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  1. BottomGuy11

    Inn Leather

    Anyone going to be here this weekend?
  2. How was your week? Did you stay at Inn Leather? I am going to be there in 2 weeks!
  3. BottomGuy11

    Best Places in Key West for Hookup

    Island House. Get a day pass. Clothing optional. 2 hot tubs, video lounge, sauna steam room, pool. Full bar, too. Happy hour from 4-6. Great time and very easy to hook up there.
  4. BottomGuy11

    Vacation November 2018

    I am there the 16th to 19th.
  5. What can a guy expect here? Anyone been here recently? Stories? Thinking of booking here next month.
  6. Where is the best resort in Ft. Lauderdale to get laid? Group sex, threesomes? Coming in mid November for a weekend. Suggestions?
  7. BottomGuy11

    visiting cumdump collecting loads

    How was Cabanas? I am heading to Ft. Lauderdale in mid November and looking for a resort with a lot of action.
  8. Which resort? I am looking for the same when I am in FLL in mid November.
  9. BottomGuy11

    Vacation November 2018

    Worthington is cool. I will be there mid-November and will probably check out Cumunion on Saturday the 17th. Definitely would love to hang out with you guys!

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