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    Writing and reading bug chasing stories, sexting, role play with poz talk involved. I'm not here to hook up in real or intentionally transmit HIV - gifting/chasing is just a fantasy.
    I'm not a walking dick or virus and don't like to be objectified; I'm a person with interests - including music, art, reading and writing; not into drugs. If this scares you off, go somewhere else.
    Sports? Me and my virus prefer the horizontal performances - lying down on the couch or in bed.
    Any feedback on my writing is welcome but please NEVER sermonize or judge my personal life, tastes, or fantasies. Thanks.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Blogger, computer worker, proud poz piano player. In a serodiscordant relationship.
    I keep my gifting fantasies alive writing and reading POSITIVE stories ☣
    My fiction's environment is a world where the ordinary condition is poz while neg status is not socially accepted: the opposite of real world, main purpose is to fight against serophobia (HIV stigma) creating some entertaining material. I did not place any profile pic as I don't find anything which fits my personality.
    FANTASY never harms, it's true; but it's important to know the relevant differences between fantasy and desire. Life is only one, so choose wisely.
    all stories written by "PozTalkAuthor" in the fiction section, are licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International — CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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    not at all and not interested
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    What's welcome: sexting -especially poz talk role play-, whatever can be an inspiration for new stories to write.
    what's NOT welcome: keyboard warriors, scat, animal roleplay, non-consenting sex, judgments and sermons. Don't want to be objectified any way.

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  1. I played "don't stop me now" by Queen on piano for my neighbour -she's unaware of my status- and she told me "wow, it seems Freddie Mercury lives inside you"... I gave her the biggest smile and hug I could. But if she knew she'd excuse herself for life poor lady! Another level of pozpride for me. 

  2. reading this story turns me so fucking on, waiting for more to cum!
  3. I bought some smart buttons for my house but my geek's pride must go together with pozpride and I'll search for labels suitable to the buttons, where I can place customized symbols. Press the biohazard and you turn music on, press the Plus and turn the aircon on, press the rainbow flag and it activates the lights... If someone won't accept, they simply are not welcome to visit me. My ex didn't accept my geek part, that's one of the reasons I kicked him out with NO regrets! I'm finally myself.

  4. this is the kind of stories I love: where the experienced guides the unexperienced through the discovery of his gay -and eventually poz- life. A fantasy I've always had, to introduce a person to discover their sexuality, as a man did to me. Regardless of age. As now at 47 years old I've found myself living this experience with an older guy - my current partner is 53 and I'm his first male sex partner, the first poz he knows in person, and who knows? Currently I don't think of it but I can't exclude that gifting might turn from fantasy to real. It's a pity this story of the graduated boy is so short, as the two guys in this way really develop an unbreakable biological bond.
  5. Fever is gone! Finally! I couldn't stand it any longer

  6. Damn, you really want to leave us hanging!!!
  7. I can understand the frustration mine was deleted at the first attempt and I got banned for 13 days but I understood where it was wrong and wrote one from scratch, finished it, and it has been forgotten among others - it happens, it's not my home LOL. this is the price to pay for keeping BZ safe; there are many sensitive topics published, so, mods must be strict - and even with this, sometimes it happens to find very offensive content! Once I have also encountered a guy who insulted another for his physical condition and who wished very awful happenings to the mods... Due to timezone the post was deleted later, but, as soon as an infraction is detected, they react.
  8. interesting profile - we have some points in common ☣️

  9. cuddles and dirty talk... Yeah, I need both today! 

  10. I'm re-discovering monogamy with the man I love. But, if my doors are closed for real sex encounters at the moment, dirty chats are open! No contract is signed, no social imposition; sexting just turns me -us- on! 

  11. damned fever doesn't go away. I feel like crap

  12. I am ill in bed, with my neg man taking care of me. Negatives are in this world to service real men... ☣️

    1. Rawpig84


      Yes we are Sir. Hope you feel better!

    2. PozTalkAuthor


      No, I'm feverish in bed

  13. I'm with you: if monogamy is chosen, it's a good idea. Otherwise, as every imposition, it ends up with destroying the relationship. After I tested HIV positive I rejected the monogamy concept for the future, as the man who gave me it claimed to be faithful but he fucked around and here's the result. Years later I met my ex, and I clarified: or open relationship, or nothing. But this was not the freedom I expected. Being open from the beginning has prevented us from knowing ourselves deeply, discovering our own limits, if we had desires or limits we simply went somewhere else to solve the issue without talking to each other. No, I'm not saying open relationship is wrong, I am saying that open relationship needs the right context if I want to make it work. And now, with my current partner, monogamy is what we both want; he's the man I have loved for a long time but many circumstances didn't allow us to develop a real story before. We feel satisfied and we go on with it, aware that if anything happens we might consider opening our relationship and this is not a limit for both of us. We have no contract signed which imposes monogamy, we've no one to disappoint if we break the rule, as, there's NO rule! We are doing what makes us happy and now it's monogamy. For the future, who knows? Till a month and half ago, I just said I'd never go back to monogamy, that it was boring and limiting... NOT with this man
  14. Inspirations can come when you expect them less! That's why I always have an app called "drafts" where I write whatever comes to my mind as soon as it happens. Then I decide to use it, or trash it, later. Writing something just to please readers without considering if it's our enjoyment or not, ends up ruining the whole story.
  15. Oh well... As a reader I would have liked to see him converting - and poor Kevin has been left without the man he loves... But as an author I recognize what effort it is to write, especially when the story goes on for long, long time; I'm the last who can talk as I did something worse: starting a story -"the writer and his fan"- where some of my ex's fantasies were involved and when my relationship with that person finished, I stopped the story as it was, because that hurt me. I thought of my ass -or my heart, read it according your point of view LOL-, without considering my readers completely.
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