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    Writing and reading bug chasing stories, sexting, role play with poz talk involved. I'm not here to hook up in real or intentionally transmit HIV - gifting/chasing is just a fantasy.
    I'm not a walking dick or virus and don't like to be objectified; I'm a person with interests - including music, art, reading and writing; not into drugs. If this scares you off, go somewhere else.
    Sports? Me and my virus prefer the horizontal performances - lying down on the couch or in bed.
    Any feedback on my writing is welcome but please NEVER sermonize or judge my personal life, tastes, or fantasies. Thanks.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I'm a blogger, I love writing on the Internet. Poz, undetectable, in a relationship with a wonderful neg guy who shares my same kinks but we play safe in real.
    I keep my fantasies alive writing and reading POSITIVE stories ☣
    My fiction's environment is a world where the ordinary condition is poz while neg status is not socially accepted: the opposite of real world, main purpose is to fight against serophobia (HIV stigma) creating some entertaining material. I did not place any profile pic as I don't find anything which fits my personality.
    FANTASY never harms, it's true; but it's important to know the relevant differences between fantasy and desire. Life is only one, so choose wisely.
    all stories written by "PozTalkAuthor" in the fiction section, are licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International — CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Porn Experience
    not at all and not interested
  • Looking For
    What's welcome: sexting -especially poz talk role play-, whatever can be an inspiration for new stories to write.
    what's NOT welcome: keyboard warriors, scat, animal roleplay, non-consenting sex, judgments and sermons. Don't want to be objectified any way.

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  1. busy day but I just wanted to give a kiss to my cutie 😘

  2. Thanks for following - followed back!

    About stories we might have the same tastes so we're free to chat about whatever

  3. Ah enjoy 🙂 catch you soon 

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      yes you can count on it, my cutie! Gifter will be back soon

  4. Oh I should hope so. As I know you are a good administrator of gifts... My Gifter. And did you sing to him? 😉

  5. in my house, naked, with the guy I care about the most - after my bf -. No problem to be naked but he has asked me "Gifter, sing a song for me" and I'm embarrassed like a child. I could fuck him right here but I feel ashamed of singing. WTF!

  6.  Users have acces to the the features that are set by the administrator. Oh and that she beauty of you being the administrator my Gifter 

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      I can decide when, where and if to upgrade you! And there's nothing you can do about it! 

  7. Oh you could set it off anytime you wished. Would be how because you wouldnt know when it would be set off. And all they will think of is you



    1. PozTalkAuthor


      not sure if you know the concept of user and administrator.

      A user can just operate in the machine but never modify its software component; administrator can do everything, including delete and add programs in it - explained in simple way.

      I'm the administrator on you cutie as I can upgrade your status but you can do nothing on mine! It's a concept of super-power!

      These remotely controlled toys may work with this concept too. I can give privileges to partner so he couldn't control it if I don't want him to


  8. Now that is devilishly arousing. And so teasing. 

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      I'd love to make the plug vibrate while partner is in church. Not the case of my bf, but you know... In the future nothing can be excluded, concerning sex partners. As a computer worker I must ensure about their security though. Sometimes companies sell those connected object without caring about security, privacy and all related stuff

  9. Considering remote control toys for you and bf? Oh you always have my attention Gifter. 

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      yeah, I consider these toys... There are vibrators but also buttplugs and... chastity cages! Yes, I could lock my partner preventing them from taking the cage out! Whenever I want! Make their insides vibrate any moment day, night, important meetings... 

  10. Hope your day is being productive. You'll always be my strong sexy Gifter 



    1. PozTalkAuthor


      I'm quite lazy today, should hurry up with some issues but wtf, they can wait! Gifter has his needs. Give attentions to his cutie for example

  11. Curious and attracted by remotely-controlled sex toys! I might consider buying one for me, one for my boyfriend and one for... Can not tell further. 

  12. Love you too

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      you'll always be my sweet, sweet cutie ☣😘

  13. 💞 ah yes protected by your virus and the permanent bond.

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      I must go now, my cutie. Love you

  14. Of course would make good conversation piece too. But I'd be proud 

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      at least no abuser approaches you, my virus will always look after you

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