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  1. I didn’t know Blue Door had in and out privileges. The Cock is like a block away and has in and out privileges as well, correct?
  2. Now that’s it’s summer in NYC, I have the opportunity to venture out and explore, including Fire Island. The info on here seems pretty dated. Any recommendations on best/most fun way to get there from NYC? Best times to visit? Best spots to go for some BB play? I wouldn’t mind taking a weekday or two to just explore at the start. (If a daytrip is even possible) Any tops out there or headed that way feel free to drop me a line.
  3. On weeknights, they don’t open the basement area, which makes no sense to me. Enjoyed my visits there, but work brings me to NYC mostly during the week.
  4. Was planning on going to Cumunion at Paddles next Thursday. Anyone else thinking of going? Hoping for some thick cocks to fill my jock covered ass Anyone live near Paddles? Going to be coming from work that night and wouldn’t mind warming up some and not have to bring everything to the event.
  5. Need to head to NY/NJ sometime in June. Hopefully will know exact dates this week, but definitely want to set aside some cockslut days in the schedule.
  6. Vancouver - Cumunion 6/1/18 Almost didn’t go because I had to meet people for drinks at 11pm, but was so fucking horny for cock & loads on Friday. Cleaned my hole, grabbed a jockstrap and ended up there at 8:30pm. Since I only had a little over two hours free, I skipped getting a room, threw my things in a locker and headed to the public play areas for some fun. While it was an eclectic mix of gents there, I did manage to get topped almost the entire time I was there. Mostly in upstairs playroom since the basement gloryhole area was always crowded with someone on the bench. When I finally got on the bench, it was already time to head out. All the cock was bare except for one guy in a condom. Wish I was able to stay longer because everyone seemed to be saving their loads for later in the evening. Managed to get one nice deposit from a thick, bearded top. I’m owed a free room from Steamworks this month, will definitely head back when I have enough free time to take advantage of it.
  7. Anyone on here going to the Cumunion in Vancouver on the Friday, June 2? Visited the club for the first time and liked the layout. Lots of places for me to milk some cocks.
  8. Since Seattle is within driving distance, definitely want to get down there for a power bottom day/night/both. I think the level of sleaze in Club Z is just what I need. Let me know which dates are best, i’ll try for a communion but like to know any alternative nights or nearby sleaze motels are good for slutting it up. Any tops, preferably dom, want to weigh in on the subject or offer to meet up, drop me a message.
  9. Used to live in Philly back in the early 1990s but wasn’t bi-sexual back then. Visited Swanson Street Gym last year and liked the layout, but the place was almost empty. Now, I’m wondering what type of action I missed out on back in day. Anyone have experiences to share?
  10. Honest & loyal masculine handsome fella is now up here in Vancouver & waiting on work permit to get approved. In the meantime, I need something to keep me busy and worry less about spending. Physical Me: 40yo 6’3 220lb dark hair, beard, GL, bi, neg, very oral, mostly versatile- but can definitely be a hungry bottom for a fun dom. Skills Me: Accountant that likes to write & get lost in tech geek stuff, strong back & stamina, imagination, funny, flexible and almost as smart as I pretend to be. Looking across the board for work, networking, friends and some sexual harassment. So let me know if anything sparks your interest or if you want to see a resume/pics. Ask away & I will answer honestly. Not prostituting myself here (not that there is anything wrong with that).
  11. Sad to here that Melrose Spa closed. Had many fun slutty times there.
  12. Need to head out to the east coast this coming week. Exact dates still to be determined. Thinking a need a good NYC cocksluT night during the trip.
  13. Visiting North Jersey for the next two weeks. Looking to slut it up.
  14. I've had good experiences at Midtown Spa on Tuesday nights. Lower prices attracts a crowd. Haven't been to the Melrose Black Out Party in years but it was normally boom or bust back then.
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