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Found 73 results

  1. Hotels For Anon Sessions

    setting up a hotel session in london in mid april. looking for a hotel in central london where the lifts don't require a room key to operate, so that the breeders can get straight to the room. any tips?
  2. It has been about ten years since I graduated from college and I guess that's why this encounter entered my mind recently. I used to jerk off to the memory of it for awhile, but thankfully my lust for barebacking and cummy adventures has filled my brain with lots of spankable material. Still, when I think back to this occasion, I still get pretty hard. I was a Resident Assistant for two years in college and I loved it because not only am I social person, but also because I got to have my own room and bathroom. It was the perfect situation for me as at that time I was a 'straight' college student at a big southern state school - a way to get to know a bunch of people but still get my own privacy when I needed it. Of course I principally needed a private room so I could jerk off. If I needed to fuck and dump a load in a nice ass, I went online and found a bottom somewhere in the vicinity who needed to be bred and who could also host. I don't exactly know when I became a barebacker, although looking back I suppose the attraction stemmed from my first anal experience. I frequently went to an adult book store to get head through a glory hole. I had discovered the ABS in my freshman year. It was far from campus so I wasn't all that concerned about running into anyone I knew from school, and as I was usually successful in getting a blowjob, I began to visit the place regularly. In any event, on the occasion of which I'm thinking, I was in a booth at the ABS and was receiving a particularly good blowjob through the glory hole. I was approaching orgasm when the mouth pulled away. Somewhat surprised, I withdrew my cock from the hole, and crouched down, peered into the hole, whereupon I heard the guy on the other side say "unlock your door." I did and within seconds the cocksucker stepped into my cubicle with me. He was a small framed Latino. His body and ass were quite furry, which I found a major fucking turn-on. He gestured that I should take a seat in the chair, my pants and underwear around my ankles. When I was in position he sat on my raw hard cock until I was balls deep inside him as he stared into my eyes. He rode me until I felt my orgasm build and suddenly burst inside him. I plainly saw how his eyes got wide and glazed over with satisfaction and animal-like lust. I was hooked: I was a top who bred bottoms. And believe me, every bottom I encountered craved my thick raw cock, especially 'cause my cock head always swelled to generous proportions just as I shot my large load deep in the bottom's guts. I also think the curve of my cock must have played the bottom's prostate like a fiddle. I quickly discovered I had only to fuck a bottom once before he would be addicted to my thick curve and he would beg for my cock. Yeah, once I entered a guy, his ass would belong to me. One particular college night, I was especially horny and needed a good bottom in whom to unload. I went online to Craigslist and found a 40 year old bottom who was, in the words of his posting, "looking to take as much college dick and cum as I can." I sent him a pic of my cock and my stats and waited. Within a few minutes he sent me his hotel and his room number with some pics. I checked out his pics; nice lean, masculine frame, salt'n'pepper hair, moderately hairy with a relatively hairless ass with a very furry crack. He said he'd meet me naked on all fours with the door propped open and that he might find another top to join. I got ready and headed his way. I arrived at the hotel and found the door ajar. I went inside and immediately could smell the familiar scent of masculine sweat, lube, and cum. This hole had been used. "Got a cummy ass for me?" I asked as I loudly undid my belt buckle (bottoms love that part...always see them either excitedly re-position like a puppy who knows it's getting a their bodies tremble and their asshole winks. Either one gets my dick hard) "Got two loads so far...you college boys are hungry." I had finished undressing, leaving on only my backward hat with my school's logo proudly displayed, and placed my large hand on his ass. He shook with pleasure. "Suck my cock and get it ready for your cummy pussy," I ordered. He moaned and dove for my cock. The moment it passed through his lips and he began to feel the girth and the length, he let out a animal-like grunt and instinctively arched his back to raise his furry-cracked bubble ass higher. I could see the glistening wetness on his slightly-open hole in the dim light of the hotel room as he continued to feast on my cock, moaning and grunting like a good little fuck pig. This pig needed more seed. The pigs cell phone on the bed next to him began to ring. He pulled off my cock "Sorry, sir, it's the other college guy top who's going to breed me with you--if you don't mind, sir." "Answer the phone so you can get back on my cock, pig." He answered the phone and it was clear the kid was asking for directions and this guy didn't know the city. He looked at me "Can you help him find this place?" I took the phone in one hand and grabbed the back of the pigs head with my other and guided his mouth back to my cock. I spoke into the phone. "Hey, I've got this pig hungrily slurping on my cock but his cummy butt needs more cock in it. Where are you so we can get you in one of these holes and make this pig a happy cumdump?" The voice on the phone hesitated at first, but when he spoke it was clear he was horny as fuck. "I just need to figure out how to get there from where I'm at--I'm new this semester." "I've got your welcome present here--don't forget the balls, pig--if you want a big load you better worship those balls, too. Okay, so where are you?" I talked with the other top about where he was and quickly directed him to where he was going. He was only five minutes away. "The door is still ajar, come in and shut it and get undressed before you fully enter the room. I want you ready to take over this mouth the second you walk in, because I need to reward this bitch for slurping on my cock so much by driving this thick curve deep in that wet hole." "You got it, man. Sounds so hot." I hung up the phone and threw it on the bed. The pig kept slurping on my cock as he held up a bottle of poppers. I took a huge hit and let the warmth and hunger wash over me as the cumdump took a few hits and hungrily returned to slobbering on my thick cock, savoring the precum and moaning like a fucking bitch. I heard the door open and heard the new college top fumbling with his clothes. He was a bit nervous, which wasn't all that surprising. I was prepared to take charge and get him where he needed to go, and honestly, I was sure once the college top felt the cock sucker's mouth he would be hooked. At that moment the college top entered. Glancing up I realized I knew him. He had recently moved to my floor, and I had casually spoken to him a couple of times. He was a quiet kid who mostly stayed to himself. A musician, if I remembered correctly. I remember thinking when I met him, that I thought he was cute, but I hadn't obsessed over him, after all, I was outwardly straight. But here we both were, both naked, in a hotel room, both of us were completely hard (and I noticed, his cock was also quite impressive. Once he recognized me, he was also clearly completely mortified and seemed a bit bit frozen, unsure of how to handle the situation. So I took charge. "Pig, you've had enough of my cock - at least for now. If you want my cock in that ass, go show our friend here how hungry you are for cock." The cumdump immediately got off the bed where he had been on all fours sucking my cock and rushed in front of my resident. Without hesitating, he dove onto the other guy's cock, loudly moaning and slurping like a slut. I watched as the panic melted away to pleasure and I walked over to the guys and presented a bottle of poppers under my resident's nose. He took a deep hit in both nostrils and immediately I saw it in his eyes--the hungry glazed look of a barebacker. He was ready. "On the bed on all fours, cumdump," I ordered. The 40 year old man quickly complied, making sure his back was arched to make his ass and mouth more appealing to the two college tops he was pleasuring. I looked at my resident asking "You want mouth or ass?" He smiled, "I want ass. I know I'll cum if I watch you fuck him and I want to breed him, especially if he's got some loads in him already." I climbed on the bed and got comfortable and the bottom immediately got to work sucking my cock. He was so excited knowing he was about to get fucked. My resident hesitated a second "Is there lube?" "He's got two loads in his ass. Just eat him out a bit to get him wet and push it in." I watched as my resident got between the bottom's legs, spread his ass cheeks, and went to town eating that cummy hole. The excessive moaning and flourishes he used on my cock made it clear he was quite happy, and was properly thanking me for arranging double fuck session. My resident, meanwhile, unquestionably loved eating cummy ass. I took some satisfaction in thinking I would have fun with the quiet musician who lived down the hall. Yeah, I was going to have fun with this boy. "Now fuck him. I'd say the bitch has earned a few more loads." I love being able to see the face of both bottom and the top when a top first slides his cock into a cummy-holed slut. The ecstasy and hunger the resident and cumdump were experiencing was abundantly tangible, so I took a large hit of poppers and begin to face fuck the bottom. He loved every second of the spit-roasting, and from the grunts coming from the top, I suspected he would barely last five minutes, so I paused in face-fucking the bottom so he can really enjoy my cock on his terms. I'd like to think each tongue-flick and oral massage of my cock was his way of thanking me. While he was enjoying the resident's cock, he knew he belonged to me. The cumdump could tell, even before I penetrated his hole, that my cock was special. He was a true cumdump. I looked up as the resident was practically howling, knowing he was about to cum. I withdrew from the cumdump's mouth, walked around the bed so I was directly behind the resident, allowing my hard cock head to rest against his ass cheek as I leaned in close behind him and quietly ordered the resident to "Load him. Load up the cumdump. I'm going to fuck him and I want your load deep in his guts while I'm filling him up. Give him your warm, thick load." I also ordered the cumdump to "Beg for that load, bitch. Tell him that you want it." And beg he did. The 40 year old begged and pleaded for that load like a true cumdump. The resident, meanwhile, was about to go over the edge, so I took the bottom about his waist and pulled him back so that the resident was completely balls-deep. Then, at just the right moment, I grunted in the resident's ear "Shoot that load." I could feel his body spasm as he came, wave after wave of orgasm hitting him as the cumdump moaned and thanked him over and over again. When he was done cumming, the resident pulled out with a wet "plop" and collapsed on his back on the bed next to the cumdump. I immediately grabbed the cumdump by the waist with both hands and spit on my cockhead. Placing my cock at the entrance to his wet, hot, cummy hole, I slid my entire eight inch shaft deep into his guts. The noise the cumdump made was unlike any I'd heard him: it was a deep, guttural groan that seemed to escape from deep in his gut. He was truly a bitch in heat. I took my time enjoying the cummy wetness of his warm guts as I pounded his ass, using every stroke to caress and massage the hole so that it began to naturally form to the shape of my cock. As I owned his ass, the cumdump eventually coaxed the resident to scoot up on the bed so he could suck his semi-hard cock while in the daze of the poppers and the pleasure of my cock filling his cummy hole. I felt my orgasm building as I watched the resident's cock growing harder in the cumdump's mouth and watching as the cumdump hungrily started really working for a load in his mouth, sensing another load would soon be deposited in his ass. He pushed back and met each thrust while giving focused attention to the cock in his mouth. As I said, he was a true cumdump, and most definitely was earning his cummy rewards. I unloaded in his ass moments before the resident unloaded in his mouth and felt the cumdump's body shivering as he felt my cockhead swell and release a giant load into his guts. His ass was filled to the brim with cum, and as the resident began to flood his mouth the cumdump laughed around the dick as he moaned and savored each drop. As my orgasm subsided, I pulled out slowly and felt the cum following my dick. When my cockhead popped out of the cumdump's well used asshole, a splatter of cum came out and landed on the hotel bedspread. In a flash, the resident dove on the cummy hole, licking and slurping up the cum and ass juices leaking out. "Push some of it back in" the bottom begged. "Please give me the seed." Scooping up some of the cum on my cock head, I slid my dick, which was still quite hard, back into his cummy ass. The resident kept his face right there by the hole, watching and breathing on my cock as if to make sure each drop of cum remained in the cumdump's hole. The bottom, for his part, clamped down on my cock when I withdrew, ensuring the multiple loads he had taken would not be lost. The resident immediately took my cummy cock in his mouth and cleaned it off. I smiled in satisfaction as he enjoyed servicing my cock for a few moments before I withdrew from his mouth. "Come on, we've got to go. I'm sure this cumdump has more tops on the way." "Just a couple," the bottom answered. I noticed his cummy asshole seemed to wink in agreement. The resident and I quickly dressed, so we were ready to leave at the same time. Just before I opened the door to leave, I looked over my shoulder at the cumdump and said "Thanks, cumpdump, you did a good job." With that, resident and I walked out. He didn't say anything until we were in the elevator. "Will this change anything at the dorms? Cuz I'm not really out," he asked with a hesitant voice. "Hey, nothing's going to change," I replied with a reassuring smile, "except that you're going to suck a load out of my cummy dick when we get back to the dorms." From his smile, I had the feeling he had decided a little change wasn't such a bad thing. This is my first story on here. Let me know if you guys enjoyed and I should keep writing...I have PLENTY of other great stories up my sleeves (or up someone's ass)
  3. Hi guys, I am visiting London at the end of September and looking to take as many loads as possible over the weekend COMPLETELY ANON. I'll be advertising my arse out on grindr, BBRT and on here for a NO LOAD REFUSED policy. I need to know which hotel is best to book on a budget which will allow lots of guys to cum and go? I've currently got Travelodge Vauxhall booked (I can cancel), but I believe there is a key card for each floor? People have previously mentioned putting selotape on the door latch on whichever floor I am on so I'm thinking of that option at the moment but if anyone's got any better suggestions of more ideal hotel's PLEASE let me know??? Much appreciated Cheers Cumholes
  4. Hey guys - thought I would resurrect this topic and see what the consensus is on this. I will be in LA early in 2018 (weekend after New Year's) and looking to take anon loads in a hotel. I tend to like masculine (even bi/straight) dark swarthy types (Latino/Middle Eastern/Black) and typically don't go in for the pretty boys so I'm thinking WeHo is out and Echo Lake/Westlake/Hollywood is better. I'm torn between the Travelodge on Sunset or the Royal Viking Motel in Westlake or whether I should pay a little more and stay at the Dunes on Sunset, it being right off the 101. Would appreciate hearing advice from the locals and other bottoms who have been down this road. Thanks!
  5. I'm in Vegas this week and a little weary about leaving the main strip where I'm staying at MGM. Anyone in the area that can help answer any questions or give good suggestions on getting my dick wet while I'm there? Any ABS bookstores that are on the strip, if not safe ways to get to them? Any good escorts or m4m massage guys that are worth the money? Gloryholes to both use and even join in at for doubles action? Any other ideas besides fucking craigslist to get some action in there? Any place to safely pick up any party favors? Even a buddy to meet up platonically whatever. I'm open to plenty of suggestions to make sure I have some fun while I'm here.
  6. It was two years ago this month. I saw GoodExercise (he is on here, but I did not know about that) on Grindr. I was in Chicago for the weekend, but we couldn't meet then. We talked more on Grindr and GE agreed to drive to Urbana on a weekend. I had just turned legal, and GE made me show him my real and fake IDs (smart to ask for both). I wasn't chasing, but I never used condoms. GE had me on my back in his hotel room, and was fucking me real good (big dick but knows how to use it). GE put his forearm across my throat and told me to beg for his Poz load. When he let up, I was so light headed. I suppose that I could have said No, or could have thrown him off me. But I went for it. He made me repeat it louder, too. Then I got the load that gave me the Gift. Not too long after, my BF at the time (now former BF), had the fuck flu at the same time. My former BF was all concerned that he gave it to me, but I know I got it from GE almost 100 percent certain. Meanwhile, I learned from that that my former BF was cheating on me doing risky sex without warning or protecting me. Even though I was doing the same thing, it made me angry at him and made me feel even less concerned about others when it comes to whatever happens as a result of sex, but I wasn't all that concerned to begin with. This must be the "right" forum because it involves me stealthing my former BF.
  7. I am sitting here writing basking in the afterglow of a good night of fucking. I am travelling for work and decided I would make the most of it. I posted a quick connection on bbrt as well as a Craigslist ad and surfed grindr. I made it clear that I wanted it to be anonymous, in a semi dark room and only breeders were allowed. Miad received numerous replies, most of which followed my instructions sending me cock pics. The few that did not were ignored. I don't feel bad for you guys they can't read. Or follow simple instructions. By the time I was ready to have guys come over I had about a dozen lined up. I lined that many up since I knew some would flake. Through trial and error k figured out the best place to put my laptop to be inconspicuous and record my visitors. I unlocked the door and waited. I had to wait about 20 minutes for the first guy to arrive, not a good start. He came in, rubbed my ass, slapped his soft cock on my hole a few times and then lubed up to enter. He was a pretty decent size to start the night with. Lucky me he came first and not last, he loosened me up a bit. I think my poppers are old because they didn't have an effect on me. Oh well, I enjoyed his 5 minutes in me and he came shaking as he thrust. I squeezed my cheeks together and held his load in as I waited for number 2. He arrived 5 or so minutes later, a good sign it was starting to pick up I thought. He had a great 7 incher I think from the feel. I don't play regularly so he was a great size to work me over. He came in and got straight to it, no prep needed, just spit on his dick and pushed in to me in one thrust. Damn that hurt but it quickly felt better and he fucked me rhythmically. He lasted a little longer than the first, and finished with a few grunts and hard thrusts. Without a word he left. The third was a random guy that hit me up on Grindr while i was waiting. He was 20 minutes away, I gave him the address and he was on his way. I kept waiting and no one showed. My random Grindr guy showed and fucked me with a nice thick uncut cock. He ended up pushing me flat on my stomach to fuck me. He pounded deep and hard for what seemed like a very long 5 minutes but then his pumps got shaky and he came deep in me. He thanked me and said he needed that, said his wife wasn't giving him any. Glad I could help, anytime was my reply. He was the last that came over. I had another guy email me to see if I wanted a repeat but I dont think I'll see him ever again. We had a meeting once, supposed to be a pump and dump but he turned it into a long drawn out rimming session. He spent more time jerking himself off than fucking me, I'll pass. I ended the recording and I will so down to edit out all the wasted time I spent waiting. Hope you all enjoy the before shot I will ad the after shot to my profile.
  8. I read in Help Forum that we can post escort sex in Bugshare or Chemsex Fiction. I knew that I wasn’t the only small town guy earning side money. I did this assignment last Sunday night. - RU free for a side job? - What does he look like? - IDK. Salt/pepper. Glasses. Skinny. Short. - How old? Is he okay with another short guy? - RU free or not? I can text Eduardo if you don’t want the $. Mid-40s. I told him the rate is 250 and he didn’t blink. - Now? - Y. Suite 205. When should I say you’ll be here? - 30 min. I hope you don’t think worse of me for this. I can net $200 after giving my friend working the front desk his referral fee. Business travelers get here tired and horny, and they are disappointed to see for themselves how few options there are for a hookup. My friend working the front desk told me about a year ago how guys come on to him all the time, but he’s straight and then the guys ask him if he has any gay friends that like generous guys. Apparently without shame or knowing how fast gossip spreads in a small town. I told my friend no way I would do that, which is how Eduardo got involved. Around Halloween, I asked my friend how the enterprise was going. Eduardo was getting 2 or 3 new assignments per month this way, plus some repeat work. My friend gets a referral fee on the first visit but Eduardo keeps everything earned on repeat visits. My partner wanted to go to Mexico for Christmas, and we were short on vacation money. I talked it over with my partner, and he said I should take my friend up on his business proposal. The only thing is my partner wants me to tell him when I go on an assignment so that he can rescue me if something goes wrong. We earned the Mexico money, and I kept going after that to bring in spare cash. I got the text about Suite 205 last Sunday night sitting at home with my partner watching porn. I tell my partner I’m going to shower and douche and head over and that its Suite 205. I know he hears me, but there’s not much response. My friend waves me over to the front desk when I get to the Inn. He gives me a card key for 205 and tells me the guy said let myself in and he will be waiting. This probably means I will be topping. I let myself in. The living room is bright enough, but the sleeping room is dim. The guy has a porn playing on his laptop. He’s on knees and one elbow watching it and stroking his dick with his free hand. I walk to the sleeping area and look him over while I undress. The guys is my exact size but twice my age. Short, dark brown hair with gray on the sides. Metal rim glasses. Hairy ass and legs. Big dick. I bet it was 7.5. There’s a little stack of bills on the nightstand, which means I should get paid. The porn on the laptop is something rough. No twink coming of age shit. That makes my job easier because all I have to do is let Wild Tyger out to play. The jobs where I have to play sweet little Ty can take the guys forever to get off. I close the laptop in the guys face. He looks at me like what am I doing? He’s cute. Smooth and clean shaven. Short hair. But I’m in charge. Suck it. He scoots over so his face is at the edge of the bed and wraps his lips around the head of my dick. I grab the back of his neck and pull his face as far down as I can get him to go before he starts choking. I said suck it. I deliver a slap on the back of the guy’s neck for encouragement. Now he’s working it like a pig. Slobbering and drooling. Turn over. Get your face down there. I have him sucking my balls before I face fuck him. His dick is like granite. Nice smooth torso and trimmed out pubes. I slap the side of his face. Watch the teeth! He didn’t fuck up with the teeth, but that’s what I came up with to keep him in check. I stand there getting my cock deep throated by this guy, looking around the room. I think I’ve been in 205 before. I wonder if this guy’s going to be here all week. I hope Eduardo doesn’t jump my turf. Turn over. Let me see that faggot ass. Now he’s back similar to when I arrived. On knees and now both elbows. Dumb bitch. But he has a nice patch of hair in his ass crack with smooth thighs before his legs get hairy again. And I like his feet. I hope I look this good at his age. I’m 5-6, and this guy’s ass is so high in the air I can’t fuck him standing up like that, no way. I’ve dealt with this situation before. I grab his ankles and pull him so that only his knees are on the bed, legs spread apart. I bend down and grab one wrist with my left hand while I position my right hand on his shoulder with my right forearm laying down across his back. Twist the left arm behind the back while applying pressure to the right shoulder and dig the right elbow into the back. Now the bitch has the side of his face planted on the bed and the top of his chest digging into the bed. His ass is right where I need it to be. Now I could have shoved it in right there, right like that. But Tyger is a gentleman. I let his wrist go and tell him to let me see his asshole. He’s so skinny that his pucker really sticks out, even with the hair back there. I drop to my knees and go down on the guy’s hole. This hotel has citrus style body wash for the guests, and his ass tastes like that. Lemony. For all I know, maybe Lemon AIDS. That would be good. I dig my tongue into his asshole, and I reach up and squeeze his dangling balls with one of my strong little hands while I jack his dick with the other hand. He puts the front of his ankles on my shoulders and the tops of his big feet down my shoulder blades, and he pulls me into his ass tighter. Fuck him for being more hung than me and more naturally aggressive. If a guy was treating me the way I was treating him, I would be total submissive and passive. But this guy is liking what my tongue is doing for his Lemon Grove, and he wants more. I eat the Future Me out like this for a long time. My mouth hurts, I relax it a bit, then go back for more. I let go of bitch’s balls and cock, and bring my hands around to the sides of his ass. Slap left. Slap right harder. Slap left even harder. He’s grunting. He grabs my right hand to stop me slapping him with it again. Dumb faggot. Punch small of back with left hand. The bitch collapses on the bed, and his ass pulls away from my mouth. Now he’s as flat on the bed as he can get with his knees still under his body. This will be an even better height for me to fuck him. Show me that ass. No spit, no lube. Just Tyger sticking it in. All the way in, no slowing down to let the cunt adjust. Can you take it, or not? Yes, he can take it. I fuck him like this plenty long enough. Up on my toes, back flat on my feet, bending my knees, back straight up tall. I bend down and rest my elbows on either side of the small of his back and thrust my cock in and out of his ass. This is like a patented Tyger position because you have to really work your hips this way. It’s work. Bitch pays the price for the pleasure with some pain while I dig my elbows into his back. More pressure with the elbows means more power with the fucking. You know what? I’m almost done with you. Get on your back. Bitch flips right over. I pull him all the way to the edge of the bed and put his legs on my shoulders. This guy has a really flat torso, and nipples that stretch out to the sides. He looks super content in the face. And his 7.5 is still granite pressing straight up against his flat abs. He hooks his ankles together behind my neck, and I grab both of his wrists. I squeeze his wrists hard while I poke my dick around his hole until it lands right on the pucker and pops in. Tyger power fucks the faggot like this for a while. I let his wrists go. Pound it out, Bitch. The guy spits on his right palm and starts his handiwork. I slap the side of his face. I want to see a big load. I punch him right in the heart. Don’t be a fucking disappointment. I bend forward and grab both of his nipples in my fists and pull him up. He winces. Pow! His cum is splattering all over my forearms and chest and dripping down onto his chest. I let go of his nipples, straighten up, and reach back and gently massage his big feet still locked behind my neck. He likes this. A real happy smile is all over his face. He is still sweating and breathing pretty hard. Ready? I close my eyes and think about my partner. I should bring a bottle of the hotel body wash home so we can taste it on each other’s assholes before we fuck each other. I know he would like that. Oh yeah, I would feel good making him feel loved. Oh shit. Cumming so hard. Keep fucking. He wants me to fuck it into him. It’s hard to keep going with my cock so sensitive now. So slick in there. Ahhh. The guy is staring right at me when I open my eyes. He says thanks and tells me I can shower up but I just grab a towel and clean us both up. I see a bottle of meds on the sink when I’m in the bathroom. So he must be Poz, Undetectable. Like I said, AIDS would have been fine with me, but this is okay too for this assignment. Future Me doesn't want meds if I can get my partner to share his Gift when I have him agree that I should stop PrEP. The guy stays on his back on the bed while I dress. He likes my outfit. Cool. He tells me he is only here for the night, but he might be back later this summer if things go right with his pitch to the company. I pocket the fee for my time, and say good-bye. I stop at the front desk and give my friend his referral fee, and I ask for a bottle of the body wash. He gives me a few bottles. My partner is in bed when I get home. I should shower, but I did that earlier and feel tired now. I put the body wash in the bathroom and brush my teeth before getting into bed with my partner. Tyger rests for the night.
  9. I am visiting Minneapolis for the first time in July and I am looking for a hotel recommendation where I can host an anon pig party. I prefer something between the airport and Golden Valley or even downtown.
  10. I tried something a little different today. It turned out pretty well, so I may try it again. In the past when I've had a hotel breed and seed, fuck party here in Las Vegas, I've gotten a motel room, near the LV Strip and hosted them in the evening. However, this time, I got a room at a Hotel/Casino in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson. It's a larger hotel, but it's easy to reach. Just off the exit where 2 freeways merge. There's free parking. And the elevator doesn't require a keycard. So, I decided this would work well for a sex party. I had for 2 days been putting ads on Craigslist. I had also posted a sex party on BBRT. I'd received several dozen replies, saying they wanted to attend. From past experience, I know only a small portion of the guys that say they're coming, actually show up. But, I was hoping for the best. One guy told me that he could only come if it was before 3pm. check-in time was 3pm. But, I was able to check in a bit early, so I got to my room at about 2:30p. I quickly messaged him and gave him the room number. He said he'd be there in 10 mins. I spent the rest of the time messaging everyone that had requested an invite, my room number and told them that the door would be unlocked. Come in and fuck. I then used duct tape to cover the door lock, so the door could just be pushed open, I dimmed the lighting, I undressed, I put out my poppers, wet wipes, a few hand towels and lube. All was set when I heard the door open, close, and he appeared in my dimly lit room. He came into my room and stood at the foot at the bed, kicking off his shoes and opening his jeans. I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his partially hard cock. He continued to undress as I was blowing him. Then he moved to the bed and layed on his back. I then climbed between his legs and again sucked on his now hard cock. I worshipped his cock and balls, then licked his ass. "Oh, FUCK!" he moaned when I licked his asshole. "I've never had my asshole licked", he said. "Are you str8?" I asked. "Yeah. And I don't have much time. My girlfriend is expecting me home". I continued sucking on his short, but fat cock as I tasted precum oozing from his piss slit. "Oh, dude! You're gonna make me cum!", he exclaimed, as he began to shake and fill my mouth with his hot cum. In probably 4 minutes, he had come, cum and was now quickly dressing and was out my door. Typical str8 guy, actually. Quick draws. Not two minutes after str8 boy number one had left, the door opened again and in the darkness I could make out a handsome Jock type guy in his mid 20's come into the room. He was about 5'9", 175 and muscular. He was wearing gym shorts which he quickly shucked. I knelt in front of him and began to suck on his giant cock, that was already rock hard. It was about 9"s long and really thick. Truly ROCK HARD, with a swollen mushroom head. While I was sucking on him, the door opened and closed. From the side of my vision, I could see a tall, broadly built guy in his early 50's walk past where I was kneeling and walk to the corner of the room. He stood there, unzipped and pulled out his cock. He was stroking his cock as he watched me suck the Jock kid. The Jock kid said to the other guy, "Come on over. He can suck us both". "No. Go ahead. I just want to watch right now.", the newcomer said. I continued to suck on the Jock as the door opened and closed again. In walked a stocky guy in his 50's. He quickly undressed and stood next to the Jock. I took turns sucking on both their cocks. The Jock said, "Someone needs to fuck this guy. That's what he wants. Right?" I got up and knelt on the edge of the bed. Grabbing my poppers and placing the lube on the mattress beside me. "Fuck, Yeah! Someone fuck me", I said. The stocky guy quickly came behind me and slapped his hard cock on my hole. I handed him the lube and he lubed both my hole and his cock. I sniffed on the poppers as he slid up inside me. He took no time to begin slamming into me. He wasn't really large. But his cock felt great. And he knew how to fuck. He fucked me for about 5 minutes with some good, hard pounding. While he was fucking me, another guy came into the room. He was a young guy in his 20's. The new 20-something guy quickly undressed and he began to suck on the giant mushroom cock of the Jock. All the while the other tall guy stood in the corner jacking off. The guy fucking me soon came, dressed and left. Then the guy that had just been watching walked behind me. Pulled his jeans open and slapped a huge rock hard cock against my ass. He thrust into me in one quick stab. Thank God the other guy had lubed me well and had dumped a nice load in me, so my ass was well lubed. He slid in me easily. He grabbed me around the waist and pumped hard and deep. It didn't take long for him to cum. He let out a loud growl as he emptied his balls into me. He then quickly pulled out, wiped off his dick, dressed and left. Finally the Jock with the giant, long, thick, mushroomed headed cock decided to fuck. He was completely naked. His body hard and muscular. Even as big as his cock was, the two loads already in me made his thick cock slide in me easily. His cock felt absolutely amazing! The mushroom head was hitting my prostate as he slid in and out of my ass. Sadly, he was so horny and had been enjoying blow jobs from both me and the young kid that had entered, so the Jock came pretty quickly. Damn! I would have loved for him to have fucked me for a long time. His cock was so large and hard, it almost felt like a dildo. But he came quickly, then pulled out. The young guy that was still in the room, but had not played with me dressed while the Jock was dressing and they left together. I was now alone after about 45 minutes of intense fucking. I checked my messages. I had several replies. A couple said they were on their way. And a few said they weren't coming. I heard the door open and close again. A hot black guy in his early 30's came in. He quickly got naked. His bbc was hanging between his legs. I dropped to my knees and began to suck. His cock swelled and lengthened very quickly. Then he literally grabbed me by the arm, pulling me up, pulling me towards the bed. I climbed on, again assuming my "position", on my knees, on the edge of the bed. The handsome bbc stepped behind me and slammed up into me in one, quick thrust. He wasted no time getting to it. Slamming my ass hard and deep. "How many loads you got in you, Faggot?" "Three in my ass and one in my mouth", I told him. "Any black dick, yet?" he asked. 'You're my first, so far". "You like black dick, Fag?" "Fuck, yeah!", I said. He's fucking me hard and slapping against me as the door opens again. From the side of my head I can make out an older white guy and a young black kid come into the room. The older white guy for some reason quickly turned and walked out. Don't know why? Maybe just wasn't his thing? Or he was scared? Or intimidated? Who knows? But, the young black kid quickly undressed and had a hard cock already. "Want a try?" asked the black guy fucking me. Without saying anything, the young black kid walked behind us. The guy fucking me pulled out and the kid took his place in my ass. The kid was not particularly hung, but he felt great. He had that incredible hardness that only young kids have. He was silent as he fucked. But he fucked me for about 6 or 7 minutes. The older black guy knelt on the bed in front of me and I sucked his cock as the young kid fucked me. The only sound the kid made was when he finally came. He let out a soft moan, then quickly pulled out and dressed. The older black guy once again came behind me and slid up in me. His cock was long, but not thick. He slammed in me for about 4 or 5 minutes, then let out a loud "OH, FUCK!" as he shot his load into my ass. As he pulled out of me and began to dress, the door opened again. A very, very tall, muscular guy in his 50's walked in. His emails said he was 6'4", 240 lbs of muscle. He had a very broad build. He walked to the other side of the room and stood there as the black guy finished dressing and left. I walked to the newcomer as he unzipped his pants. He was a very rugged looking guy. His muscles, height and bulk made him kind of intimidating. But, also a real turn on. I sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. He took a few steps towards me and fed his soft cock to me. He had about 8"s. Not particularly thick. But a nice size for sucking. The thickness was just right that I could take it deep down my throat. While I was sucking him the door opened again. The younger guy that had been sucking the Jock, earlier was back. I was puzzled by that, since he'd had no interaction with me. But he came over to where I was sucking this muscle bound hunk and he wanted to taste the dick as well. So, this young kid was going to be a party crasher. He had no interest in fucking me, but wanted the dick that I was providing. He was really turned on by this older muscle guy and was wanting to horn in on my action. I finally asked him to leave when he began to beg the muscle daddy to fuck him. "Excuse me. But, this is my breed & feed. Get your own hotel room. Post your own ads. And have your own party. Get the fuck out", I said to the kid. The kid started to protest when the Muscle Daddy added, "You heard the man. Get out". The kid dressed and left the room as the Muscle Daddy asked me if I wanted to get fucked? "Damn right, I do", I said. And I climbed onto the edge of the bed. "You got a condom?", he asked. SHIT! I'd been really clear in my ads and correspondence that it was bareback only. BUT, Muscle Daddy was so hot, that I was willing to let him fuck me with a condom. I did have one condom in my "fuck kit", so I pulled it out, handed it to him along with the bottle of lube. Again, assuming my position on the bed, he put on the condom and lubed it up. His covered cock slid up into me and he gave me a great fuck. About 10 minutes of wonderful fucking. Even though there was a condom on, this may have been my favorite fuck so far. His cock was just a perfect size. It was long. Thick, but not too thick. His large, swollen cockhead was rubbing my prostate as he slid in and out of me. His fucking actually made me cum. I was shaking in orgasm as he finally got to that point himself. "Where do you want my cum?" he asked. "Anywhere you want, dude", I replied. His fucking got faster and harder. I could feel his cock getting harder inside me. "Ahhhh.........Damn!", he groaned as he pulled from me and began to stroke furiously on his cock. I stayed where I was and I could feel his cockhead slapping my hole. Finally I felt his hot cum shooting all over my ass and my asshole. As he stepped back away from me, I got off the bed. And for the first time got a really good look at him. He was still handsome, but I could tell that in his younger days, he'd been quite a stud. His large, muscular chest was covered in a thick mat of salt & pepper hair. I rubbed his chest. "Damn! You're a hot man!" I said. He laughed. "Thanks", he said. "You're in amazing shape", I said. He again laughed. "Well, I used to be a professional bodybuilder. I'm getting kind of fat. But, thanks". "I just had a testosterone injection 3 days ago. I've been horny as hell. So, I needed this. Thanks. We need to do this again. Can I get your cell number?", he asked. I gave him my cell number and he quickly sent me a text, so that I would have his number. "Can you host?", I asked. "No. Married. Can't host", he said. "Well, normally, I can't, either. But we can always get a room, sometime." I said. "Yeah. Let's do that. You're a good fuck. I'll fuck you anytime", he said. "Thanks!", I say. "So, you're str8?", I ask. He laughs again. "Well, let's just say, I love to fuck. I don't care if it's a pussy. I don't care if it's an asshole. A nice hole is a nice hole. And you've got a nice hole. I'll fuck you, anytime. After Muscle Daddy left the action seemed to die. About 20 minutes went by with no one coming in. It was now 5pm. I'd been going at it for over 2 hours. And my time was getting short before I needed to leave the hotel and meet my friends for dinner. But, I got an email from a young black kid that had been saying he wanted to come. He said he was on the freeway and was 15 minutes away. Was I still taking dick? Well, this kid seemed to have a nice cock. He had sent me several pictures of his very long, very thick, bbc. He even sent me a video of him jacking off and shooting a load. It was hot! And I wanted him inside me. I told him I only had 30 minutes left, but I'd wait. Sure enough at 5:20pm, he was coming through my door. He was a nice looking, heavy set black kid in his mid 20's. He immediately stripped and sat on the edge of the bed. I began to suck on his foreskin and cock as it swelled to full hardness. I licked down his shaft and licked his balls. That pushed a button for him. "Yeah. Suck my balls", he groaned. I sucked on his balls. I sucked first one of his balls into my mouth. His balls were actually kind of small. So, I was able to get both in my mouth. I stroked his cock as I sucked on his balls. He was dripping precum. I went back to sucking him. If I hadn't been so pressed for time, I would have taken my time to savor his beautiful bbc. But, time was running out. I finally climbed onto the edge of the bed, putting my ass up. He climbed off the bed and put his cock to my hole. He began to press into me. His cock was so thick that it was hurting. I had to have him slide in me, real slow. I was sniffing poppers like crazy as I tried to relax my ass to accept his cock. Finally, his cock popped up into me. Then he began to pump. Slam, actually. The pain ended and turned to pleasure as he rammed his young, bbc into me. About 15 minutes of intense fucking resulted in my last load of the night. By the time I dressed and packed up belongings it was time to quickly drive to my dinner appointment.
  11. I'm gonna be on a road trip near the end of the month and I'm considering getting a room in Boston, leaving the door unlocked and going ass up and anonymous for the night. It would be either Wednesday, June 28 or Thursday, June 29 as the topic says. Love to bring my fresh ass to a new city and see what the locals think! I'd also appreciate any hotel recommendations guys in the Boston area might have. Is downtown better, or out in the burbs? Looking for something that isn't too expensive and affords some anonymity (i.e. not having to sign in guests), but I want something safe and easily accessible. Thanks in advance! Hit me up if you'd like to be a top inside this eager hungry hole later this month.
  12. Trannies hosting at a hotel near downtown Denver Pride weekend. June 16-18th and want to try it all, gang bang, ABS , Arcades, XX theater etc. Both sub tranny sissie bottoms with few limits and ready to please; love taking loads both ends. Love to make it a regular deal. We are NOT pros but love to be used like them. HMU for details guys xxxooo sindi
  13. One of my favorite times of every year here in Las Vegas are the first 2 weeks of December. For 10 days each Dec., Las Vegas hosts the National Rodeo Finals. The town is filled with nearly 30,000 rodeo cowboys and rodeo lovers. There are a couple of cowboys that I've been hooking up with each year. But they can be a bit paranoid about having me come to their hotel rooms, for fear that one of their cowboy buddies might find out. This year I decided to get a room at a cheap motel, just across the freeway from the LV Strip Hotels and host there. I love this particular motel. It has parking just in front of the rooms. It's easy access for both the out of towners staying on The Strip as well as locals. And there are two large lots on either side of the motel for 18 wheel trucks to spend the night. I like to get a room at this place every few months. Just to whore out and take loads. The first night I had the room, I invited both of my cowboy regulars to my room. They both fucked me and seemed to be a lot more relaxed coming to my room, instead of hosting in theirs. Both guys consider themselves str8. But both say they look forward to our yearly fuck. I sure do enjoy sucking, rimming and fucking with both those masculine cowboy studs. One guy is from Austin, TX. The other from South Dakota. Hot fuckers! The second night that I had the room, I decided I wanted to try an anonymous pump and dump in my room. I posted on BBRT.com, Squirt and Craigslist. I posted my KIK number on all the ads. I said in my ad that starting at 11pm, I would have my door unlocked. Just come in, find me ass up, and fuck me. It had to be raw. No condoms allowed. I got my room ready with several bottles of lube and poppers, tissue boxes and wet wipes set on both bedside tables and on the dresser. I also had my own bottle of poppers that I alone would use for the evening. By 10:45p I was douched, showered and had the lights off. At 10:50p the first guy came into my room. He felt my ass and fingered my hole for a minute or two. Then I felt him drizzle some cold lube on my ass and his finger slid some up inside me. His finger was soon replaced by his hard cock. He was a quick draw. He probably only fucked me for a couple of minutes, before he groaned and filled my ass with the first load of the evening. He pulled out, pulled up his pants and was out of the room in all under 5 minutes. At about 11:05p my door opened again. Another guy came in, quickly stepped up behind me, lowered his pants and slid inside me. His fuck was a bit longer. Maybe 10 minutes. Just before he came inside me, I heard the door open again. Another guy had come in. He undressed as he watched the other guy fuck me. And as soon as that guy had filled my ass with his load, the 3rd guy stepped behind me and sipped in my hole. As #3 fucked me, #2 pulled up his pants and left. Guy #3 really pounded me hard. He was really enjoying his ride. He took about 20 minutes of pounding, before he emptied his balls inside me. Within 45 minutes, I had taken the first 3 loads of the evening. I was thinking, "This is going to be a great evening". But then I went for over an hour without anyone showing up. I was starting to get discouraged, but at about 1am another guy walked into my room. I was sitting in a chair, checking emails on my phone. So I just dropped to my knees. He stepped up to me, unzipped and fed me his cock. I sucked him hard. Then I got up, knelt on the edge of the bed and sniffed some poppers, as he removed his shoes and pants. Soon he was sliding his dick up inside my cum lubed ass. He was a rough fuck. Really slamming into me. A good, hard 10 minute fuck finally resulted in load #4 going inside me. After #4 had cum and gone, I checked my emails and KIK. There were 8 messages on KIK and well over a dozen emails and messages on BBRT & Squirt. I replied to them all, giving them all my hotel address and room number. Knowing that usually, just a small portion of the guys that reply, will actually show up. But, you never know? And on this particular evening, I'd say that the vast majority of the guys that replied, actually did show up. As I've learned in the past, here in Las Vegas, as the evening gets later, the anonymous tops seem to multiply. And the str8 guys that have been hanging out at the strip clubs, getting lap dances, are now horny, drunk and tired. They want to shoot a load and get to bed. By this time in the evening, they don't really care about whether the hole is male or female. They just need a warm hole to get them off. From about 1:30am till about 4am, I had a steady stream of horny guys coming into my dark room. I sucked a few, ate a few asses, but most chose to fuck my raw ass. I really have no clue how many loads I ended up taking that night? I totally lost count. But, I'm guessing that I took about 15 or 16 loads in my ass alone, that night. A personal best. Most loads went in my ass. Two loads went down my throat. And one guy jacked off into my mouth. One guy never even made it to one of my holes. He was standing next to me, watching another guy fucking me. He was so turned on, that he sprayed his cum all over us as he watched. One of my regular cowboys that had fucked me the previous evening, came back to fuck me again that night. Even though the room was pretty dark, the majority of the guys seemed to be str8 cowboys. More than likely, even a trucker or two. Since there's overnight 18 wheeler parking on both sides of this motel. I was more than happy to be the hole for them to deposit their straight sperm inside. By 4am, the flow of guys had slowed. So I pulled the duct tape off the door lock. Locked the door and climbed into bed. As you would expect, I woke up the next morning a bit sore, lying in wet sheets, covered with sweet smelling cum. I do have to say, that Rodeo Finals once again was some of the best raw fucking I get each year. There is just nothing I love more than being a cum whore and cum depository for str8 guy loads. Not only was my asshole sore as hell for a couple of days, but I could barely walk, because my thigh muscles were sore from being on my knees for that many hours. But, I'm not complaining. I loved every single minute. And I will do it again in a nano-second when I get the opportunity.
  14. Bottom, submissive, slam slut visiting the Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater area 5/27-5/30/17. I'm 34, Azn, weigh ~110, 5'8", smooth body, bottom who lives to serve men with his hole and take loads. Into jocks, leather, anon, dom/sub, group, gang bang, making vids, outdoor, bathhouses, sex clubs, forced, and more. Staying at the Super 8 at St. Pete/Clearwater airport (but let me know if there's a better sleazier place to stay). Will be hitting bathhouses, video booths, and also love outdoors or being face down, ass up in jock in dark hotel room with only porn on the TV for light. Most often on bbrt and have my profile name in my info here (or if they let this go through it's subbtm4domtops on bbrt) or email at same screen name as BZ so asianbbbtm at g m a i l dot com.
  15. What's your favourite place to fuck? If it's not in the list then specify below. Any particular reason it's your favourite? Love getting fucked in a stinky piss smelling public restroom, the risk of getting caught is hot, usually can get several loads if its a cruisy restroom, no questions asked and there can be some hot horny str8 guys who need a release. Met quite a few hot n hung married guys in restrooms
  16. Not My Story ENJOY I gulped when I changed my age on grindr from 29 to 30, (mostly correctly) guessing that I would be invisible to the 24-28 year old twunk bottoms I was used to fucking. But what I didn't realize is turning 30 opens up a whole range of 18-22 year old twinks with daddy issues. Even though I didn't (and don't) screen on grindr for anyone under 25, when I got anywhere near a college town my grindr would be non-stop notifications from a new class of 19 year olds. One city I went to frequently was a college-heavy place on the east coast. My grindr went off: dude is 20, in college, asian, slightly toned in the way that young guys are when they first discover what a gym can do, and heavily into underwear and dudes with chest hair. He pings me saying he was looking for an older top, and that I, 30, six foot, 165 pounds and muscular -- was what he was looking for. Over the normal grindr conversation, I find out he is into the typical bottom gay stuff: getting rimmed, getting fucked, sucking dick. I tell him I'll be working until 8pm, and then to come to my hotel room. At 8, he shows up, and I open the door shirtless and in jeans. Dude is way younger than what I normally go for, so before kissing him I make him break out his ID and verify the age...Jesus...born in the mid 90s...but definitely 19. I grab his wallet out of his hand, put his license back in, and reach around his body and put his wallet into his back pocket -- just giving me an excuse to wrap my arms around him and to feel his ass. I don't know how aggressive I can go with a 19 year old...it's been awhile since I've fucked this age, so I take it slow with him. I kiss him with my arms wrapped around, slowly exploring his mouth and moving my hands up and down his body underneath his clothes. He starts to shudder as I move my hands down, and gasps when I grab his bare ass under his underwear and pull him towards me -- doing a modified bear hug and feeling his erection against my body. I rub my scruff against his face, and then walk him over to the hotel bed. I take his shirt and pants off. For someone whose grindr profile says he likes underwear, he is wearing a rather conservative pair of 2xist briefs. I take them off him, and tell him to stay there. I walk over to my roller bag and grab a small black Nasty Pig jockstrap -- I always have a jockstrap with me as I like wearing them in hotel gyms. I take the jock back over to my 19 year old boy, and tell him to put it on. With wide, thankful eyes, he does. I put him on all fours on the bed, and guide his face to the fly of my jeans, rubbing his face directly on the denim. With trembling hands, he unbottons the top button, and then unzips my fly, where he finds my 8 inch dick straining to get out of my boxer briefs. He pulls down the elastic waistband and my dick pops out: he gasps. I do a tight, full stroke of my dick, squeezing out the pre-cum from the shaft, tell him to open up his mouth and stick out his tongue, and then put the pre-cum directly on his tongue. He moans. And I get him in the habit of wanting my cum. I crawl up onto the bed and let him start to work over my dick with his mouth, and crouch over his body to rub my hands down his bare back. When I get to the jockstrap, I pull the elastic band into the air, and then let it snap back down onto his ass, causing him to jerk a little and again moan involuntarily. I keep stroking his body with my hands as my dick is in his mouth, and start to play with his ass as the jockstrap perfectly frames it. I rub my hand up and down his crack: he smells of soap, and so I spin him around and jump into his hole tongue-first as I fully remove my jeans and underwear. At that point, he says it: "Fuck, Daddy." I wasn't quite sure if I heard what I thought I did--after all, I'm a 30 year old white dude...I sure ain't this 19 year old asian guy's father. I slap his ass and asked him to repeat what he just said. "Fuck, Daddy." Okay--I did hear it right. I've never viewed myself as a daddy, but I've read Dan Savage religiously enough to know to be GGG (good, giving, game) in the bedroom, so let's see where this goes. I dive back in his ass with my tongue, letting my scruff rub both sides of his ass as I work his hole. "You like that Son?" I try not to wince when I say "Son". It feels weird. "Yes, Daddy. I want to make you feel good. Your beard feels so good on my ass." Daddy. Son. Whatever--I get lost in his hole...it ain't every day that one gets a tight twink hole to work over, and his moans become increasingly insistent. He starts to ask for my dick. "Daddy I want your big dick inside of me. Give me your dick." After five more minutes of rimming to get him even more worked up, I grab his jockstrap and flip him over, putting him missionary and forcing his legs up in the air as my dick immediately finds his ass. I make out with him aggressively, with my spit covered beard rubbing across his face as my pre-cum leaking dick rubs against his hole. I spit in my hand, rub it on the head of my dick, and start to push in. "Oh Daddy. We need a condom." "You don't want Daddy to feel good? Daddy will keep you safe. Just let Daddy go in raw for a little bit and then we can put one on." "You're right Daddy. Keep going." Daddy like. I grab the lube. I slip in missionary, stopping when I see him trying to breathe through the pain before it turns into pleasure, and putting in another inch any time he relaxes. Still, the initial entry is taking too long, and I need to get my full dick in him. "This will make you feel good, Son." as I put poppers under his nose. He sniffs. "Thanks Daddy." I make him sniff the poppers again. Ten seconds later as he is starting to get the popper buzz, I slide the rest of the way in. It's go time. I start long, deep, slow thrusts to get him used to it. Still in missionary, I grab a pillow and elevate his ass so he can watch my raw dick go into him. It's a hot sight: my hairy, thick eight inch raw dick going into this Asian dude's hairless hole. He is mesmerized looking at it, and keeps grabbing for his dick through the Nasty Pig jockstrap. I keep swatting his hand away from his dick, and pinning him down so he has nothing to concentrate on but the feelings of my cock against his prostate. He is moaning like mad and I can see pre-cum start to pool on the outside of the jockstrap. He's not thinking about that condom anymore. I flip him over and push him down on the bed, and now start hard thrusts that leave him whimpering. He's been open to everything I've done so far, so I get more aggressive, using my left hand to hold down his upper back while using my right to slap his ass as I'm thrusting in him. I drop down, putting my full weight on him while still thrusting my eight inch cock into his tight ass, and letting him feel my chest hair on his smooth back. I wrap my left arm around his chest and my right arm around his neck -- letting the front of his neck cradle in my elbow so he feels trapped -- but secure. I start whispering in his ear as I continue to thrust. "You like this boy? You like Daddy's dick in you? You like me leaking pre-cum into your hole?" He moans and agrees. This is what I want at this point. I want him saying yes to everything I ask him. "You like my cock in your jockstrap-covered ass? You like your ass exposed to your daddy, knowing that your cock can't get out of the jockstrap as I'm fucking your hole?" He continues to agree. And then moan, and then repeat everything I say: he likes my cock in his jockstrap covered ass; he likes his ass exposed to Daddy; he likes Daddy's pre-cum getting loaded into his hole. The Asian dude continues to moan, and I turn his face to the side as I start to make out with him again. His ass is so tight, so velvety, that although I don't want this to end I know I won't be able to keep from cumming for much longer. With my 30 year old "Daddy" self on top of this 19 year old boy--it's time to finish this off. "Oh fuck Son. I'm getting close. Daddy wants to breed you. Do you want Daddy to feel good? Do you want Daddy to cum in you??" I can see him thinking, and then, like everything else I've said in the last five minutes, he agrees. "Daddy I want your cum. Cum in me Daddy." I wrap his body in a bear-hug with him horizontal on the bed and slam into him one last time, getting as deep as possible, and letting out a very loud moan. "I'm cumming in you Son. I'm breeding your ass." I feel his ass contract around my dick as I explode in his hole. Wow--he's more experienced than I thought, knowing how to milk a dick as it is cumming to make the orgasm even better for the top. Right after I catch my breath but while we are still in the moment, I pull out, flip him over onto his back, and stick my mostly hard post-orgasm dick back in his hole. I reach for the jockstrap, pull down the elastic expecting to find his hard cock and to jerk him off with my dick still in him, and instead -- with my dick still in him churning my freshly blown load in his hole -- I just find a mess of cum in the jockstrap. I looked at him surprised, and he sheepishly admitted that he felt me cum -- and as soon as that happened he came hands-free. I smile, kiss him tenderly, and tell him Daddy is happy he got off. I pull my dick out, and wrap this boy in my arms. He drops his head onto my hairy chest on my muscular pecs and falls asleep immediately. I hold him like this for 15 minutes or so, with me lost in a post-orgasm glow for the first 5 minutes or so, and then starting to think about the work I still need to do. I don't want to end it quite yet, as he looks so peaceful in my arms, but it's time to get back to work. I kiss his forehead, and wake him up. As he is getting himself together and finding his clothes, I tell him to keep the jockstrap and to wear it all night knowing cum might leak out of his hole. I tell him to wear that jockstrap again when I see him when I'm next in town. He dresses and goes home. Even after a few encounters with him and a couple of other 18-20 year olds, I still greatly prefer the Sir/Boy dom/sub dynamic instead of the Daddy/Son one, but fuck--if a hot 20 year old wants to call me Daddy while I fuck him, Daddy's here for you, Son.
  17. I got back to my hotel room very late last night. I was tired and not really looking for any action. But, I did get onto Grindr while I was getting ready to fall into bed. I had just taken an Ambien so I was sure I could get a deep sleep between my already very busy day and my next morning that was also going to be very busy. The Ambien was taking effect and I was getting very woosey. I got a message on Grindr asking if I wanted to suck his dick? He said he wanted an anonymous bj. He wanted the room dark. And just wanted his cock sucked, his ass licked and wanted a swallower. His profile showed he was located less than 100 feet from me. It said he was 28 years old. Athletic. Str8, but wanted to be sucked and rimmed by guys. He wouldn't reciprocate. There was a nice body and cock pic. But no face on the pic. I messaged him back that I was heading to bed, but could do a quick bj on him and gave him my room number. Then I slipped the 'Do Not Disturb' sign between the door lock and the door frame, turned out the lights and got on my knees a the foot of the bed. Within just a few moments there was a light knock on the door and the door opened. From the light in the hallway, I could see the figure of a guy walking into my room in a hoodie sweatshirt. The hood pulled up over his head. He turned his face as he walked in, so I couldn't get a clear look at his face. He closed and locked the door. Stepped up to me, unzipped and pulled his pants down. Stepping out of his pants, he put his partially hard cock to my lips and I began to suck him. I sucked for several minutes as he hardened in my mouth. Then he kneeled on the edge of the bed. I got behind him and began to eat his ass. He spread his asscheeks and gave me better access. I got really deep into his hole. Then he spun around and shoved his now rock hard cock back into my mouth. I sucked like a crazy man. My head was spinning from the Ambien. I felt like I was high or drunk. Then he pulled from my mouth and began to stroke his cock fast and furiously. "Suck my balls, faggot!" he whispered. I sucked on his balls and he jacked off. "I'm cumming!", he whispered softly. My mouth dove for his cock. I swallowed his shaft as his cock emptied into my hungry mouth. I sucked as much as I could, before he pulled from me, grabbed his pants. Quickly put his pants on, slipped on his shoes and quickly left my room. The Ambien was in full force. I thought for a moment, did this really happen? I locked my hotel room door and climbed into bed and was asleep in minutes. I woke up this morning to a message from him. "Nice blow job, Fag. Thanks".
  18. I will be in Phoenix on April 7th ass up blindfolded taking all loads in my neg pig hole at my hotel. No load refused anon pump n dump style. It will be my birthday weekend and I am looking for the ultimate gift. Come pump me full with your poz fucking DNA.
  19. Will be staying in Hotel Penn near Madison Square Garden Sunday March 19th. The breeding starts at 5 PM. Will be ass up taking anon loads. Ad is on BBRT as RawrOtter.
  20. Anyone know where the best place to stay in SF if I am coming for cumunion? gay hotel?
  21. Staying at Quality Inn & Suites on Harbor. From 8pm until 2am I will be ass up taking on all cocks. No load refused. Anon is cool. Pump and dump is hot. Got 23 loads last month. parking here is a bitch tho. message me for details.
  22. Becoming an anon cumdump

    Hey guys! It's my first time here, so bear with me. I used to be 100% top, but recently started bottoming and I literally LIVE to give my holes to tops for their pleasure.I also HATE wasting their cum, so I ALWAYS swallow or get it shot deep into my hungry hole. The sensation of their cock pulsing inside me with each spurt of hot cum gives me more pleasure than if I were to cum. I've been toiling with the idea of taking anonymous loads from strangers for about a year now.I'm certain I'm going to do it, I'm really tight and am still loosening for cocks and I fantasize about taking as many loads from as many guys as possible.I'm HIV neg, was on PrEP but not any more, and trying to navigate this. Also, the more anonymous it is, the hotter I find it. I've done understall a few times, loved it; I've tried face down ass up with the door open, but I don't feel 100% comfortable yet; the one that seems hottest to me is going to a gloryhole and any cock that slides through I'd either swallow, or milk into my ass. I think it's hotter because guys that I'd not normally be attracted to, but have nice cocks, I'm much more inclined to present my hole to be seeded than if I saw them. So, here's where you come in! My questions are: 1. would you recommend a hotel, gloryhole, or public(understall, cruising, etc.) and why? 2 would you recommend only taking a few, say 2-5 guys, or should I go along with my fantasy, and aim for 10-30 guys? 3. I normally don't think of this, but when I get so horny and worked up, I contemplate just doing that "no loads refused" bit. On top of that, I'm not on PrEP and when I get worked up in the desire to give my hole to pleasure tops and collect their sweet cum, I don't seem to care either way. Thoughts? I really want to train to be a fully submissive cumslut and obey any cock that needs to unload into a soft, warm, receptacle(s) which exist to give cocks the sensation they deserve to release their precious seed, but I seem to be having an internal conflict. Please advise! Thank you! PS! This is a pic of my hole after my friend unloaded in me while I was asleep. (technically rape, but I loved being used!)
  23. I'll be in London this weekend. I'm a bb bottom, wanting to take all loads. Can host at my hotel near the High St. Kensington Underground Station. Or travel in the general area. I'll be in town Fri till Mon. Sunday night, 5 Feb. works best for me. But, I may be open for hookups at other times.
  24. Living north of Boston but would like to organize a small group of guys who'd want to get a large hotel room and pig out for an afternoon. I lean top but I'm not looking for guys solely into getting their holes bred: I'm hoping to find a group of versatile types so that we've got a good mix. Not opposed to one boy bottom we could all use but you get the idea. Preferably poz bear types and guys between mid 20s to 50. Anybody interested in meeting and maybe helping to organize?
  25. I enjoy getting a room at this hotel, and have enjoyed some hot play here. Anyone else frequent here?

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