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    Jacksonville, FL
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    Raw bareback cum-inside-me fucking!!!
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I'm a bottom looking to get bred and filled with cum. My pleasure is not important, the top man's pleasure is.

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  1. Hey I’m in Jacksonville 

    can you help me become poz babe


    1. Tightass74


      Hi! I am trying to become poz too. Can you host?

  2. Very hot. I wish I could join you and get fucked for hours.
  3. Absorb, always. But if some cums out of my ass, I'll eat it. Mmmm.
  4. I'm planning on going to Hanks in Orlando. Wearing easy access athletic shorts, jock strap, and tshirt. In the parking lot, I'll lube my tight ass. Then I will get a beer and head to the rear of the outside area. Probably with my butt crack showing. Then I will see what happens. Hopefully I'll get lots of loads. Hopefully they'll say "Take my poz cum" or "Enjoy my toxic cum" or "You now have AIDS, slut". Then I'll go home full of cum and HIV. 😊
  5. Who wants to poz my ass in Orlando, probably next weekend???
  6. Hardydik, can you poz me this Saturday, March 20th? Where at?
  7. It's March 2021 - what is Hank's like on Saturdays and Saturday nights? I'm looking at heading down. What can I expect there? Thanks...
  8. How do I start on the road to becoming a worthless whore like you? You are my inspiration of who I want to become.
  9. My favorite part of getting fucked as the bottom cumslut I am is when the top man says "Take my poz cum" a split second before he unloads his cum inside me and coats my insides with his poz cum... Mmmm.
  10. Never. I refuse to get fucked if someone insists on a condom. Most men want to slide in bare and coat my insides, thankfully!
  11. Where are you finding all these poz men in Orlando? What parts of Orlando or places in Orlando? Where are you getting fucked and bred? Sounds like I need to drive down to Orlando and hook up with several poz men!
  12. How does one remove the hair by the ass? It is a sensitive area and awkward to get to. Does hair removal cream work? I want to have a smooth hole for men to enjoy and breed.
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