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    Palm Springs California
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    FF top or bottom.
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    Sub bottom for Top's pleasure. I'm pretty much a total bottom for fucking. I do top on occasion. Pretty vers in everything else. Love poppers and having my hole played with. Like to have fun with your hole too.
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    Long time ago. Well actually about 20 years ago, but seems like a lifetime ago. Had a lot of fun!
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    Cock and cum. Into: spit, ws, ff, pits, rim, balls, nips, eating cum, being a sub to a dom top, being a dom top to a sub boy. Into trying new adventures. Visit LA/SD at times. Favorite place to have fun: your place or bathhouse. Guys that turn me on: black, latin, white, some asian, indian, middle eastern, daddy tops, bottom sons, guys into kink. Tats and piercings can be hot. COCK, CUM, PISS

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  1. Love where this is going.
  2. Just love your mind and writing. Thanks. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
  3. Excellent start. Definitely got my attention.
  4. Damn, I like where this is going.
  5. Totally addicted to this hot story. Really going in the right direction.
  6. I find the older I get, the more sex I have. So for me age is in your mind. I play with guys from 20’s to 80’s. Being so open presents many opportunities.
  7. For me kissing is a natural part of sex. So, yes, I do kiss. Like it nice and sloppy. However you always have the right to set your own boundaries.
  8. Fuck I love your mind. I have been hard reading every chapter. Please keep writing. I’m addicted.
  9. Holy fuck wow. I have not read a story this hot in a long time. What a divinely devious mind you have. Keep writing! THANK YOU!
  10. Damn hot. Really want to see where this goes.
  11. So hot. Can’t wait to see Brian turned into a total slut pig.
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