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    My past experiences include: sex with random strangers, outdoor sex, gangbangs , threesomes, foursomes (couples), hardcore forced cocksucking and ass fucked wherever and whenever as me as the victim (
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    One thing I am into being as your victim completely naked restrained, hogtied and/or gagged in your temple dungeon basement on your altar. I am willing to give up all of my control Probably the most challenging aspect of my desires and been your possession doing with me what you like possible for a week or more ...yes, I want it extreme badly done to me

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  1. yesterday evening Was a full bonded naked slave guy milked me dry and fucked me three times that night
  2. Was 15 at the boyscouts summercamp fucked raw by two hot black guys
  3. Was 11 and on a youth camp doing it with a camp leader guy loved to see me naked and see me masturbate and or done by himself first time to take a load from him by me and after the first time loads of days after that I took more loads off him and some camp mates I loved thos camp weeks there with him
  4. love younger guys around me if they want it
  5. Family always warning me when I was young for pedophiles and other people saying they are bad and will hurt you but truly I had no problems with them I did love them but never would do anything to another child or they want it theirselves like me
  6. scouting camp was near a lake with an island in the middle Two older boys me and a leader of the camp in the middle of the night by full moon gone swimming naked to the island and we had a lot of ritual fun on that island the whole night Singing dancing around the small campfire and a lot of sex together and finnaly fell asleep together
  7. Were two beautiful black guys on scouting and I was their white slave They used and abused me almost every day possible One had a huge uncut dick and did love that one the most The other was smaller and he was the one who loved to fuck me
  8. used and abused by two teachers and was their sucking pig later I was their fuck pig also on school and did fucking loved it Was 13 or so when that started and it did go on until I left school In the mean time I had a lot of fun with some guys on scouting the same games
  9. At home with my family At home we were always naked around the house , my parents and two sisters I was just 12 and were all naked on the cough and did see the first time a bisexual sexmovie every one did it with everyone in that film After that movie we did it also with eachother girls sucked me and I had tu suck my dad and was forced to eat his cum One rule in the house was does no matter what youre doing with your dick but wasting your cum is not allowed Just eat it yourself or let someone else in the household eat it playing with yourself while other family members watching was normal with us Loved it and still do
  10. I'm a bottom who love it The more they will give the more I like it
  11. In my hand like always when there is no partner Never waste my cum so after it I eat it
  12. Never spilled it love to eat my own cum always
  13. Mayo passive lad open for breeding and into everything

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