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  1. It use to be a smelly dungeon set up with homeless people sleeping everywhere but its totally different now. Its more of an open space warehouse with some gay art and hideaways to play
  2. Glorious health club is back open and its fair game for all races
  3. I was in shock when i saw the post on their site stating they were open. Im gonna swing buy there tonight to take a peak.
  4. Any raceplay parties going on?
  5. There will be a party in my room. Info posted on a4a. Orig listed as safe party but all are welcome.
  6. Headed to black party this year. Is there a particular hotel where most are staying? Someone please help.
  7. Im staying at th Pheonix. Checking in today. I heard it will be the same fun just on a lower scale.
  8. Hello.. anyone staying at the pheonix hotel?????
  9. This is my first MaL not sure of anything but i am out of Prep and i only have condoms. Will i be ok? Advise please!
  10. So this is my first MAL but im staying at the pheonix hotel around the corner. I might have to change hotels if pheonix is too boring. I hope they dont have this stupid rule this year.?
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