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    I'm a bottom looking to get bred and filled with cum. My pleasure is not important, the top man's pleasure is.

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  1. What is Club Orlando like on a typical Friday night? Is it busy? What times does it get the busiest? What's the experience like? I'm planning on heading there tonight. Just wondering what I'm in store for...
  2. That's the dream! I would love to experience that!
  3. Please breed me with your toxic cum!!!  I will be forever grateful! 

  4. I want to come up and be a raw slut whored out in a motel room.
  5. Hot. I missed it. I was trying to find cock in my motel. Zero luck. I should've gone to Manifest.
  6. I'm heading up to Atlanta tonight - getting a motel - and hopefully getting lots and lots of loads deep in my ass! Any advice? Anyone want to come by or invite me over to give me their loads?
  7. I agree 100%. If I'm at the bathhouse and I'm taking raw cocks inside me, he can cum inside me without discussing his status! Every time!
  8. I'm heading down to Orlando tonight (Thursday night) to spend the night in a motel. Looking to invite anyone over to my hotel to enjoy me. Might head to Club Orlando too. Looking to meet as many guys as possible! I'm excited!
  9. Hello!  I would love to meet you in Orlando!

  10. I need your hot seed inside me.

  11. I want to feel you inside me pumping your toxic load inside my tight ass!

    1. PERVDOM666


      My dungeon and I are here in Orlando -- Cum on down 

  12. great -- pics and phone number to  PERVDOM666@yahoo.com

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