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    Palm Springs California
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    FF top or bottom.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Sub bottom for Top's pleasure. I'm pretty much a total bottom for fucking. I do top on occasion. Pretty vers in everything else. Love poppers and having my hole played with. Like to have fun with your hole too.
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    Long time ago. Well actually about 15 years ago, but seems like a lifetime ago. Had a lot of fun!
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    Cock and cum. Into: spit, ws, ff, pits, rim, balls, nips, eating cum, being a sub to a dom top, being a dom top to a sub boy. Into trying new adventures. Visit LA/SD at times. Favorite place to have fun: your place or bathhouse. Guys that turn me on: black, latin, white, some asian, indian, middle eastern, daddy tops, bottom sons, guys into kink. Tats and piercings can be hot. COCK, CUM, PISS

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  1. The Red Bull

    Wow, that got me hard.
  2. ass to mouth

    I love sucking a cock that has been in my ass or some other guy(s) ass. Yum!
  3. Best darkrooms in the USA

    I miss Steamworks. Will stop by during IML for some dark room fun.
  4. I would be a bitch with fag tendencies. I have had several guys call me an alpha bottom. I like it when a top knows how to use me to my best bottoming abilities and will push my limits.
  5. Bottoms being called "bitch"

    I'm a bitch and I have a pussy. It's that simple.
  6. Well being the pig I am, I got fisted again Sunday night. My hole is in recovery, however I have another fisting session on Tuesday night...will I be ready?

  7. Getting fisted by two guys today. Will be fun.

    1. RD4hotsex


      that could be a all day affair being Fist Fucked

    2. Bttm2go


      Yes! It was a lot of fun. Really got my hole opened up. Both guys were really good...I want more.

  8. A question for bottoms on chastity

    I have a Jailbird device and love wearing it. Wear it for two to three months at a time. Really makes me a cock/cum craving bottom. Really improves sex. If you are a bottom, try it. I think you'll like it.
  9. Cut Or Uncut?

    Love uncut cock. It is so much easier to be fucked by one. Will take any cock, but uncut is my favorite.
  10. There is nothing like a guy popping his cock head through the second hole. Painful at first and then amazing. The bigger the better for me.
  11. A Door to New Beginings

    Got me hard, more please.
  12. I have a pussy. And it loves to be used by a big cock or a fist.
  13. Poz Conversation Talk

    Really hot. Thanks for posting.
  14. top 10 rules for sex

    Perfect. I have the same rules.
  15. On All Fours, Knees Together Or Apart?

    I like it knees apart, but I will do whatever the top wants. I'm there for his pleasure not mine.

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