi, my name's Davey! he said. "I'm your attendant. After you drift off, I'll be staying here with you until it's time to go into the O.R.. When you wake up afterwards, I'll be around in case you need anything." With that, they got down to business. After they put a drip into my arm, they plugged in a sedative and asked me to count backwards from 100. I remember getting to about 92 before I went under. Next, I remember coming awake and feeling confused. Was this what recovering up from surgery felt like? I noticed things that, at first, didn't make sense. It felt like my legs were up in the air, spread apart . I could feel the weight of...was that a person?...rhythmically pushing into the back of my thighs! And something was bumping into my butt. It felt strange down there. Was I losing bowel control or what? Still groggy, I opened my eyes. A man had my legs propped up on his shoulders while he rocked back and forth against me. He was wearing a surgical mask so I couldn't see his face but I could hear him breathing raggedly and grunting quietly in time with his thrusting motions. I knew I must be hallucinating, but I swear that it felt like he was FUCKING ME! I must admit...it felt GREAT, even if it wasn't for real. The only other things I recall was that he had 2 tattoos. The first, some kind of Celtic design, circled his left wrist. His torso was bared. He had pulled his shirt up to get it out of his way. Right there on the right side of his chest was a large black biohazard symbol! Great! My imaginary lover was HIV-positive, maybe even had full-blown AIDS. I couldn't move really, but I managed to croak, "What...?" The man looked quickly down at me. He didn't seem surprised or alarmed and his slow, steady pistoning cock didn't miss a beat. He whispered to me, "Sorry! You were meant to be asleep. Let me just increase the sedative drip for you. Rest now!" Immediately, as I began to drift off again, I thought I felt him shudder and from a distance I heard his voice say, "I'm cumming!" The next thing that I recall was the nurse in the Recovery Room waking me up. It took a while, but the world came back into focus. They told me the surgery had gone well and left me to rest up and regain my energy. All of a sudden, I remembered that strange dream. Wow! Getting pozzed in a hospital! What a hoot! Since it couldn't possibly have been real, I didn't feel upset. In fact, now the whole thing seemed like a really hot scene! Hospital or not, I began to feel a little horny! Just then a voice interrupted my thoughts. "Hey! How're you feeling, sport?" It was Davey, the attendant. Given my sexed up state of mind, I decided he was looking pretty good. I wondered what he might be like in bed. He said, "I'll be around for a while. Just holler if I can get you anything." It was then that I noticed the striking tattoo on his left wrist. My heart jumped as I stared at it. He had the same tat as the mystery man that pumped me full of his virus had in my "hallucination!" As I looked up into his eyes, he winked at me!
  3. I was new here in town. I needed to get a physical exam for my new job so I asked around and one of my neighbors recommended I go see Dr. Kendrick, over on 10th. I called to make an appointment and a few days later I headed over there. Dr. K had an office right there in his home, a cozy-looking house set back from the street. Inside the front door was a small waiting area. A sign on the wall said to take a seat until I was called. After a few minutes a door opened. First, a young man about my age came out and hurried for the front door. I remember that his face was red and sweaty. Maybe he had seen the doctor because he had a fever. Next, Dr. K stepped into the waiting room and said, "You must be Larry. Larry Hicks? Come on into my exam room." I followed him into a bigger room. This one had a desk, a couple of chairs, cabinets and, in the middle of the floor, was a medical exam table. "Why don't you start getting undressed while we talk? You can leave your boxers and shirt on for now." So, I took off my socks and shoes along with my trousers, shirt and underwear and put them on one of the chairs. "Hop up on the table," he said, and tell me what I can do for you." As I explained my reason for the appointment he began making notes of our conversation. He asked my age, which was 19, and inquired about my medical and family history. All the while he poked and prodded me, working his way through the exam. Eventually the questions turned more personal. "So, are you sexually active, Larry?" I reddened a bit and said, "Not much. I've only done it a couple of times." "That's not a problem," he said. "Now...when you think about having sex...you know, when you get horny...do you mainly think of having sex with women or having sex with men?" Seeing the shocked expression on my face, he continued, "It makes no difference to me, young man. I just need to get a complete picture of your situation." "I don't know," I said, "I guess maybe I'm gay. I've only done it with two guys." "Well, if you're unsure, we can certainly help you figure that out. Do you like having your penis sucked?" I nodded. "Do you like it when a man puts his organ in your mouth? Do you like to pleasure him? Do you like him to ejaculate in your mouth? And do you swallow his semen?" Guiltily, I nodded "yes" to each question. "Well, at this point, I think it's safe to say that you are an homosexual." I blushed. "Now, as for anal sex...are you the insertive partner?" He glanced at me. "Hmmm! No! Probably not! So, you're the receptive partner, right?" My cheeks burned bright red and I could only look at the floor. So...you are what's commonly known as...."a bottom. In plain words...you accommodate the needs of other men. Excellent!" He smiled warmly! "Let's move on! Do you have any Sexually Transmitted Diseases? Herpes? Syphilis?" "No," I stammered. "Are you HIV-negative?" "Yes! I mean...I guess so." "Well," he said, "we have to be sure. We'll get you tested for everything. Then I can give you a clean bill of health." He did the pinprick and drew some blood. "Larry, I'm running a little behind. While we're waiting for your results, I'm going to put you in the next room. Bring your stuff. You can leave your boxers and shirt on for now." He ushered me through a doorway into the next room. "This actually is my bedroom," he said, and indeed, there was a large bed situated against one wall. "I use this as a second exam room when it gets busy. It's quiet and private. Have a seat there on the bed and make yourself comfortable. Mrs. Shaw is just stopping by to get her flu shot. It won't take long. I'll be back in about 10 minutes." He retreated to the first exam room and closed the door behind him. I sat down at the base of the bed and began to wait. In a few moments, I heard another patient enter the room next door and I could hear the murmur of their conversation. A few minutes later I could hear Mrs. Shaw departing. After a few more minutes, Dr. K came back into the bedroom. "Good news!" he said. "You're completely healthy. Your HIV test was negative. I hope you're not disappointed?" I was a bit confused. "What did you say?" He smiled back at me. "Oh, nothing...let's finish up the exam. You seemed a little unsure about your sexuality. You know...your preferences and needs. So, let's find out!" With that, he reached out and placed his palm against my chest as I sat there at the end of the bed. He pushed firmly, causing me to lie back on the bed cover. "I want to check your responses," he said as he began unbuttoning my shirt. When he was finished, the shirt fell open, exposing my chest and stomach. Without any warning, he reached out with both hands and used his fingers to firmly grasp my nipples. As he gave them a short but sharp twist, I moaned involuntarily, "Uhnh!" and my mouth remained open in an O-shape. My body reacted strangely in other ways as well. My back arched, pushing my chest towards the doctor's hands. Also, my knees jerked, pulling apart and upward towards my chest a bit. Dr. K stepped smoothly into the gap between my legs, thereby preventing them from closing. Dr. K's smile got bigger. "Well, well! That's interesting." He twisted the flesh trapped between his fingers once again and said, "When I apply pressure HERE, look what happens. Your legs spread apart and your mouth opens wide." And that's just what happened. As my legs parted, he pressed even closer to me. He leaned forward and placed his right hand on my face. Two fingers aggressively entered my mouth and started exploring. "This is VERY NICE," he said. "Even better than I had hoped for." I could only try to gurgle a response. Dr. K's voice remained kindly but his eyes seemed to harden somewhat as he looked down at me. "Raise your hips, Larry! Come on...haven't got all day! Let's get these off you." With that, I felt his free hand tug on my boxers. They slid off my hips and down my legs, finally brushing past my toes as they fell away to the floor. "There...that's better! You won't be needing them for a while." His fingers continued their rough invasion of my mouth and I felt his other hand cup my balls. He used his thumb to stroke the head of my dick in a circular motion. I response to his ministrations, I could feel my cock begin to lengthen and swell. "Your reflexes have proven exceptional," he announced. "Can you tell that your penis is becoming erect? And your nipples! My Lord,...we've already seen how responsive to stimulation they are." As if to prove the point, his hands descended on my nipples again, his fingers pincering them forcefully. I was helpless as my mouth opened again and my legs twitched further apart. Now, THREE fingers were jammed into my gaping mouth. "We've conclusively established that your sexual responses are HOMOSEXUAL! Now we should discuss your HIV status. I know that you tested negative this time, but it's well known that many gay men secretly regret being negative. For many reasons, every day, men like you choose to become HIV-positive. I imagine that you must have given it thought, haven't you?" With his digits swirling around inside my mouth, only garbled noises came out in response. "That's what I thought," he continued, as if I had somehow agreed with him. "Let's help you decide! Let's say you were gay...which you are. And you were a submissive bottom...which apparently you are. And your status is negative...which it is. And you desperately wanted to be HIV-positive instead." He now looked at me. "Is that right?" "Anngh! Gruhhh! Mmmpph!" He looked at me quizzically. "Does that mean, 'Yes'?" I tried to lurch upright, but his hand on my face kept me pinned to the bed. The doctor nodded, "See! I knew that deep down, you might want that for yourself. The question is...what can we do about it? Hmmm?" He stared at me. His eyes didn't seem very friendly any more. In fact, I felt like the doomed bird transfixed by the serpent's gaze. "Let's figure this out together. Here's a test for you. I just want you to answer honestly. Nobody's judging you here, ok?" Although the alarms in my head hadn't really stopped, I nodded my head. "Good! SO, let's say you come to me seeking my advice about becoming HIV-positive. I might ask you the following: "If you were to be helped in converting to a positive status, would you want to be infected, or 'assisted' if you prefer that word, by one man alone...or would you prefer to be infected by several men at once? Of course...you'd be in a sling for comfort." I was lying on the bed, unable to speak intelligibly and unable to sit up. My shoulders drooped in resignation. Maybe I should just play his game and see what happened. I gently prodded his fingers with my tongue. He got the hint and withdrew them so I could be understood. "I....I....," I whispered. He asked, "What?" As he leaned closer, his fingers gave each nipple a sharp little pinch. I gasped, "one man...ONE MAN!" He squeezed HARDER! "Say it ALL!" he commanded. Utterly under his control, I moaned, "I...I'd want...ONE MAN...one man to INFECT ME!" "I was hoping that's what you'd say. That's all you had to do, Larry...just ask!" I could hear his free hand fumbling with his belt. His other hand left my mouth and I heard the sound of a zipper being lowered followed by the whisper of his pants as he pushed them down. He cupped my balls again and my dick, no longer neglected, stiffened rapidly. Dr. K leaned over and covered my mouth with his. His tongue entered me, controlled me. "You don't have to be afraid, Larry! I'm going to take care of you. We're going to do this the right way, baby. His mouth trailed down my chest and belly. Upon reaching my cock, he engulfed it with his lips and began sucking up and down my shaft. Heavenly! Too quickly, he broke free and brought his face back up to mine. "You know...I've given many guys like you their first fuck...right here on this bed. And I given many guys their first condomless fuck...right here on this bed. In fact, I've given many men...men just like you, Larry... their first POZZING...right here on this bed! Pozzing...that means taking a man that is HIV-negative and introducing the active virus into his system, turning him HIV-positive. It's a privilege to be the one that helped you to understand your need to convert to positive like so many have done before you." He continued,"Nothing could be simpler, more natural and more normal than for two men to share their fluids like this, in order for the negative one to convert. Let me show you. "Open your mouth!" I didn't have a choice because his fingernails scratched across my nipples, making my mouth open. He leaned over me and slowly spit a few long gobs of saliva into my waiting orifice. "Now...Taste it!" I ran my tongue through his spit, letting his juices mingle with mine. "And Swallow it!" he ordered. I meekly complied. "See how natural that was?" I could feel the head of his dick bobbing around, pushing into my ball sac, leaving a trail of gooey precum wherever it touched. Suddenly, I felt warm liquid washing over my belly, running back down over my cock and balls onto the bed. "See, Baby! See how natural that is? How good my piss feels on you? I'm sharing that with you as well." My mind reeled with the thought that, by sharing his fluids, he was merging himself, his very DNA with me. ""The best comes last!" he hissed. His penis zeroed in on my hole. The head, still leaking precum, nudged a bare half inch into me, and stopped. "There!" he whispered. "I'm inside you and I've already left a tiny bit of fluid behind. A little HIV is already growing inside you. Do you want MORE?" All I could do was whimper! "You have to SAY IT!" he said. "YES!...I want more!" With that, he eased in and started up a slow steady pistoning motion. He growled, "You want my HIV? You want me to fuck my HIV into your neg pussy? SAY IT!" All the while his thrusts picked up speed and power. My voice got louder. "YES! Fuck me with your HIV! Make me positive! POZ ME!!" By now, he was banging into me furiously. "I want you to remember that someday....someday when you have AIDS...that it's MY AIDS inside you. I'm the one that infected you, put my virus in you. And YOU...you did what a Poz Bottom was supposed to do...you just SPREAD YOUR LEGS and BEGGED ME FOR IT!" He yelled as he began to blast his viral sperm deep within me. I could almost fell the bug attaching itself to my sensitive rectal walls, starting to grow. Dr. K rolled off of me and stood up. He bent over and gave my ass a loud smack. "I've probably knocked you up. I'm pretty potent because I don't take any HIV medications and my viral levels are always very high. Just to be safe, let's give you an appointment in 3 months so you can come in and get tested. My promise is that I'll keep fucking you until my virus has claimed you.
  4. Malaga

    anyone in malaga 1st to 3rd Feb?
  5. Tampa Bay Neg BBtm

    No limits total submissive bottom here. Ideally would love to find a master into tying me down blindfolded and gagged. Put up some ads on Craigslist pimping my hole out to all cummers while you use and abuse me all day! Force me to take any and every load...get me pozzed and make me your property!
  6. visiting houston jan 8-15

    neg bottom visiting houston hoping to find a top to knock me up. staying downtown near MD Anderson. Can't host. let me know if you're interested.
  7. Waiting too be picked up, to get Gifted for Christmas! FINALLY! Pretty Sure this Guy will follow through. He is a committed to giving the Gift, to help those who want to be free. Been messaging for years. Will be making a video, to post online. Want too share my experience with everyone who wants too see! Wish me luck, will be Gifting him a Brush. He' be Using his new Gift to Gift me!
  8. Sold Health (Part 01) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** “Hey… need a hole to fuck – only 50 Dollars and you can fuck mine” the twink whispered to me. I knew, there would be young hustlers in this part of the park at night. Most of them were addicts. They were shadows of human beings. This one was not finished yet. He was still good looking, but his youth was vanishing. His eyes seemed clouded and he slurred the words. “You got a place to go?” I asked. “There are many deserted areas here. We can find a place easily…” he answered. “Nah… I am looking for a guy to fuck him in his bed” I said shortly and turned around to leave. “Wait… wait… let’s say 30 Dollars and you can fuck me here… what do you say?” he begged. “What do you say, if I give you 100 Dollars for your mouth and a bit of your time?” I replied. “Okay. But my flat is not so… tidy.” he said. “I didn’t expect it to be. It will be enough if you are on your knees and suck my dick there… and maybe some other stuff.” I answered. We left the park and walked through deserted streets. It was way after midnight and the good people were all asleep. We walked without talking. The guy was always two steps ahead and I followed him. I watched his ass move and this made me quite horny. His body was shaking from time to time. Obviously he needed money for his next fix. It was such a shame. He had been a good looking lad once. Don’t get me wrong. He was still doing ok. I have seen worse looking boys. It would be a pleasure to use this one. We stopped at a run down house in some part of the city. The lad tried to open the first door to the hall with his key, but he was shaking so much, that it took him a while to open the entrance. I didn’t touch him… Not yet. I just watched his petite frame. He would have been a cute guy, with his blonde hair and his cute little ass, but he chose the wrong path one day in his life and now he was rushing downhill, with no one able to stop him. “Sorry… I am a bit shaky” he apologized. “Take your time…” I answered with my low voice. I followed him to the second floor and again he had to complete the impossible task, to open the door with his key in a calm fashion. When he finally managed to unlock the door to his flat, he opened the door and he stumbled into his own one room apartment. I stood outside and waited. After a second he came back and looked at me questioningly. “Don’t you want to welcome me?” I asked. “Yeah sure… come in” he said. “No I mean… welcome me, with your mouth - outside of your flat.” I insisted. “Dude… I live here. The people around here know my girlfriend.” he whispered desperately. I stood there calmly and simply looked into his eyes. “Oh damnit…” he cursed. He walked outside into the hall and crouched before me. With trembling hands he tried to open my jeans. It was hilarious how much time he needed to set my cock free. And still it was cute, how bad he needed the money, that he even serviced a John out here in the open, just to get cash for his drugs. My cock hardened already, because of the massage his fingers gave to me, simply by opening my pants. Finally he grabbed inside of my cage and freed my hardening cock. I pressed the button for the floor light. The twink flinched. “Man… please… don’t…” he whined. “Open your mouth and suck!” I ordered him loudly. For the first time I saw his face in a bright light. The lad seemed to be broken already. His face showed the story of his decline. He was working for one thing only and that was his drug. It didn’t matter what kind of substance he abused. The drug ruled his life. His blue eyes looked up to me, while he sucked my cock deep into his throat. He had this pleading look. He wanted me to give him the sign, that we could move into his apartment to finish this job. I nodded at him. Thankfully he smiled at me and crawled backwards into his one room flat. I followed him inside his home. Home sweet home… The whore wanted to get up and close the apartment door. “Stay on your knees dog.” I simply ordered and closed the door myself. “What…?” he asked. “You understood me. Stay where you belong… on your knees.” I pushed the light switch but the room stayed dark. “No light?” I asked. “I didn’t have the money to pay it. I guess they shut down the electricity.” the boy mumbled. On his knees he scurried through the room and lit some candles. “How romantic…” I said ironically. “Can I have my money first? Then I will finish sucking you.” he asked with a broken voice. I interrupted stroking my dick and gave him the 100 Dollars. “Who are these people on those pictures?” I asked and pointed to some photographs on a cupboard.” “That’s none of your business I guess. I will suck your dick…” he argumented. “I paid for that AND your time faggot” I rebuked. The teen moved closer and watched at those pictures. “My parents… and that’s me one year ago. When I turned 18.” he sighed. “That was you? One year ago? May I say it, you look shit today” I replied coldly. “I know. I have changed a bit, but I am still handsome… at least my girlfriend tells me so” the boy mumbled. “You changed a bit?” I laughed. “You’re girlfriend… *chuckles” “Is she a whore too?” I asked him. “Huh?” “Is your girlfriend also a whore like you?!” I repeated the question. “She does what she has to do” he answered. I turned to him and fed him some cock. I like my boys to keep their heads still. It is my job to move and so I held him by his ears and shoved my cock deep into his throat. “Open up” I ordered. “Would it be okay if I would piss into you?” “Ho… mu….” he inarticulated. “What?” I pulled my cock out of his mouth. “How much… can I get for it?” he asked. “So you would drink it. You would be my urinal, for my stinking piss. It just has a tag on it” I chuckled. I will give you another 100 Dollars just to piss. But I won’t use your mouth bitch. What about your bed? Or could I simply piss into your closet… onto your clothes. He could see another 100 Dollar bill waving in front of his face. It took him a while, but then he grabbed for the money. “Easy cash… easy cash…” I repeated. After he accepted the other bill I turned around to the little cupboard and showered all the pictures with my yellow liquid. I laughed out loudly. “Saw that? I pissed on your family. I pissed on your girlfriend and I pissed on you… 18 years old handsome guy…” I grinned evilly. Then I stopped pissing and wandered around. I opened the closet and started another stream of my dark yellow colored piss. “This is okay… for you. Right? I'm allowed to piss on your clothes. Since your flat is a pigsty anyways…” I reassured myself. The guy held his money in his fist and nodded defeatedly. I walked to the fading beauty and crouched next to him. “Listen – you have already lost everything. Do you think you can make it – any time soon?” I asked him seriously. “Maybe… if I get some help. Maybe then I can start a new life” he whispered. I stood up and pushed my cock deeply into his mouth again and rocked softly in and out of his throat. “What would you say, if I tell you tonight… I will give you a great amount of money, if you are willing to gamble with your health…” I asked him softly. “*Hrmpf* I don’t understand…” he interrupted his sucking motions. “You know HIV and AIDS? Sure you know…” I grinned knowingly. “Are you clean…?” I asked him “I am carefully – sharing my needle and I don’t let guys fuck me without a condom” he said. “I got an HIV rapid antibody test with me. We could know within 20 Minutes, if you are infected or not” I told him. “And then…?” he didn’t know my intentions, but he accepted my cock again and suckled on it. “If you are negative… a friend of mine and I will pay you 10.000 Dollars to fuck you bareback. The only risk is, we are both not medicated AIDS Tops and highly contagious. Are you willing to take the risk?” I asked him. The lad was stunned. His eyes seemed to be empty, but I knew his thoughts were rotating around the money. He probably didn’t realize, but he was still sucking my infiltrating cock. “Think of all the things you can do with it. Pay your next fix. Move out to a better apartment with your girlfriend. Start a new life!” I reasoned with him. “You can keep the 200 Dollars and I will leave, if you decide that’s a risk, you don’t want to take” I withdrew my cock from him. “But if you are willing to get POZ fucked, we will pay you the money tonight. My buddy will have the cash on him. And there is still a chance, you won’t get infected. In that case you can keep the money of course…” I explained. “So? Do we have a Deal or No Deal?” I wanted to know.
  9. Blonde And Stupid – Two Christian Boys Dragged Down (Part 01) Blonde And Stupid – Two Christian Boys Dragged Down (Part 01) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Ryan and Ben met each other on the internet. They were both 18 years old and looked for companionship, since they were both still in the closet. They talked about their dreams, their school, about their sexual fantasies and about their families. It is not easy to come out, if you were raised under Christian guides. Both families were heavily engaged in their churches. There was no way to just come out and tell them ‘Hey Mom and Dad…. I have to die…. I’m just kidding…. I won’t die. I am only gay.’ Both parents would have probably said, it would be better that their sons were dead instead. Ryan lived in Macon (Georgia), while Ben was from Rome (Georgia). After chatting for a few days, they planned to meet in ‘real life’ in Atlanta. It wasn’t that easy, because Ben had no car. He had to borrow it from his mother. Ryan’s parents bought their son a car, when he turned 18. The two guys could have been brothers. They laughed about it, when they first met. Both teens had blue eyes. Both were blonde. While Ben had curly long hair, Ryan had a nice sidecut. Both twinks were around 5,6 feet tall and were quite slim. And even sexually they were both totally bottom guys. They couldn’t even think about sticking the own cock into someone else’s orifice. They would rather fantasize about jocks, passing them by on the streets of Atlanta. Or classmates they had, who were captain of the football team. They even managed to connect their families, by telling them, they both met on an interschool scientific project. And since both boys were totally alike, and were both from Christian families, the parents would allow overnight stays. On one of those ‘week-end’ occasions, the two friends surfed together on the internet. They were logged into a gay dating portal and browsed through the pictures and ads. “Here…. look at this. Gang-Bang Atlanta Bottoms Wanted….” Ryan pointed at the screen. They opened the profile and saw some pictures of different sized cocks. So far so good, they thought. Both admired the different shapes and sizes and expressed both, that they would love to get fucked by these guys. The profile stated 8 tops and 1 bottom were looking for other participants. Ryan had a raging hard on and Ben also massaged his cock underneath his jeans. They just left the profile, when a message popped up on their screen. BioHazard1 asked if the guys would like to get their asses fucked by eight BioHazard Tops. Ryan replied ‘That would be great. We both would love to be hammered by your big cocks’ *he wrote the message, without Ben’s approval and hit the ‘sent’ button* Ben laughed out loud, when he saw, what his pal was offering. BioHazard1 sent another message and demanded some pictures, since the their profile had none. Both boys discussed, if they should send their pictures to the guys. They agreed to send a fake picture from the internet, to keep the horny game going, but in the meanwhile another message appeared on the screen. Biohazard1 said ‘We could use Skype and sent the address needed.’ “Oh oh… and now?” Ben said and slapped his friend playfully over the head. “We could open the cam and turn it around for a while. I would love to see those cocks” Ryan pouted. Ben was the scared and shook his head. He wouldn’t hold his face into the cam. He got up instead and left the range. Ryan was a little bit more cocky and sent a request, with his cam turned to the wall. On the screen another room went alight. Four jocks were sitting in front of the cam. They were cheering and yelling at them, smiling into the camera. Then one guy asked, why the cam stayed dark. “That’s such a bullshit. If you want to fake stuff, then look for other guys. We are serious about meeting, you little fuck. You are probably….” he couldn’t finish the sentence, because Ryan turned the cam into his direction now. Why did he do that? Maybe he just wanted to show, that he was for real. Maybe he wanted prolong the chat, while watching the guys on the other side. Now that they saw Ryan they hollered again. “Fuck – you are hot. Where is your friend?” “He is shy and standing further away. Ben, come back here. It is only fair, that they see you, since we can see them” Ryan begged his friend. Ben rolled with his eyes and walked back to his seat. Another four guys came into view. You couldn’t see all the handsome faces, now that almost all guys were in front of the cam. When they saw Ben they freaked out even more. “When can you be here? We want to rip your asses apart” the same guy said. He stood up and held his dick into the cam, which was such a fat cock. It reminded Ryan of a huge coke can. “How big is it?” Ryan asked. “Nine inches! Come and try it out. I will make it fit…” the guy growled. “We’re in Macon right now and it is quite late” Ben mentioned. “Fuck that – come here at once. We need guys like you offering their pussies. Come and be happy with our dicks… that’s what you need you FAGGOTS.” “Are you two brothers?” another jock asked. “No – just friends, but we are both totally submissive. We love to bottom. Do we have to fuck also?” Ben wanted to know. “If you want to get hammered only, it is fine with us. Just bring your bodies to us and we will do the rest” the others cheered. “So we would be three bottoms?” Ryan played on with the game. “Fuck that old slag here. We will kick him out if you two dolls are coming. We really want to fuck you bad….” Both twinks were already massaging their bumps in their jeans. “Show us your assholes faggots. Turn around and show us your hole…. BITCHES” several guys yelled and showed their bare penises. “CUNT CUNT CUNT….” they shouted out loud. Ryan stood up and turned around, while opening his jeans. “Are you serious?” Ben was totally shocked. “You can’t really show your….” he continued but was too late. Ryan moved the chair away and lowered his pants and briefs. He pulled his cheeks apart and showed his virgin asshole. Because of his fair and blonde appearance he almost didn’t have any hair around his pucker. You could hear loud cheering form the speakers, before the sound and the picture stopped. Ben had disconnected the streaming. “Are you totally nuts? Your parents are sleeping downstairs. Do you want us to be killed?” you could see he was really agitated. Ryan was still standing there bare assed. His face was totally red and all of a sudden he felt also ashamed of his actions. He pulled his pants back on and sat down in silence. “I am sorry… but I felt so horny and these guys are so cool. Did you see the sizes of their cocks? We should be in Atlanta and not here. Oh man – this sucks!” Ryan answered. Suddenly the guys heard another signal. A new message came in from Biohazard1. ‘Hey – what happened? Where have you gone?’ Both guys just stared at the screen. Biohazard1: ‘Are you scared?’ “Are we going to answer them?” Ryan asked. Ben didn’t react. “Look – if we just run away, then this might happen over and over again. And I don’t want to run. I want to get fucked…” Ryan sighed. “Ok…. answer then” Ben nodded. ‘Yes we are scared’ Ryan replied. ‘What is your status then? Do you know?’ Biohazard1 wanted to know. Ryan and Ben didn’t understand the real meaning of the question. ‘We are both still in the closet. That is our status. Our parents do not know that we are gay and we never met other guys for sex. We didn’t even fuck each other, because we are both strictly bottom.’ Ryan wrote honestly. ‘So you are both virgins?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Never had a cock in your ass or mouth?’ Biohazard1 replied. ‘We are totally new to this… I mean I know where it should go in and what it does there, but I am not so sure about Ben though’ Ryan hit the ‘send’ button and laughed. Ben gave his thigh a knock and both friends laughed. ‘We respect your virginity and understand your fear. But it would be cool for us, if you could decide to keep the contact to us.’ Biohazard1 answered. Both lads couldn’t see the guys on the other side anymore. If they would have seen them, they would have doubted the honesty of those words. “Fuck…. fuck…. they are virgins. We need to get our toxic junk into them… come on, write something nice. Don’t fucking lose them” some guys whispered to the one, who called himself Biohazard1. ‘I am not talking about the sexual aspect here. Although we would answer you those questions too. But it seems to us, that you need some assistance. Some sort of guidance – maybe from guys who are a bit older than you and have some experience already.’ “What do you think” Ryan asked Ben. “They sure looked like horny jocks, but I think we could really need some help to get out of this hole” Ben sighed. ‘We would love to keep the contact. We got you on Skype. Maybe you would like to talk to us tomorrow?’ Ryan suggested. ‘We would love that too. Have a good night then’ ‘Good night and May God Bless you all.’ That was the second, when Biohazard1 shot a load all over his keyboard. They would drag those Christian boys down. All the way…
  10. Manchester

    anyone in manchester area want to meet two guys looking for conversion and in manchester saturday 18th November.
  11. Seeking Poz, unmedicated Tops in Dallas that want to breed their toxic load deep inside of my negative fuck hole I am not on Prep Location: Dallas/Oaklawn Date: Thursday, November 09 Time: All Day Message me for directions
  12. I´ve been dreaming of travel to Berlin and visit a party for Biohazardmen but maybe it should stay a dream. I´m a bit older and perhaps there´s no use for an older faggot like me there. I fully understand why there are´nt any tellings about it and no pics from the parties but for me it would be a dream come true to attend it and to be fucked as much as I can take. The anonymously touch of it, not knowing who´s load I´m taking is also a dream come true. Anyone who will brief me a bit without making problems for the staff?
  13. Looking back at my initiation to the BAREBACK UNDERGROUND: To be honest, I really just came out as a hardcore barebacker (unrepentant, poz-embracing, anon-crazy, promiscuous) as of 2015 at best. Before that I was just 'flirting with the fantasy' but too timid to go all out! Typically, raw action had been part of my sex-life ,ever since the twink days, but very limited! Much like a clandestine poacher, worried to get caught! In the early stages I put out raw to a few 'daddy-types', although I hate the label. I did it as a bottom, but mostly topping other twinks, thinking I was 'safer' that way... well I was negative but they, I didn't know. Some asked, most just took raw dick; Always typically once the next 'relationship' looked like 'happily-ever-after'! What BS that was! Bareback sports like the big boys play in West Hollywood and Atlanta was a forbidden fruit, a dangerous pleasure, a pursuit causing fear, guilt, and regret. But then events sped up! BAMM! Not just my man, but me too found out we had 'converted'. He was the 'Troyan Whore', and we were now part of the once 'feared fraternity'. Not that I embraced it right away, hell no! Clammed up for years. Then events sped up with my man secretly searching for sex and random players on the WILD SIDE on-line. It was 2015 and him getting caught by me and us agreeing 'Let's BOTH go for it! RAW, no rubbers EVER, no shame, no guilt, no jealousies!' So sometime in May of that year, a dude who bred me (with his hubby and mine in a 4-some) and travels the country breeding and seeding, kinky as hell told me about this site. He said: "The stories are HOT, and you don't have to join to read them!" something like that. But I wanted to join, see what it is all about, and 'compete' in the raw sports and see how I stack up. Take every cock or jump in when the opportunity is right! With a RAW, bulging, precum-dripping cock-head into every jaded man-cunt, balls-deep, and not look back... but late than never!
  14. Part One: A Blinking Light ********************************************** A bump in the road snapped me back to reality. It was nothing more than a gravel driveway, and I slowly navigated the darkness, the crunching sound of tire on stone and rock the only audible noise, heading for my destination. My stomach lurched with every tiny bump and pothole I hit. Yes, I was really doing this. My mind began to wander back again to our conversation just a few minutes previously. I had been driving when the telltale flash of my phones status light told me I had a message, that distinct orangish hue indicating it was from Grindr. I was in the middle of nowhere so I did what I shouldn't have and flicked open the app. He had started simply enough with a "hey man," and little did I know it would be anything but simple from there on out. As I always do, I flipped to his profile to see what I was dealing with: no picture, 46, 6'0", 145#, top, right now, positive. My pulse quickly sped up with that last part. It didn't say undetectable. Ordinarily no picture means instant dismissal but a guy on Grindr who straight up said positive was a rare find indeed! Of course guys who say positive often mean undetectable, but still the thrill of his stats (that one in particular) had me intrigued enough to respond. "Hi there." "You looking for some fun sexy stud? Slightly older guy here, but always ready to please." Slightly corny, but okay, I was still horned. "Depends on what you have in mind for me." Vague and elusive, I wanted him to give me more so that even if he turned out to be one of the thousands of flakes, at least I'd have something to beat off to when I get home. "Looking to slide inside a young buck such as yourself and ride him until I unleash my seed inside." A barebacker it sounded like, just my type of response! But now for the real test. "Sounds hot, you got any pics to share?" My phone fell silent for a moment. I knew it, he was one of those guys who probably hit up everyone in range just to amuse himself. I set the phone back down and returned myself to the task at hand of driving, though I noticed with slight amusement that he had definitely gotten the blood flow going down there. And then the steady pulsing of the notification light returned. He had responded. Oh fuck! His pictures took my growing uncut 7-inch piece straight to a solid state. His first pic was a full body shot. He was definitely rocking a semi-wasted look. He was thin with a hint of rib cage showing beneath his well-tanned skin, a nice but not too thick pellet of fur on his chest. His face was slightly gaunt, a thick but trimmed beard and a buzzed head. Thin, hairy, and veiny legs supported him, but his cock... my god, it was true what they said about wasting men--it makes their cocks more impressive. It looked long, uncut like mine, with an ample shaft but a quite impressive head that definitely flared out under the hood. It was the type of head, much thicker than the shaft, that would create that feel of a suctioning plunger inside an ass. There was a second picture, an even more impressive close-up of his wonderful monster. Now clearly hard and pointing at an erect and upright angle the head looked solidly larger than the shaft as I had noticed from the first picture, and just the tip of his piss slit peaking through the opening of his foreskin with a succulent and substantial strand of precum dangling down. I was sold. I responded with a picture of myself and one of my ass, as clearly that would be the most interesting part of me to him. I am a pretty good looking guy if you can get me to admit it. I stand 28, 5'11", 179#, fit though not muscular or ripped, but well exercised from all the sports I play. My chest is smooth, my skin a lightly tanned color, and my ass nice and firm--a slight bubble to it--and just a hint of fuzz on it. "Boy, I would love to be inside that beautiful pink hole, unleashing my seed inside you." "Fuck yeah man. It sounds like you play raw and shoot positive seed, right?" Again my phone fell silent. Had I perhaps broached that topic too quickly? I'm not one for small talk usually, but maybe this time should I have held off slightly, let the conversation develop more? The flash returned. "Prefer raw here, boy. My cock doesn't appreciate plastic. Oh, and my seed will change you - if that's what you want." Fuuuuuuck. It was. "It is, but your cock looks quite large, not sure that head will make it in!" "It's the hardest part to take, but once it's in, you'll never want it out." "Where are you?" This time there was no pause. Up popped the little map clip with the marker. Holy hell, he was just a few miles ahead. I was on a state road, but at 11:00 PM it was all but deserted and dark from the thick woods on either side. I had driven this road many times and had never noticed a house along my drive. "Looks like I'm driving toward you now and would arrive at your place in about five minutes. Is that too quick an arrival?" "Not at all. That cock pic is me - now. I'm ready if you are, boy." "Then I guess I'll see you shortly!" "Fuck yeah boy. Just be sure, 'cause I don't stop once I start, and once I'm in my head doesn't soften until it has unleashed its load inside you." Music to my ears. "I want it." "See you soon." And now, just a few minutes later, here I was, his small house in front of me, deep back in the woods. I parked, turned-off the Jeep, and took a deep breath. Last chance. I opened the door and stepped out into the crisp, cold, late-night air of a fall evening. Another deep breath and a pause. I turned and walked to the door and knocked. A few seconds later I heard footsteps approach the door. A hand on the knob, and the door opened. "Come on in," a voice said from inside. The room was dark, I couldn't see him in there. One last deep breath. I stepped inside.
  15. Neg bottom 4 poz top

    Aussie neg bottom visiting LA. Need to be converted
  16. Going to the doctor is a pain in the ass, but when your doc blocks the renewal of your Truvada script, he has you by the short hairs. I booked the last appointment of the day to minimize the time off work. When I arrived, the waiting room was packed out. I stood out like a sore thumb, dressed in my suit. Most of the guys were casual, wearing jeans or shorts. Given the time of day, I guessed most of the guys weren't working, particularly as my doc has a large infectious disease practice. Some of them were clearly long-term poz, showing a little wasting and or a lot of vascularity. So fucking sexy! Soon I was brought to a room, and shortly thereafter Doctor Woods came in and gave me a warm hug. It's great having a doctor close to my own age, and so sexy too. I've been going to Brad for several years, and we have a great doctor / patient relationship. We're both early 30's and keep ourselves fit. From time to time I see Brad and his boyfriend at the gym and out at the clubs. They are both tall and lean, and surprisingly vascular from exercise. Having seen both Doc Woods and his boyfriend in the showers at the gym, I knew he has a sweet uncut cock, just like mine, and his boyfriend is cut and has huge low-hangers. Both of them are also quite gifted, swinging big packages. "Rik! Dude! It's been six months since your last appointment! To stay on Truvada, I need to see you every six months." "Yeah, sorry, I've been busy with work and just didn't make the time...." He looked in my eyes and held the gaze for a while to make his point, and said "Go ahead and take everything off except for your underwear, and then up on the table." He asked the usual health history questions you might expect as he was feeling around my neck and then listening to my heart and lungs. His hand grabbed on to my pec as he listened to my back. He gave my tit a little squeeze and then gave a little tweak on my nip... which made my cock spring to attention. He made some notes and then asked, "I'm going to assume you've been sexually active, right?" He gave me a big smile, because he knew that I was testing just how good Truvada really is. "Yep, I'm breeding and seeding. Always looking for holes and poles." "I don't doubt it; your reputation is firmly intact. Once a slut, always a slut! (He's called me a slut in the locker room at the gym, so this isn't anything new!) “Go ahead and lay down and turn on your side. I'll do a rectal swab and check your prostate." I slid my underwear off, then turned to my left side. Dr Woods lightly touched me under my leg saying "Bring your knees up towards your chest." Then he brought a rectal swab and a specimen container over to the table, commenting "The lube is cold, sorry." With that, his gloved finger slid inside me. And... I was totally boned at the feeling of his finger probing my hole. He had done it several times over the years, but each time I find it completely hot. As his finger felt-up my prostate he shot a few more comments to me: "It feels like this hot hole is seeing a lot of action. There was almost no resistance to my finger." "I've had a fist or two up there, and I always enjoy having a hot top breed me to keep me in practice." "You do have hot ass... and interesting choice of word. 'Breed'. Do you know whether or not you've taken any poz loads?" "Yeah, I imagine I have. But most guys are undetectable these days. I don't even ask anymore." "Yeah ... a cum dump. You haven't had a guy tell you he just gave you a poz load?" "Not often enough!" "Yeah, a lot of my patients get off on that. You get off on taking toxic loads?" His continued rubbing of my prostate and working my hole was making me crazy. This wasn't the conversation I imagined I'd be having with my doctor. "Doc, you better take it easy there, you got me close!" "I don't think I heard an answer to my question." "Oh god ... yes ... yeah, I get off on toxic loads ... fuck I'm going to cum!" With that, he inserted a couple more fingers up my hole, and with the other he put the specimen cup over my uncut cock. "Cum in the cup, stud." I had one of the biggest orgasms I've had in a while. I did my best to get my load inside the cup, but I made a mess everywhere. "Nicely done, stud. Just relax for a minute and I'll do your rectal swab." I felt him swabbing my hole and then heard it go into its receptacle. He placed the uncovered specimen jar on the counter. "Take a minute to pull yourself together. Here's a couple paper towels, clean yourself off. Don't worry about the mess. Leave your shirt off. Teddy is going to come in and draw some blood. I'll be back before you leave, I need to consult with another doctor about something." I dressed and moved over to the chair. The exam table had cum everywhere ... and some dripping down the wall. I guessed Teddy would be tasked with dealing with the mess. I've known Teddy for years. He's a hairy 5'8" Italian fireplug that I've fucked with over the years at the baths. He's one of those guys who has a a 5:00 o’clock shadow at 10:00 AM. Back in the day, he would be described as a Castro Clone, sporting brown hair and bushy mustache. Way before seeing him at Doctor Wood's office, when we met up at the sex club, he worshipped my muscular arms and pecs before we'd get down to breeding. Now he gets to perv out over my veiny arms during a blood draw. I'm got low body fat, so giving blood is no big deal. I've got veins for days. The standard routine is I lay my arm out for him to find a vein, and he lightly traces his fingers up and down my arm, while telling me hot sexy it is. When Teddy arrived, he stepped into the room, closed the door, and walked over to me giving me a quick kiss, saying, "Hey sexy!" Being about 6" taller than him, I'm at a perfect height for him to latch onto a nip and let him suck it to being fully hard. If I hadn't just cum, I would have been aching to fuck him right there. Teddy broke the daydream and asked, "We're doing the usual HIV labs, right?" I replied "No, Teddy, I'm neg and on Truvada." He said, "Oh, sorry. Most guys that come here are poz. My mistake." I said, "Don't sweat it, it's not a big deal." Teddy replied, "Good, by the way, I converted six months ago and would love a chance to breed you. I'm nice and toxic," he said with salacious smile. I pulled him close to my chest and whispered, "I'd love your poz load." He whispered back, "Believe me, I'd like to give it to you." Once again my cock was as hard as a rock. After Teddy drew up some vials of blood, he gathered the swab and blood vials and said "The doctor will be with you in a minute," leaving the door open as he left the room. I saw there shirtless, and noticed several patients who passed through the hallway gave me a good glance. While I wanted to tweak my nips to give them something to look at, I held off. Dr. Woods then arrived and closed the door, "I think I felt something on your prostate ... kinda like a couple bumps. I'd like to be safe and make sure it's nothing important. I've made an appointment for you with Dr. Grant. I want you to see him for an ultrasound, no other urologist. Also, I need you off Truvada for the time being." "You gotta be kidding me! Is that really necessary?" "You're whining. Just do it." At the checkout desk, I got my referral card for Dr. Grant. The appointment was two weeks away! Holy fuck, how the hell was I supposed to stay off Truvada for that long? It was the longest two weeks of my fucking life. Sure, I got to breed some hot hole, and got my hole fisted by a couple guys, but it wasn't like getting fucked and taking a load. I hit up some of my undetectable poz buds who I know are good about their meds so that I could get their loads. The day of my appointment with Dr. Grant, I had the day off, so I got a quick workout at the gym done before I drove to the appointment. He's in the same building as Dr. Woods, just one floor up. After brief delay in the waiting room, I was called into the back area. A hot, young Hispanic nurse had me take off my clothes, put on a robe, then lock my stuff in the locker. He looked like he just barely got out of high school. I wanted to pull him into the dressing room and fuck him senseless. He was at least six-foot-tall and had exceptionally beautiful caramel skin. He was absolutely gorgeous. The hottie was waiting when I came out of the dressing room and took me to an exam room. "The doctor will see you shortly," he said with a smile and disappeared. The door to the exam room opened and in walked Dr. Grant ... who, it turned out, was Dr. Wood's boyfriend. Standing in front of me was the stud with a brick shithouse body who, for years, I've seen naked. And he looked good enough to eat. He was wearing a lab coat over a form-fitting polo shirt and his pecs were straining against the fabric. It was an amazing vision. I was glad I was sitting on the exam table because the robe hid my growing hard-on. If he wasn't quick, there would be a big precum wet spot growing. I extended my hand and said, "Justin, I didn't know you were a doctor as well! "Yeah, it's easier having a partner that understands the demands of the job. It's great to see you, hot stuff! Brad called me when you were in his office and he told me you have an issue that both of us can help you with." "Yeah, he said there were some bumps on my prostate and I should have them looked at." "And the Truvada?" he asked, "Have you complied with his direction?" "Yes, I have." "Great," he said as he removed his lab coat, which meant I got to appreciate his beautiful body. Some tufts of hair poked above the neck of his shirt, which suggested both his arms and his beautiful pecs were covered with fur. "Okay, I need to check your prostate health to make sure everything is okay. Go ahead and lay back on the table, turn your side and we'll get a look." With my cock rock hard, Justin went about with the ultrasound. He showed me the ultrasound probe that would be going up my asshole, explaining the procedure won't take long. In short order, he rubbed some lube on my hole, then inserted two, then three fingers inside my anus, rubbing them in and out, just like Brad had done two weeks earlier. I remember feeling a slight sting, possibly from a fingernail, but the subtle pressure he was applying to my prostate had turned into pleasure, so my attention was re-directed. I do remember being slightly surprised he wasn't wearing any gloves, but figured that was his business. "Feels awesome doc ... I've needed some action back there." "Good, I'm going to insert the ultrasound probe. It's a little bit bigger, but I'm sure you'll take it like a champ." Justin pulled out his fingers and inserted the ultrasound device. He moved in slow movements in and around my hole. His eyes were focused on the monitor, one hand was managing the probe, but the other hand was draped over my abs inching towards my fully engorged cock. After a couple minutes, Justin untied the gown and pushed it off me, fully exposing my body to him. With the probe still inside me, all I could do was enjoy the experience of him working my hole. He continued to to explore both my ass and also smeared the precum around the head of my cock and foreskin. He was driving me crazy. He withdrew the probe and said, "I have something else that would make your hole feel nice. Just lie still." I heard him strip off his shirt and remove his pants. He felt around my lubed up hole, which he spread onto his cock. "I think you'll like this probe better." Still on my side, he easily slid his big cock inside my hole from behind and started slowly fucking me. After a few minutes, he pulled out and said, "Stand up, I want to feel your whole body." I turned to face this amazing stud, with buzzed pubes and huge cock... and a big biohazard tattoo right above his cock. His cock was a little messy with lube a little blood, but everything else was perfect. In a sex club, I would have sucked that cock clean. He asked, "What turns you on more, my fat cock or my biohazard tattoo?" "They both do." He smiled, "One before the other, so back up onto the table and let me back inside that sweet hole." I put my hand on his chest and asked, "You undetectable? Because you know I'm off Truvada." “Yeah, that's just the thing. We had you stop Truvada for a reason. Brad and I both know that you get off on taking all kinds of loads, and we'd like the opportunity to share our DNA to poz you. We converted about a year ago and don't take meds. We're working on converting several more hot guys, and we hope you'll join our conversion club.” "You know this is kinda fucked up, right? I’m probably not protected!" "Rik, look at your cock. You haven't stopped precumming since you got a look at my biohazard tattoo. Get a feel of my low-hangers and tell me you don't want me to fill your hole with a hot load." I reached out and grabbed his huge nuts, and he just moaned. I gave them a squeeze and a tug, and his poz precum oozed on my hand. Actually, he was precumming like crazy as well. I thought my cock gushed precum, but his was drooling. He probably already spread his poison all inside me. "You join our conversion club and you will go on the adventure of a lifetime. Brad and I really want you in with us in breeding the hottest guys." I needed a minute to think about this, but his biohazard tattoo was calling to me. I squatted down to run my fingers over it and to absorb what it meant to him … and what it might mean for me. I was compelled to lick it and suck his tattoo, as if that alone would make a difference. Having a tattoo like that would be sexy as hell. Justin brought me to my feet and backed me up to the table, then bent down to suck on my nips. How could he know that's the fastest way to make me lose control? In no time he was nursing on my tits while I was flat on my back on the table. I was in ecstasy having this infected stud wanting to breed my hole. I lifted my legs to let Justin into my neg hole so he could poz me. Getting his load was just too hot to deny. I could figure out the rest with Dr. Woods later if I change my mind. He said, "Put my cock in your hole and show me what you want." I reached out and grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it up and down my gaping ass slit. His eyes rolled back and he had a satisfied grin on his face. "Yeah, stud. You will love our virus. We'll change your life in ways you can't imagine." I let go of his cock and wrapped my legs around his sexy ass to pull him into me. "Oh yeah ... We've wanted to breed you for a very long time. We've seen you at the gym and always thought you would be an excellent hole to breed and seed. Ever since we converted, you have been on the top of our list to infect." This was so fucking erotic, having this amazing man wanting to fuck his poisonous load inside me. I was happy to take Truvada and stay neg, but having the opportunity to get bred like this is amazing. Justin started his fucking easy, but it wasn't long before he really pounded my hole, doing his best to attack from several angles. "Oh man, your cock feels great … just as good as I hoped it would.” He threw he head back and said, "Fuck dude, here comes my nasty load right inside your hole!" My hole was gaping and abused, and he looked like he just ran a marathon. After keeping his infected cock in my ass for as long as possible, he slowly pulled out. He grabbed a pillow to put under my ass. "Just let that toxic load marinate inside you. Let the infection take hold." “…nfection take hold .…” It took a minute to set in. After having spent years trying to avoid HIV, I had willingly agreed to seroconvert. He cleaned up his cock, pulled on his jock, and picked-up the intercom saying "Mateo, please let Dr Woods know he's needed here. And then please join us in the exam room."
  17. LB Airport Hotel Cum Dump

    I will be hosting near the LB Airport Sunday October 15th starting in the afternoon through midnight. I will be ass up with my jock and harness on with the door unlocked waiting in a dark room. Anon fuck and go preferred. No other bottoms please. No load refused. No drugs other than poppers. Neg and otherwise STI free and very poz friendly toxic loads a plus.
  18. Looking in Portland!

    Looking for a Top/Vers Friend too share his Gift!
  19. Hey guys, I'll be in SF from 9/21-9/25 for Folsom. I got a sleazy motel (Travelodge on Market St.) and will be looking to take all loads, especially on Friday and Saturday! 30 yo, white, brn/brn, 5'10", 185lbs, HIV- Feel free to check out my party ads on BBRT.
  20. an acquaintance of mine started chasing--for real--recently. he had been taking loads a long time, but it was not until he talked to one particular guy that he finally admitted he was chasing. luckily for him, given what he wanted, he found a poz guy not on meds nearby. the guy was supposed to start taking meds in a couple of weeks. that weekend he took 3 loads from this viral guy, big dicked, hard fucked, followed by fucked by an even bigger dick. the viral guy came back the next week and dumped two more loads. a few days after that, my acquaintance woke up with the sheets soaked, and showing all the symptoms of fuk flu. two friends told him that they had f.f.u symptoms for a few days and it was over. same thing happened to my acquaintance. btw, the viral guy is not going on meds for a while, and they are going to team breed. anyone else heard stories/knew people with what one might call short course fuk flu? he still has not tested, so it is possible he had....the other flu(s).
  21. Bugchasing Cum Dump in the SW

    Here in New Mexico and looking for the load that will change my life. Have been treated for Syph recently but still have a chance to infect others. I am a bug chaser and I need the gift shot into my ass over and over, as deep as you can get.
  22. Visiting June 7 - 13

    Visiting June 7 to 13. Looking for poz tops to breed and knock up my neg ass. Up to flip as well.
  23. Over half my life poz

    Looking to reach out to the young ones here who may not be sure (and anyone frankly) I am 38, pozzed at 17, I sought it out, knew I was guy, partied with daddies and grandpas and had one solid guy (63 when I was 17) used to have me sleep over get me fucked up and I would get gang raped for him and it was beautiful
  24. I was in the doctor’s office for my annual exam. I had being seeing Dr. Phillips for a few years and I was pretty comfortable talking about all my health care issues with him. He knew that I was gay. Hell…he even knew that I was a bottom during sex. It was around 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and I was looking forward to the three-day weekend. I guess mine was the next-to-last appointment of the day. There was only one guy left in the waiting room. He was a slender guy, a little older than me, with average looks and short sandy hair. I didn’t pay much attention to him. After checking my physical responses, the doctor asked me the usual health and lifestyle questions. This year, however, my answer about whether I practiced safe sex was different. I told him that I had gotten fucked without a condom on several occasions. Surprisingly, I didn’t get the lecture that I expected. Instead, he asked me to explain my reasons for bottoming without protection. Hesitantly, I told him that I was becoming attracted to the idea of “bug chasing.” I said that I was attracted to the idea of taking poz cum. He said, “Are you aware of the risk that you might convert to being HIV-positive?” I relied, “I guess so. I haven’t thought about it that much yet, but the notion of routinely taking loads of some guy’s infected sperm is becoming increasingly appealing to me. It’s like breaking some wild kind of taboo!” The doctor said, “I’ve read up on this kind of behavior and it seems that most men professing a desire to be "pozzed" are really only engaging in an extreme sort of fantasy. Do you think that’s true in your case?” “No, Doc, I’m sure that that’s what I want. The whole idea turns me on for so MANY reasons!” When he heard this, his manner changed…more alert, more interested. He looked at me intently for a few moments, as if making up his mind about something. He said, “I’ve got an idea. It just so happens that the young man out in the waiting room has recently tested HIV-positive. We haven’t started him on any medications yet, so his Viral Level is extremely high. Why don’t I ask him to join us?” “You mean NOW?” I squeaked. I was still lying on the exam table, clad only in a thin Johnny that had been pulled up above my waist. I felt exposed and vulnerable. “Yes, right now! There’s no time like the present.” He then stood up, crossed the room and opened the door to the waiting room. I heard him tell his nurse that she could go home now. “Have a great weekend, Nancy!” he said. Next, he called out, “Mark! Why don’t you come into my office?” I could hear footsteps as the quiet young guy that I’d seen earlier came on in. He looked with a gleam of interest at my half-naked body lying on the examination table. The doctor said, “Mark, this is Alex, one of my patients. He currently is HIV-negative but he tells me that he’s been having unsafe sex recently in hopes of contracting the virus. Isn’t that right, Alex?” I could only blush in response. Mark stared at me with a wolfish grin on his face. Doctor Phillips continued, “It occurred to me that you two could help each other. Mark was telling me that he’s been getting very frustrated since his diagnosis because he stopped having sex. Mark, you don’t mind discussing this with Alex present, do you?” “No, doc! That’s ok. It’s just that I’m so HORNY all the time now. Do you think I’ll ever be able to fuck normally again?” The doctor then said to me, “You’re ok with this, too, Alex? We have your permission to help? I mean, you don’t object, do you?” I was confused. Help me? Help me with WHAT? I tried to say something…anything, but only a choked sound came out. “Well,” the doctor said, “the solution seems pretty simple. Mark, why don’t you go ahead and insert your penis into Alex here so you can commence intercourse. That will grant you the sexual release you’ve been seeking and Alex here can begin receiving the virus that he’s been trying to get. Go ahead, Mark, give him what he’s been asking for.” My head was spinning but I could only moan incoherently at the thought of what was about to happen. Was I just going to let this total stranger deposit his infected fluid deep within my bowels? Dr. Phillips voice brought me back. “Here’s some KY Jelly, Mark. Doctors always have plenty of that on hand.” At that, I felt a large stiff cock push inside me. Mark muttered, “Shit, doc! You don’t know how great this tight hole feels. You sure this guy Alex doesn’t care that I’m gonna flood his guts with my AIDS babies? Is that what you want, Alex? You want me to knock you up?” The doctor replied, “Don’t give it a second thought, Mark! It’s exactly what he wants. He told me so himself!” After Mark shot his first toxic load into me, Dr. Phillips insisted that he repeat the intercourse twice more “for good measure.” On my way out the door on wobbly legs the doctor slipped a small white appointment card into my hand. “I want the two of you to return for office visits until your HIV test comes back positive. Have a great weekend and see you next week!”
  25. Revenge

    “Wakey, wakey little bro” I said slapping my semi-conscious brother across his face. He blinked slowly as his eyes began to open fully, staring up at my grinning face before realising he couldn’t move properly, swivelling to his left then right and seeing that he was naked and that his legs and arms were outstretched with his ankles tied to his wrists and in turn fastened somewhere off the sides of the bed he was lying on. He couldn’t say anything because he was wearing a ball gag and the full realisation of his predicament was sinking in. He was totally naked and his smooth ass and cunt hole were totally exposed. He tried to say something into the ball gag and I laughed, “What’s that little bro?” I asked, “You say you’re looking forward to this afternoon, that’s good little bro” I replied, talking over his struggling and clearly angry tirade. I slapped his face hard again and he immediately stopped, looking up with tears welling in his eyes. “That’s better you little cunt” I said looking down at him sternly, “You need to learn some respect” He also noticed now that I too was naked, standing before him with my fat cock dangling limply between my legs. “I guess you’re wondering why I’ve got you tied naked to my bed, hey little bro?” I asked him. He stared up at me and said nothing, “Well it’s a bit of story really and begins with me finding out that you’ve been secretly filming me in my room for the last year.” I watched my brother’s reaction and it was of a guy with sudden dawning realisation that he’d been caught doing wrong and was probably going to have to pay for it. Of course, he didn’t yet know how. “So imagine my surprise when one of my buds rings me up to tell me he’s seen a video clip on a porn site of a guy getting his cunt fucked, who looked a lot like me”, I continued on, “It turns out there wasn’t just one clip either, but a few, all with a title saying ‘My bro getting pozzed’”, I stopped for more reaction but my brother knew he was in trouble now and just stared up at me looking scared. “Well I decided to check out my room and guess what I found”, holding up a small black cube, “A fucking camera, actually, three fucking cameras.” “Well little bro, I thought two could play at this and I set a couple up in your room, only one of mine was pointed at your computer so I could see what your password was” I said grinning, “IFUCKBOYS; that was quite interesting. I didn’t know you were gay as well little bro but then I saw you and your hot friend making out while you both watched me getting cock”. My brother was listening intently but he couldn’t do anything except stare up, still with tears in his eyes. “So you like seeing your big bro getting dick, that right, you little shit?” I asked, slapping him again. “You know, I should really thank you” I said stepping back and sitting on the end of the bed next to him, “I did actually want some record of my conversion and you filmed it for me. I don’t think you knew at the time, but I had four toxic guys come and use me a few months ago and you captured the whole thing. How they all took turns raping my cunt and loading me with HIV poz cum. You filmed my conversion.” I said, placing a hand on his smooth six pack stomach. “Remember when I got ill a month ago and was sick for a week. Mum thought I had the flu, which I did, but it was fuck flu, and now I’m poz and I’m very toxic right now too” I said grinning down at him and stroking his naked skin. “So little bro, I’m gonna help you out” I started, “I’ve invited the same four poz guys back round and we’re going to rape your neg cunt all night. We’re going to convert you too, because you want it don’t you little bro?” I finished, staring into his eyes and gripping his cock. He began to shake and I could see terror in his eyes but his dick was swelling in my hand and I knew somewhere in his head he was turned on, “You like that don’t you” I said squeezing his cock. I turned to the door and called, “Hey guys”. My brother looked up at the door as it opened and in walked four familiar and totally naked guys, sporting a variety of builds and semi-hard cocks from large to lethal looking. “Little bro, let me introduce you to Aleksy, Joe, Ethan and Rob” I said. The four guys were a bit of a mix of build but all were athletic to muscular, with Rob, the most standout of them all; black, muscular, tattooed and clearly massive in the cock department. Even limp it was lethal looking. Ethan was perhaps slightly more emaciated than athletic looking, and had some bruising to his skin, which was because he had Aids. I knelt up on the bed with my cock slowly rising and each guy stepped up for a kiss and a cock fondle, which I made sure my sibling could see clearly. “Well boys, this is Matthew my little bro and the shit who needs to be taught a lesson.” I said with an evil grin. Matt looked at me and continued to shake a little before realising each guy behind me was also looking down at him with a look of utter lust and desire to rape him. “Now I reckon you boys should do to him what you did to me and in the order we discussed.” I said winking at them, before stepping up off the bed and reaching for a video camera. “And don’t worry bro, I’m going to film the whole thing so I can sell you’re rape and conversion to a porn site.” With that, Aleksy, the first of the four studs moved forward to the bed and climbed on, his fat dick dangling semi erect. Aleksy was Polish with a nice muscular body and short dark hair. I’d met him online and we’d fucked plenty. He was totally top but could be a dirty shit, which I loved very much. He didn’t waste any time in grabbing my bros now erect dick and squeezing it hard so we could hear an intake of air through the ball gag, before leaning down and rimming out Matt’s unprotected ass hole. I was capturing the action by the side of my brother and would focus on his expression, which right now and considering his predicament, was one of pleasure, as Aleksy kept forcing his tongue into my bros cunt, squeezing and wanking his cock. It wasn’t long before my bro received his first cock of the day as Akeksy forced his now eight inch fat dick roughly into Matt who was clearly in some discomfort not having time to adjust. Very soon Aleksy was fucking my bro hard and deep while the other guys stood round wanking their dicks. I got plenty of close ups of cock in cunt and of Matt’s face as he had clearly begun to enjoy this, possibly forgetting the deadly load he was about to receive. For the next twenty odd minutes my bro was relentlessly fucked with Aleksy occasionally gripping his neck, squeezing and then spitting in his face. The look on my sibling’s face was exquisite because he couldn’t prevent any of it. Finally, I knew Aleksy was close and got the camera right in as he slowed and began groaning loudly before pumping the first toxic load into my brother’s negative cunt. I also noticed Matt was suddenly back to reality and realising what was happening as his eyes went from a look of pleasure to terror. He clearly liked the fucking but wasn’t yet happy about the toxic ending. As Aleksy pulled out, I zoomed in on my bros ravaged cunt hole which was now seeping cum. “Joe, get in there and lick that out for me” I instructed as the next stud, a six foot four inch, athletically built and shaved headed guy was on the bed and kneeling at my bros exposed hole in an instant, licking out the dripping cum. I wanked my own cock as I filmed it, “Let me taste Joe” I said as he turned to me, grinning, with cum on his lips and face. We kissed quickly and he pushed the felched splooge into my mouth. I swallowed it all as Joe spat some on his nice fat seven inch cock and lined up to fuck Matt. Joe raped my bro for a good half an hour and clearly my brother was now beginning to come to terms with his predicament because he was clearly now enjoying being fucked. When Joe eventually let out a loud and lengthy groan, I knew he was dumping a huge load. Joe was a heavy cummer and sure enough as I zoomed in again, the cum practically squirted out my brother’s cunt hole, now nicely stretched and red raw. It was Ethan’s turn next, the emaciated Aid’s riddled breeder. My bro eyed him with clear trepidation but Ethan didn’t waste the cum dripping out, he too went down for a felch and not bothering to ask, I went in too and was rewarded with a nice mouth full of the fresh splooge. Ethan’s cock was long, thin and bruised but was soon ravaging my brothers hole. The sweat was pouring off the pair of them and with Rob still side lined and wanking his enormous nine inch shaft, he knelt next to Ethan and licked off his sweat before they kissed hard. Joe couldn’t hold back either and was kneeling by the side of the bed, wanking my brother as he was being fucked before turning to me and sucking my cock as I filmed on. Soon, Ethan too ejaculated into my brother, “Ah little bro, your first Aid’s load” I cried as the other guys laughed. My brother’s expression was harder to work out now, it looked very much like he was happy to have received it. I could have been wrong, “You know what guys, I reckon the dumb little fuck slut is starting to enjoying this now” Ethan pulled out of Matt’s hole and stood up so that Rob could finally get at my brothers red raw cunt. Rob had been waiting a long time now and didn’t want to delay, he simply fingered out some of the cum in my brother’s hole, smeared It on his cock and then rammed it fully into his hole. We all heard the scream, even with a ball gag on, it couldn’t muffle my brothers discomfort and laughing again, we watched as Rob power-drived nine inches of BBC into my young brothers ravaged hole. Matt was in clear discomfort having never had something so big inside him and Rob was intent on tearing his ass hole as we noticed a few trickles of blood now dripping out. Joe was getting me close as I continued to film as best as I could and capturing the power of Rob as he fucked my brother, which was awe-inspiring. The whole bed was shaking as he continued to force his massive tool into Matt, a pleasure I have experienced many times. I knew I was close now, “Rob, hold up” I said through gritted teeth and pulling free of Joe, I knelt up on the bed and while I filmed, Joe may made me cum, with a few last strokes by hand and so that I shot my load onto Rob’s exposed cock, “Some more lube” I groaned. Rob grinned and continued to fuck my brother, pushing my cum into my siblings hole. Finally, Rob let out a deep guttural growl and slowed as he pumped yet another toxic load into my brother as the sweat dripped off them, spreading over the entire bed. My brother was clearly in some distress but that didn’t bother me at all. Knowing he was being knocked up was much more important. To be continued……………….

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