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  1. Mtcrmc

    Black Party 2018

    Headed to black party this year. Is there a particular hotel where most are staying? Someone please help.
  2. Mtcrmc

    MAL 2018

    Im staying at th Pheonix. Checking in today. I heard it will be the same fun just on a lower scale.
  3. Mtcrmc

    Pheonix hotel

    Hello.. anyone staying at the pheonix hotel?????
  4. Thanks bud.. i wanna be where u r in a few days. Let us now
  5. This is my first MaL not sure of anything but i am out of Prep and i only have condoms. Will i be ok? Advise please!
  6. Mtcrmc

    CODE parties at MAL 2018

    Where r the code parties? Its my firat one
  7. Mtcrmc

    Coat/Cloths/Bag Check at host hotel?

    So this is my first MAL but im staying at the pheonix hotel around the corner. I might have to change hotels if pheonix is too boring. I hope they dont have this stupid rule this year.?

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