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  1. Please sir, please use this sissy faggot for your pleasure and men's pleasure.
  2. Honestly, I haven't given relationships much thought at all. First thing is that I live in Florida, where I have to disclose my status, makes it a bit difficult given people know so little about HIV. Even if I explain I'm undetectable, they still don't believe it. And given my current going and coming from work lifestyle, I'm not going to seek out a relationship anytime soon. I probably want some dick to tide me over. And honestly I know I love being a fucktoy, so I'll do that for a while. If someone is willing to let me be a cumdump, all the better, especially if they're whoring me out. But I
  3. A pocket mirror would be useful if you're not like me and using a blindfold hood. Reasons why I wouldn't do this anywhere else but a bathhouse.
  4. I'd tell him I'm on my meds and I don't plan to be off them anytime soon. At this point in my life, I don't think it's my place to tell people what to do with their bodies and their life. If they want to catch HIV, despite the downsides, then they can go ahead and learn about it themselves.
  5. Pro tip, seems like a great conversation starter, or at the very least make things awkward with certain relatives you want to keep away.
  6. Yes, I definitely want to try this in a bathhouse, maybe tonight where I can't see the too fucking me and I can't hear him coming in.
  7. I used to think like you when I got infected. That they are ruining their own health and don't know what they are doing. But then I began to think, who am I to choose how they choose to live their own life? Sure I still wouldn't advocate chasing HIV, for obvious reasons, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone, and they're having sex with people who are willing to risk it with them, I can't judge them. Just putting it out there.
  8. As someone who got stealthed, it definitely changes your perspective of things getting pozzed. You have a hard enough time figuring out what to do with yourself when you start seroconverting and don't know what's going on, all you know is that you feel really sick. And then you feel fine and when you get tested a couple months later, it hits like a ton of bricks. It does make you question your decisions and makes you wish you did things differently. I lost a relationship because I got pozzed, and honestly I don't blame her, I nearly infected her and didn't know it. But it still hurt. I had to
  9. Fuck yesss!!!! Blindfold me and use me until you cum in my hole. Just leave me there for the next man to use my boypussy and dump another load in.
  10. Thank you sir for expressing how you'd treat us cumdumps and make us useful for you. This is exactly what I aspire to be and desire to be used in such a manner that befits my status as a fucktoy.
  11. Edgy modern art. Never thought I'd consider doing that to my prostate massager.
  12. This has been a question that has been in my head for a while now. I'm just curious why people like Trump and what do they see in him. I am also curious to see what if anything they don't like about him. The reason why I ask is because I don't like painting people with a wide brush and they have their reasons for supporting him, as odious as I think he is.
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