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    I do homemade porn...and am available for pics and homemade vids for anyone who is interested or wants to take pics or video for their own collection...just ask...
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    To engage in Sexual Acts of Perversions with as Many Perv Pigs as Possible...Hmu

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  1. Never have used a rubber in my life...Not even tried one on ....Proud to have bragging rights on that....I don't believe in rubbers and don't understand why any guy would put one on
  2. Those of us raised or who were brought into Incest know that it's only been a few years that we could actually talk about it as openly as we do now...I'm glad it's more accepted or at least tolerated these days ...As for me....I would like to meet others and openly share our incest experiences....Info not know why some would make it up if they know nothing about the lifestyle.. some of us did nOt have birth certificates....Other incest dad's or males happen to be in the medical field and helped those of us to acquire birth certificates later on.....I take pride in being incest and there are more of us out there than people realize..
  3. With the "good" viral it's been in my experience that mOst knew within days of me breeding them
  4. What area are you?...My partner is looking for them too in Oakcliff
  5. WOOF !  Extremely HOT , Exciting and Delicious - more - more - Please !    :)

  6. I'm Uncircumcised and I still stretch to get as much overhang as I can...will probably never stop stretching ...would likemy foreskin to drag the floor if possible when standing up....true'''
  7. As a Top... I seek and primarily Only Seek the most promisciuous sleazy no loads refused ..Viral Loads as well as STDs go hand in hand in bareback especially no loads refused...or bestter said. They Are Absolutely inseparable nothing disputes that fact or could even if someone wanted to. Those sleazy fucks I desire are called whores... Complete Whores ..I lust desire those whores to fuck. Use can and pride myself in doing so. That's what you are and take pride that we call you whores. We seek you out ...To use you sexually. Take pride you Whores. .
  8. Love having mine natural mansmelly....the smell of masculinity.. I prefer pits to be natural mansmelly to +++..ripe.....it's a guy thing...or a perv guy thing.... regardless....mine are slight to ripe always
  9. I joined I February..used to be a members years back ..I'm a Top.. Uncircumcised... Uninhibited.,and Unprotected.. .AND NASTY SLEAZY ALL MANSMELLL SICK TWISTED ..MY UNCUT PROUDLY GENERATES HEAVY COCK CHEESE... LOT OF FORESKIN... PROMISCUOUS and Perverted as Fuck
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